Author Note: Well this one's a short story. Also commeticus takes place after Tainted Rose so no complaining about time line problems.

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"Mizik, Darling… You need to wakes up."

Faith sighs as she nudges the girl.

"It's Saturday…" Mizik mumbles before snuggling into her pillow.

"It's Thursday." Faith says. She watches as Mizik bolts out of bed and out of the room. Faith sighs at the hole that's been smashed through the wall.

"Out of the way Akura! I'm running late!" Mizik yells at her half-sister. Akura dives out of the way of the running Mizik.

"Wake up earlier then!" Akura yells back. She stands up and brushes herself off. She shakes her head upon seeing Hakura DIH upon seeing the charging Mizik. Hakura is promptly trampled.

"Owwww… I didn't realize the third floor halls were a speed limit ninety-five zone…" Hakura groans. Akura pry's her sister off the floor.

"You think she realizes she doesn't have her school stuff?" Akura asks. She promptly pushes Hakura out of the way before diving out of the way again.

"Sorry!" Mizik yells as she runs down the hall yet again. Mizik takes a flying leap down the stairs. She lands safely and grabs the second floor railing and flips onto it before grinding down it. She lands again and grimaces. Standing before her is a rather ticked off Phantom. "Me-oh…"

"Really sweetie? I don't mind you tearing around the house. I don't mind you trampling Akura and Hakura. That's you're mothers problem. I don't mind you running through the wall. I do mind you using grind shoes upon the wood finish." Phantom sighs.

"Well… Wait, I ran through a wall?" Mizik asks.

"You didn't use the door when you left your room." Phantom sighs as he looks at his daughter. "Oh… You aren't wearing grind shoes right now."

"Yeah. Uniform code does not allow female students to wear grind shoes. Excuse me father but I'm running late." Mizik says as she steps out the door and takes off running. Phantom cringes upon hearing a thunk. Two minutes later Stella limps into the room.

"She isn't always in this much of a rush is she?" Stella asks.

"No. Your sisters in the study." Phantom says. Stella nods before walking up the stairs.


Mizik skids to a stop before using the momentum to the clear the corner running. She yelps upon running into Mist.

"…Ow… Must you always run late?"


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Well it's fun.