"I hate you Mom!" Henry slammed his bed room door in Regina's face. Soon after Regina heard a click indicating that the door was now locked. Down stairs she heard the phone ringing.

"Henry, please come out. I just want to know how your day was". Regina begged. She didn't mean to upset her son. She thrived to be the perfect mother for him, but it seemed that lately her very presence angered him.

"Go Away!" He yelled through the door.

Regina was becoming annoyed by her sons behavior, and was about to scold him, when she heard the phone ring again. "We will talk about this later". She called out to him as she went to answer the phone. Walking quickly down the stairs she looked at the clock and noticed it was 8:45pm. Who in their right mind would bother her this time of night? Whomever was on the other side of the phone better had a very good reason, otherwise she had a few choice words for them.

"Hello. Mayor Mills". She greeted.

"Hello. My name is Piper Prepon, I am from child protective services. Am I speaking with a….Regina mills?"

"Yes, you are". Regina answered dryly. She heard Henry's door open and close upstairs, followed by the opening, or more like slamming of the bathroom door. She needed to correct her son, not 'chit chat' on the phone. "Ma'am, I have a son who needs my attention. Can this possibly wait until tomorrow?"

"Miss Mills. I would have called the first thing in the morning, but this is important. You will want to hear this".

"Very well, what is it?"

"About a week ago, we were informed of a possible case of child neglect. Following up on the case we discovered that a child was indeed being neglected by her father. We had the child in protective custody for 4 whole days before the parent was even aware that the child was no longer in the residence. Long story short, we came to a conclusion that the father is not fit to raise a child, and will be doing time in prison, for child neglect and an unrelated drug charge".

Regina listened to the woman ramble on the other end of the phone. She wondered was this going to end anytime soon, and what this had to do with her. Sighing to herself she continued to listen.

"Naturally, the custody of the child goes to next of kin. Turns out the little girl had no next of kin. We assumed that the mother died after giving birth to the child. Well, that's what it appeared to be at first". The woman explained.

Regina was getting bored with this story, which had nothing at all to do with her. "Ms. Prepon, does this story have an ending anytime soon?"

"Yes. I'm almost finished. You see we gave the child a DNA test and turns out, she was not related to her previous parents. The only DNA that matched hers in our system is yours". The woman on the other side of the phone said excitedly.

"That's impossible. Trust me when I say, there is no one in this world who shares my DNA". Regina explained. There was at one point, but her baby girl died, 3 days after Regina brought her from the hospital, she went to sleep one night, and never woke up. Regina hated thinking about it, but she did every day, it was after all the reason she adopted Henry, not to replace her daughter, but to have someone to love. She thought she would finally become happy when she found out she was pregnant with Graham's baby. She always thought she was infertile.

"But it is. Miss Mills. I'm sorry, to inform you but the hospital made a mistake and sent the wrong child home with you. But the good news is, your daughter is alive, and rightfully she's yours, if you want her you will automatically receive full custody". The woman said hopeful.

"She…She's alive?" Regina let the phone slip from her hands and to the floor. She fell upon the floor and sobbed into her hands. She wished every day that one day she would wake up, and the death of her daughter would have all just been a dream. She heard the woman call from the other end of the phone, she quickly grabbed the phone and pulled it to her ear. "Yes, yes, yes, I want her. Please". Regina begged. She never wanted something so much in her life. She was going to get her daughter back. Her daughter, someone she made.

"Excellent Ms. Mills. I will bring your daughter to you tomorrow, around noon, if that's okay?"

"Yes, that's fine. That's fine. I will be here".

"Great. I will bring Cataleya to you tomorrow".

"Cataleya?" Regina whispered. "That's a pretty name".

"I think so too. I think it's the name of a flower. I'm glad you've decided to keep her Ms. Mills. I have your address on file. I will see you Noon tomorrow". The line went dead on the other end and Regina held it to her face, until she heard the dial tone again.

"Cataleya". She whispered one last time.

Author's notes:

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