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"I can't have this conversation again!"

"This isn't a conversation! It never is!" Emma angrily ran a hand through her wild curls, not even noticing when the setting of her wedding ring got caught and ripped out a few strands in the process, "All it ever is is you yelling at me and disregarding my opinion and my feelings!"

"What feelings? You aren't entitled to feelings over this!" Regina was forever grateful that Henry was at a sleepover and didn't have to be witness to the shouting match taking place in the middle of the kitchen.

"When are you going to understand you didn't go through it alone? You aren't the only one who suffered a loss, Regina!"

Emma's glare hardened as she watched the mayor set her jaw. She didn't remember what comment or was which prompted their latest argument. All she knew was that these days it took less and less to set Regina off.

"I can't do this anymore, Emma."

The blonde was caught by surprise at the quiet and defeated tone her wife had taken.

"Can't do what?"

"This fighting, this tip- toeing around. I just can't. Maybe I should go, I can stay with Katherine for a few days until-"

"Until you make up your mind to leave me for good?"

Emma's childhood was hallmarked by abandonment in the foster care system and despite all reasonable thought telling her she was being irrational, she was a runner.

"No, Emma, that's not what I-"

"I think that's exactly what you meant. You know what, I'll just go."

She turned on her heel and walked purposely from the room.


Regina tried to run after her, but by the time she made it to the front door, Emma was already in her bug with the engine started, pulling away from the curb.

She watched her wife drive away, once the bug was out of sight she stepped back into the mansion, pulling the door shut behind her. Smiling mockingly from the coffee table beside the door was a framed photo from the wedding. It was taken unknowingly right after Emma had pushed a bit of hair behind Regina's ear. The sheriff had let her hand linger so it was just cupping Regina's cheek and the two smiled lovingly at each other.

It was Regina's favorite photo from their wedding, but now it made her heart ache even worse. In rage, Regina grabbed the frame and hurtled it across the entryway. It hit the opposite wall with a satisfying crunch as the glass shattered and the metal bent. Regina followed it to the floor as she sunk down, sliding with her back against the wall and curled herself around her knees, crying softly into her pencil skirt.

"Gina, noise." Emma mumbled tiredly, burying her face into the brunette's sleep tousled hair.


"Gina, there's a noise downstairs." She clarified, snuggling into the warmth of her wife as she did so.


"Could be a burglar."

Emma was mostly asleep as she tightened her grip on the mayor. Regina waited and listened until she heard the distant sound of knocking on the front door. Rolling her eyes, Regina pried Emma's arms off from around her abdomen and scooted closer to the edge of the bed, stepping into her slippers. She gave one last look at her wife who had already stolen her pillow to cuddle with in her absence, "I'm so glad I have such a strong, brave, savior here to protect me against anything that goes bump in the night." The mayor drawled as she shuffled over to the closet to grab a sweater before heading downstairs to investigate the pounding.

As she neared the door, she could make out high pitched wails that sounded like someone was being murdered on her doorstep. When she opened the heavy oak, she found that to not be so far from the truth. Mary- Margaret was there with red rimmed eyes, holding Eva in her carseat still.

"Mary- Margaret, what are you-"

"I'm sorry, I know it's late. But Eva wouldn't stop crying, and I tried to rock her and I tried to feed her. But she wouldn't and they say to just put her down and step away and take a break so I did and she wouldn't stop. And David got so mad when I said I was going to come over here because we should be able to take care of our own baby, and so I just left and Eva only quieted down a bit when I told her we were going to visit Auntie Gina and I just can't do it."

Regina's eyes widen and she felt any vestige of sleep leave her body as she took in that a majority of the tears at this point seemed to be coming from Snow and not from her six month old niece.

"Alright, come in, give me Eva, and you go sit on the couch. We'll be back in a few minutes with some tea."

Mary- Margaret did as instructed, sniffling pathetically as she handed over the car seat and the crying child. Regina rubbed her arm reassuringly before taking Eva into the kitchen. She set the car seat down on the kitchen island before crossing to the sink to fill up the kettle. Eva's wailing had subsided to insistent cries that, while unpleasant, were better than the screaming she had been producing earlier.

"Eva, dear, your mother is going to go crazy- well crazier than usual." She said, setting the kettle on a burner, "So I need you to take a few deep breaths, and stop this nonsense."

Regina's tone was firm, but gentle as she unstrapped the girl from the car seat and laid her down on her shoulder, rubbing Eva's back in soothing circles, she bounced the infant up and down and hummed a bit. Regina didn't know what it was, she didn't have a magic touch when it came to babies, Henry didn't even take to her quite so quickly, but from the first day in the hospital merely Regina's presence in the room could calm Eva. When the girl developed diaper rash in her third week, Regina was the only one able to touch her sensitive skin without the girl bursting to tears. Since then, Snow deferred to Regina whenever Eva was particularly fussy.

By the time the kettle whistled, Eva's cries had subsided to wet murmmers, "That's better." Regina cooed, still holding Eva with one arm, and using the other to pour out the hot water for the tea.

She managed to balance both mugs, and the baby without spilling a drop for the walk from the kitchen to the living room where she found Mary- Margaret with tears drying on her cheeks.

"Ok, here's the tea, Eva's nearly asleep." She sat down, shifting to cradle the girl more comfortably in the crook of her arm as she regarded the teacher who gratefully sipped her tea, "I think she's just about tired herself out by now."

Eva fussed a bit trying to burrow closer into Regina before opening and closing her mouth soundlessly. The mayor easily recognized it as Eva's quest for her pacifier, but seeing that Snow hadn't brought the diaper bag, she offered her pinky for the baby to suck on for now.

Mary- Margaret nodded and looked enviously at how comfortable her daughter was snuggled against Regina.

"She's completely in love with you." Snow said, trying to keep the jealousy from her voice.

Regina smiled, knowing the truth in the statement, "That's one thing she's got in common with her big sister."

Mary- Margaret rolled her eyes and smacked Regina lightly on the thigh, "I knew you were always after my daughters."

"What can I say, you make it so easy."

They didn't say anything further while Mary- Margaret got a hold on her tears, and Regina let Eva chew on her pinky- grateful that the girl had not yet started teething. The mayor let Mary- Margaret sit quietly for a bit before prodding her, "So, I take it you're feeling a little stressed lately."

"That's an understatement." Mary- Margaret laughed, "I always thought that once Eva was here, everything would come naturally. You know, but it's been six months and I still haven't felt anything close to a maternal instinct."

"Snow, you know that's not true-"

"I can't even comfort my baby when she's crying."

Regina smiled, "It took me nearly eight months before I felt like I knew what I was doing with Henry. Sometimes I still feel like I don't." She ran her fingers over the soft fluff of curly hair on Eva's head, "Nobody tells you how difficult motherhood is, but you'll figure it out."

"I feel like I can't do anything right."

"We all have those days. Then you have a moment when you look at your kid, and you just know that everything will work out. I mean look at Henry, he had the Evil Queen as a mother and he turned out alright."

"You're not the Evil Queen."

"The point still remains." Mary- Margaret nodded, smiling fondly at her daughter. Regina shifted the girl a little bit so she was situated more soundly.

"Why did you do it, Regina?" Mary- Margaret didn't look at the mayor as she asked, keeping her eyes focused on the small infant who's own eyes were drifting shut.

"Do what?"

"In the elevator. You knew the risks, but you did it anyway."

"How could I not?" Regina asked rhetorically, "I know we aren't in the enchanted forest anymore, but you will always be my step daughter. You're still the girl I saved from a runaway horse." She shifted the now sleeping Eva to hand over to Snow, "I may not be the best step mother, but I would do anything for you Snow, no matter the sacrifice."

Regina watched Snow carefully cradle the back of her baby's head as the girl continued to sleep soundly, "You're going to do fine, Snow. Your mother would have been so proud of you."

Mary- Margaret laughed softly, "How do you know?"

"Because I am, so incredibly proud of you every single day."

Wordlessly, Mary- Margaret pulled Regina into a fierce one- armed hug, the force of the action woke Eva. Thankfully, she didn't burst into tears, instead she just stared up at her mother in question.

"You're going to get your happy ending one day, Regina."

"I think I already have."

Regina beamed, she couldn't maintain eye contact with the happy teacher for too long though, and she awkwardly dropped her gaze to her tea and took a sip.

"I can't believe how lucky I am." Mary- Margaret said after a bit. She was watching her restless baby in awe, "Her eyes are so green."

"Oh yeah, you might want to cool it down with the praising Eva in front of Emma for a little bit." The mayor said, remembering the interaction at the diner last week.

"Look at how precious she is!" Ruby cooed, smiling as baby Eva waved happily from her mother's lap. It was the infant's newest trick and she was showing it off to everyone she met.

Emma watched with a sour expression from the counter where she was waiting for the waitress so she could pay for breakfast. The blonde's frown was not unnoticed by her wife who excused herself from the gaggle of women fawning over Eva to go comfort Emma.

"It's not even that impressive." Emma huffed as Regina leant against the counter beside her, "Anybody can wave, I don't get what's so cute about it."

"She's a baby, dear. Everything is cute when it comes from a baby."

Regina wrapped her arm around Emma's waist in reassurance, "Still, it's not that big of a deal."

The mayor rolled her eyes, "Are you really jealous of a six month old?"

"No! I'm just." She trailed off, watching with envy the pride on Mary- Margaret's face as she flaunted her new baby, "Alright, maybe I'm a little jealous but it's not a big deal."

"Emma Swan." Regina began lovingly, "You are the savior, you have fought dragons, you are incredibly attractive, and you are married to one of the hottest women in Storybrooke." The sheriff smiled as her wife complimented herself, "You have nothing to be jealous of."

"Oh alright." She conceded.

"Thank you."

The pair stood comfortably for a while, watching as the women swarmed around Mary- Margaret showered affection down on the infant. Regina was internally celebrating her victory in assuring her wife's confidence.

"I guess she is kind of adorable." Emma admitted with a reluctant smile.

"I had no idea." Mary- Margaret said, biting her lower lip in concern.

"Don't worry about it. Emma can be a bit juvenile at times."

The two fell into a comfortable silence, broken moments later by a soft snore from Eva. She had finally fallen asleep in her mother's arms.

"You did it." Regina praised softly.

Mary- Margaret's proud grin was nearly blinding, "I can do this."

"You can."

The teacher wiped her eyes one last time, "I'm sorry that I just barged over here like this. I'll just get out of your hair."

"You know you're always welcome here. Are you sure you're good to drive home, it's nearly one."

"Yeah, driving is relaxing, and I should put Eva down in her crib."

They stood, Regina taking the mugs into the kitchen where she exchanged them for the car seat, "Drive carefully, and never hesitate to call or come over."

"Thank you, for everything."

Regina watched on was Mary- Margaret retreated down the walkway and buckled Eva safely into her car seat. Once she saw the taillights of Mary- Margaret's car turn the corner she went back into the mansion, locking the door behind her. She found Emma dead asleep, still curled around the stolen pillow.

She kicked off her slippers and pulled the sweater over her head, sliding into the bed, she yanked her pillow from Emma's arms. The blonde just grumbled in protest, her arms quickly finding Regina's waist to wrap around and draw in close. Emma was like a koala when she slept, and it was a rare night when Regina didn't awaken to find her wife with her arms and even the occasional leg wrapped tightly around her.

"Emma." Regina whispered after a few moments of enjoying the security of the embrace. She was never a big cuddler until she got involved with the savior.

"Yeah Gina?"

"I think I'm ready to try again."

Emma remained as she was, and brought one of her feet to wrap around Regina's calf, "I thought you said you were tired and you didn't wanna do it again tonight. Besides its like midnight, we can have shower sex in the morning instead?"

The brunette rolled her eyes and turned herself around in the safety of Emma's arms, "I wasn't talking about having sex, Emma. I think I'm ready to try for a baby again."

Green eyes snapped more fully open, all remaining tiredness disappearing, "Are you sure, you don't feel pressured or anything?"

They had been meeting weekly with Archie since their explosion and Emma's short stay at her parents apartment. Because of their sessions, Emma knew how important it was that she give Regina the time and space she needed to heal, "I'm sure. I want this, with you."

Regina huffed in annoyance as the front door bounced back at her after she tried to push it open. Throwing her weight more solidly against it, she shoved it all of the way open and stepped through the entryway. As she suspected, a large pair of tennis shoes sat behind the door.

"Henry!" She called towards the upstairs, "How many times have I told you not to leave your shoes out in the front hall?"

"Sorry mom!" He yelled back, not coming out of his room.

Regina rolled her eyes, shrugging out of her jacket and hanging it up. She glared at the blazer as if it had personally offended her, and to some extent it did. She then stepped out of her flats. The omission of her heels was the only outward concession Regina had made in the past few months. In only her stocking clad feet, she padded into the kitchen, a smile creeping into her face at the sight of her three favorite girls.

Emma had a hot pink plastic spoon and was trying to coax some green mush into Eva's mouth. There was more of the food covering Emma, the child, and the high chair they kept at the mayoral mansion, than Regina assumed had actually been eaten. Mary- Margaret was at the stove, stirring a red sauce to go with the pasta simmering on a back burner.

"Are you trying to feed our goddaughter or turn her into my sister?" Regina joked, crossing the kitchen to grab two wet wipes. She handed one to Emma to clean herself off with while she focused on tidying the giggling infant. The girl had the green mess everywhere from the front of her shirt to the top of her unruly brown curls. Eva had inherited a mix of the same curls as her sister, and Mary- Margaret's dark brunette hair which, with the trademark Charming chin left the eighteen month old with a striking profile already despite her chubby cheeks.

"Hey it was going really well until someone sneezed."

"You should cover your mouth when you do that, dear."

"I meant Eva!"

"Of course, blame the child."

Regina succeeded in cleaning most of the green mush from the little girl's face before she took up the spoon and sat in Emma's abandoned chair.

"How was your day, Regina?" Mary- Margaret asked, breaking the couple from their friendly spat.

"Horrendous. The air conditioning unit at the nunnery broke and, surprise, LeRoy showed up drunk to repair it." Regina paused in her story and gave the spoon to Eva. She gave the toddler a stern look, all it took was one raised eyebrow from her favorite 'Auntie Gina' for the girl to obediently scoop more of the green mess- mushed peas- into her mouth, "Do you know how annoying an ex-fairy can be if she has to go without AC in the middle of June?"

"I can only imagine." Mary- Margaret laughed. Since school was out, she spent most of her afternoons at the mansion or the apartment with Eva and Henry. The whole Charming- Mills clan would share dinner at whichever location. Since the elevator birth, Regina and Snow had never been closer. Though they didn't always like each other, now it was clear that they would always love each other.

"Eva has pea stains all over her shirt, have you got another with you?" Regina didn't approve of mess even if it was on her adorable goddaughter.

"Yes, it's in the diaper bag."

Regina grabbed a fresh diaper and the spare shirt before lifting Eva out of her booster seat to go and change her in the downstairs bathroom.

Emma stepped up when her wife had the girl situated on her hip, "I can do that, you should sit down, relax."

The mayor smiled, it was the same conversation they had at least once a day now, "Emma, I'm fine, I can do this. Strenuous activity doesn't cause miscarriages especially not this late in a pregnancy."

"I know, it's just-"

Regina cut her wife off by leaning forward and connecting their lips in a brief kiss, "Emma, I'm bigger than a balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, I can't close any of my blazers, LeRoy keeps asking if I'm having twins, and my feet are fat but I can't know how fat they've gotten because I haven't been able to see them in two months. I can change Eva."

Mary- Margaret snickered from the stove as she shuffled things around and found a colander to drain the pasta.

"Besides, we all know how well it went last time you changed Eva's diaper." Regina smirked.

"That wasn't my fault, she peed on me!"

"And in a year and a half, she's never peed on me."

"You say that like it's an accomplishment."

"How many times?"

"It's not that many."

"How many times, Emma?"

The blonde blushed to the tips of her ears as she finally gave in, "Four. She's peed on me four times during a diaper change."

Without needing to sell her point further, Regina turned and swept from the room with as much grace as a eight month pregnant woman may while holding an infant, a diaper, and a clean shirt. Eva was nearly old enough to start potty training, but Mary- Margaret was still hesitant, not wanting to get her started too early in case she wasn't ready.

In the bathroom, Regina laid Eva down on the counter, talking to her the whole time.

"Did you have a good day, Eva dear?"


"What did you do?"


Regina smiled at her grammar error and cued the girl into the proper use of the word, "What did you draw?"


"That sounds lovely."

Regina finished with the diaper and she helped Eva back onto the floor, "What do you think, dear, can you change your shirt on your own or do you want Auntie Gina to do it?"

"I do it!" Eva exclaimed grabbing the shirt. She wiggled as she tried to pull her current one over her head, Regina helped her a little but mainly just kept a hand on the girls bottom in case she lost balance and tipped over.

Once she managed to wrestle her way out of her pink top, Regina's eyes caught on the scars adorning Eva's abdomen. They had faded since that day in the elevator, but they were still painfully clear, contrasting darkly against her pale skin. There was a scar on each of the girl's hips from Regina's thumb and pinky, a scar on each shoulder from Regina's pointer and ring fingers, and one just over the girl's heart from Regina's middle finger.

The mayor was snapped from her thoughts as Eva fought the new purple top down over her mess of curly brown hair.

She took Eva's hand to lead her from the bathroom, "Let's go show your Mommy that you changed yourself."

The young girl was in the stage where she wanted to do everything for herself. She hardly accepted help from anyone, but Regina was one of the few people she let assist. As a result, the mayor spent a lot of her free time braiding Eva's hair, and picking out outfits.

Much to Mary- Margaret's dismay, her daughter's favorite color was dark purple, and her favorite jacket was a miniature blazer Regina had jokingly bought for the girl's first birthday.

Once back in the kitchen, Eva ran as fast as her tiny legs could carry her (which wasn't very fast) over to Mary- Margaret.

"Mommy, up!" Eva commanded.

Obediently, Snow bent down and swept her up onto a hip, "That's a pretty shirt, Eva bear, did you put it on all on your own?"

"I do it."

"Yes you did! Good job, sweetie."

Regina watched from the doorway where she was soon joined by Emma. The blonde slipped her arms around Regina from behind and dropped her chin onto her wife's shoulder.

"Do you think our kid's going to be that cute?" Regina asked.

"Our kid is going to be even cuter, mainly because it's going to have a chance at being anything aside from ghostly white."

The brunette laughed, "Your family does tend to run on the pasty side." Emma kissed the side of her wife's neck when suddenly the mayor jumped in surprise, "She's kicking."


Regina took her wife's hand and guided it to the side of her stomach, pressing her palm flat against where she could faintly feel a thrumming from the baby's feet.

The journey to where they were now wasn't easy. It was nearly a full year before they were ready to even consider trying again. But they made it through and their relationship was stronger than ever.

Regina in particular took the whole thing hard, it took her months to be able to not blame herself, though she still carries some of that guilt around with her. Emma helps, and with the blonde's unconditional love and acceptance, Regina finally felt ready to try again.

They got lucky when their first attempt took and Regina was once again expecting. The first trimester was especially hard, the couple being so very cautious as they truly understood now what was at stake. Now here they were, waiting out Regina's final month in tense anticipation.

"She's so strong." Emma breathed, completely in awe.

"Tell me about it, she's been dancing on my bladder for about a week now."

The two smiled widely at each other, and Emma kept her hand where it was, pressed warmly against her wife's stomach, "Our kid is going to be perfect."

"Nora, baby, don't put that in your mouth." Regina called from where she was sitting on the park bench, "Nora!"

"Eva, help her out." Mary- Margaret laughed.

The older girl took the plastic keys from her niece, and instead entertained the twelve month old with playing peek a boo. The girls happily sat on the blanket giggling with each other while their mothers watched on carefully.

"Has Nora taken her first steps yet?"

"She keeps getting so close. Yesterday she was standing holding onto the coffee table for about twenty minutes, but she never quite took the step." Regina smiled, watching her girl play with Eva.

Since the weather had finally warmed up, the Charming- Mills clan was taking frequent excursions to the park so the kids could play outside. Today, Regina and Mary- Margaret were sitting with the girls while Emma, Henry, and David were picking up lunch from Granny's.

"Has she been getting into everything? Eva just learned how to get into the cabinet where we keep her fruit snacks. Those childproof locks are useless once they get past two years old."

"I've never seen anything crawl as fast as Nora does. Between her and Emma, it's like I've got two infants at home."

The teacher laughed, "Come on, she can't be that bad."

Regina shook her head, telling her story as some people do with tales of epic wars or great adventures, "Yesterday she emptied the contents of half the bottom cupboards in the kitchen, I mean pots, pans, everything all on the floor. Then she got into my baking supplies, she was covered in flour by the time I found her."

"Wait, don't you keep the flour up on the counter?" Mary- Margaret asked, not following.


"So how did Nora reach it?"

Regina laughed at the younger woman's confusion, "I was talking about Emma! She wanted to make cookies for Henry's last day of school."

Mary- Margaret joined in the laughter as Emma, Henry, and David trekked across the park with take out bags from the diner. The two women moved from the bench onto the large picnic blanket with their daughters to help set up for lunch.

It was a tight squeeze, but they all managed to fit with Regina leaning on Emma, Henry stuck on a corner, Mary- Margaret and David pressed close, and Nora sitting in Eva's lap under Regina's close supervision.

David tried to capture Regina's attention by asking yet again about new riot gear for the sheriff's station, "The stuff we have now is from the seventies."

The mayor once again rebuked him, "What do you think is going to happen in Storybrooke, David? Besides, if there's a fire breathing dragon or another wraith, a bulletproof vest or plexiglass crowd control shield isn't going to be much help."

Emma was distracted, by dissecting her sandwich, removing the tomato and the onion, setting them aside carefully. She was just settling the top slice of bread back on when a piece of bacon fell out. She cast a quick sideways glance at Regina who seemed to be too busy setting their daughter up with her lunch to notice.

She plucked the bacon from where it fell beside her knee in the grass and was seconds away from popping it into her mouth when Regina's voice halted her movements with the bacon just centimeters from her lips, "Emma, baby, don't put that in your mouth."

The laugh that burst forth from Mary- Margaret was so loud and overpowering that Regina couldn't help but join in, realizing just how similar the admonishment was to on she had just given their baby. David and the blonde looked on in confusion.

"What's so funny?" Emma asked, wanting to be in on the joke.

"Don't worry about it, dear."

Emma grumbled, but moved on, tearing up the slices of tomato she had removed from her sandwich and feeding the small bits to Nora.

"Does that tomato have mayonnaise on it?" Regina asked skeptically.

"A bit, why?"

"Our daughter doesn't need to be eating saturated fat and oil like that."

Mary- Margaret rolled her eyes at the mayor's occasional controlling attitudes when it came to the girls, "Really Regina, a little mayo isn't going to kill anyone."

"Well I don't want to encourage the development of type two diabetes in my daughter, something you probably aren't familiar with as your strongest tie to the medical profession is kissing boo-boos on an elementary school playground."

Though the comment was a typical sassy one from Regina, it lacked the old bite that it once carried. And Mary- Margaret shook her head, laughing it off.

Emma was awoken by the feeling of fingers running up and down down her arm. She smiled as she regained consciousness and snuggled closer into the warm body she had fallen asleep spooning. She nuzzled her face into the soft skin at the base of Regina's neck and pressed a kiss there.

"Good morning, sleepy head." Regina laughed.

"Good morning, why are you awake before nine on a Sunday?"

Regina rolled over in her wife's arms and tangled their legs together, "I'm listening in case the smoke alarm goes off again this year."

"That was only once."

"I didn't know that pancake batter could smoke that much."

"Henry seemed to get it under control though."

The women laughed at the memory of two years ago when Henry and Nora nearly set the kitchen on fire.

"So what do you want to do today?" Emma asked, running her fingers over the skin exposed at Regina's hip under her top.

"Are we meeting David and Mary- Margaret for dinner?"

"Yeah, I think that she's expecting us at five."

"Well I suppose we could just relax with the kids until then, take Nora to the park." Regina suggested, "I think Henry's been wanting to take her on a day trip since he's gotten back."

"That would be nice." Emma smirked and pushed Regina's hip so the brunette was lying flat on her back, she wasted no time in following and swinging one leg over Regina to straddle her, "If Henry takes Nora, we can have the day to ourselves."

She winked suggestively before leaning down to capture her wife's lips playfully.

"You know that this is not a holiday generally associated with spending the day in bed." Regina laughed when Emma moved back slightly.

"Has that ever stopped us before?"

The brunette smacked her on the arm lightly, "You are worse than a horny teenager."

"You love it." Emma accused.

"That's not the point."

"Mhm." Emma began mapping Regina's neck with her lips, tracing all the way from her jawline down to her collar bone.

"Emma." The mayor warned, "The kids are likely to come in soon."

"Don't care." Emma replied shortly into the spot just below Regina's ear, coaxing a slight moan from her wife.

The brunette played into her wife's devious antics, threading her fingers through Emma's hair and tugging gently to bring their lips back together. She escalated the kiss, taking Emma by surprise by slipping her tongue dominantly past the blonde's lips.

It was only a short amount of time later- thankfully with no smoke alarms- before there was a light knocking on their bedroom door. Henry had learned the hard way not to just barge into his mothers' bedroom in the morning, or the evening, or the afternoon, or any time at all really.

With a huff, Emma dramatically rolled off her wife and threw an arm over her eyes in mock exasperation, "Come in!" she called, scooting up the bed into a sitting position, pulling Regina with her while Henry pushed through the door carrying a tray piled high. Nora sprinted out from around him and took a flying leap into the bed, landing on Regina's legs.

"Happy Mother's Day!" The six year old yelled happily.

"Thank you, Nora." Regina smiled, tickling Nora's stomach while the girl squirmed happily.

"We made you breakfast." Henry said, he waited until Nora scooted aside to lay the tray on his parents' laps. The boy had returned from college the weekend prior, he was in his second year, studying to get a degree in literature with a focus on creative writing. He wanted to be an author.

"Thank you two!" Emma pulled the boy in for a one armed hug and a kiss on the cheek, "You're the best kids."

"You're the best mothers." He replied, "So Nora and I will just go and let you two enjoy your breakfast. Are we going to Gram and Gramps later?"

Regina smirked, the past six years had been some of the best of her life, she and Mary- Margaret were getting on better than ever, yet she couldn't help but enjoy the small victories. Mary- Margaret being called 'Gram' was certainly one of those victories.

"Yeah, be ready by 4:30." Emma confirmed, already picking up a piece of bacon from the breakfast the kids had made.

"Ok, can I take Nora to the park?" Henry asked, needing to make good on the promise to buy his little sister an icecream.


"Drive carefully." Regina interjected, slapping her wife's hand away from where she had attempted to steal another piece of bacon, "And only one icecream each. I don't want you two spoiling your dinner."

Henry had to fight not to roll his eyes and claim he was old enough and mature enough for that not to be an issue. But he knew better by now, "Alright, let's go Nana-Banana." He called to his sister.

The girl giggled at her nickname before planting sloppy kisses on both her mothers' cheeks.

"I want a horse ride." She demanded as she stood on the end of the bed and looked imploringly at her brother.

Dutifully, he spun around and crouched down a bit so she could clamber onto his back. The girl was all tan skin and rich dark hair. She was the spitting image of Regina, and at 6 she had her brother wrapped completely around her little finger.

"All set?"


Henry held the girl securely before galloping from the bedroom, winking at his mothers and pulling the door shut behind him as he went.

"Our kids are perfect." Emma smiled.

Regina couldn't agree more. She thought through the last six years, knowing that they were the best of her life, and without warning, she leant forward and pressed a quick, yet fierce kiss to her wife's lips.

When she pulled away and settled in to eat her Mother's Day breakfast, Regina wore a wide smile, and Emma was still frozen in surprise from the kiss.

"What was that for?" She asked once she recovered.

"I'm just happy."

And now when Regina said that, she knew it had never been more true. She had gotten her happy ending.

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