So this is going to be like a seven or eight chapter story. I want to try and do a series of oneshots or twoshots that are all connected to each other, but just different situations. This is what I am hoping to be for the start of this series. Deeks' past is all the same, but his attitude is a little different. LAPD still hates him and Deeks is more guarded around people. He's still funny and happy around the people he trusts, but he doesn't trust Federal Agents. So Deeks will be a little out of character, but not too much to turn people away I'm hoping. As time goes on with this series he will be more like himself once he trusts the team.

Summary: Hetty is looking to work on building the relationship between NCIS and LAPD. She also has her eyes on a certain detective that is making a name for himself. She assigns the team to shadow Deeks for the week to prove that LAPD does more than they think. So this is a week in the life of Detective Marty Deeks.

Chapter Warnings: Swearing, mentions of murder, mentions of child abuse and mentions of child molestation. Nothing descriptive or graphic at all it's just talking about it.


Chapter 1

Hetty had been looking out at her team that was in the bullpen. The three of them had been working on paperwork after wrapping up a case. Hetty knew she needed to find a replacement for Dominic Vail. It was hard on the team when they found him alive only for him to be shot down protecting Sam. Hetty knew that her team was a very closed net family. They didn't like any outsider trying to come into their family. Hetty was glad that they were so close, but that made it difficult to add a new member to the team. Kensi needed a partner. She couldn't continue being out in the field alone and it was time consuming to have all three of them going to one location at a time. Hetty needed to find her a new partner. The problem wasn't just how the team would react to a new agent. The other problem was Hetty had her eye on someone for a long time, but it didn't seem like she was getting any closer to having this man on her team. He was an LAPD detective for starters, he wasn't even an agent. That didn't matter to Hetty though; he was more than qualified and gifted with undercover operations. Hetty had been watching him for six and a half years now. Hetty had liked what she saw the moment she found out about him and she had been keeping a very close eye on his career and he didn't disappoint. Hetty knew that he would be perfect for the team, but it wasn't just the team that would be a problem. They wouldn't warm up to him like they would a seasoned agent or even how they took Dom under their wings fresh out of the academy. His personality was very much different than those on the team. He was more carefree and joked around, but only when he trusted the person he was with. He wasn't serious all day long, but when he needed to be he was serious. He was an excellent shot and very gifted with undercover work. He was the best undercover operative in L.A and Hetty knew he would be perfect for the team.

The problem was Detective Marty Deeks didn't trust anyone. He used humor to hide the hurt from his traumatic childhood. He was hated by the LAPD, because he had turned against corrupted cops resulting in the LAPD to turn against him. He hasn't had a partner in over six years. He is too used to working on his own and he doesn't understand what it means to be on a team with people there to have your back and protect you. He doesn't know what a family is or what it means to be a part of one. He was more of a lone wolf than Callen was and Hetty didn't know how a team environment would go over with Deeks. She didn't know if he would even want to be on her team. He had been working with other agencies in the past and he turned down all of their offers for him to join them. Hetty knew he was a cop and that is what he identified himself as. Hetty knew she needed to make a move soon before she had to find someone else to be on the team.

Hetty picked up her phone as an idea came into her mind. She knew that the team, especially Sam wouldn't respect Deeks. To them he would be just a cop and they would be federal agents. Hetty wasn't blind she knew her team thought they were better than local police. She knew that they had a chip on their shoulder, especially Sam. If she wanted Deeks on her team she needed to start to get them to see that the LAPD did more than they thought with a lot less resources.

"Commissioner Richards' office, how may I help you?" The female receptionist said politely.

"This is Operations Manager Henrietta Lange with NCIS. I would like to speak to Police Commissioner Richards please."

"One moment please."

Hetty could hear the hold music and she knew that the receptionist was speaking with Richards about her. After a moment she heard his voice.

"Hetty, what can I do for you?"

"I'm sure you have noticed that there is tension between the LAPD and NCIS. I'm hoping to help repair that relationship."

"Things have been a little tense recently. I know my guys are feeling frustrated with the number of homicide investigations that they have been cut out of, especially the ones that they have been working for months on. What do you have in mind?"

"I would like to have three of my Agents shadow one of your detectives for a week. Let them see how the life of a police officer lives. Maybe that will help them understand just what LAPD has to deal with."

"I don't know if it'll help, but I'm up for trying anything. I'm assuming you have a detective in mind though."

"Yes I do. I would like it to be Detective Deeks."

"Hetty, you must know what his reputation is within LAPD, he's not the best one to help rebuild the relationship between our men."

"He's a gifted detective and undercover operative. I think my team needs to see just what LAPD is capable of. You can't argue that he is your best detective, even if the other officers don't like him."

"He's my best man. I can always count on him to be honest. He's use to being alone Hetty. I don't know how well he would respond to having three Federal Agents shadowing him. He doesn't really like Federal Agents."

"Well he hasn't had the best outcomes with Federal Agents. I know he's done numerous undercover operations with different agencies. I know they have been rough on him. Federal Agents really can be stuck up and full of themselves. The three Agents I want to send in though need the wake-up call."

"Why do I have a feeling you are fishing for something more. Maybe you would like to get your hands on Detective Deeks." Commissioner Richards said with a guarded voice.

"He's an exceptional Detective and undercover Richards. I would be foolish to not want someone as talented as Mr. Deeks."

"He won't come over to your side Hetty. He loves being a cop too much and he hates Federal Agents."

"I might be able to change his opinion of a few. He's just had bad experiences."

"Don't get your hopes up. It's been a long time since he's had to play with anyone and he won't take any crap they give him. He's always guarded around people he doesn't know. He can be full of jokes and life, but he can also be completely opposite. He won't show these agents his true self."

"I know he won't, but maybe he might just like them. It couldn't hurt to try Richards."

"Alright, I'll let him know. When are you thinking about doing this?"

"Tomorrow if that is acceptable."

"That's fine. He just got back from an operation last night so he'll be available tomorrow. He's off today, but I will let his Lieutenant know to inform him of this tomorrow. His shift starts at nine."

"I'll have my Agents meet at his station tomorrow for nine. Thank-you Richards hopefully this will help."

"Hopefully this doesn't make it worse."

"We'll find out in a week."

"I'll let you know how it goes, though I'm sure your Agents will be calling you with all of the details."

"Oh I'm sure they will and then some. Goodbye Richards."

"Goodbye Hetty."

Hetty hung up her office phone and had a small smile on her face. She was now able to get her team to interact with Deeks and hopefully they will see a different side to LAPD. Hetty was also hoping that Deeks wouldn't be cold and distant towards her team. She knew that he didn't have many good experiences with Federal Agents or with being on a team. Hetty was hoping that Deeks and her team would be able to get along. Hetty truly wanted to have Deeks on her team and she felt that he would make the best addition to her team. Hetty got up and headed over to the bullpen to let her team know about what their next assignment would be. They looked up as they heard her approach them.

"I have a new assignment for you." Hetty said calmly.

"Seriously? We just finished the last one." Sam said.

"Fear not Mr. Hanna this assignment doesn't start until tomorrow."

"What is it?" Callen asked.

"As I'm sure you have all noticed our relationship with the LAPD has been tense recently. I spoke with Commissioner Richards and we have agreed that we need to work on repairing this fractured relationship." Hetty began.

"Why? We out rank LAPD, we don't need to get along with them." Sam said.

"On the contrary Mr. Hanna we do need to get along with them. We need to work with them, because they don't need to report every murdered marine they find. They don't need to hand over evidence and cooperate with our investigations. The LAPD could very well make our lives and jobs more difficult and miserable. If the relationship gets any worse they could stop reporting all together. Which means we won't know about murdered marines, or any terrorist threats that they uncover. We need to repair the damage done to our relationship." Hetty said in a serious voice.

"It's not just on us though Hetty. I know there have been times when we haven't been that nice to the LAPD, but they haven't been so welcoming either." Kensi said.

"No they haven't and it's no secret that Federal Agents and local law enforcement don't get along. However, that doesn't mean we should just continue to ignore the problem. We deal in terrorism and we cannot afford to have one relationship destroyed. We need to have functioning relationships with other agencies as well as local law enforcement. This country's safety depends on that." Hetty said.

"So what's the assignment then?" Callen asked.

"Nine am tomorrow morning you three will report to precinct twenty-eight. You will spend the week shadowing a detective. For one week you three will no longer be Agents, but police officers." Hetty said.

"You can't be serious." Sam said slightly annoyed.

"Oh I am very serious Mr. Hanna. You will be shadowing Detective Marty Deeks. That is unless you think you can't handle being a police officer Mr. Hanna." Hetty said in a challenging voice.

"Hetty, I'm a Seal and a Federal Agent, I think I can handle writing speeding tickets." Sam said with a cocky tone.

"I think they do more than that Sam." Kensi said as she rolled her eyes.

"Do we have to wear uniforms?" Callen asked.

"No just plain clothes. You'll be working with a detective." Hetty answered.

"What unit is the detective in?" Kensi asked.

"He's an undercover detective. He just got back from an assignment last night. When he isn't working undercover he tends to float around different units." Hetty answered.

"If he gets an assignment are we to go with him?" Sam asked.

"You are, assuming it's not on the last day. It's only a week and then I will need you back here to work on cases as they come up. I want to make this clear though, you will be operating as you would if you were working for the LAPD. So you will only have access to what they do, which means you can't call Mr. Beale or Ms. Jones if you need something." Hetty said.

"I doubt we will need them." Sam said.

"This is gonna suck." Kensi said.

"Come on it can't be that bad. It's as close to a vacation we've had in a long time." Callen said.

Hetty just smiled at her team.

"What's with the smile Hetty?" Sam asked.

"It's because you all believe that being a police officer is so simple compared to what you do. I'm going to be looking forward to seeing how you think at the end of the week and when I say a week I mean the full seven days. Try not to anger anyone while you are there. We are trying to repair the damage after all." Hetty said before she walked away.

Sam just shook his head. "This is going to be the easiest assignment we have ever done."

"This is going to be boring as hell." Kensi said.

"So it's an easy next seven days. If we can manage to repair the damage then we need to. You know how important it is." Callen said.

"I know, but still we have to be cops G." Sam said.

"We've been undercover as highway patrol. What's the difference?" Callen asked.

"The difference is highway patrol does something other than writing tickets and eating donuts." Sam said.

"Come on Sam you know that's not all they do." Kensi said.

"I know, but they don't do anything close to what we do. This is going to be so easy we'll be able to do it with our eyes closed." Sam said.

"Ya well I just hope that detective isn't an ass." Kensi said.

"He's an undercover detective if he gets an operation it could be fun." Callen said.

"What do they even go undercover for?" Kensi asked.

"Drug dealers mostly. They go as junkies, homeless people and prostitutes." Sam answered.

"So nothing good and exciting then. Great, this week is gonna suck." Kensi said.

"Let's just focus on repairing the relationship and get through the week. The detective could be a lot of fun for all we know." Callen said trying to make this into a positive experience.

Callen didn't want to do this anymore than Kensi or Sam, but he was the team leader so he had to try and suck it up. He knew how important it was to have the LAPD on their side so he was going to do his best to help repair the damage that has been done over the years. It wasn't just with them; Federal Agents and cops just don't have a good track record together. They both were placed in stereotypes and that made it difficult to get over first impressions. Callen was hoping that this detective would be able to work with them and maybe help rebuild that fractured relationship.

"I highly doubt it." Kensi said.

"You are right about one thing G; it will be an easy week." Sam said.

"If we survive the boredom." Kensi added.

"Well I am done my paperwork so who's up for a drink?" Callen asked.

"I'm in." Kensi said.

"Me two, I have a feeling I'm going to need it for tomorrow." Sam said.

"At least try and be nice." Callen said as he packed his things away.

"I will, but don't expect me to be signing up to be a cop after this." Sam said.

"I don't think you would fit in the uniform." Callen joked.

Kensi smiled at Callen's comment as Sam just shook his head.

"That highway patrol uniform fit me just fine G." Sam said with a smirk as he stood up.

"I'm sure we could always ask for a uniform for tomorrow for you and find out." Kensi said with a smile.

"Don't even think about it." Sam said as he looked right at Kensi with a serious face.

"Why not Sam? The blue might look good on you." Callen said with a smirk as the three of them headed out of Ops.

"Keep it up G and I'll get you one." Sam said as he got into his car.

Kensi got into her car and the three of them drove off to a local bar they frequent at. None of them expecting for their week to be crazy.


Deeks walked into Lieutenant Bates' office that morning just before nine. He had been off yesterday to recover from being undercover; he was fine it was just protocol. The operation had been simple and it had only lasted two weeks. Deeks didn't have any assignments coming up in the next couple of days that he knew about so he figured he would see where he was needed.

"Deeks, welcome back." Bates said.

"Thanks. I didn't know where you needed me to be."

"I actually have a form of an assignment for you. The P.C contacted me last night asking for you to do something for him."

"Alright, what is it?"

"Operations Manager at NCIS wants to have three of her Agents shadowing a detective for a week. Henrietta Lange requested you for the job."

"Why do I have to do it?" Deeks asked clearly annoyed.

"Because she requested you specifically and the P.C agreed. They want to work on rebuilding the relationship between NCIS and LAPD. Considering NCIS deals with a lot of terrorist threats on the country the P.C considers this relationship to be extremely important."

"I get that, but why would she request me. I don't even know her."

"She's heard about you and is impressed I guess. I don't know why she would pick you, but she has and the P.C has signed off on it. They will be here for nine. Take them with you for the next seven days and try not to piss them off."

"There's nothing I can say to change your mind about this." Deeks said clearly not happy.

"It's not my call; it's the P.C's so no there isn't. If it was up to me you wouldn't be doing this, but it's not. They should be at the front desk soon. I suggest you go down there and wait."

"What if I get an assignment?"

"We can cross that bridge if it comes. For now go meet them and see if Marcy needs any help with the calls."

"Fine" Deeks said clearly not happy about this. Deeks left Bates' office and headed down to the front desk.

Callen, Sam and Kensi walked into precinct twenty-eight and went over to the front desk. This precinct was huge to house multiple task forces plus holding cells. It was twenty-two floors with the Sergeants' and Lieutenants' offices up on the top floors. The holding cells and booking were done on the first floor and the remaining ones were for different units and conference rooms. They walked over to the front desk to the desk Sergeant.

"How can I help you three?" She asked.

Callen pulled out his badge to show the desk Sergeant as he spoke.

"We are Federal Agents with NCIS. We are here to see Detective Deeks."

"Stand over there and I'll see if I can find him." She said.

The Sergeant turned around to look at the desks behind her to see if she could find Deeks. When she didn't she picked up the phone and they could see her speaking, but they couldn't hear what she was saying. After a minute she hung up the phone and then spoke to them.

"He'll be down in a minute."

"Thank-you." Callen said.

They stood there in the waiting area and waited for Deeks. They didn't know what he looked like so every man that passed by in a suit they thought it could be him. A man with dirty blonde hair that was slightly curly and wild looking came up to them. He was dressed in light blue jeans with a black t-shirt that fit his muscles and showed off his arms. He was unshaven, but he didn't have a bushy beard just enough to cover his face. He had a badge around his neck on a chain.

"NCIS?" He asked as he came up to the three of them.

"Detective Marty Deeks?" Callen asked slightly surprised that he wasn't clean cut and wearing a suit like the others that they had seen.

"The one and only." Deeks said with a smirk. "And it would help if you didn't sound so surprised the next time you say my name."

"You just don't look like a detective." Kensi said.

"You don't look like a Federal Agent, but you don't see me judging you based on first impressions. Why don't you try and do the same or it's going to be a long ass week." Deeks said with a sharpness to his voice.

"We're sorry; we didn't mean anything by it. I'm Agent Callen this is Agent Sam Hanna and Agent Kensi Blye. We're here to see what it's like to be working within LAPD. We are hoping to start to repair the relationship between NCIS and LAPD." Callen said.

"Good luck with that." Deeks said as he went over to the desk Sergeant.

"Marcy, where do you need me today?" Deeks asked with a smile.

"How was your operation? I heard you got back last night." Marcy asked with a smile in return.

"Same old same old. I'm all yours for today at least. I suggest you choose wisely." Deeks said in a charming way.

"Patrol is slammed, not that that is anything new. Feel like riding around all day?"

"I'll go wherever you need me you know that."

"That's why I like you Marty." Marcy reached into a cabinet and pulled off a set of keys from a hook and handed them to Deeks. "Take squad nineteen and go grab a radio. Let me know when you are ready and I'll start to give you some of the backlogged calls."

Deeks threw the keys into the air and caught them with a smile.

"Give me five minutes and I'll be ready to go." Deeks said to Marcy.

Deeks turned to Callen, Sam and Kensi.

"I'll be right back."

Deeks headed into the precinct to go and grab a radio.

"We'll he's nice." Sam said sarcastically.

"You shouldn't judge someone based on what they look like. You won't get far with him if you judge him. You keep an open mind and you'll get along just fine." Marcy said without even looking up from her desk.

"This isn't off to a great start." Callen said.

"Come on G, how were we suppose to know that he wouldn't be dressed in a suit." Sam said.

"He's an undercover detective; we probably should have considered it." Kensi said.

"He didn't have to act that way though." Sam said.

"We're supposed to be helping to rebuild the relationship, so let's just try and make the best of this. At least we won't be sitting at a desk all day." Callen said.

Deeks came back with a radio sitting in a holster that was strapped to his left thigh. He gave them a tight smile as he spoke.


"We're good to go." Callen said.

Deeks headed out of the precinct with Callen, Sam and Kensi following behind. They walked over to a black detective car and Deeks headed towards the driver side door.

"You all armed?" Deeks asked.

"Always." Sam said.

Sam stood in front of the passenger side door and Callen just smirked. Deeks opened his door and looked over at the three Agents.


Callen just smiled as Kensi opened the back door with a chuckle as she got in.

"He's just not used to not driving." Callen said with a laugh to his voice.

"My car I drive. If I'm ever in your car then you can drive." Deeks said as he got into his seat.

Sam didn't look happy and Callen just smiled as he got into the back seat next to Kensi. Sam got in the passenger seat and looked around the car. The car was old and it was in rough shape.

"Don't LAPD have any newer cars? This car doesn't even look like it could go faster than fifty." Sam said.

"This is a newer car and it can handle up to eighty." Deeks said.

"Newer? This car is like ten years old." Sam said.

"And that is new for LAPD. Most cars are fifteen years old. Sometimes you luck out and get one that is five years." Deeks said.

"Why are the cars so old?" Kensi asked.

"Because we can't afford to buy new cars. When one breaks down beyond repair then LAPD buys old cabs that cab companies don't want anymore. They switch them up to work for LAPD." Deeks explained.

"Doesn't LAPD get money each year from fundraisers?" Callen asked.

"Not much. We get a portion of tax payers' money, but what little we do get has to be divided up between eighty-three precincts so there isn't much for a single precinct. The political players and the wealthy that donate money to law enforcement tend to only give money to agencies, because they feel they do more to protect the city. What they fail to remember is when they get robbed or threatened or assaulted, it's not the FBI that comes to help them. LAPD works every day around the clock all year long to protect L.A, but we are always the ones that people forget about first. LAPD hasn't been able to afford to pay for overtime in the last five years. Officers and detectives are working a hundred hour work weeks all for forty to fifty-five thousand a year."

"That's it?" Kensi asked surprised that the amount was so little.

"That's it. The benefits suck, they only pay up to thirty percent not to mention the pension isn't enough to live off of. You would still have to work full-time to make it with your pension payments. You don't become a cop for the money and benefits. You become a cop, because you want to make a difference and help people."

"I didn't know a cop salary was that low. Federal Agents make three times that amount." Sam said.

"Then you're buying lunch." Deeks said with a smirk as he grabbed his radio. "All set Marcy."

"About time. You're gonna be busy today."

"When has it ever been a slow day?"

"Smartass. First call is 2033 Rosemund Circle, well-being check. The call came in two hours ago. Tina Frey called it in from Kanas City. Her daughter, Stephanie and her granddaughter, Lizzie, were supposed to have been on a flight to visit for the week. The flight was due seven hours ago. When they didn't get off the plane she started to call her daughter on her home phone and cell phone, but she received no answer. After five hours of not hearing from her she called us."

Deeks put the car into drive and headed for Rosemund Circle. He picked up the radio and spoke.

"How old is the mother and daughter?"

"The mother is thirty-four and the daughter has just turned five."

"When was the last time Ms. Frey spoke to her daughter?"

"Last night to confirm the time her flight would be in. She said her daughter was looking forward to spending the week in the country with her family."

"Did the mother say why her daughter and granddaughter were flying in so late? Seven hours ago is two in the morning."

"I didn't even think to ask. I do have her contact number for you if you need it."

"Alright, what about a husband or boyfriend?"

"She's married to a man named, Ben Harper. Ms. Frey has been calling him as well, but no answer. According to Ms. Frey, Mr. Harper was supposed to be with a client in Santa Barbara. He's a lawyer." Marcy said with fake enthusiasm.

"Careful Marcy, some people might think you love lawyers."

"Only you Marty. Let me know what you find."

"Ten four."

Deeks put his radio back in its holster as he drove through the city streets.

"You do well-being checks for people that young?" Callen asked.

"Eighty percent of the well-being checks that we do are from neighbors and the person is like seventy or older. They usually end with the person dying from natural causes or they are injured. There are a small percentage of well-being calls we get that it turns out to be someone murdered or gone missing. When the person is this young and a child is involved we try and get as much information as we can just in case. Well-being checks that are that young don't normally die from natural causes. If they are missing then we are at least seven hours behind."

"But the first twenty-four hours in a missing person's case are the most important. If they are missing then there's only seventeen hours left in that window." Kensi said.

"And that's assuming they didn't go missing before the flight was scheduled to leave. The reality is LAPD doesn't have enough resources and personnel to find a missing person within that first twenty-four hour window. It's why we try and get the public involved to keep an eye out. Ninety-five percent of the time we don't find the body until it's too late."

"Don't you have a division for just missing persons?" Sam asked.

"We have three in L.A with a hundred and fifty detectives. Between all three divisions they have over nine hundred active cases, that doesn't include the ones that are classified as a cold case. There's just too many people in L.A and not enough cops and resources. We need more cops, but we can't get the money from the government to pay for the extra cops. The academy used to run five or six times a year, but now it's cut down to twice a year and limited in numbers. Every ten seconds in this city a crime is being committed. Every thirty seconds someone dies and someone is born. Over three million people live in this city and only fifty thousand cops to protect them all."

"I thought there was more cops than that." Callen said surprised by how low the number was compared to the citizens.

"That's it and it drops every day when one dies or is killed."

"How do you handle all the calls then? Just go by who reports first?" Kensi asked. She didn't really care, but at the same time she was a little interested.

"Based on what is reported. Shootings, child abuse, sexual assault, missing person, and crimes in progress are our top priority. After that it's whatever call has been sitting there the longest. Roughly two thousand calls are made a day to 9-1-1 and we have to try and get through them all."

"That makes for a quick shift at least." Sam said.

"That would depend on the type of cop that you are. Most come in, do their shift and then leave. Some come in and dick around all day only taking a couple calls so they don't have a lot of paperwork to do. Two percent of us are hard core like me. You come in work twelve hours straight doing as many calls as you can and working late if it's busy or backed up. Then you do all the paperwork. Just depends on what type of cop you are."

"You don't get paid for overtime though." Kensi said.

"Nope just the twelve hours, anything after that it's on your own time."

"Do you get a lot of paperwork?" Callen asked.

"Every call you take you have to write a report and fill out all these reports for the man upstairs. In twelve hours you have easily six hours of paperwork to do. Some will do a call then do the paperwork before going back out some don't. You don't have to do it all in one day. You do get a couple of days to get it all filed out. Depending on if the staff Sergeant likes you, he'll let your paperwork go for a month as long as nothing comes up for it. You guys are full of questions."

"We're here to try and rebuild the relationship with LAPD. We've been told that for the next seven days we're cops. We're just trying to learn what we can about how LAPD operates." Callen said.

"You don't have any questions about how NCIS operates?" Sam asked.

"You deal with national security and navy personnel. You're on a team of three, considering there is only three of you stuck here. Callen is the team leader, based on how he presents himself and how you both react to him. Agent Blye back there is a tough girl who fit in better with the boys growing up then the girls. She was never in the military, but she grew up around it for her to pick NCIS over the other agencies. And you based on your size, posture and the way you talk to people, you were in the Navy as well and when you got out you thought you would keep close. You are also married based on the tan line on your ring finger. You take the ring off for work so no one will see it and put her in danger. As for your operations manager, I haven't met her so I can't say anything about her." Deeks said with a cool confidence to his voice as he pulled up the Rosemund Circle.

They all just looked at each other and no one said anything. They had barely been around Deeks for less than fifteen minutes and he had already profiled them.

"Judging by the silence I'm going to say I was right." Deeks said as he pulled up to the house.

Deeks got out of the car and the others followed.

"Alright that was slightly impressive detective." Callen said with a small smile.

"You're observant." Kensi said slightly guarded.

"Wow an observant cop; that must really screw with your stereotype of us." Deeks said guarded as he got up to the door and knocked. "I'm sure we could find a donut shop somewhere." Deeks said as he knocked again only to get no answer.

"That's not what we meant detective." Callen said.

"Mhm." Deeks said as he moved off the steps and over to the window to try and see if he could see inside.

"Are you gonna be like this all week?" Sam asked with annoyance.

"Stop judging and you'll get farther." Deeks said as he looked through another window.

He stopped when he saw the legs of a female down on the floor. Deeks could see blood so he came back to the door and pulled out his gun from behind his back.

"Look out." Deeks said as he went over to the door.

The others pulled their guns as well not knowing what is going on, but knowing enough that something wasn't right. Deeks kicked the door down and once it was open he called out.


Deeks went in first followed by Sam then Kensi and Callen at the end. Deeks headed into the kitchen where he saw the woman. He bent down keeping his gun and eyes up as he felt for a pulse. The three of them looked at him and he shook his head as he stood up again. They continued to go through the house clearing it of any criminals. Once it was all clear they put their guns back in the back of their pants.

"Well that's the daughter. Where's the granddaughter?" Callen asked.

"Let's search the house and make sure she isn't here somewhere." Deeks said.

They all broke off to look through the rooms to see if they could find the little girl. After a few minutes Sam's voice rang out from upstairs.

"I found her!"

Deeks was downstairs and started to make his way upstairs when he heard the little girl scream. He began to run up the stairs and into the little girl's bedroom to see Callen and Kensi standing in the doorway with Sam crouch down on the floor looking under the bed.

"Hey calm down. Come on out of there you're okay." Sam said in his normal tone.

Deeks pushed past Callen and Kensi into the room shaking his head as he spoke.

"Look out." Deeks said in a serious voice

Sam looked at Deeks before he moved out of the way, clearly not happy that he was told to move by him.

"Clearly you have no kids." Deeks said as he went to the bed and laid down on the floor on his stomach.

Sam gave Deeks a dirty look at his comment. He was starting to dislike the detective once again. Deeks saw the little girl under her bed and he could tell she was terrified.

"Hey sweetheart. I like your hiding spot." Deeks said gently.

Deeks grabbed his badge that was hanging around his neck and held it up to her.

"You see this? This is my badge which means no one is going to hurt you. I'm the police honey."

"Police?" Lizzie said with a shaky voice as tears came to her eyes.

"That's right. I'm here to protect you and make sure no one hurts you. We can stay hiding under here as long as you want. And when you are ready we'll go outside okay?"

"Where's mommy?"

"You're mommy is sleeping right now."


Deeks could see the tears coming down the little girl's face and Deeks was hoping she hadn't seen the murder. The last thing a child needs to see is their parent being killed.

"You'll protect me?" Lizzie asked.

"I give you my word sweetheart no one is going to hurt you."

"Can we go outside now?"

"Absolutely. Come here honey."

Lizzie went over to Deeks and Deeks grabbed her and when they were out from under the bed he put her in his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck and placed her head down on his shoulders. Deeks kept a hand on her back and he waked out of the room. The three agents followed and noticed how Deeks made a point of avoiding the kitchen so the little girl wouldn't see her mother on the floor. Once outside Deeks grabbed the radio out from the holster and radioed in. Callen, Sam and Kensi stood in front of the door just watching and waiting to see what they could do. This wasn't their case, so they didn't have any right to start snooping around. They also didn't know what the protocol would be.

"Detective squad twenty-two to base."

"Go ahead Marty." Marcy's voice said.

"I have the little girl she's in my arms. She seems fine, but have a bus roll by just in case."

"I'll send one out. What about the mother?"

"She's sleeping. Have a squad come by just in case as well Marcy."

"I'll alert another squad to come by and help you. The bus is on the way now. I'll call the C's office as well."

"Thank-you Marcy."

Deeks put the radio back in its holster and began to rub Lizzie's back to comfort her.

"What do you want us to do?" Callen asked.

"We have to wait for now until the bus comes before we can focus on the D.B. If you're itching to do something you could start knocking on doors to see what you can find out."

"I'll go right, Sam you go left and Kensi you go across." Callen said.

The three of them went their own way and started to knock on doors to see what they could find out. Most houses no one was home due to the time of the day it was. It was just after ten thirty in the morning and most were at work on a Thursday morning. They all saw the ambulance come down the street and stopped across from Deeks' car about two houses ahead. They saw the next squad car pull up as well and they started to head back. They had struck out on anyone answering their door. They watched as Deeks handed over Lizzie to the female paramedic and then went over to the two other uniforms that got out of their squad car. Callen, Sam and Kensi went over to them.

"Did you find out anything?" Deeks asked them.

"No. No one's home." Callen said.

"What do you need from us detective?" The one uniform asked.

"We need to wait until the ambulance leaves. The victim is Stephanie Harper; she's dead in the kitchen. The daughter, Lizzie Harper, doesn't know yet. She's only five and thinks her mother is sleeping. Coroner is on the way, once the ambulance leaves I want you to start a canvas and see what you can find." Deeks said to the two uniforms.

"Yes sir." The younger officer said.

Deeks headed back over to his car and sat down on the trunk. He could see inside the back of the ambulance so he could keep an eye on Lizzie. Deeks pulled out the radio.

"Hey Marcy."

"Go ahead Marty."

"Think you can work your magic and find me information on Ben Harper?"

"I'll let you know what I can find. I spoke to the M.E, but she's behind as usual. It could be a long time before the body can be picked up."

"Thanks for the head's up."

"Give me a few minutes I'll see what I can find."

Deeks put the radio down on his thigh.

"So what happens now? What's the protocol?" Kensi asked.

"I take it you guys aren't used to waiting around."

"Not really much waiting unless it's on a stake out." Sam said.

"Then you are in for a long week. Once the bus leaves then we can go inside and start to work the crime scene."

Another squad car pulled up and two detectives got out.

"That's the homicide unit." Deeks stated.

"So we pass this over to them?" Kensi asked.

"Nope we work with them."

The two detectives came over to them and they didn't look happy to see any of them, especially Deeks.

"Who are you three?" The older detective asked.

"We're Federal Agents with NCIS. We're just here shadowing detective Deeks for the week. We're looking to see how LAPD operates." Callen answered.

"And you thought following him around would be the best way." The older detective snickered.

"Shut up Jamieson." Deeks said.

"What do we got?" The younger detective asked.

"Well-being check came in almost three hours ago. Tina Frey called in from Kanas City to ask for a well-being check done on her daughter, Stephanie Harper thirty-four and her granddaughter Lizzie Harper age five. She was supposed to pick them up at the airport at two in the morning. When they didn't show up she started to call her home phone and cell phone, but got no answer. After five hours of no answer she called it in. The husband Ben Harper is a lawyer and is out of town visiting a client in Santa Barbara. He isn't answering his phone either. Marcy is trying to find out what she can on the husband. She has contact numbers for Ms. Frey and Mr. Harper. The front door was locked when we arrived. I knocked, but no one answered. I looked through the windows and saw Mrs. Harper's feet sticking out behind the island in the kitchen. I kicked the door down, we breached and cleared the house. Mrs. Harper was dead in the kitchen and Lizzie was hiding upstairs under her bed. She doesn't appear to have any injuries, but paramedics are looking at her just in case." Deeks said.

"Uniforms doing a canvas?" Jamieson asked.

"They are and these three knocked on some doors while the ambulance was in route, but no answer." Deeks said,

"What the hell are you doing sitting out here then and not inside?" Jamieson snapped.

"Because the little girl doesn't know her mother is dead. I'm waiting for the ambulance to leave." Deeks answered back.

"She's gonna find out eventually that mommy isn't getting back up. There's no point in waiting." Jamieson said.

"You will wait until I say otherwise. Last I checked I out rank you. So you are going to wait until I give the go ahead." Deeks said in a serious and challenging voice.

"Don't talk to me like that again Deeks. Only one of us works undercover remember." Jamieson said as he walked away with his partner behind him.

"Did he just threaten you?" Callen asked slightly surprised.

"It happens." Deeks said with a shrug.

Just then another car pulled up and stopped dead on the other side of the road. A man came running out of his car and towards the house. Detective Jamieson and Detective Johnson stopped him. They all could tell that he was Ben Harper. They watched as the two detectives tried to calm him down. When he saw Lizzie in the back of the ambulance he pushed past the detectives and went into the ambulance next to his daughter. He went to hug her and Deeks saw her flinch slightly at the contact. He also saw her keep her head down and she seemed to be more afraid than before. His radio cracked to life as Marcy's voice came over.


"Go ahead Marcy."

"So there isn't much known about Ben Harper. He's never been arrested as an adult. Juvi records are sealed so we don't have access to see if he has been arrested as a juvi. He was an Army Ranger since he was eighteen. As far as I can tell he's still enlisted, but is in the reserves. He got his law degree on Uncle Sam's dime. He deals with criminal defense. That's all I got."

"Thanks Marcy."

Deeks put his radio back in its holster.

"Army Ranger, good man." Sam said.

"Not necessarily." Deeks said still keeping his eyes on Lizzie and Ben in the ambulance.

"He's an Army Ranger. He fought for this country. He's a good man." Sam said.

"Why because he was in the military? Your job must be very difficult for you if you think because someone fought for their country they are innocent. How many navy men have you arrested because they were murderers or corrupted? Fighting for your country means nothing in this world if you killed you wife." Deeks said.

"He didn't kill her. Or maybe you just have a hard time with accepting military men. What's wrong you didn't get accepted into the military?" Sam said in a harsh voice.

"I have no interest in the military and unlike you I don't put anything above anyone." Deeks said as he stood up.

"So you don't trust anyone? That's a pretty pathetic way to live life." Sam said as he stood closer to Deeks.

"There's only two people in this world that I trust. You want to trust every Tom, Dick and Harry that walks by that's your choice. You don't get to comment on my life, especially when you don't know a damn thing about me. Detective Johnson." Deeks yelled out at the detective and he came over.

"Yes Sir." Detective Johnson said.

"I want you to take Mr. Harper and bring him down to the station. Leave him in the box."

"Why?" Detective Johnson asked confused.

"Because his wife has been killed and until we know where he was and can confirm; he's the suspect. Don't tell him that though, he's a criminal defense lawyer. Tell him that we need to ask him questions about his wife and it can't wait. When you get him there I want you to call the alarm company and see if the alarm was even armed, if it went off and when it was installed."

"Yes sir."

Detective Johnson walked over to the ambulance to try and get Harper away from his child.

"You really think he killed his wife? You're gonna arrest a man without any proof." Sam said annoyed.

"You're Federal Agents right? You know all about investigations, you're observant right?" Deeks said in a condescending tone.

"Ya we are." Kensi said with an angry tone to her voice.

"So you three observant Federal Agents saw the dishonorable discharge pending papers in the office? You saw that the wife had an insurance policy worth a million dollars and Mr. Harper is the beneficiary as long as Lizzie is under eighteen? They were sitting right there on the desk in the office. The office you search Agent Hanna. Not enough to make you question? How about your great observation skills. Did you even look at Lizzie when her father came over to her? She flinched away when he touched her, she was smiling and that faded the second she saw her father. She's got her head down and now not talking. Big fancy Federal Agents so surprised that local police can't stand you. Unlike cops, you actually do fit the stereotype of stuck up, entitled little rich kids who thought they would try something a little more exciting in life. You believe you're better than everyone, because you went to some fancy academy. Us cops we just go to this normal crappy looking building and try our best to survive every day on the street. Except you Agent Hanna, you are actually worse, because you were in the Navy so you actually believe you are better than any cop in this city or any city for that matter. You think because you fought to protect this country that makes you better. You forget that its cops that fight to keep this country safe. Its cops that fight to keep this country's citizens safe. Its cops that get shot down every single day protecting innocent people. Its cops that get called when a crime in being committed. Its cops that get called to protect citizens. Just like it will be a cop that gets called when your family is in trouble."

Deeks started to walk away, but he turned around to say one more thing.

"You want to rebuild the relationship I suggest you shut the hell up for the next week. Because guess what LAPD doesn't need the relationship to work. We don't need to report to NCIS when we have a terrorist threat, we don't need to inform you of murdered marines. We can work the case without informing you. NCIS is the one that needs the relationship to work and it will never work as long as Federal Agents look down on us cops like we're dirt. Any cop can be a Federal Agent, but only a handful of Federal Agents can be a cop."

Deeks walked away with those words leaving Sam, Callen and Kensi stunned at what he had just spoken. People don't talk to them like that and Sam was definitely not used to someone talking to him like that. They watched as Deeks helped Detective Johnson to get Ben away from Lizzie and into the other detective squad car. Deeks spoke to the paramedic for a moment and the female nodded before having her partner close the back doors and pulled away.

"Screw this assignment. We don't need LAPD to pull rank over a case. I'm not gonna take crap from some two-bit detective." Sam said clearly angry at being spoken to like that.

"This is our assignment and Detective Deeks has a point. LAPD doesn't need to keep us informed, but they do. We need this relationship to work Sam. This is his investigation you didn't have any right to question him on it." Callen said.

"He's acting like because Harper is in the military then he's guilty. He's being biased."

"Maybe you were the one being biased Sam. He's right we didn't see those documents upstairs. We didn't see how Lizzie reacted to her father. He's annoying, but you have to give it to him, he's observant." Kensi said.

"I don't have to give any credit to him and I don't have to take his crap. He talks about being judged, but all he's doing is judging us." Sam said.

"Well we have to make this work. So we're just going to have to prove him wrong. We need this relationship Sam and Hetty is going to be pissed if we make the relationship worse." Callen said.

"Fine, but he better watch what he says to me." Sam said clearly not happy about this.

They watched as Deeks came back over to them and went over to the driver side door. He opened the door and hit the trunk latch. The trunk opened and Deeks closed the door and went back over to the trunk.

"They taking Lizzie to the hospital?" Kensi asked.

"Yup. They need to check her out." Deeks answered tightly.

"So what happens now?" Callen asked.

Deeks pulled out a large metal kit before he closed the trunk. He headed for the front door as he spoke.

"Now it's time to go through the crime scene."

Sam, Callen and Kensi followed behind Deeks as he went into the house and over to the kitchen. He set the kit down on the floor and he opened it.

"Don't you have a crime scene unit that does this?" Callen asked.

"We do, but waiting on C.S.U could take anywhere from twelve to thirty hours. LAPD has offered a course that you can take and pay for if you want to learn how to process a crime scene yourself. LAPD has roughly five hundred detectives that are qualified. It doesn't save time in waiting for results, but you can at least process the crime scene faster."

Deeks grabbed the camera and started to take pictures of the body.

"How long do results take?" Kensi asked.

"Fingerprints take at least six weeks and DNA will take at least six months up to a year to get back."

"That long?" Kensi asked surprised.

"Yup. Every crime there's some form of science evidence. The crime lab is backlogged all to hell. Not enough money to hire more people or better equipment to make the job go faster. You could wait a year to get results back on DNA only to find out that there was no match in the system." Deeks said as he continued to take pictures of Stephanie Harper.

"What do you do if that happens? You wait all this time only to find no match. Where does the investigation go?" Callen asked.

"In a homicide the first forty-eight hours are key. That is your time period for witnesses and finding your killer. With the lab being backed up we have to rely on eye witnesses and other evidence. The problem with that is we can only go so far without physical evidence. We need more than someone's word for a trial. Most of the time the killer goes free until we can get physical evidence. Even the times when the lab finally comes back with results that we can use, the killer is long gone and goes on the wanted list. Most of the cases are put into the cold case archives until you get lucky for something to come up about it."

"Why doesn't the city do something about the lack of resources?" Sam asked.

"Because the money comes from tax payers and that money goes to the federal labs. Cops aren't important enough." Deeks said as he put the camera away and grabbed some black powder to start printing the door and alarm system.

"You make it sound like everyone is against the police." Sam said annoyed.

"I didn't say that. It's also not an opinion. It's public record where all the tax money is going. It goes to federal agencies and labs. Don't believe me feel free to look it up." Deeks said as he started to finger print the alarm panel.

"Isn't there something the LAPD can do to raise more money for resources?" Kensi asked.

"What like a bake sale? The P.C tries to rub hands with officials, the rich and politicians, but they already have invested interests in Federal Labs and Agencies, if we have a special case that needs the equipment that only a Federal Lab has we have to submit multiple requests. It could and has taken a year before we even find out if we have clearance or our request was denied. Why do you think so many cops have a problem with Feds?" Deeks said as he turned his attention back to the three of them he had finished printing the door knob and alarm. He was able to recover a few good usable prints from it.

"We know there has been a few problems with investigations over the years." Callen said.

"Alright you know what let me ask you this, what do you think of cops?" Deeks asked.

"I think they work hard and I respect them." Kensi said.

Deeks turned to look at her from searching through the mail that was sitting on the table.

"I don't have stupid written on my forehead so don't treat me like I'm stupid. You want to try and repair the relationship then be honest." Deeks bluntly said.

"You want honest? Fine I think cops do a lot of complaining considering their job is easy compared to ours." Sam said.

"NCIS, which means you deal with threats against National security. You think cops don't?" Deeks said as he crossed his arms and half sat against the table.

"Not to the level that we and other agencies do." Callen answered.

"So when you have a man that you can't find and you need help to find him who do you call?" Deeks asked already knowing the answer.

"LAPD." Callen answered.

"And when you need back-up and can't wait for your own men, who do you call?" Deeks asked again.

"LAPD, but we never said you guys don't do anything, but you don't do it to our level." Callen said.

"Right because we just write tickets and eat donuts." Deeks said as he pushed away from the table.

"We didn't say that." Kensi said.

"No, but you think it. Now I'll admit there is about five percent of the LAPD population that do just that, but most of them are older and close to retirement. They don't want to risk getting shot and killed when they only have a few months left. The rest though they vary. Some are like me, but most come in and do the job the best they can until they clock out. That's just the uniforms though." Deeks said as he started to look around the room at the pictures to get a feel for the family. "We have an undercover unit, a homicide unit, guns and gangs unit, missing persons unit, and a lot more. Guns and gangs and the undercover unit goes to more dangerous places then you do half the time. You wouldn't know about that though." Deeks said as he turned slightly to look at the others.

"Ya drug dealers can be real dangerous." Sam said skeptically.

Deeks turned around to face them fully.

"You know what you got stuck with me for seven days and I'm going to make sure you get the full experience. There's nothing I love more than putting Feds in their place. As for why the relationship is so fractured take a look at the facts and not the opinions and you'll find your answer."

Deeks headed up the stairs, but he stopped when Kensi spoke.

"What are we supposed to do while you are looking through the place?"

"You can put gloves on and take a look yourself. I'm assuming they taught you that in your big fancy academy." Deeks simply said before he continued to go up the stairs.

"Oh ya he's fun." Kensi said sarcastically.

"Let's just focus on the fact that this woman was murdered. She isn't a marine, but that doesn't make her any less important." Callen said.

"G's right let's focus on the work and not Shaggy." Sam said as he grabbed some gloves out of the metal case.

Kensi and Callen did the same and they all went through the house looking for any evidence or something they could use to get Stephanie's murderer. After an hour of searching the house in a tense silence they all headed back out to Deeks' squad car. Deeks pulled out his radio after he sat down in his seat.

"Squad twenty-two to base."

"Go ahead Marty.

"Marcy show that cruiser two-eighteen is staying here at this location to wait on the Coroner."

"I'll log it. Detective Johnson and Jamieson are trying to keep Ben Harper in the box, but he is getting anxious to be with his daughter."

"Where is she?"

"She is still at the hospital with a social worker there as per protocol."

"I'm heading back to the station I need to check a few things first before I go and speak to Lizzie. Keep Mr. Harper tied up I don't care what you have to do he doesn't leave Marcy."

"I'll do my best, but I don't have to tell you how Jamieson feels about you."

"Then it's a good thing you out rank him Sargent." Deeks said with a smile that he knew Marcy could hear.

"I almost forgot, silly me." Marcy said with a smile.

"I'll be there in fifteen."


Deeks put the radio back in its holster and he put the car in drive and took off for the station. The drive was done in silence as well and Deeks didn't care. He was here to do his job and not to try and fix a relationship that the Feds were responsible for damaging. Deeks had first-hand experience with many different agencies, he had never worked with NCIS, but he didn't need to to know that they were all the same. He had worked with other agencies and dealt with their bullshit all too many times. Deeks didn't trust almost anyone and he definitely would never trust a Federal Agent. Deeks meant it when he said there were only two people in the world he trusted, his childhood best friend who was like a brother to him and a fellow detective who he had survived a lot of shit with were the only people he trusted.

Deeks arrived back at the station and he parked in the first available spot he could find. They all made their way back inside the building and Deeks gave Marcy a smile before he continued on to the elevator. He hit the up button and when the elevator arrived they all got in and Deeks hit the fifth floor where the homicide unit was located. Mr. Harper would be in one of their integration rooms and he knew he would find Detective Jamieson and Johnson up here as well. Once on the right floor they all walked off and followed Deeks to one of the small conference rooms where Johnson was standing going through the file so far.

"What do you have so far Johnson?" Deeks asked as he walked into the room with the others behind him.

"No offense Sir, but I'm not supposed to be talking to you. Jamieson said that this was his investigation and that I shouldn't tell you anything because of what you have done in the past with fellow cops." Johnson said slightly unsure of himself.

That got Sam, Callen and Kensi's attention. They had a feeling that Jamieson didn't like Deeks based on the way he acted towards Deeks at the victim's house, but they didn't know that others in the LAPD didn't like Deeks.

"You're a Detective now Johnson. Have been for six months now. You picked to be in the homicide unit, why?" Deeks asked calmly.

"Because I wanted to help solve murder cases. To put murderers behind bars where they belong." Johnson answered easily.

"All I want to do is catch criminals, put bad guys away just like you. So one day you get called out to a crime scene and an innocent man is tortured and killed. What do you do?" Deeks asked calmly again.

"I work the case and try to find the killer." Johnson answered.

"Say you do and the man is a drug dealer, what do you do?"

"I arrest him Sir."

"During interview you find out that this drug dealer has actually killed an undercover cop."

"That would bring up more questions, but I still have my killer. The undercover gets justice."

"Good, but what do you do when you find out that the drug dealer only killed the undercover, because he was told by someone else that he was a cop."

"I find out who the person was that knew that information and told the drug dealer." Johnson answered with confidence.

"And if that person is another cop? What do you do then?" Deeks asked with complete seriousness to his voice now.

Johnson hesitated for a moment before he answered. "I don't know Sir."

"You need to figure that out, because that answer will decide if you are a good cop or a great cop. I don't care who likes me here in LAPD or in any other Agency for that matter. I care about justice and putting murderers behind bars. Putting the scum of the earth where they belong. A cop takes a bribe to get out of a speeding ticket I don't care. Once a cop makes the decision to put another cop's life on the line. To kill another cop by releasing information on that cop to someone else, that's when I care. That's when I decide to not look away. The second a cop crosses that line they are no better than the criminals you fight to put away each and every day. So think very long and hard about what type of cop you want to be, because respect in this building means nothing if you can't even respect yourself." Deeks said before he moved away so he could go around the table to look at what Johnson had been able to find. The others moved further into the room.

They didn't know what to think about what Deeks had just said, but they were getting an idea as to why Jamieson didn't like Deeks.

"I was able to get the information from the alarm company. The alarm system was installed just last month. Jamieson asked Harper why they installed it so late after moving into their home. He said that there had been some break-ins recently within the area and he wanted to keep his family safe. The alarm company said that the alarm was set last night around nine and then it was deactivated at ten, but it never was activated again." Johnson said.

"And what does that tell you Detective?" Deeks asked calmly.

"That either she went out last night to put something in her car maybe and turned the alarm off, because she was coming back and forth into the house. Or she let the killer in." Johnson said.

"Or the killer knew the code." Callen added after Johnson didn't.

"Exactly. You can't rule anything out right now. All we know are the facts. A young mother is dead, a man has no alibi confirmed so far and a new alarm system was installed just a month ago. Right now all we know is that only two people had that code the victim and the husband. What's the number one rule in working a homicide?"

"That the spouse or girl/boyfriend are the first suspects until cleared." Johnson said.

"Right, so this alarm system tells us that only two people had the code. We need to ask Harper if he gave the code to anyone else. We also need to check his financials. We know that Stephanie had a life insurance policy that puts Harper as the beneficiary if Lizzie is under eighteen. That's a million dollar reason to kill her. What else do we need to check and confirm?" Deeks asked calmly once again trying to help teach Johnson.

"I'm not sure. The Coroner won't have an autopsy completed yet, because the body hasn't been picked up." Johnson said.

"According to Harper he installed the alarm a month ago because of break-ins in the area. We need to confirm that break-ins have even happened. Go dig and I am going to go and speak to Lizzie. Do not let Harper leave do you understand me?" Deeks said in a serious voice.

"Yes Sir." Johnson said.

"Good, let's go." Deeks said as he looked at the others.

The four of them headed out of the conference room and made their way down through the station to the squad car again. Once they got into the car Sam spoke.

"He seemed like an alright rookie detective."

"Good cops are everywhere, but great cops are far and few in between. You have to train good cops to be great cops and not all cops can do it. You have to have that mind frame to want to be a great cop. Johnson might be able to do that and he might not it's all up to him." Deeks said as he started the car.

"Based on your reaction to Johnson I'm assuming other cops have a problem with you." Kensi said.

"Like I said I don't care if you are taking a bribe from someone trying to get out of a speeding ticket. I don't care if you are taking a bribe to look the other way when a shipment of drugs are coming in. This is L.A every time we catch a drug dealer or cook there are twenty guys just waiting to take their place. We'll never get the drugs out of L.A. It's when you help get a cop killed that I have a problem with it. The undercover, anti-crime and guns and gang units are the units that get the most cops killed, because other cops rat them out. I don't stand for that shit and IAB knows it. When they think they have a dirty cop, a cop that is getting other cops killed they tell me and I go undercover to investigate and find out if the cop is or isn't dirty. I don't want a cop to be dirty, but I won't look the other way if that cop is getting other cops killed."

"So that's why other cops don't like you, because you've helped to put dirty cops away." Kensi summed up.

"In the academy you are told on the first day that you are a brotherhood. You are a family and you don't turn your back on your family. So when everyone graduates and they hit the street for the first time they are all gung-ho about the family and the brotherhood and cops talk. The older cops will tell all the rookies who they should get close to and who they shouldn't. The older cops don't like me, because they believe you never turn your back on a fellow cop. I've put twenty-three dirty cops in jail because they got fellow cops killed. My name has gone around all of LAPD so most cops don't like me, because they think they can't trust me. They think I rat out every dirty cop to IAB and I don't. I don't care what they do as long as they don't get fellow cops killed. At the same time I don't care what they think about me, because at the end of the day I can sleep at night knowing I've done what is right." Deeks answered honestly.

"That's part of what we do. We go after people who murder marines, but a lot of the time we have to arrest fellow marines for that murder. It's not easy to have to arrest one of your own, but you do it because it's what is right." Sam said as he looked over at Deeks.

Sam didn't like Deeks, but he could at least understand and accept that he seemed to have a good moral compass.

"Everyone can kill someone. It's why I don't put it above anyone in this world." Deeks said.

"So do you think Harper did it?" Callen asked.

"I don't go ahead of the evidence." Deeks said.

"But your gut is telling you he did." Kensi said.

"My gut says he did it and my gut is rarely wrong. The hospital should have cleared Lizzie by now so hopefully she can talk." Deeks said.

"And if she didn't see anything where does LAPD go from there?" Sam said.

"Where does NCIS go?" Deeks asked back.

"You looking for tips Deeks?" Sam said with a smirk.

"No I was making a point that what I do is what you do over there. If there isn't any eye witnesses then you follow the evidence." Deeks said.

"So Harper is looking like your best suspect right now. Do you think Detective Jamieson is going to keep him there or let him go?" Callen asked.

"If he's smart he will keep him there. We are all Detectives, but I have been a detective longer so I out rank him. Marcy is also a Sergeant so they have to listen to her. He'll still be there when we get back." Deeks answered.

They didn't say anything else along the way, because they didn't have any more to say. They arrived at the hospital and Deeks parked his car and they all got out and headed inside. Deeks went over to the ER nurses' desk and held up his badge.

"Detective Marty Deeks with the LAPD. A young girl by the name of Lizzie Harper was brought into the hospital by an ambulance for a well-being check."

"One moment." The nurse said as she turned to her computer to look up the information. After a moment she turned back to them. "She is on the children's floor, floor five. A nurse upstairs would know what room she is in. I believe it is room three, we tend to keep the children there while we wait for someone to pick them up."


They all headed towards the elevator and up to the fifth floor. Deeks went over to the nurses' desk once again and waited while a nurse looked up the information.

"She is in room three with the social worker. She is in there by herself. A doctor needs to speak to you first though Detective." The nurse said.

"Where is the doctor?" Deeks asked the nurses calmly.

"She is waiting in her office for you. It's just down the hall her name is Dr. Maria." The nurse said with a small smile.

"Thank-you." Deeks said.

Deeks and the others headed down the hall to go to Dr. Maria's office. Once there the door was open and Dr. Maria was sitting at her desk. Deeks knocked and when Dr. Maria looked up she gave them a small smile and waved them in.

"Dr. Maria, I'm Detective Marty Deeks and this is Agent Callen, Blye and Hanna with NCIS. They are on an operation to shadow me around for the week. Are you comfortable with them being here?" Deeks asked politely.

"It's fine. We all work for the same side. Please have a seat."

There were only two chairs in the room and Deeks held his hand out for Kensi to take the one chair as he took the other.

"Lizzie Harper was agitated when she was brought in. It was understandable, because of the situation. Her mother was killed and she wasn't aware of that fact yet. She still isn't. I made sure no one said anything so you could tell her yourself. I know previous detectives working child cases want all information to come from them." Dr. Maria began.

"Thank-you I do prefer to inform the children myself." Deeks said.

"I had to run a few tests on Lizzie and take some pictures. When we were able to calm her down I noticed some bruising around her biceps on both sides. When I asked her about it Lizzie became agitated once again and she kept saying that we couldn't see them. She wouldn't let any of us get close to her to examine her. I finally got everyone out of the room so it was just myself and her. I was finally able to get her to show me the bruising. They were hand marks clear as day around both arms. After some coaching I was able to get her to change for me so I could examine her completely. She's covered in bruises all varying in different stages of healing. I noticed a bite mark on her left hip. The size would be from an adult and a male from my best guess. I had to give her a small sedative to calm her down enough to perform a S.A.E and it did come back that she had been sexually abused for the last two years that I can tell. The most recent rape occurred within the last twenty-four hours. Semen was recovered and I sent that off to the crime lab for you. I took pictures of everything. The sedative has worn off, I only gave her a mild dosage. A social worker is there in the room with her now. I made sure she was the only child in the room so you can talk to her." Dr. Maria said.

Deeks let out a sigh before he spoke. "She hasn't said anything?"

"No she hasn't. I tried to ask her, but she wouldn't talk and she became very afraid of the topic."

"Alright. I can take the pictures and then I'll go and speak to her." Deeks said.

Dr. Maria handed over the S.D memory card to Deeks and Deeks took it and placed it in his pocket. Him and Kensi stood up and Deeks shook Dr. Maria's hand before they headed out. Once they started to walk down the hall Sam spoke.

"That son of a bitch."

It was clear that Sam was angry about what he had just found out.

"You knew this already." Callen said to Deeks.

"I saw the signs for physical abuse. I didn't expect the sexual abuse." Deeks said.

"All she did was pull away from her father; that could have been from anything though." Kensi said.

"Clearly you have lived a different life." Deeks said calmly.

"What do you mean by that?" Kensi asked guarded.

"It's not a bad thing. It just means you never had to fear your parents. Too many kids in L.A don't have that luxury." Deeks said as he got to the door. "Keep in the back and keep quiet." Deeks said before he opened the door and walked in.

Lizzie was sitting down at one of the small tables with a social worker. Lizzie was coloring and she didn't even look up when the door opened. The social worker did and she came over to them just as they all got inside.

"I'm Detective Deeks, these are Agents Callen, Blye and Hanna with NCIS. They are shadowing me for the week. How is she?"

"I'm Crystal Michaels. She's not doing too great. She hasn't spoken to me or anyone since the sedative wore off. She's just coloring right now."

"I need to speak to her alone."

"I understand. I'll be just out in the hallway." Crystal said.

She headed out and Deeks took a breath before he went over and sat down in the small little chair that Crystal was in. Lizzie looked up and saw that Deeks was sitting there and not Crystal. She didn't look happy to be here and Deeks could blame her. He knew from experience that a hospital was not a place for children. Deeks gave her a small smile as he spoke.

"Hey Lizzie, do you remember me?" Deeks asked in a gentle voice.

Lizzie just gave a small nod before she spoke. "Where's my mommy? Is she still sleeping?"

"Lizzie sweetie, your mom got hurt back at your house. I'm so sorry sweetie, but your mom died." Deeks said with a heavy heart.

"What's died?" Lizzie asked with tears in her eyes.

Sam felt his heart breaking. He had a son and a daughter and he couldn't imagine having to tell a little five year old child how their mother died, especially when that child wasn't even old enough to understand the concept.

"Lizzie, do you go to church?" Deeks asked gently.

Lizzie nodded and Deeks continued.

"Do you remember the story about Heaven and God?"

"He lives on the clouds and takes care of the people he picks to live with him." Lizzie said with understanding.

"That's right. Only the really good people get to live with him up in the clouds. When a good person dies they get to go up there and be taken care of by God. Your mommy is up there in the clouds with God."

"But she'll be back right? She'll take me home." Lizzie asked with sadness.

"She's not coming back sweetie." Deeks said softly.

"I won't see mommy again?" Lizzie asked with tears in her eyes.

"You will see your mommy again one day sweetie. I know it's hard to understand, but your mommy is with God up in the clouds right now. She's looking down on you and she is going to watch you grow up into a beautiful woman."

"But I want my mommy here." Lizzie asked as she had tears pouring down her eyes.

"I know sweetie. I'm so sorry she can't be here with you. I promise you I am going to make sure you are safe and protected. I'm so sorry sweetie."

Lizzie broke down and cried. Deeks went and picked her up and placed her in his lap. She curled into his chest and Deeks just held onto her and ran a hand in soothing circles on her back. It was a good fifteen minutes before Lizzie quieted down and she lifted her head. Deeks took his hands and wiped the tears away from her face before he spoke.

"Lizzie, do you have any other family besides your mommy and daddy?"

"Nanny and Grandpa they live far away. Mommy and me were going to see them. They live out on a farm with horsies and cows. And they have three puppies."

"Really? I have a puppy too. His name is Monty."

"I always wanted a puppy, but daddy said no. Where's my daddy?"

"He's down at the police station right now. Lizzie sweetie, do you know what happened to your mommy? Did she fight with someone?"

Lizzie looked down and Deeks knew she had seen or heard something last night.

"Sweetie, I want to protect you and I can only do that if you talk to me. You and your mommy were going to visit your nanny and grandpa last night."

"Mommy was happy to go. She told Nanny that we would be there really late. I was sleeping so I could be awake when we got there. We were gonna fly through the clouds."

"Wow that sounds really cool. So you were sleeping last night so you could be awake for nanny and grandpa?"

Lizzie gave a nod.

"When did you go under your bed then?"

"Um… later." Lizzie said as she put her head down.

"Later that night?"

Lizzie gave a nod.

"Why did you go under your bed?"

"I'm not allowed to talk about it. Daddy said so." Lizzie said with fear.

"I know, but your daddy isn't here and I'm a police officer. It's safe to tell me secrets and I will make sure no one knows you told me. I promise I won't tell anyone the secret. Why did you go under your bed sweetie? Does it have something to do with your bruises?"

Lizzie pulled the sleeves down of her t-shirt more to try and hide them as she hung her head.

"It's okay sweetie. I'm not going to hurt you. I want to make sure you are safe and happy. How would you like to go to your nanny and grandpa's farm?"

"I can still go?" Lizzie asked with hopefulness.

"I don't see why not. I can call your nanny and grandpa and they can come and get you and take you out to the farm. Would you like that?"

Lizzie nodded her head excitedly.

"Ok. I will do that for you, but I need you to be a brave little girl and tell me what happened last night sweetie. I want to make you safe, but I can only do that if I know the truth. Can you do that for me sweetie?" Deeks asked with complete patience.

After a moment Lizzie gave a small nod

"Ok, why were you under your bed?"

"It's safe under there. He can't get me under there. Me and Mr. Cuddles go under there when it gets loud. Oh no Mr. Cuddles I forgot him under the bed."

"That's ok I will get you Mr. Cuddles. Don't worry I will get him for you. Who were you hiding from?"

"The bad man." Lizzie said sadly.

"Who is the bad man Lizzie?"

"I'm not supposed to tell."

"I know, but it's ok to tell me. I'll protect you. Who's the bad man Lizzie?"

Lizzie looked down and played with the hem of her t-shirt for a moment before she spoke very softly the others almost didn't hear her.


"Did your daddy put those bruises on you?"

Lizzie gave a shaky nod before she spoke. "I'm a bad girl."

"No you're not sweetie. It's not your fault. None of this is your fault. You are a good little girl and you don't deserve what he has done to you. You don't deserve to be hurt. Was your daddy home last night while your mommy was packing the car?"

"Daddy wasn't happy that mommy and me are going to see Nanny and Grandpa. I was sleeping, but they were talking loud and I woke up."

"Did you hear what they were saying?"

"No, they were just loud and then mommy screamed and then it was quiet."

"What happened after that?"

"I hear Daddy moving around he walks heavy. Mommy says it's from his shoes. Mommy's shoes make a clicking sound and Daddy's shoes make a thumping sound."

"Did your daddy walk around for a while do you think?"

"Mmmmm…. Mhm up and down the stairs. He came into my room later. I thought it was time to go and see Nanny and Grandpa, but it wasn't."

"Did he talk to you?"

"He told me to be a good little girl, that it was time for our daddy daughter time."

"What does your daddy do during that time?"

"He touches me on my cookie. If I tell him no or try to get away he hurts me. I just wanted mommy last night and I didn't behave. I tried to get away and he grabbed my arms. After he left and I hid under my bed. Mommy never came to get me to go to Nanny and Grandpa."

"Thank-you for telling me your secret Lizzie. I promise I'll make sure you don't have to go through any of that ever again. Do you know Nanny and Grandpa's number?"

"Mmhm, mommy had me remember it."

"Would you like to talk to them?" Deeks asked as he pulled out his cell phone.

Lizzie nodded her head excitedly and Deeks pulled up his screen.

"Do you want to dial?" Deeks asked with a smile as he held his phone out to Lizzie.

Lizzie nodded and Deeks handed her the phone. She focused really hard and touched the right buttons.

"Here hit that button and it will put them on the speak phone."

Lizzie touched the speaker button and she could hear the ringing of the phone. After three rings Ms. Frey's voice could be heard.

"Hello? Stephanie?"

"Nanny!" Lizzie said with excitement to his voice.

"Lizzie. Oh thank God are you okay sweetie?" Ms. Frey asked with worry.


"Where is your mommy sweetie?"

"Mommy is in the clouds with God." Lizzie said sadly.

"What? Sweetie what are you talking about?" Ms. Frey asked with fear in her voice.

"Ms. Frey this is Detective Marty Deeks. I'm with Lizzie right now. I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this and under these circumstances, but your daughter is gone. She passed away."

"No, please no. There must be some mistake. You made a mistake she was coming here with Lizzie. There has to be some mistake." Ms. Frey said with tears going down her face.

"I'm so sorry maim. I saw her myself. It's not something I can talk about right now over the phone for obvious reasons. Are you and your husband able to come down to L.A?"

"Um of course we can. What about Ben? Is he alright?"

"He's fine, but he won't be around. Lizzie tells me how you live on a farm with horses and cows and puppies. She's very excited to come and see them." Deeks said hoping Ms. Frey would understand what he was trying to say.

"Oh my God. Um yes we are excited to see her. We will be there later today to bring you down here Lizzie does that sound good sweetie?" Ms. Frey asked understanding what Deeks was saying without having to say it.

"Can I help Grandpa feed the horsies?" Lizzie asked with excitement.

"Of course you can sweetie. Biscuit misses you. He's going to be very happy to see you. Grandpa and me will be there later on today. We are going to pack up right now and come see you. Where are you going to be sweetie?"

"She is going to come with me I think. Do you want to go and see a police station Lizzie?"


"Really and I'll put on the lights and sirens."

"Cool. Can I go Nanny?"

"Of course, but make sure you listen to the nice detective ok?"

"I promise. I'll see you soon Nanny?"

"Yes sweetie you will see me and Grandpa soon."

"It's station twenty-eight down on Jackson and Fifth." Deeks said.

"I know where that is. Ok sweetheart Nanny is going to get Grandpa moving and we will be out there shortly. You be my good sweet little girl and listen to the nice detective ok?"

"Ok Nanny."

"She'll be fine. I got a Sargent who is going to love having her help."

"I'm a good helper." Lizzie said.

"I thought you would be. Ok say goodbye to Nanny and you will see her and Grandpa soon." Deeks said.

"Bye Nanny."

"Goodbye sweetheart. I'll see you soon."

Deeks hung up the phone and put it back in his pocket.

"Are you all set to go?" Deeks asked with a smile.

Lizzie nodded her head real fast and Deeks smiled at the sweet innocence of a little child. Even after what she had been through she was still able to live her life with joy not even realising that what was happening to her was wrong on so many level.

"Let's get out of here then."

Deeks picked up Lizzie and she settled on his right hip. They all walked out into the hallway and saw Crystal still there.

"I'm going to take her back to the station with me. We just spoke to her Nanny and she is coming up with her Grandpa to see her. I'm going to keep her with me at the station." Deeks said.

"Very well. When her grandparents get here please call me so I can come and speak with them." Crystal said as she held out a business card. Deeks took it as he spoke.

"I'll make sure you get the call. Let's go Lizzie."

They all headed out and down to the car. Once there Deeks placed Lizzie in the back in the middle seat with Callen and Kensi on either side of her. Deeks got into the driver's seat with Sam in the passenger seat. Deeks turned the car on and then looked at Lizzie through the rear view mirror.

"Alright you ready for the lights and sirens?" Deeks asked with a smile.

Lizzie nodded her head really fast with a huge smile on her face.

"Ok here we go." Deeks flipped the switches for the lights and sirens and once they came on Lizzie giggled at them. Deeks put the car in drive and headed back for the station. It was only a ten minute drive and they were back at the station. Lizzie had loved every minute of it and by the time they got there she had warmed up to them. Deeks picked up Lizzie again and headed inside. He walked over to the front desk where Marcy was.

"Hey Marcy I would like you to meet a very special little girl. This is Lizzie. Lizzie this is Marcy she's my Sargent and she's really tough."

"Hi Lizzie, how are you?" Marcy said with a smile as she leaned on the desk to see Lizzie better.

"Good." Lizzie said shyly.

"Lizzie is a very good helper and I remember you saying you could use a helper." Deeks said.

"I do need a little helper. What do you say Lizzie think you wanna help me out?" Marcy said with a smile.

"Really?" Lizzie asked.

"Really, really. There's a lot of cool stuff to do back here. I bet you could be very helpful to me."

"Lizzie is just waiting for her Nanny and Grandpa to arrive from Kanas City. They have horses." Deeks said.

"Really? I love horses I actually know how to ride a horse." Marcy said.

"My Nanny does that. She said when I get bigger I can too." Lizzie said with excitement.

"Do you want to see some pictures of the horses I've ridden?"

"Ya!" Lizzie said with excitement and Deeks placed Lizzie sitting down on the desk and Marcy picked her up and placed her in her seat by her computer.

"Let me pull up the pictures for you. How many horses does your Nanny have?"

"They have five and they are really big. Grandpa said maybe they could get a pony so I could hide him."

"That's cool. I love ponies." Marcy turned to look at Deeks and gave him a wink to let him know he was good to go. Deeks mouthed thank-you to Marcy in return.

Deeks didn't head further inside though he went out the front door and around the corner of the building. The three of them followed Deeks not sure where he was going. They walked around the corner just as they saw him punch the brick wall before he placed both of his hands on it flat as he tried to get his emotions under control.

"Are you alright?" Callen asked calmly.

"I'm fine." Deeks snapped.

"You handled yourself really well. I don't mean that as a diss either. What she said wasn't easy to handle. I couldn't imagine having to deal with that every day. We don't get many children in our cases." Sam said sympathetically.

Deeks pushed off from the wall and walked around the small area as he spoke.

"Children are supposed to be innocent and get to be naïve. They aren't supposed to know that monsters are real and they live in the same house as you. Every time it's a child it makes it harder. Being on that floor in the hospital and it's just wall to wall of sick little kids. Kids that might never get to experience what true life is about. All they have known is those walls. I don't know how doctors and nurses do it every day. It's not a job I could do. She doesn't deserve this shit and she's going to remember it and realise when she is older what he did to her. She's going to blame herself and justify it even though it's stupid because she couldn't have done anything to deserve this. That's what's fucked up about it." Deeks said with anger as he punched the wall once again with his right hand.

"You're gonna break your hand if you do that again." Kensi said.

"It wouldn't be the first time I've broken my hand." Deeks said just as he phone rang.

He pulled it out and answered.


"Detective, this is Officer Mills, you assigned us to the Harper residence."

"Ya what do you got?"

"The Coroner just arrived and is going over the Vic's body. She said it was a stab wound to the heart that did her in. Liver temp indicates she died just after ten twenty last night."

"Once the Coroner takes the vic's body then seal up the house. Check in the little girl's room under her bed there should be a stuffed animal there and bring it to the station."

"Will do Sir."

Deeks hung up the phone before he turned to speak.

"She died last night just after ten twenty. Single stab wound to the heart. He probably used a kitchen knife. His alibi won't check out, not that late. Or it will because he paid off a criminal client of his. He probably drove around and got some cheap motel and paid with cash. Waited it out before he could return home. He probably expected to find the body and call it in."

"Why kill her though? For the money?" Kensi asked.

"Money would have been a factor, but it's not the reason Stephanie was taking Lizzie and running away." Deeks said.

"She knew." Sam said.

"She is a mother she must have seen the way Lizzie was reacting to her father. A bad mother doesn't risk her life to get her daughter all the way to Kanas City. She could have had some kind of leverage over the suspect that she could have used when she got safe." Callen said.

"Or Kanas was just a resting stop. Maybe she did tell Harper that she was going to visit the folks and he found out she wasn't coming back." Deeks said.

"A lot of possibilities. Without evidence how are you going to get him for this? He's a criminal defense lawyer he won't just admit to it." Kensi said.

"I don't need him to admit to it. The physical evidence will bury him. I can get the Station Chief to make a call to the lab and have Lizzie's pushed up to the top of the list. It's a child molestation case under the age of thirteen. That's mandatory life sentence no matter what. Let's see what the other two found out." Deeks said as he started to walk back towards the entrance.

"You should let me look at your hand." Sam said.

"It's fine." Deeks said as he walked into the station.

He looked over and saw that Lizzie was amazed at the photos that Marcy was showing her. Deeks continued on to the elevator and they all got in once it arrived. Sam looked down at Deeks' hand and saw that his knuckles were cut up and bleeding. Once they arrived on the fifth floor they got out and Deeks headed back over to the conference room that they were in earlier.

"Do you always use conference rooms?" Kensi asked.

"Only when the case is first new and if more than one person is working it." Deeks said as he went over to the cabinet and pulled out the small first aid kit. Deeks went through it as Detective Johnson came in.

"Report Detective." Deeks said as he took care of wrapping his hand.

"I checked with Patrol and there hasn't been an increase in break-ins there has actually been a decrease in the last year. According to Mr. Harper only him and his wife had the code to the alarm system. Financially he's secure he doesn't need the money he's worth over two million himself. He's getting agitated and he keeps asking to see his daughter. Jamieson is trying to keep him here, but he's not going to stay around much longer."

"I'll be in there in a minute tell Jamieson to leave. I'll take it from here."

"Um… yes Sir." Johnson said clearly not sure about how well that would go over. He left to go and speak to his partner.

"How does that work?" Callen asked.

"How does what work?" Deeks asked as he finished wrapping his hand.

"When there's conflict among detectives. This is a homicide, but also an abuse case. Who gets rights over the other?" Callen asked.

"It's not always black and white. For agencies there's requirements. Marines go to you no questions asked and you get to run with it. Here it's more of a grey area. The units all try to work together, but not everyone likes each other and some just want the caller. The more callers you have the perception is you are a top cop and can go up for promotions sooner than others. We try to work together, but when we can't the more severe crime takes priority. In this case sexual assault on a minor thirteen and younger is a mandatory life sentence with no chance of parole. It out ranks the homicide. Jamieson doesn't like it then he can go and bitch to the Lieutenant, but he won't win. We're all bond by protocol and this case is simple."

"Shouldn't it go to a child's crime detective then?" Kensi asked.

"I can work any case I want, because I'm not in a set unit outside of the undercover unit. As long as I don't piss anyone off the other units don't care. It's one less case for them."

"In a city this size I would imagine there are a lot of cases that go unsolved." Kensi said.

"There's more than I would like there to be, but there's not much we can do about that. This is one case that will get closed today though." Deeks said.

"How long will your lab take?" Sam asked.

"It's a child, but that doesn't push it up through the backlog. I'll speak to the Station Chief and see if he will call the lab to see if they will push it up. Usually in this type of case they will. We get a confession we won't need DNA, plus we have the other evidence. I don't see him making a confession he'll play stupid and acted like he is outraged that I would ever suggest a thing."

"I don't know how anyone is supposed to close a case when you can't even get your lab reports. We get ours by the next day." Kensi said.

"We aren't federal. We have to go through the process of it all. It's why so many cases get pushed back in court, because we don't have that physical evidence yet. It's a long process and sometimes you get to the end only for it to not work. It's just something we have to deal with."

"So killers and rapists could go free because the physical evidence took too long?" Kensi asked.

"It happens often that killers or gang bangers go free, because the court gets sick of waiting the year for the crime lab. It happens a lot and then you have to wait for the lab reports and try again, but if they are guilty most of them leave the city and you never find them again. We've lost serial killers because of it. They get caught they wait a year in jail and no physical evidence comes back the judge gives up and lets them go free. They go to another state and start all over again."

"That's stupid." Sam said clearly not happy that criminals get to go free because of something as stupid as time.

"That's the justice system. We deal with it all the time, you can't let it get to you or you will never do your job properly. Let's go see if Mr. Harper wants to talk." Deeks said as he closed the first aid kit and put it back.

They all headed out of the conference room and followed Deeks down to the interrogation room. Deeks walked in to the side room where Jamieson was standing looking at the two-way mirror. Callen, Sam and Kensi went in as well and they could see Mr. Harper pacing around the room, clearly not happy.

"I don't appreciate you kicking me out of my investigation Deeks." Jamieson said with anger.

"It's my investigation not yours. And I just spent the last hour with his five year old daughter that he's been beating and molesting. Explaining to her what it means that her mother is dead. So I don't give a damn about your caller rate or pride. It's my investigation so you can stand here and watch or get the hell out. You pick." Deeks said as he walked out of the room.

"Do we come with you?" Callen asked before Deeks walked all the way out of the room.

"No stay here." Deeks said as he left the room.

The four of them turned their attention to the mirror so they could watch Deeks with Mr. Harper.

"You guys got the worst cop to shadow around. He's a disgrace to the force." Jamieson said.

"He seems like a decent detective to me." Callen said.

"How long do you have to shadow him for?" Jamieson asked.

"A week." Callen answered.

"Then you'll see what I mean by the end of the week. He's nothing that LAPD represents." Jamieson said.

The conversation cut short as they turned to watch the interview.

Deeks walked in and Mr. Harper stopped pacing and it was clear that he was pissed off at being kept here for so long.

"You better be the one that tells me I can leave already. I need to see my daughter." Mr. Harper said with anger.

"Sit down Mr. Harper." Deeks said in a serious voice as he sat down in the chair.

"I will not sit down. I'm leaving and going to find my daughter dammit."

"You're not going anywhere until you sit down and we have a chat. So decide how long you want to be here, because I have nothing more important to do today than this case."

"I'm a criminal lawyer I'll have you know."

"What's your point?" Deeks asked completely collected and calm.

"Is this just all some sort of joke to you? See how much time you can waste to keep an innocent man locked up." Mr. Harper asked with anger.

"This isn't funny and you are far from an innocent man."

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Mr. Harper asked with anger.

"Sit down and find out." Deeks motioned his hand towards the empty chair on the other side of the table.

They watched as Mr. Harper thought about it for a minute before he finally sat down, but the look of anger didn't disappear.

"Mr. Harper have you been read your rights?"

"No, why would I need to be read my rights?" Mr. Harper asked with annoyance.

"You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to an attorney if you cannot afford an attorney then one will be provided for you at the cost of the state. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Do you understand your rights?" Deeks ranted off like he has so many times before.

"I'm a lawyer I know my rights. What the hell is this about?" Mr. Harper said with anger.

"Do you understand your rights?" Deeks asked again.

"Yes I understand. Now what the hell is this about?"

"It's about the murder of your wife Stephanie Harper."

"I've already told the police everything I know."

"And now you are going to tell me."

"I was away on business yesterday and last night. I came back and found an ambulance and police cars at my house."

"Where were you for your business trip?"

"Santa Barbara."

"And you haven't heard from your wife since you left?"

"No I haven't."

"You didn't call to say goodnight to your little girl?"

"I called last night, but I got no answer. I figured Stephanie was busy getting Lizzie ready for bed. She tends to leave her phone in the kitchen on charge so she doesn't always hear it. When I didn't hear back from her I just thought she fell asleep."

"That's a lovely story, but we both know that's all it is."

"No it's not. You can call my client and he will confirm."

"I'm sure he will. After all criminals will do anything for a buck. As you are shortly about to find out. You are going to be surrounded by them before the day is over."

"And what is that supposed to mean?"

"It means you are under arrest for homicide, child abuse and child molestation of a minor under the age of thirteen. Which you know councillor is a life sentence without any chance of parole. You are going to spend however much time you have left surrounded by criminals. For your sake I would hope that none of the guards let it slip how you like to have sex with your five year old daughter." Deeks said with a deadly serious tone to his voice.

Ben slammed his hands flat against the table as he stood up and yelled.

"What the hell are you talking about? I would ever touch my little girl. What sick game are you playing here detective? I'll have your job for this."

"Sit down Mr. Harper or I'll add more charges."

"You can't do that. I'm a lawyer I know my rights. I want that other Detective back in here. The D.A won't agree to any of this. You have no evidence."

"The D.A has already agreed and you don't get to talk to the other Detective you get me. As for the evidence we have lots of evidence and an eye witness to everything. Now sit down." Deeks snapped.

"Who's the D.A? There is no way Robertson agreed to any of this." Harper said as he sat back down.

"I didn't say Robertson was the D.A."

"So who's the D.A?"

"I am. And I know it will be a slam dunk."

"You're a Detective you can't be a D.A."

"Really? That law degree hanging on my wall in my living room would say otherwise. Maybe the State got confused, but I did get the highest score in history so that's doubtful."

"You're a lawyer?" Harper asked clearly not believing Deeks.

"Yup. Still practise when the right case comes along and lucky for you, your case is the right one."

"I'm innocent."

"The drug dealer down the street is more innocent than you."

"I don't know what story you've heard, but it's wrong. I have never hurt my daughter or my wife."

"You really aren't going to tell me the truth eh? Alright fine, I'll tell you the truth and then I'm going to drag your ass out of here and slam the cell door closed. Your wife found out that you have been molesting and beating your daughter. She booked the plane tickets only one way to go and visit her parents, only she wasn't planning on coming back. She was going to tell them what has been happening. Maybe she was going to file charges, maybe she wasn't. That I'm not sure of, but you weren't going to risk it. You never left for Santa Barbara. You came back home to find your wife getting the car packed up and you knew there was too much luggage for just a quick visit to her parent's farm. Lizzie was upstairs sleeping so she wouldn't be so tired for the trip. She heard you though. She heard you arguing with Stephanie and then she heard nothing, but silence. You killed her by a single stab wound to her chest to keep her from taking Lizzie and from putting your ass in jail. Then you went upstairs and raped your daughter. The doctor already did an SAE Kit and there was semen found. She also found evidence of long-term sexual abuse. That DNA will come back as yours, especially because your DNA is already on file from Uncle Sam. The physical evidence is all I will need to put you in jail for the rest of your life. Lizzie won't ever have to see you again." Deeks got up from the chair once he was done.

"This will never hold up in court and you know it."

"No it will. If you were smart and a real father you would confess and save your child the future trauma of having to have this going to the paper. She's going to have enough problems from what you have done to her. Now stand up, you're under arrest." Deeks said as he pulled his cuffs out from his pocket.

"This will be the end of your career." Harper said as he stood up and Deeks cuffed him.

"No it won't be, but it's the end of yours."

Deeks took Harper to the door and opened it. On the other side was Detective Johnson.

"Take him to holding and book him." Deeks said.

Detective Johnson took Harper and headed towards the elevator where he would take it down to the basement where booking and the holding cells were. The Agents and Jamieson was there as well and Jamieson spoke.

"The physical evidence going to stick?" Jamieson asked with annoyance.

"It'll stick."

"It better I don't need you screwing up my reputation." Jamieson said as he headed back to his desk.

"You do that all on your own Jamieson." Deeks said as Jamieson walked away.

He turned to look at Deeks and they could all tell he was going to say something, but stopped when he saw the Station Chief walk over to Deeks and the Agents.

"Detective Deeks I hope you slept well yesterday on your day off." The Station Chief said.

"Yes Sir." Deeks replied.

"Third shift is short tonight I need you on for thirty-six straight."

"Yes Sir."

"Its playoff time so the bars will be busy. I also need you to head over to King and Brock. There is a raid going down and they need an extra man. Make sure you cover up so you don't get recognized."

"What's the raid for Sir?"

"Drug bust. L'Loca gang and their stash house. There is supposed to be a large gathering to launch a new drug. The whole gang will be there including their leader and distributors. There is an estimated two billion in drugs and cash. Cover up to make sure no one there recognizes you."

"You got it Sir. Is it going down right now?"

"Thirty minutes so head over there."

"On my way Sir. Ben Harper is being booked for Murder two and child abuse and molestation on a minor under thirteen. His five year old daughter."

"Jesus. Where's the daughter?"

"The hospital ran the SAE Kit and took swabs where semen was found. Physical evidence will nail him easily. It would help to push things along if maybe you made a call to the lab Sir."

"I'll see what I can do. Where is the daughter?"

"The daughter, Lizzie, her mother Stephanie Harper was killed by Harper with Lizzie in the house. Stephanie's parents live out of state. I have informed them of the situation and they are on a flight here. They should be here within a few hours. Lizzie is with Marcy. I know that's unconventional, but she just found out her mother was killed. She didn't even know what death was, I had to explain it to her. I thought you could make an exception this time around Sir."

"That's fine. Marcy will keep her busy and with her. When the grandparents get here let me know. I will speak to them about what will happen with the case and what they will need to do for Lizzie. I'll have the paperwork they will need from the courts for custody. I will also set them up with a child lawyer to help them through the rest of the process."

"Thank-you. I will let you know when they arrive Sir."

"Be safe out there."

"Always Sir."

The Station Chief walked back towards the elevator so he could get back to his office. Deeks turned to look at the Agents.

"Let's go." Deeks said.

They all went over to the elevator and headed back down to the ground floor. Once there they headed back to the front door. Deeks looked over at Marcy and Lizzie. Lizzie was curled up in a big chair sleeping.

"The hen is in the hen house." Deeks said just loud enough for Marcy to hear and not wake Lizzie up.

"Good. Did you let the Chief know?" Marcy said back just as quietly.

"He knows and wants to be informed when the grandparents get here."

"Will do. There is a raid that need men."

"Ya I'm on my way there now. Let me know if something comes up. I'm on for thirty-six."

"Lucky you. Be safe out there. Tonight is supposed to be a mad house out there."

"It usually is." Deeks said as he headed out.

They all went over to the car and Kensi spoke as they went over there.

"What's this thirty-six thing?"

"It means you work for thirty-six hours straight before you get twelve off."

"Is that legal?" Kensi asked.

"It can be, but not in this case because you only get paid for forty hours a week sometimes you luck out and can get fifty hours paid for."

"So you'll work all week and only make money on the first two days?" Sam asked.

"I told you, there is no money for anything not even overtime." Deeks said.

They got into the car as Callen spoke.

"I get that you can't get paid for eighty hour weeks, but to work all week and do all this overtime for nothing. How is that right? How does that make cops want to do their job right?"

"It doesn't and it's why a lot of cops won't do their job properly. It's a serious problem, but there isn't anything we can do about it."

"Then why do it? You're a lawyer, why be a cop over that?" Sam asked.

"I like helping people and putting criminals behind bars. Too many were going free because cops just didn't care about evidence. I got sick of it and decided to put a change to it. So I went into the academy and was a detective six months later. Now I put criminals in jail by making sure the evidence sticks."

"You'd be making a lot more money as a lawyer." Kensi said.

"Ya I would be, but I don't need to sell my soul for money. I just want to help people. Take Lizzie other cops might not have cared if she went to the hospital. They might not have seen her reaction to Harper. She could be going home right now with her abuser and no one there to protect her. Her mother is dead, but she will never have to worry about being touched ever again. It's not an ideal outcome, but she'll be safe at least and hopefully she will make a full recovery and be able to be happy. That makes it worth it."

"It would for me." Sam said.

"So have you been undercover before for this gang?" Kensi asked.

"Not for them, they are all Spanish and I can't exactly change my skin color. But they do work with other distributors and I have gone under for a great deal of them. Don't really want to get made so it's just easier to be safe than sorry."

"Ya, but if you get made then what? You just can't go undercover anymore. It wouldn't be that big of a deal." Sam said.

"Who do you think I go undercover for?" Deeks asked.

"LAPD tends to go undercover for drug dealers and as prostitutes or homeless people." Callen answered.

"Maybe the rookies. Seriously? That's what you think an undercover detective does?" Deeks asked surprised.

"You don't?" Kensi asked.

"If I get made I have to go into WitSec for the rest of my life let's just put it that way."

"Seriously?" Sam said clearly skeptic about it.

"I've gone under for human traffickers, home-grown terrorist cells, arms trafficking, drug lords, cartels, mafia and white supremacist groups. So ya seriously I get made I'm either dead or in WitSec forever."

"Wait LAPD goes undercover for all of that?" Kensi asked surprised.

"I do. There are a few others that do as well. Others go for white collar crimes and some go in for backup so they go under as homeless people or junkies to just be there in case something happens. We're not a Mickey Mouse Club. We'll do everything and anything. I've gone down to Mexico for operations. I'll go under for six months straight at a time. LAPD isn't what you think. We do the same thing you do, but with absolutely no resources. We're not the boy scouts."

"We never said you are, but we didn't know LAPD did all of that." Callen said.

"We do a lot and a lot of the times people don't know about it, because we don't go bragging to the papers. We just do our job and move on to the next one."

"Not all Federal Agents brag about their busts. We tend to like to stay away from the papers and the spot light. We have to go undercover on a lot of cases, sometimes for a few weeks and sometimes just for a day, but we need to keep our appearance out of the press." Callen said.

"Have you ever been made?" Kensi asked.

"Not by my doing." Deeks answered as he pulled up to the raid location.

Deeks parked the car and he got out as well as the others. They walked over to where the SWAT truck was located.

"Marty." Another Detective said with a huge smile.

"Hey Pete. I didn't know you were back." Deeks said with a smile as Pete pulled him into a hug.

"I just got back a few days ago. I heard you got back two days ago. How are ya?"

"I'm good. Yourself?"

"I'm good. Who the hell is the possé?"

"Detective Deeks, who are these people?" The SWAT Commander asked.

"They are NCIS Agents. They are shadowing me all week." Deeks answered as he looked over at Pete and rolled his eyes. The Commander saw it, but he knew it wasn't directed towards him.

"Did you Agents learn how to do a raid in that big fancy academy of yours?" The Commander asked.

"Yes Sir." Callen said clearly not happy about the zing.

"You follow my orders and not your own. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir. We are just here to learn what LAPD does." Callen said.

"Gear up and Detectives both of you cover up. I don't need to hear any lectures about someone getting made."

"Yes Sir." Both Deeks and Pete said.

Deeks grabbed the windbreaker jacket that Pete held out for him that had LAPD on the back of it. Callen, Sam and Kensi were each given a riffle and a vest. Deeks and Pete both put on baseball hats where Deeks tucked his hair into. They both put on black masks that only covered their mouth and nose. They both took a riffle, a vest as well and Deeks grabbed a thigh holster to put his gun into instead of the back of his jeans. Once everyone was ready they all listened to the Commander to see where they were going to go. Deeks and Pete were told to go around back with the Agents and breach from there. Most criminals will run out the back and the Commander knew that Deeks and Pete could handle themselves. They headed back there and Pete spoke as they headed over there.

"You still going to come down to the academy with me to help teach those cadets how to shoot?"

"When is that again?"

"Monday morning at seven."

"Ya I'll be there assuming I don't go under by then."

"Good I need your help. They suck at sniper riffles. Monday is supposed to be a good weather day so I'm hoping they will get enough time to practise."

"I'm surprised you are still helping out at the academy after all of the problems you've had with em." Deeks said as they bent down and waited for the go ahead.

"Ya I know, but I want to be able to keep those cadets alive longer than six weeks. I do it for them and not the assholes that run it."

"Makes sense."

"So how did you get stuck with them?" Pete asked as he nodded over to the Agents.

"Bad luck." Deeks answered with a smirk.

"How long you on tonight for?"

"I'm on thirty-six. I just finished explaining to a five year old girl that her mother was dead and then explain to her what dead means. All before I arrested her father for killing her mother and molesting and beating the daughter. That was the first call and this would be the second."

"Holy shit. That would explain your hand then. I've just been stuck behind a desk since I've gotten back. Are you alright?"


"How are we supposed to know when we go in?" Callen asked.

"The Commander will radio it in." Pete answered.

"Don't they ever overhear the radio?" Sam asked.

"All the time." Deeks said.

"Doesn't that make then run?" Kensi asked.

"Yup." Deeks simply said.

"Right out the back door usually." Pete added.

"You don't have earwigs?" Kensi asked.

"With what money?" Pete asked rhetorically.

"On my count, 1…2…3…breach." The commander's voice came through.

Deeks moved to kick the back door down and he went in first followed behind Pete, Callen, Kensi and Sam. They went through the whole building arresting everyone inside. There were eighty members of the gang and distributors inside the building. Fifty were being arrested, twenty were being taken to the hospital and ten were leaving in a body bag, but it was over. They had to use paddy wagons to haul everyone off to the station where they would be processed and then taken off to jail in the morning with the rest of the prisoners from the day. Once the take down was done and they returned their guns and vests Deeks turned to look at Sam.

"Still buying lunch big guy?" Deeks asked with a smirk.

"I buy, I pick."

"Fine by me, but you're still not driving." Deeks said with a smirk as he headed over to the driver side door.

They all got back into the car and Sam spoke.

"There's a great food truck about twelve blocks from here."

"Grub to Go. They have the best fish tacos on this side of the city." Deeks said.

"I prefer their curry shrimp." Sam said.

"Food truck on Monica Pier has great curry shrimp."

"Not a beach person." Sam said.

"Ya you don't come across as one." Deeks said with a smile.

"And you clearly do." Sam said.

"I surf every morning and at night when I get a chance. Night surfs are the best, because no one is there and you can just relax." Deeks said.

"I'm not really a beach bunny myself. I couldn't imagine spending all day at the beach." Kensi said.

"Me either." Callen said.

"I could, I have spent all day at the beach. It's a lifestyle and you have to truly love the water for it to fit with who you are."

"Makes sense. That raid wasn't too bad. At least no cops were hurt." Callen said.

"Ya it went well. We were able to get all of the drugs and money off the street so the Chief will be happy about that. At least until a new gang takes over their turf. It's an endless battle with gangs and drugs. Two billion is nothing in this town."

"Kinda seems pointless." Kensi said.

"Those drugs being off the street won't shut the town down, but it will keep them off the street and away from teenagers getting a hold of them. And speaking of teenagers." Deeks said as he pulled up just outside of a middle school.

There was an older man, around the age of twenty-five standing outside and they could tell he was dealing something. He was speaking with a group of three boys that were no older than thirteen. Deeks stopped the car from across the street and he got out of the car. The others did as well and they followed Deeks across the street. As Deeks started to walk towards the dealer he looked up as Deeks called out.

"Hey Gino."

Gino looked at Deeks as he headed across the street.

"Don't do it Gino. I'm gonna be pissed if you do it." Deeks said as he could see the look in Gino's eyes.

Sure enough Gino took off running as fast as a deer. Deeks groaned and he took off after Gino at full speed after he threw his car keys to Kensi. Kensi caught the keys and headed over to the car while Callen and Sam ran after Deeks and Gino.

"Hoy shit what the hell did this guy eat jet fuel?" Sam said as they ran at full speed to try and catch up to Deeks and Gino.

"I can't figure out how Kensi got the car." Callen said.

"Maybe he figures women shouldn't have to run."

"Or he likes her better than us."

"That's probably it."

They turned down a small back alley and they could barely see Deeks.

"He's fast too." Callen said.

"He probably does this a lot."

They followed behind Deeks and they finally caught up to him down three more back allies, all of which were way too small for a car to fit in them. They saw Kensi at the end of the alley, but Gino wasn't giving up. He pushed off the one wall and up enough to reach a metal ladder for the business in between balconies from two different set of apartments. They caught up to Deeks and Sam spoke.

"Now what?"

Deeks ran to the right side of the alley and pushed off the wall to reach the ladder on the left side of the alley. He started to climb up it and Gino used the ladder and jumped from it to the balcony on the right of the ladder. Deeks followed behind him and they watched as they both climbed from one balcony to the other all the way up the building.

"Seriously? What was he a monkey in a past life?" Sam said rhetorically.

"Technically we were all monkeys at one point. Apparently something stuck for him. I'm not following are you following?" Callen said as they stood there and watched as both Gino and Deeks jumped from one balcony to the other.

"Hell no I'm not following."

They finally got to the top of the building and they thought Deeks had Gino only Gino wasn't done. He jumped across the gap and ended up on the other side of the alley and continued running. Deeks did the same thing and Callen and Sam ran out of the alley and ran beside the buildings with Kensi driving on the other side of the street to stop Gino from going out a back street. They all watched as Deeks jumped from one roof top to the next after Gino. He was gaining on him and after the tenth jump he was able to catch Gino and take him down to the ground on the roof top. Deeks was breathing heavy as he put his cuffs on Gino's wrists.

"I told you not to run Gino."

"I ain't going back to the big house man."

"Oh you're going back and that's your third strike so you're out Gino." Deeks said as he got Gino up onto his feet and walked him over to the fire escape on the building.

He walked Gino down the fire escape until he was one floor away where it turned into a ladder.

"I suggest you jump before I push you over." Deeks said as he let go of Gino's cuffs so he could jump down.

Sam, Kensi and Callen were there watching Deeks bring Gino down. So when Gino jumped down Kensi grabbed him and brought him over to the car. Deeks jumped down after Gino and he headed out of the alley with Sam and Callen.

"Do you do that often?" Sam asked with a smirk.

"More than you would think. You should try it with the trains. I chased a gang banger once through thirty trains. That was fun." Deeks said as he tried to catch his breath.

Deeks pulled out his radio and called in to dispatch for a cruiser to come and pick up Gino.

"Well look on the bright side we're by the food truck now." Callen said as he pointed to the truck that was just down the street by a few houses."

Sam just shook his head before he spoke. "Now I'm really hungry."

"So what are we doing with him?" Kensi asked as she leaned against the back passenger door.

"A cruiser is on its way to pick him up. He's a three striker now. Mandatory fifty years." Deeks said.

"I searched him, he's got ten little baggies all divided up into different amounts. He was definitely looking to deal." Kensi said.

"Gino likes to deal drugs to eighth graders. Only his product is so strong and the twelve and thirteen year olds are stupid enough, they always OD from it." Deeks said.

"Oh lovely." Sam said sarcastically.

"Pretty much." Deeks said as the cruiser came towards them.

Once the cruiser parked on the side behind Deeks' squad car Deeks went over to speak to them to explain the situation.

"I'm gonna go grab the food. What do you guys want?" Sam asked.

Kensi and Callen put in their order and Sam headed down the street to the food truck that wasn't too far away. By the time Deeks got finished with his report to the two uniforms and handing over Gino, Sam had come back with the food and handed Callen and Kensi theirs. Once Deeks was done he went back over to them and Sam handed him his paper tray for his fish tacos.

"Thanks." Deeks said as he took his food.

"So the uniforms are going to handle Gino from here?" Callen asked.

"Ya they will take him down to the station and book him. I'm sure his lawyer will advise him to roll over on everyone he knows to get out of a fifty year sentence." Deeks replied.

"That a bad thing?" Kensi asked.

"Depends. The deal could be really worth it if we could shut down another supply line. It could also be a dead end of bullshit. It's up to the D.A and his lawyer. Are you guys staying on for the thirty-six hours or are you heading home at the end of this twelve to get some sleep?" Deeks asked.

"We were told to shadow you around, so we're on for as long as you are on for." Callen answered.

"You guys are in for some fun tonight. Thursday night is cheap night at the majority of the bars. Plus it's a playoff football game. It's gonna be bat shit crazy tonight." Deeks said.

"Oh great. Dealing with drunken idiots." Kensi said.

"Ya it gets annoying real quick, but third shift really can't be short otherwise cops get hurt."

"Makes sense. What happens now? Do we go back on taking calls or do we go and wait for the grandparents to arrive?" Sam asked.

"We take calls and when they arrive Marcy will radio me in." Deeks replied.

The others gave a nod to that and once they were finished with their lunch they got back into the car and headed off to take more calls. The day was only half over and they had already had a busy day. They didn't know what else was going to happen with the remainder of the thirty-six hours, but they knew it was going to be busy if the call log was anything to go by. Callen, Sam and Kensi never expected it to be this busy, but they were glad it was, because at least it would make the week go by faster.