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Emma smiled as she woke with a warm soft weight pressed against her side, a mess of brown hair was nestled under her chin. She pressed a kiss to the top of the brunette head, when the older woman didn't stir, she shifted down, kissing carefully across a smooth shoulder, up an elegant neck, along a hard jaw, to the corner of a set of now smiling lips.

Regina mumbled incoherently as she slowly regained consciousness.

"It's Sunday. Go to bed." She somehow managed to get out.

Emma laughed, normally their morning encounters went the other way- Emma begging for just another minute, and Regina forcing her to face the day. Then again, they didn't get many sleep over opportunities, "It's nine thirty, I have to get Henry from my parents."

"No." Regina said decisively, she curled herself tighter around Emma. Arms encircling the blonde's abdomen possessively while her legs tangled one around Emma's waist and the other around one of the younger woman's own legs- preventing her from moving.

The childish display would have drawn a laugh from Emma if it weren't for the fact that she and Regina had gone to bed foregoing clothing because of the activities of the previous night- now with Regina pulled tightly against her, Emma could feel every curve she had spent the night memorizing.

"Regina." She moaned, both in contentment and in warning.

"Just stay a little longer. I know a far better way to spend a Sunday morning than with your mother." Regina whispered suggestively. She released her hold on Emma's shoulders, but only to trail a teasing finger down between the valley of the younger woman's breasts. The finger circled lower until it stopped and began idly tracing patterns on Emma's hip.

The blonde let out a strangled breath at her girlfriends antics, but one look at the clock forced the decision on her, "I have to get Henry. If I don't pick him up by ten, Mary-Margaret threatened to keep him all day. You don't want that happening, do you?"

Regina growled her annoyance, but her finger didn't halt it's path of drawing on Emma's hip, "So my options are; have sex with my girlfriend, or let my son be brainwashed by an unnaturally chipper imp?"

"Come On," the blonde tried to entice, "we can take the kid to the park?"

Regina snorted at the suggestion, "And have your parents along with the entire town interrogating us on how we can be civil with one another?"

"It could ease them into the idea..." Emma trailed off.

"The idea of what, dear?"

"Of us dating."

Regina refrained from any number of depreciating things she wanted to say initially about the town learning of their relationship, and settled on, "Oh."

Emma knew it was a sensitive subject given the past differences between Regina and her parents, but she also felt it was about time to move on, "I'm pretty sure David already knows, he keeps looking at me weird. And you should have seen his face after he saw that hickey you left last week!"

The memory of how that hickey came to be brought a soft smile to the brunette's face before it morphed into a smirk, "Coming from David, a weird look could mean anything from getting stuck on a simple math problem to forgetting where the men's room is." She replied with mirth.

Emma chose to ignore the jab at her father, "I think we should tell Mary- Margaret."

This finally made Regina's finger halt it's tracing across the blonde's hip, but she remained flush against her girlfriend's side, "And the award for quickest turn off ever goes to…"

"I'm serious!" Emma laughed, the pout on the older woman's face was equal parts adorable and awe inducing, "I want to be able to walk down Main Street holding your hand, I want to kiss you in the park, I want to be with you Regina- all the time."

It was moments like this that melted the Queen's heart and she couldn't help but bend to her girlfriend's will, "Ok, it's your parents so this is your decision. Just know I will not be held responsible for any harm that befalls that woman if she comes at me first."

Emma smiled at the colloquialism that the older woman had no doubt picked up from her, "Do you really think my mother will 'come at' you?"

"With her, anything is possible."

The plan was set- they would invite Mary- Margaret and David over for the dinner they normally shared on Sunday evenings at the mansion, and then once Henry was asleep they would breach the topic.

Regina was in the kitchen for most of the afternoon. When Emma tried to make light of the situation by asking what Regina was so worried about, she had already met Emma's parents, she was banished to cleaning duty. Neither one felt ready when the time came for Emma to leave and return with her parents and Henry who thought she had been on patrol all day.

The time between Emma's departure and subsequent arrival with the whole Charming clan in tow was spent with Regina wearing a track in her office carpet from vigorous pacing. She had moved all of the nice vases from tables in the entryway and dining room in preparation of the worst from Mary- Margaret, but she still didn't feel ready. It didn't make sense to her why she was feeling so nervous, she was an Evil Queen, she had overtaken villages, commanded armies, there was no reason she should be afraid of facing Snow White and Prince Charming.

But they weren't just that, they were the parents of the woman she loved- love was a scary concept for the queen, and she sure as hell wasn't going to let tweedle-dee and tweedle-dumb stand in between her and her last good shot at it.

Regina was in the middle of trying to remember the recipe of her favorite memory altering potion should the altercation go badly, when the doorbell rang. As she drew nearer to the front door, a smile graced her lips as she heard her favorite blonde engaged in a disagreement with her father through the heavy wooden door.

"I still think you should leave your sword in the car."

"I'm not going in there unarmed."

Regina heard a sigh and could almost imagine Emma roll her eyes, "What do you think you'll need it for- in case the chicken decides to come back from the dead and attack?"

Regina could sense the annoyance in her girlfriend's voice and pulled the door open before the argument could escalate.

"Good evening," She smiled, opening the door wider as Henry moved forward to hug her tightly around the middle. As the boy disappeared into the house leaving the adults in the doorway, Regina's smile turned into a smirk, "Shepard, bird-talker," she nodded at each of Emma's parents in turn, "I see the cavalry has arrived fully equipped." She said, shooting a pointed glare at the sword strapped to David's hip.

"What's it matter, feeling uncomfortable Regina?" He shot back.

"As if you could make me uncomfortable." She smirked, standing aside so the other three could enter her home.

"Dinner will be served shortly." Regina lead the way back to the dining room, with the trio trailing her.

The meal was relatively painless with Henry acting as a good buffer between Regina and the Charmings while Emma just sat and watched on quietly, trying to steele herself for the impending conversation. The scathing remarks were kept to a relative minimum, and it took everything Regina had in her to not reflexively wipe a smudge of sauce off of Emma's lip when the blonde miscalculated a bite of pasta.

Once everyone had finished eating, Regina excused herself to the kitchen to rinse off the dishes and give the Charmings a moment to talk about her amongst themselves.

"That was surprisingly pleasant." David commented as Regina disappeared into the kitchen.

Emma raised an eyebrow at 'surprisingly', but decided not to make a big deal of it.

"I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop." Mary- Margaret said, she had been looking uneasy all night, and it was honestly entertaining to the blonde.

"You should go easier on her, she's really trying." Emma couldn't help standing up for her girlfriend.

"Ex-Evil Queen honey, it's hard to trust her after the past we have." Ever the mediator, David tried to keep the peace.

"I'm going to go see if Regina needs help with the dishes." Emma decided, standing and walking briskly from the room.

The rest of the table was silent for a minute- each person too absorbed in their own thoughts.

"It wasn't something I said, was it?" Mary- Margaret was already worrying her bottom lip between her teeth. Her relationship with Emma felt like a roller coaster and she never really knew where she stood with the blonde, but they were in a strained place at the moment.

"No I don't think so." David put a reassuring hand on her arm.

"Maybe I'll just ask if those two need a hand." Mary- Margaret was already on her feet, she knew it was ridiculous but even so she didn't trust the ex- Evil Queen alone with her daughter.

"And then there were two." Henry joked, trying to brighten the mood once more.

Regina was rinsing dishes in the sink when she felt a warm, firm body press up behind hers. She sighed happily at the contact and leaned her head back onto Emma's shoulder, the blonde took advantage of the opportunity and ran her lips down the column of Regina's throat languidly.

"Emma." The brunette warned, "Your parents are in the next room."

"They're watching Henry."

Emma continued her assault on Regina's neck, convincing the older woman to abandon all pretense of washing dishes, and instead run one hand through Emma's hair to tug her closer.

"This is a bad idea, dear." Regina said sternly, though her body was conveying an entirely different message as her hips ground backwards of their own accord to press her ass flush against Emma's hips.

Emma let out a short moan at the action before spinning her girlfriend around and trapping her against the counter, "Then why does it feel so good?" The blonde was completely antagonizing Regina now.

She could see Regina's eyes darken before the older woman shot forward and connected their lips. Emma took it upon herself to deepen the kiss, sliding her tongue into Regina's mouth at the same time she slipped a leg between the brunette's thighs, forcing the tight dress Regina was wearing to begin riding up.

Emma had teased her girlfriend so much that Regina didn't think twice before rocking against the skinny jean clad leg, Emma only encouraged it by reaching back to cup her girlfriend's ass.

The blonde broke their heated kiss with a breathy moan when Regina snuck a hand up the front of her tank top and under her bra to palm one of her breasts roughly. Regina took her revenge for the earlier teasing by moving her lips to attack the younger woman's pulse point and continuing to massage the straining breast, "Do we have to go back in there and tell them?" Emma whined, relishing in the feeling of the brunette pressed tightly against her. She moved her hands to grip her girlfriend's hips so she could guide Regina's grinding actions. The older woman's skirt rose even more, exposing her perfectly toned thighs.

"That's up to you dear. I can always send your mother a letter."

"Mh," Emma moaned indulgently, rocking in unison with Regina's strong movements, "And what would you even write?"

The mayor smirked against Emma's neck as she recalled the words she had been dying to tell her nemesis for the past few months, "Dear Snow, I'm fucking your daughter, Love Regina?"

Emma's next comment was lost in the much louder cry of, "What the hell?!"

The pair tried to spring apart, but Regina's hand up the front of Emma's shirt made the attempt futile. Emma's jumping action just made the brunette cling to her tighter.

"Mary- Margaret?" Both women echoed at the same time.

The three stood in the kitchen staring at eachother, if looks could kill, surely Regina and Mary- Margaret would be dead by now. Nobody dared move a muscle until the sound of Henry and David thundering down the hallway prompted Regina and Emma to separate. Emma's bra was horribly askew, and Mary- Margaret glowered when Regina slapped the blonde's hand away to adjust it for her.

The silence was broken when Henry and David appeared in the kitchen, concern evident on both of their faces. Emma and Regina barely managed to fix themselves in time to prevent their son from seeing them in such a compromising position, however Regina's skirt was still pushed at least three inches up from where it normally fell.

"What's going on?" David asked, seeing the glares on his wife and nemesis's faces and the shock on his daughter's.

"Why don't you ask Regina? She was quite eloquent a few seconds ago." Mary- Margaret managed to splutter out.

David rose an eyebrow at the ex- Evil Queen whose mouth dropped open.

"Well?" Mary- Margaret prompted.

"Henry, go to your room." Was all that Regina could get out.

"But Mom-"

"Room now." Regina commanded. The young boy hung his head, but did as requested, he knew the look his mother was giving him, and knew better than to argue.

All four adults waited silently until they heard the door click shut, Regina and Emma silently communicating with each other until they could avoid the conversation no longer while Mary- Margaret's gaze became fixated on the exposed skin of Regina's thighs. Without needing to say a word, Regina backed up to stand beside Emma and let the blonde face her parents.

"Listen, Mom, Dad," Emma began, wringing her hands together, "We wanted to tell you together, and that's why we invited you both to this dinner. Regina and I, we're dating."

For a while, the four just stood staring at eachother. A range of emotions playing behind each person's eyes, habitually, Regina reached out and stroked soothing circles on her girlfriend's back.

The action brought Mary- Margaret out of her shocked silence, "How could you date her, Emma? She's the Evil Queen!"

"Not anymore!"

"This is entirely ridiculous, this cannot happen. I command you to not date her!" David all but yelled.

"You're not a King anymore." Regina reminded gently, "There's not a whole lot of commanding you can do in this land."

Mary- Margaret ignored both of them and zeroed in on the blonde, "I'm your mother!"

"We're the same age!" Emma yelled.

"Technically I'm twenty eight years older than you!" Mary- Margaret tried to draw herself up to her whole height.

"Technically, Regina's even older than you are!" Emma paused for a moment, "Wait, how old are you, Regina?"
"This is so not the time for that, dear."

"Right, the point is that I'm an adult and you can't dictate who I date!" Emma said. She leaned into Regina's hold.

"She cursed you before you were born!" David tried to justify.

"Exactly, that was a long time ago!"

"Which shows just how wrong this is!" Mary- Margaret yelled.

Emma huffed and ran a hand angrily through her hair in exasperation. Regina could sense the impending explosion and stepped in, she stepped up a bit and put her hands out placatingly. David reflexively placed a hand on the hilt of the sword he had worn throughout dinner, he was expecting the fireball that so often accompanied the brunette's outstretched palms.

Regina spared him only a small glare, "David, Mary- Margaret, I know how this appears. I know in the Old World how this news would be received." She paused for a moment, thinking back to just how things were in the Old World- she didn't miss it, "I just want you to know that my intentions with Emma are good."

Mary- Margaret let out a derisive little laugh at that, glancing down at Regina's pushed up skirt again, "Really? Because that's certainly not what it sounded like a few moments ago."

The mayor quite nearly blushed at that jab, but nobody gets the upper hand on Regina Mills. She instantly made the decision to get back at Mary- Margaret, "The explicit verbiage of what you heard doesn't make it any less true," the brunette took great joy in the clear discomfort that crossed Mary- Margaret's face at the acknowledgement that Regina truly was 'fucking' her daughter, "it's just unfortunate that was the way you found out, dear."

The younger brunette's face distorted at Regina's snark, causing the ex-Evil Queen to smirk in her small victory, she knew she wouldn't win over the Charmings' approval but at least she could make Mary- Margaret as uncomfortable as possible.

Unfortunately, Emma squirmed too. She was clearly uncomfortable discussing her sex life with her parents even if she had already done so when Snow was just Mary-Margaret.

David was clueless as ever, "What did I miss?"

Regina looked like the cat that ate the canary, coming fully into her normal confidence, "Your wife's eavesdropping finally got the best of her."

"I wasn't eavesdropping!" Mary- Margaret sounded like she did as a child.

"What would you call it, dear?" Regina's smile was equal parts patronizing and smug and she moved a step forward to cross the boundary between the two parties.

The younger brunette faltered, her gaze was glued on Regina like a deer in the headlights, and finally she snapped, "For the love of all that is Holy, would you pull your skirt down, Regina?"

At this, the Ex-Queen finally did blush before realizing how high the material had risen, righting her dress quickly and shooting a glare back at her girlfriend who had the tiniest hint of a smile on her face, "Really, Emma? You couldn't have given me a bit of a warning about that?"

"I'm sorry, Gina. I didn't notice."

What Mary- Margaret and David noticed was the familiarity with which Emma pushed a bit of brown hair behind the mayor's ear, the ease with which the pet name rolled off their daughter's tongue, the predictable nose wrinkling from the brunette from such a nickname. There was no doubt, Regina and Emma were in deep.

"Fine." Mary- Margaret muttered.

"What?" Emma was sure she had heard wrong.

"I said fine. This is a horrible idea, and I don't expect it to end well, but you're my daughter Emma. I have to trust you."

A wide grin broke Emma's face as she crossed the kitchen to pull her mother into a tight hug, "Thank you." She whispered into the pixie cut.

David remained quiet, trusting in his wife's judgement.

Regina awkwardly stood beside the sink until Mary- Margaret let Emma go, "Just because I trust you doesn't mean I trust Regina." The younger brunette warned.

"I won't hurt her." Regina promised.

"You better not."

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