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"Bat! Get down here right now!" Benn Beckman, the first mate to Captain Red Haired Shanks, calls up to me from the deck below.

My name is Bat. I am currently living and sailing with the Red Haired Pirates. I have no memories before I was seven, but that is okay because Captain Shanks took me in as his own crewmember. At that time, I knew nothing about myself, not even my name. I was given my name after getting rid of a bat in the Captain's cabin a couple days after he took me in. The whole crew made fun of him afterwards and decided to call me Bat. (Oh the Irony.) I have been this crew for seven years now and we are currently docked in a harbour of Windmill Village.

"Bat get off the top of the mast and help us load the supplies before we go to Makino's Bar." This time it was the captain that called up to me. "There is also someone I want you to meet. He's very energetic you might like him."

"You're just hoping that his energy will rub off on me you old man." I shouted down to the deck where Shanks and Benn were standing staring up at me. Shanks started ranting on and on about how the younger men on this crew always called him old man and that they were going to pay for it. Then I could see this light bulb go off above his head. Captain Shanks then yelled over to Yasopp and whispered in his ear. They both then got this evil look in their eye as they slowly looked up to where I was perched on the mast. This was not going to end well.

"Yasopp, I order you to shoot that bat of the mast." Shanks yelled while pointing to me with this evil grin on his face. Yasopp smiled and drew his gun.

"My pleasure." All the new crewmen stared at the captain in shock while everyone else smirked. Yasopp took aim at my head and fired. Before the bullet even left the barrel of the gun, I was already on the deck.

"Fine, fine, you win Captain. I'll help with cargo, but I am not going into town. I stay here and look after the ship with some of the newbies." Shanks scoffed.

"No way. You are going to meet some people that I know and you will also help out with the cargo. No questions." I sighed and bowed.

"Very well, Captain." With that was done, we all loaded up the cargo and went to the bar after a bit of commotion. A boy apparently stabbed himself underneath the eye to prove himself. (What an Idiot.) Now here I was talking to the owner of the bar as the Captain and the rest of the crew drank.

"Why aren't you drinking with the rest of the crew?" Makino asked me giving a big smile.

"Well, these people need someone who is completely sober to make sure none of them kill each other by accident, especially with the newbies." I turned around and leaned against the counter. She nodded her head in understanding. Shanks then proceeded to slap my left shoulder gaining my attention from watching the crew.

"Luffy, I want you to meet one of my best crewmembers. He has been on the ship for seven years now." Luffy looked over at me while munching on some food.

"How old is he?" Shanks scratched his head and thought.

"Well Bat would be 14 if I remember correctly." Luffy's eyes bugged out of his head, when he heard how young I am.

"That means that he was seven when he joined your crew, right? I'm seven. Let me join the crew too." Shanks shook his head,

"You're an anchor and a kid to boot." Luffy grumbled to himself then Benn explained how much responsibility the captain has and that there are many ways to die on the seas. Makino then offered more food to Luffy. Him and Shanks got to talking, about how many more times we were going to come here. Luffy made a promise that he will learn how to swim by the time we left, while eating a familiar looking fruit. (I couldn't place where though.) The swinging door to the bar was ripped off it's hinges by the leader to a group of mountain bandits. They asked for beer, but Makino said that she just ran out of it. Shanks then offered the last unopened bottle to the leader. The mountain bandit smashed the bottle against Shanks head getting him soaked in rum. I sighed. This was going to be troublesome. Shanks tried to clean up the glass, when the bandit proceeded to slice his sword down the counter creating a bigger mess. Then they left. The whole crew burst out in laughter while I just watched Luffy shake in rage. Luffy then shouted out that Shanks was a coward and that he was going to find a new role model. Shanks grabbed Luffy's wrist and gaped as Luffy's arm stretched. Eveyone spit out their drinks except for me. One of the men looked in the small chest and said that the fruit wasn't there. Then Shanks starts yelling that he ate the gum-gum fruit and that he would never be able to swim again. Of course Luffy freaked out about this whole thing.

Not long afterwards we left, only to come back that there is trouble in town. Luffy got into a fight with the bandits and was being beaten up when we arrived. Benn took care of them all after one of the bandits were shot for pointing a gun at Shanks. Captain goes on about being ready to put your life on the line if you point a gun, and that nobody hurts a friend of mine. The leader of the bandit group then takes Luffy out to sea in a little dingy. The Captain freaks out because he can't find Luffy. I was told to search the forests, but I had a hunch that I was needed at the harbour. When I arrived Shanks was there in the water holding a crying Luffy. What made me feel worse was that I couldn't help Shanks or Luffy that day. Luffy said he was going to be King of the Pirates when we were leaving. Shanks gave him his straw hat, and says to give it back to him when he does. Then he says that I will join his crew in ten years from now. I don't object. The boy grew on me. I will join his crew to look after him for Shanks sake. With that we were off.

"Shanks can you train me to be stronger?" I asked him after we left the harbour. Shanks gave me a big close-eyed smiled and said sure kid.