At the recommendation of a few people, I'm posting this to let people know that the sequel is up. It is rated M, so you might have to adjust your filters. Or you can just click on my profile and select the story there. You can also find Sudden Supremacy at Spacebattles. Thanks for reading!

May as well include the old end of fic A/N as well.

Big ass A/N:

Holy shit. It's finally over. Not only is this the first fic I have completed, it is also (from what I can see) the first finished ME/SC crossover on this site. I cannot speak for other websites, but still. Damn.

I wondered what it would be like to get here, and what I would do. I think this is the appropriate time to offer thanks. First off, thank you to everyone who read, reviewed, followed, favorited, anything. You've been more than I likely deserve.

Specific Thanks:

Huge thank yous to continual reviewers: 5 Colored Walker (reviewed nearly every chapter, offered good concrit, first to review), Quelthias, Finwee Lord of Long Winds, Nomad-117, reality deviant, Harbinger of Kaos, and Flameraven. A lot of you guys have been here since near the beginning, and I've been very happy to hold your attention.

Huge thanks to TDK132 for both reviewing and translating this story into Korean, though I think college has stalled those plans for the moment (which is quite understandable.)

A big thank you to Vahn, Yanslana, Crazy Iemon, and Jmat for reviews that made me feel like I was doing a good job (in the sense that I was conveying what I meant to convey) in writing this fic.

A weird thank you to Phasehand who was both the very first person to view this fic and the very first person to favorite it. Yes, I watched. Did he/she actually read it? Who knows.

An enormous thank you to Drgyen for creating a Tropes page for Sudden Contact. That was very unexpected, but welcome.

Huge thank you to NewAgeofPower for crit and working with me on the Codex for the future sequel. We still have a lot of ideas to go over and it will take some time, but it's been a real pleasure so far, man.

Future plans:

I will be taking a break from writing. That being said, let me provide you with a teaser of what to expect from the sequel and the things I will be tackling in the near future:

More POVs. I don't think many POVs will be returning from Sudden Contact, mainly because half of them are currently dead. That being said, a major misgiving I had while writing this fic was that Mass Effect was a bit underrepresented. There will be more ME alien POVs in the sequel. Also, a small exciting spoiler, Tychus Findlay will be a POV.

Darker story. The sequel will be rated M. The UED lends itself to such.

A mix of ME2, SC2, and Brood War. The fusion of the two settings lends itself to massive clusterfucks. Expect that to continue.

Codex and timeline as a separate fic. The universe is too broad to work background into the story without it becoming hugely awkward and bloated, so a Codex from the perspective of the UED will be written. It will mainly cover political developments in the six year interim.

I will be going back and fixing errors in all chapters. If anyone here from Spacebattles is interested, I would be happy to post the corrected version of the fic on the website, as I know a fair few readers hail from that corner of the web. Only if you feel it would be appropriate/welcomed, though.

With all that out of the way... wow. It's been a blast, guys. Thanks for reading. If you've got enormous reviews to drop that cover the entirety of the fic and either rip it to shreds or exalt it mightily, now is the time. Also, constructive criticism would be beyond welcomed, for it will directly benefit the sequel.

This... was Sudden Contact.