I'll Greet You With a Smile

Chapter 1:

Today was the day, and Sherlock couldn't be more excited. His husband, his John, was coming home today. He had been gone for over a year, deployed in the Middle East. He had even been injured, but the military had kept him in one of their hospitals over seas, but now he was well enough to come home. And what was even better, he was never going back. Sherlock could keep him safe, or as safe as someone near him could be, Sherlock could keep him right next to him, right where he belonged.

First however, he had to go to Scotland Yard so as to solve a case for the bumbling idiots that called themselves detectives and police officers. Besides, it was only 1:00 when he left the house, and John's flight wouldn't come in till around 2:00 anyway, so he had time to kill. As soon as he stepped into the building Donovan had accosted him.

"Who had to die to put that smile on your face, freak?" She taunted snidely. He, however, was in too much of a good mood to throw back his usual remark at her. He simply bypassed her and went into Lestrade's office.

"It was the wife's best friend." Sherlock stated bluntly, taking Greg by surprise.

"What proof do you have?" Greg questioned once he had recovered from being startled.

"Her shoes. The friend owned a unique pair of heels, and their shape were imprinted in the carpet of the victim's room." Sherlock explained, too happy to question the DI's intelligence. This was noticed by said DI, however, before he could ask, Donovan burst into the room.

"There's been a body found in the Prime Minister's back garden." She said, slightly out of breath.

"Alright, I presume you'll meet us there Sherlock? Or would you prefer we just give you a ride, as we both know you'll just end up there anyway." Greg said. The consulting detective glanced at his phone, the joy that flashed across his face surprising the other room's occupants.

"Wrong, I'll leave this to you lot." Sherlock said, stunning them.

"What? But this is right up your alley freak. Are you trying to say the Prime Minister is beneath you?" Donovan snarled.

"Not remotely, although I do have more important things to do, and more important people to see. In fact, I really should be going to make it on time so have fun." And with that, the curly haired man turned sharply and left.

Turning towards each other, an unspoken agreement passed between Greg and Sally. If there was something or someone that would make Sherlock Holmes turn away from a case as interesting as this, then they just had to see what or who it was. Because despite the fact that the Prime Minister was asking for their help, this was something that they had to see. So, grabbing their coats, the two stalked after the consulting detective.

As Sherlock reached the airport, he checked his phone again, 1:53. Going over to the arrival board he quickly located John's flight, and it's docking station. Hurrying through the crowds, Sherlock arrived with just under a minute to spare. He was quite aware of his two tails, but right now he honestly didn't care at all. Slipping his hand under his shirt, he pulled out a necklace. Unclasping it, Sherlock pulled off the ring that had been strung onto it and slipped it onto his left ring finger, clasping the necklace back around his neck. As people started to get off of the plane and flood out into the waiting area, Sherlock used his height to look for the familiar sandy hair of his lover. And once he had, a smile broke out on his face.



Racing towards each other, the two separated lovers pushed people out of the way to reach each other. And as soon as they did they kissed each other hard on the lips, all of their love and longing for each other being expressed in their tight embrace. After some time, the two stepped back from each other, resting their foreheads against the other's.

"I missed you so much, I was so worried." Sherlock whispered, eyes sweeping John, cataloging all of him.

"I missed you two, you have no idea how happy I am to be back here. The only thing keeping me going was thoughts of you and our letters." John whispered back, tightening his grip on his husband.

"Well you're home now, and relatively safe. And I'm never letting you go again. Ever. You're going to be staying right by my side for the foreseeable future." Sherlock said, pulling John impossibly closer.

"Fine by me, I never want to leave again. I love you too much." John said, pecking Sherlock on the lips.