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Korra Appreciation Week

Day One: Family

Summary: Because the airbending kids would always be family.


Jinora was simply looking for a quiet place to read when she found her. Or more accurately, tripped over the older girl's legs and ended up face planting into a mound of white fur.

A pair of strong hands quickly helped her back up, and before she knew it, she was looking into the sheepish gaze of the Avatar.

"You alright there?"

"Y-yeah," Jinora stuttered out, red faced in embarrassment. Korra had connected right away with her younger siblings, but Jinora found the older girl slightly intimidating. "S-sorry about that."

Korra chuckled and waved a hand. "I feel like I should be the one apologizing. So what are you up to anyway?"

Jinora held up her book in explanation. Korra nodded her head in understanding as she settled back besides Naga. She surprised Jinora by picking up her own book, and from what she could read of the cover it was a bio of Avatar Yangchen

"I didn't know you liked to read," she stated in awe.

Korra shrugged her shoulders and said, "There wasn't much to do at the compound growing up. They didn't let me out much and there was only so much bending I could do before I got bored."

Jinora swept her gaze across the island and frowned. "Yeah, I know what you mean."

Korra raised an eyebrow at that. But instead of commenting, she smiled brightly and patted the spot besides her. "Well it's pretty quiet here, why don't you read here?"

Smiling back at her, Jinora sat down besides the Avatar, when a stray thought flitted through Jinora's mind. "Hey, don't you have training right now?"


Korra was exhausted. She had spent the whole day returning people's bending until Tenzin had noticed her tired state and sent everyone home. They had been at this for three days now and still the line seemed never ending.

Yawning, she slowly made her way to the stables. Though she wanted nothing more than to stuff her face with Pema's cooking before passing out on her bed, she needed to check on Naga. Her poor polar bear dog had been cooped up on the island since she had started returning bending.

Crossing the courtyard, she was suddenly bowled over. Sprawled out on her back, Korra was too tired to pick herself up. But not too tired to yell at the airbender who had knocked her over. "Hey, watch where you're going."

"Sorry, Korra," Ikki giggled as she floated over an airball to the Avatar. "Are you tired, you look tired. Boo, I wanted to challenge you to a scooter race. You've gotten so much better at airbending. Where's daddy, did he come back with you? I want to show him my new trick."

Korra smiled fondly at the energetic girl. After living with Tenzin's family for as long as she had now, she was finally starting to pick up on Ikki speak.

Slowly, she propped herself up on her elbows so that she could get a better look at the younger girl. "I accept your challenge, when I'm done with all this energy bending stuff."

"Korra! It's not energy bending stuff. Have some respect for your abilities," Tenzin lectured as he passed through.

Korra rolled her eyes and stuck out her tongue at his back, earning a laugh from Ikki.

"C'mon, Korra," Ikki said, tugging on the older girl's arm. "Mom made some sweetbuns. Let's get some before Meelo eats them all."

Chuckling, Korra let the smaller girl pull her up. "I dunno Ikki, I'm still so weak," she dramatically said as she shifted her weight onto the young airbender. Ikki stumbled under the added weight and nearly fell.

"Korra! Move your big butt," Ikki yelled, still attempting to drag the teen with her. Korra only laughed.


Two weeks after the poisoning, Korra was having one of her bad days. She had viciously barred everyone from her room, even Asami. And after that rather nasty row, everyone figured it was best to give the Avatar her space.

Meelo, who had been a constant presence and probably spent the second most amount of time with the Avatar since her poisoning, hadn't heeded the warnings. He may not have understood everything that had happened, but he knew that his commander was hurt and he was determined to cheer her up.

He often regaled her with his wild tales of taming wild Bison, wrestling with giant tiger monkeys, the gossip around the temple, and whipping the new recruits into shape. He obviously had been spending too much time with his Uncle Bumi. But Korra loved listening to them nonetheless.

Which was why despite everything, Meelo still raced into her room after mid-day training to give her the latest update.

"I told you," Korra started to scream as she looked up, only to pause midsentence when she saw just who she had started to yell at. The young boy looked confused and shocked, stirring up her guilt. She already felt bad enough for exploding at Asami and now she had scared Meelo.

Tears welling up in her eyes she looked away, ashamed. She expected the airbender to stalk off, but he surprised her by airbending his way up to her bed, settling on her lap.

"Don't cry Korra. It's okay, Jinora and Ikki yell at me all the time," he simply said. "That's why I like Rohan better."

Korra roughly chuckled at that, and Meelo took it as a sign to keep talking. He told her all about his day, which included catching Kai and Jinora in a compromising position, driving Ikki mad for taking her glider, and Ryu's rather pathetic attempt through the air gates.

"You know, you're still my hero, Korra."

"Thank you, Meelo," she softly replied back.


Korra had only intended to make a short stop at the Southern Air Temple, where Tenzin was currently stationed at, when Rohan went missing. Korra had hastily kneeled down and placed her palm onto the ground, expanding her senses to find the boy.

He wasn't too far off, on the edge of a nearby river next to a waterfall. And after reassuring her old Airbending master, Korra volunteered to retrieve the boy while he went to tell Pema her son was safe.

Flying down to the riverbank, she made sure not to startle the younger boy. Though she wasn't as close to him as his siblings, she was still rather fond of him.

"Hey, you have your mom pretty worried there, kiddo," Korra spoke up. He didn't reply and continued to stare at the water. Growing concerned, she kneeled down besides him so that they were eye level.

"What's wrong?" He sniffled and turned large, watery grey eyes at her, sending her into panic mode.

"I-I can't airbend," he cried, sounding just as panicked as she felt. He quickly settled into the familiar airbending stance. And she watched as he desperately mimicked a few airbending katas.

Nothing happened and he started to cry harder.

Korra wrapped her arms around him, providing him with all the comfort she could muster. She let him cry it out for a few minutes and once he had calmed down a bit, she gently pushed his hair back so she could look him in the eye.

"Hey there, it's going to be alright. Your mom can't airbend and she's still pretty amazing," she gently spoke. "No one's going to think of you any differently. You're still the same remarkable kid I know."

"B-but," he stuttered, hiccupping and waving his arms around. Behind him, large waves started to rock back and forth across the river, disrupting the natural flow.

Growing confused, Korra looked from the young boy to the water and back and forth a few times, before grinning crookedly.

"Hey, I know this is crazy, but just copy me will yah kid," Korra asked before standing back up and settling into a traditional water stance. "Just trust me."

Still sniffling, Rohan copied the older girl; she was the Avatar afterall, and Meelo said to always listen to the commander. He watched her repeat a basic movement before following her lead. And before he knew it, he was bending a small stream of water.


Korra laughed and fondly ruffled his hair. "Looks like you're a waterbender, just like your grandmother."

AN: Just to let you know: Jinora's short takes place during Book One before a Voice in the Night, Ikki's between Book One & Two, Meelo's at the end of Book Three, and Rohan a year after Book Four.