Here begins the thing that has me more excited to write than anything I've ever done before. Unfortunately, I don't own any of the rights to either Supernatural or Grimm. The next chapter will be up at some point soon... hopefully... that's the idea. Credit to the amazing Lynchemon for the awesome cover art :) Enjoy!

"Yeah Dean, I know"

"Just make sure you get back okay" the hunter's voice twinged with worry as it echoed through the phone speaker and into Cas' ear. The angel smiled slightly, becoming accustomed to Dean's never-outwardly-showing-but-always-there concern for him.

"See you" was the last thing Dean said before hanging up the phone. Without thinking about it Cas rolled his eyes, another human trait he had managed to pick up from the two brothers, before tucking the cell back into his coat pocket.

Cas was out in Portland doing a little work on his own. Dean had been reluctant to allow him to go alone but finally he had relented. It was only for a short while; a few days at most. He was mainly observing, seeing if a job was around. He was sat on a bench in one of the seemingly many parks, watching the world turn and her humans live. That's when it happened, that's when Cas saw him.

Nick was trying to clear his head; to find the one place in his mind that was still peaceful. It had been going quite well until the shrill sound of the fire alarm hit his ears. It turned out Trubel was, well... causing trouble after she decided to attempt cooking again. To say it didn't go well would be an understatement. So Nick quickly extinguished the burning mess (it could hardly be called food anymore) before rolling his eyes sympathetically at the new Grimm on the block and going out to grab a take away. He seemed to end up doing that a lot nowadays. The place he usually went to was closed up, so Nick took a detour to the place a few streets down. The path he took lead him through the park he used to jog through. The park wasn't the most interesting of places; just a large patch of grass with a few trees and benches dotted around. However, as inconspicuous as it was, Nick had always liked it; he had always felt drawn to it for reasons he did not know. But at that moment- in that exact second- something happened that would make Nick realise that maybe he had detoured through that park for a reason, that maybe life wasn't just a string of chances, and there were somethings that were always meant to happen. Because there was no way what happened in that park at that exact moment was accidental.

Nick was suddenly blinded by a painfully bright light. It surrounded him entirely, giving him no shadows to hide in. The intensity of the light coupled with the sudden white noise that had appeared caused the Grimm to wince in physical pain. He managed to bear a glance around only to be greeted with the surprising sight of everyone else being completely unaffected by what was happening. This was when Nick reached for his gun, only to realise it wasn't there. He thought he would not have needed it for going a few blocks down to gets some food. Silently cursing, Nick opened his eyes again to find that the intensity of the light was gone. The white noise was quieter, as though someone had turned down the volume. Wide-eyed, he flicked his head around to try and figure out what the hell had just happened. His eyes fell to bench across the path and the sight that struck him was one of the most surprising things he had ever seen. Sat on the bench was a man in a cream trench coat, which seemed perfectly normal. But his face glowed white and flowed as though it were liquid. At a closer look, Nick realised not only did the man's face do this but his entire body glowed; as if his skin was made of pure starlight. It was like nothing he had ever seen before. During his shocked trance, Nick had not noticed that the man had seen him and had begun to move. Once he realised, it was too late and the strange man had disappeared behind a hedge. Curiosity over-taking caution, Nick jogged over to the bench where the man had been before swiftly turning the corner around the hedge. He saw him facing the other way and was about to call out but he stopped himself when the man spoke first.

"I'm serious, Sam"

The Grimm frowned before spotting the phone pressed against the man's ear, notifying him of the fact that he wasn't, in fact, talking to him. Crouching down, Nick strained his ears to listen to the half of the conversation he could hear.

"No Sam, I'm fine... no, don't... yes, hello Dean... no, I'm okay... okay, okay I'm coming"

And then the phone was hung up and tucked back into the man's pocket as the man in question muttered something along the lines of 'Winchesters'. Nick stood again, fully prepared to launch himself onto the man with the strange glow. But then something happened that Nick would never be able to forget.

The bright light returned but it was different this time; golden rather than pure white, calmer, less anxious- if light could even be called anxious. When it faded, the man was still standing there but upon his back, a single pair of brilliant white, feathered wings flexed outwards. They stood proudly on the man's back, reaching near the higher branches of a near-by tree. Nick stumbled back, completely overwhelmed by what he was seeing. But just as quickly as the man had appeared, with one stretch of his wings backwards he was gone. Nick blinked once, twice, three times, and then physically jumped as the sound of his phone ringing, breaking the deafening silence. With slightly shaking hands he fumbled the cell out of his pocket and answered the call.

"Hey?" Nick relaxed slightly when the voice of Trubel hit his ear through the speaker.

"H-Hey" he replied.

"Nick? Nick, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine" Nick bit his lip, not realising how obvious his shock had come through in his voice.

"I was just calling to see why the take away was taking so long to get. Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yeah, I'm um... I'll be back soon" Nick said then hung up as quickly as he could. He knew it was a bad idea and it would only make Trubel more suspicious but he really had no idea what to say. For the first time since he had discovered his heritage over three and a half years ago, Nick genuinely began to wonder if he was going insane. Swiftly turning on his heels, he began to jog back towards his house. He paused slightly once he remembered the actual purpose of his trip out but continued walking towards his house with less than a second left to thought.

The food could wait; seeing glowing guys with wings could not.