Two hours later, Lee and Amanda were in fresh, dry clothes and back at the Agency where Billy filled them in on the last few details.

"That guy you knocked out in Tremayne's office is called Joseph Randall," Billy explained. "He was there when Tremayne killed Lambert so we've got Tremayne for murder along with treason and fraud. And that disk was a goldmine by the way. It gave us names and addresses for his contacts both here and overseas. The man hasn't got a leg to stand on; he's going down for good."

Both Lee and Amanda were voicing their pleasure at this news when there was a knock at the door.

"Come in," called out Billy. The door opened and Conrad entered looking a little sheepish.

"Ah, Mr. Barnhill, please have a seat," offered Billy.

"Oh, no, thank you. I just wanted to say goodbye as I'm leaving now," replied Conrad his gaze going to Amanda.

"Well, goodbye Mr. Barnhill and thanks for all your help. If you hadn't stopped that gas when you did I'd have had two dead agents on my hands. You did a good job," praised Billy, shaking his hand.

"Yeah, thanks Conrad." Lee stood and shook hands as well.

Conrad turned to Amanda. "Come on, I'll walk you to the elevator," she said, putting her arm through his.

They left the room, walked slowly through the bullpen, out into the corridor and came to halt by the metal sliding doors. Taking both his hands in hers, Amanda smiled up at him. "It's been lovely to see you again Connie. What are you going to do now though?"

Conrad squeezed her hands and smiled back. "Well, I can't keep the business going on my own so I need to try and get another partner. A friend in Canada said they might be interested so I'm flying out tomorrow."

"I hope they help you out. I'll miss you when you're gone," said Amanda sincerely and leant forward to kiss his cheek.

Lee watched them from the door to the bullpen and gritted his teeth in annoyance as he saw Amanda kiss Conrad. His jealousy where this woman was concerned amazed him. Wanting to break up their cosy chat, Lee walked determinedly over but the elevator arrived before he could reach them. With a final wave Conrad got in and the doors slid shut behind him.

Amanda turned and waited for Lee to come to a halt by her side. "You two seemed to have a lot to say to each other," he began casually.

"Yeah," Amanda agreed on a wistful sigh before pressing for the elevator again.

"I thought you'd said everything there was to say the other night," pressed Lee.

The doors opened and they got in. Amanda pushed the button for their floor then shrugged, "Well, Connie just said he was going to try and do something about the business."

"I see."

"He'd like to carry on with his security agency but it'd be hard for him to do on his own," she explained.


"So, then he asked if I wanted to be his partner," Amanda added nonchalantly as the doors opened and she got out.

"He what?!" exclaimed Lee, too stunned to move for a moment.

Mrs. Marsten looked over at him. "I believe this is your floor, Mr. Stetson," she advised calmly.

Realising that he was still standing in the elevator and that Amanda had already left, Lee roused himself and ran up the stairs to the Q-Bureau. Amanda had left the door open and was waiting for him in front of her desk. He walked in and shut the door, then took her in his arms.

"I hope you didn't let Barnhill down 'too' softly," Lee said grimly.

"Who said I let him down?" she asked mischievously and immediately relented when she saw the surprise on his face. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she whispered, "Don't worry, I told Connie I that I already have a partner and that it's not just at work. It's forever."

Warmth flooded through Lee's body at her quietly spoken words and he smiled happily. "Forever," he repeated and sealed his vow with a kiss.


NOTE: I'd like to thank my beta reader's for all their help. Thanks guys.