Barry was having quite the relaxing afternoon. There were no meta-humans to fight, and crime was low, giving the young forensic scientist a break from the outside world. He was lying on the couch in the home he shares with his surrogate father Joe, watching re-runs of the old crime shows that got him into forensics in the first place. Joe was sitting in the lazy-boy chair next to the couch, going through the mail.

"Hey Barry, do you know a Sebastian Smythe?" Joe asked abruptly, startling Barry. It's been a while since the Scarlet Knight had heard his old name.

"Umm, yeah. Why'd you ask?" Barry asked nervously.

"A letter came for him from your old school, Dalton Academy. I think it's about your high school reunion. The school must've mixed up the letters, he probably has yours. Do you have his number?" Joe inquired.

"Ah, no. Sebastian and I weren't really close. But it's no big deal, the only difference between the letters is the name written in the top corner." Barry answered persistently.

Thankfully, Joe didn't notice the subtle desperation in Barry's voice as he dropped the topic. "If you insist. Have you heard about the latest case? Apparently…"

Barry let out a small sigh of relief as he tuned out whatever it was Joe was saying. It seemed like forever ago when Barry first became his alter ego, Sebastian Smythe. Halfway through high school, Barry grew sick of the constant tormenting and bullying, so he spent the entire summer before his junior year in Paris with his Moms brother, Uncle Richard. It was in a small café near his uncle's penthouse, where Sebastian Smythe was born.


It was Barry's first week staying in Paris, making it the first time in a while where he wasn't constantly looking over his shoulder, in order to make sure that no one followed him. It was quite relaxing, although unnerving.

When Barry returned to Central City in Ohio, he planned on transferring to another school for the remainder of his high school career. The academic curriculum in public school wasn't rigorous enough for him anymore, and private school not only offered a better program, but it looked much better on college applications then any public school. So far, he had his eyes set on Dalton Academy, an all boys Prep School. It wasn't too far from central, and Barry didn't mind the idea of taking a train every day. It was an ideal school. Of course, it was quite expensive, though Barry had no doubt that he could easily get a scholarship. His grades and credentials were stellar, making him the perfect scholarship candidate. The only thing left for him to do was to pass the entrance exam, which was what brought him to this small, yet cozy café a block away from his temporary residence. It was quite hard to study for a test when his younger cousins were constantly trying to grab his attention.

Upon entering, he made his way to the counter, where a pretty girl, who looked around his age, asked him for his order. When he told her he wanted a mocha latte, she said, in remarkable English, "You're not from around here, are you?"

Barry was quite startled at this. He had been taking French his whole life, in an effort so that he may be able to converse with his mother's side of the family, since she herself was half French. His accent was nothing less then perfect, so he was indeed confused when this girl, whom he had just met, was able to tell that he wasn't a native.

"How did you know?" He asked in English.

She gave him a smirk as she replied in her ever-present French accent, " I can just tell. But let me recommend something for you while you're here. Have a shot of Courvoisier in your coffee, it'll make it taste much better."

At first, Barry was quite skeptical. What kind of person puts Courvoisier in their coffee? But he came to Paris in an effort to try and experience new things. If anything, it was his curiosity that answered for him, "Go for it. After all, natives do know best."

As she made his coffee, she kept making small talk with him. "So, how long are you going to be in Paris?"

"Three months. I'm staying with some family." He answered.

"You know, you're my last customer for the day. I clock out of work in 2 minutes." She told him with a sly smile.

"Well then, feel free to join me." Barry easily replied, completely forgetting the fact that he came there to study.

"Names Éclair." She told him with her hand out-stretched.

Barry hesitated before answering. This was his chance to finally break out of his socially awkward shell that had been built through years of constant bullying and torment.

So with a smirk, he returned the handshake, "Sebastian. Sebastian Smythe.

End of Flashback

Barry spent the rest of his vacation developing his new alter ego. He became over confident, to the point of sheer arrogance. He wasn't afraid of doing whatever it was that he wanted. He also became somewhat of a womanizer. He effectively seduced a number of women, thanks to his good friend Éclairs tutelage. However, he had decided that when he attended Dalton, he would pretend to be gay. After all, what fun would it be to if he were a straight womanizer at an all boys school?

As expected, he passed the entrance exam to Dalton easily, making him become one of the only scholarship student to ever attend. The easiest part of the whole charade however, was hacking into the schools mainframe, and changing his name from one Barry Allen, to Sebastian Smythe.

Sebastian was the person Barry always was, but was afraid to show the world, a confident, charming, witty, sarcastic, and talented young man. Barry was quickly able to master switching between his two personalities, and more often then not, he used this particular skill to his advantage. At home, he was Barry Allen. But the second he wore his Dalton blazer, he became Sebastian Smythe. Joe and Iris never did find out about his separate identity, and for the time being, Barry planned to keep it that way. The only people to have ever known both Barry and Sebastian were his closest friends in Dalton. That of course meant it was limited to Jeff, Nick, Thad, Blaine, and surprisingly Kurt, who he has been friends with ever since the latter found out that Barry wasn't really gay and trying to steal his boyfriend.

After finishing his one-sided conversation with Joe, Barry sped upstairs and dialed a number he couldn't bring himself to forget. A familiar voice answered the phone efficiently, "Hello, thank you for calling Dalton Academy. This is Ariel from registration speaking."

Barry smirked as he replied, "Hey Ariel. It's Sebastian Smythe, I'd like to confirm my attendance to the reunion."