The castle sat upon a large hill in the village, its many steeples and pillars cutting the sky. It had an ominous air about it, thick and heavy. European style mansions were rare in japan, rarer still in isolated villages. Of course this was the cause of much gossip and debate amoung the villagers.

"why would someone move there?" "What would posses someone to build something like that in a small place like this?" the many voices and the many questions they asked never ceased. Finally the day came for the people to move into the house, and the village was curious as ever.

The doors to the mansion opened. The two teens standing across from them were lost in curiosity. Even the gates on the mansion were sinister, big and red, curled unnaturaly and adorned with golden plating and decorations, like the gates to fancy hell. Finnaly an eloquent looking man and his servant came to the front of the gate.

"My my! is your girlfriend hurt sir? I could hear her shouts even from inside these walls." said the man. Megumi had stars in her eyes at the sound of that comment. not only was she meeting the man who owned the castle she so adored, but he acknowledged the truth of her affections as well.

"She-shes not my girlfriend, we just decided to look at the mansion when we heard that the owners moved in today, and she fell so i helped her up!" Natsuno was sweating solid gold bullets, and Megumi looked dissapointed when he said that.

There was a short pause and the man finnaly said" I'm terribly sorry for assuming something different, but it is quite amiable of you to help a young girl in need... She lookes a bit scoffed" the man noticed a small cut on Megumi's knee "If you so desire you may come in to my home, i would have my servant here patch you up. Hahaha" The man had a hearty you would expect someone of wealth to own.

"i didn't catch your name." Natsuno said, he had a cautious look on his face, in the city people would not invite others in so readily. He was slightly taken back but decided to shrug it off against his better nature.

"Ah yes, my name is Seshiro Kirashiki, the blue haired man next to me is my servant tatsumi".

"how ya doin?" Tatsumi asked in an overly friendly way.

"Wow! We would so love to come in and look at suck a beautiful mansion!" Megumi was exstatic! SHe had always loved that place ever since it was built, but never in her wildest dreams did she think she would get to go inside "Come on Yuuki!"

"But i-i. sure...whatever. hehe" Natsuno laughed nervosly. He was reluctant to go into the home of a man he just met, but Megumi's cheerful presence put him at ease. So Sehiro led them inside.

The group walked down a long hallway, the walls were a clean white, with the same gold style ornamenting that was on the gate. The walls were occasionaly interrupted by an entrance to another section of the home, or the odd column. They were at last let into a foyer room with a small table and a few seats.

"Well you two, have a seat. Tatsumi, fetch us some tea and a bandage for the young lady here."

"right away sir!" tatsumi answered in the same overly friendly fashion

"So, is it just you and tatsumi here? This seems like an awfully big place for just one man." Natsuno asked, he was still very nervous.

"My, heavens no, I have a wife and a daughter. They have a rare medical condition where they aren't supposed to go out during the day, so they are asleep right now!" Seshiro seemed to look to tatsumi for least Natsuno thought so, but it was a fleeting look so he could not be sure. Megumi didn't notice, she was totaly oblivious, there were far to many distractions for her, she was sitting next to the object of her affection, in the house of her dreams, she may as well have been foaming at the mouth and passing out, she was so excited.

"So young man, why are you in your school clothes today? you must be quite estudious"

"Yeah Yuuki! What's up with that?"

"...i forgot it was sunday today..."

"hahahaha! the other two laughed in unison"

"Why did your family move to a poe-dunk town like this?" megumi asked, slightly irrataed

"My family loved the scenery, and we found quite the deal for the land here."

"Ha!" Natsuno laughed triumphantly at Megumi

The three kept up the conversation for a long while

a few hours later

"Well it is getting late, Shimizu and i had better get out of here." Natsuno said, the sun was setting in the sky "I'm sure our parents are worried about us!"

"Aw i don't care about them Yuuki, I want to stay a bit longer!" Megumi pleaded

"Why my family should be able to come out now, You Simply must meet them before you go!" Seshiro seemed to put importance on that. "Ah here they come now!" A tall beautiful woman and a little girl walked into the room. They had pale skin and dark eyes...Natsuno thought something was just a bit off about them.

"This is my wife, Chizuru, and my daughter Sunako!" Seshiro introduced them excitedly

"How do you do?" the little girl asked politely to Natsuno

"We do ok" Natsuno said back...still put off by the little girl

"Oh my gosh! You are simply the most beautiful girl i have ever to me of course! Hahaha!" The woman took Megumi's hand and held it close. "What beautiful nails, you just HAVE to tell me who does them for you"

"Oh wow! do you think so?!" Megumi was drowning in pleasure from the Woman's compliments. Sunako moved closer to Natsuno. The woman was about to kiss Megumi's hand, but Natsuno noticed something strange...

"Are those...Fangs?!" without thinking Natsuno closed the gap and grabbed Megumi's hand away, and he said whatever he could to come up with to form an excuse to leave. "Yeah! my girlfriend is really pretty isn't she! That is why i love her so much. Hehe. heh. hahahaha!" Natsuno laughed like a nervous madman. "Hey Megumi, we should really get out of here, we don't want to smother these nice people with our love! Hahahahaha!"

"Yuuki...loves me?! Oooh hooohooo hehehehe" Megumi giggled like a little girl "Whatever you say Yuuki!" She was swooning at that point still totaly oblivious to what was happening, and to Natsunos facade.

"Oh my, you simply must stay for a few more minutes" the woman said

"But we really have to go" Natsuno stuttered, and backed away, faking a freindly smile

"Oh please!" Sunako asked, her eyes pleading, advancing towards him

"Our parents will be worried, they might think Megumi and I are up to no good!"

"We can call them for you young man, We will be sure to let them know you are not up to anything...of ill repute." Seshiro said

"That is real nice of you and all, but i have to study! so i should walk Megumi home."

Seshiro seemed to grow dissapointed "Well, if you must go you must go. but please let us return the favor of your visit, may we come by your home sometime?"

"you will have to meet me at the door. I'm not sure how my dad would feel about inviting people to our home, though im sure he would like the company" Natsunos heart was pounding out of his chest.

Seshiro had to hold back an irritated grunt."well at least let tatsumi see you out"

"Thats allright, hah...we can find our way out"

Natsuno grabbed Megumi and nearly flew out of the mansion

"I am so glad we got out of there!" he panted at megumi on the path to her home

"Why Yuuki, they seemed like such nice people. Why do you look so scared for?" Megumi looked very concerned for Natsuno

Natsuno had to think of a believable lie " I-I just felt so embarrased talking with such affluent people...especialy in my school clothes. hahaha." natsuno hoped desperately that she would fall for the lie.

"Aww, Yuuki, you 're so cute! I thought you looked totaly cool in that place. There was no need to feel embarassed, I'm sorry if i made you feel like that"

"phew" Natsuno sighed in relief. the two finnaly arrived at Megumi's house. Natsuno said good night to Megumi "Oh, hey shimizu, if you ever plan to go to that house again be absolutely sure you tell me, i would want to try another visit with less just have to tell me...don't go without me! and be careful!" Natsuno nearly yelled that out

"I-I Um ok! good night Yuuki...i mean Natsuno! hehehe!" she giggled like a little girl again and went inside

As Natsuno was walking home he started to think "Were those really fangs?...why were they so pushy to keep us there a few more minutes...why did that little girl keep getting so close to me...Oh shit..." Natsuno remembered the lie he said to Megumi when he was trying to haul ass out of the mansion "Oooh shit...OH SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! What am i gonna do now! Megumi thinks i like her...What the hell am i gonna do? How could i possibly cover for this...GOD DAMMMIT!" Natsuno slammed his fist into a wall. He reluctantly walked home, unable to take his mind off of the incident that happened today.


"do you think he noticed my fangs, when i was about to bite that girl? he seemed to get antsy when i held her hand, and he moved to her side just as you were about to bite him, Sunako. and the way he dodged the wuestion when we asked for an invitation into thier you think that boy has any idea what is going on?" chizuru was nervous, and bit her fingernail.

"hmm... He could just be a nervous boy with his girlfriend...he was wearing school clothes so he might have felt embarrased...Tatsumi!"

"Yes ma'am?"

"I want you to spy on them for a few days, and bite them if you can... See just how much they have gleaned...This puts a stall on my plan... I was planning on feeding on them right then and turning them both." Sunako had an irritated look on her face

"I will be sure to live up to your expectations milady!" Tatsiumi looked friendly as ever...but with a sadistic grin on his face this time

" If i recall sunako, the boy vehemently denied the relationship when i first laid eyes on them" Seshiro had a confused look on his face

"Now that is Curious..." Sunako sent tatsumi out and set out for the woods in the mountains..