Chapter 5: Angels, Prison, and Painkillers

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Part 1 and 2: In the White Light/Dirty Duty

Lynne was a frightening devil. Not only was she the younger sister of the King of Gehenna, Satan, she was a leading member of a large cult. The Angels of Eridu, an ancient cult based on a twisted version of the popular human religion called Judaism.

Lynne stood in the communal bath, attempting to wrap her opaque black veil around her head. In The Family, everyone wore similar black tunics and veils. Man or woman; demon or human. Rank in The Family was distinguished by the colour of beads around the neck. Black denoted new or troublesome members, also known as the black-hearted. White represented the saved, such as the Earth Father and his disciples. Different shades of grey were somewhere in between.

Lynne toyed with her off-white beads. She was one step away from true purity and eternal salvation. Lynne knew the reasons why she had not achieved salvation in her thousand years of service in the name of the Lord.

One reason was her sinful brother.

"Lailah," The Earth Father called her holy name, "The service is about to start. What are you doing?"

"I'm on my way," She stood and turned towards the door. She took a glance at her reflection in the water on her way out.

That another reason she had not yet reached salvation. In her previous life, she lived as a sinful vain devil. She would stare in the mirror while her servants pleated her hair and tied bright gold ribbons into braids, admiring her reflection. Her lips stained with red would form a smile as she looked into her own flame blue eyes.

"Lynne!" the 14 year old's older brother knocked on the door, "Hurry up! You'll miss the ceremony."

The teen flipped her long black hair out of her face and teased, "Who cares? It's just your stupid coronation, it's not like it's important or anything."

She remembered the awe in the commoners' eyes as they watched their princess travel through town in her palanquin. Alongside her ivory skin, her long black hair was her crowning glory, causing many peasant women to dye theirs black, although the indigo dyed hair paled in comparison to the real deal.

Lynne waved at the people and smiled from inside the palanquin. She sat next to her brother, who had just been crowned Imperator Reye, king of all the Allied Kingdoms. Her older brother was now the most important man in all Gehenna and that saddened her.

"Why do you of all people have to be Emperor? Couldn't older sister do it?"

"Lucretia can't deal with stress and she'd much rather freely travel the world than be tied down to the capital."

"You don't sound too happy about this…"


"Satan," She turned to face him, blue stared into familiar blue, "Why would you do this? Didn't you want to be a playwright?"

"I did indeed, but we both know that older sister couldn't do it and I just happened to be the only one left."

"Why did mom have to die…? Now we won't get to talk anymore."

"That's not true. I'll always make time for you. After all, mother always made time for family when she was alive. I'll always make time for you."

He didn't.

Lynne remembered the cheering of the crowds. Mobs of men praising the young princess and the new emperor. She remembered the many love notes thrown at the siblings.

Satan laughed as he collected a huge stack of letters with his little sister's name on it, "The people love you, Lynne. I might have to cremate some of these guys."

She pouted and crossed her arms, the sleeves of her black silk dress rustling, "They don't know me."

"True. But what they do know is that you're not fake. They may not see all of you, but they definitely see your beauty, grace, and cheerfulness," He complimented, "Just seeing your smile drives the people crazy."

"Don't forget about you. You're so calm and collected all the time! The girls love mystique. Not to mention that you're not ugly or a terrible person."


Lynne frowned. Who knew that her dear brother would become the worst person in all the worlds?

She had finally made it to the chapel and made her way to the stage.

She cleared her throat and adjusted her veil. Grasping her beads she muttered, "Blessed be the mighty Sky Father and our humble Earth Father. May their teachings guide our hearts always. Let us not give in to the temptation of the outside world.

"In the sinful outside world there is no family, but here we are one family. In the sinful world, there is hatred… here there is only love. In the sinful world, there is no modesty, no humility, and no grace! Only shame! Only evil!

"And the cause of this evil… Is Satan, the sinful king of the damned. This beast has gone too far in these past few months. He has killed innocent children for being a different race, killed countless people in an arson, banished his own daughter to Hel, and he killed two human exorcists named Kanae Sugase and Hideki Akamatsu and kidnapped and abused the third, Yuri Egin.

"Our mission will be to rescue the captured human and bring an end to Satan once and for all. After he is dealt with, the Earth Father shall rule this world as God's medium!"

The crowd cheered as Lynne stepped back from the podium and headed for the Earth Father's temple. The Earth Father prayed day after day for an end to the horrors of the outside world and salvation for all the Angels. At least that's what he told the others.

"Earth Father, I have told them what they needed to know."

He smirked, "Good. Now go to the capital and make sure everything is in place."

Lynne nodded her head and headed out.

Part 3: It's a Glass Cage

Beelzebub stood in front of a rusted industrial iron door. She could feel the heat radiating from some point beyond the door and she was reluctant to open it.

A large guard grabbed her arm and grunted, "Come on, what are ya waiting for? I don't got all day."

"Get your hands off of me," the shortest Demon King pouted, "Don't make me tell Daddy…"

The guard laughed, "Yer 'Daddy' was the one who sent ya here, what makes ya think he cares?"

The girl's antennae visibly drooped at the thought that her daddy hated her, or worse, that he didn't care about her anymore. Would her father really hate her, his only daughter and youngest child? Her daddy would come and get her once he calmed down. Her big brothers would definitely convince their daddy to let her go.

The guard dragged the Gothic Lolita girl to her cell by her pigtails.

"Kimoi!" She squealed. He was touching her hair with his gross prison guard hands!

On a brighter note, it seemed that her daddy had thought of her after all, seeing as the bar-less "cell" was triple the size of the others and had a private bathroom, a bed, and air conditioning.

"Sugoi!" She giggled. She may be in prison, but she could manage. She sat down on the king sized bed and kicked her feet back and forth. She got up and examined the bathroom. She tinkered with the AC. However, she soon found out what her true punishment was.

She was bored.

"Ugh… I've never been this bored in my life!" the princess complained. The only thing she hated more than boredom was pesticides. She looked in the corners of the room for seltas larvae, Indus worms, Awahondo, chuchi, anything she could befriend. But she soon found that there was absolutely no one in that room except her.

She pouted. Bugs were always there for her. Even when her brothers weren't there, even when her daddy wasn't there, bugs always were.

The year was 3004 Year of Our Lady Gehenne, or 1838 by the Gregorian calendar.

A group of exorcists stood next to a group of horses. They had travelled far to exorcise a giant Chuchi and their horses needed a rest. A monk like exorcist searched the area for demons. Upon finding none, he set up a strong barrier around the camp.

Suddenly the man heard a squeak. He turned his head back to see a young girl with antennae swaying on her head and comically small insect wings on her revealed back.

She gripped the large, ruffled skirt of her black dress with her head down. The dress, quite immodest at the time, was sleeveless and went down to her knees. She wore black knit silk stockings and some form of early arm warmer made from the same material. It was quite the unusual outfit in the liberal Gehenna, let alone Assiah. The girl let out another squeak and attempted to run away from the man, but was quickly met with an anti-demon barrier.

"Ohhh nooo~" She whined, "I wanna go home…"

An exorcist with a sword approached the young she devil and held out his sword, "Die, demonic harlot!"

"W-what? No, don't hurt me please," She cried, "I just wanna go home."

"Lies!" the swordsman shouted.

"Indeed," said the monk, "I do not believe it to be coincidence that we found an insect demon on our quest to exorcise an insect demon. Either there is a serious plague or it is the true form of the giant Chuchi."

"W-what?!" Beelzebub stuttered, "No, I'm just lost. I need to find my big brothers."

"It just said that it will bring more demons! We must slay it now!" Said the swordsman.

The aria began chanting a curse, "Comprimendan bestia a nequaquam contamina ese sancta terra."

The young girl was tied in holy silver chains, burning her exposed skin and keeping her still so the knight could finish her off. She felt the sword pierce through her abdomen and warm blood soaked her clothes. The wound closed up due to her demonic healing, but as soon as it did, the knight stabbed her again. She felt herself getting weaker and weaker as she lost more blood.

"Help!" She cried. She was always the helpless princess. Her brothers or father would always deal with things for her and she had never learned how to defend herself. Now she could see the problem with letting others do everything for her.

Suddenly, as if they heard the cries of their Queen, two giant demon mantises emerged from the sky, their dark insect wings flittering. They lunged at the exorcists, holding them still with their forearms, ripping them apart and freeing their master.

Beelzebub looked on at the scene and watched while the Mantises ate the exorcists' heads. It was a truly terrifying sight.

And she loved it.

As she fell to the ground from blood loss, she realized that she had discovered her talent. Unlike most of her family, she couldn't make anything out of thin air. Instead, the bugs had to be around to answer her calls. Maybe she wasn't as useful as Egyn with his water manipulation or Lucifer with his blinding light, but now she wasn't as helpless.

Anyone who said otherwise would be fed to her twin Mantises.

It was truly depressing that in the prison cell she could not summon her mantises or any other bugs. If only her father hadn't made her get rid of her head lice! She fidgeted with the ribbons in her hair as she sighed. Perhaps, it was an oopsie to hurt her father's human. But she really didn't think that his human would be so fragile! She was only playing with it. If she had meant to hurt it she would have summoned her friends.

She thought that the human was bad for her father so she didn't particularly feel bad about harming the human, but she felt terrible that her father disapproved of her. What if he hated her?

She stood and walked to the wooden door and called out, "Can I call my daddy? I need to say I'm sorry. Please? ~~~ "

The guard opened the cell door and walked her to the phone.

"There are bugs here," she smirked. It seemed that her cell was the only place without her friends. Now was her time to strike. With a move of her hand, a swarm of chuchi attacked the guards. The girl ran as fast as she could towards the exit.

She was going to find her daddy and apologise.

Part 4 and 5: The Dark and Never Ending Sea/Tales from the Inverted Womb

Satan sat in the hospital with his human, Yuri. The doctors said that she would have to stay there for around a week so they could continue monitoring her.

Yuri was high on painkillers and was mumbling the strangest things.

"Satan you should totally meet my best friend. His name is Shiro-kun~! And he's the paladin or something. Oh, wait. You're Satan. Maybe you shouldn't meet him."

"I would prefer not to meet him."

"Huh? Why? Is it because his name is Shiro!? What do you have against people named Shiro?!"

Satan sighed, "No. It's because he's an exorcist."

"Oh… Sing me a song, pwease darling?"


"Whyyyy? I dunneven care if you can't sing," she slurred.

"I can sing. But I would prefer not to."

"Why?" she asked, her eyes wide with childish curiosity.


"Pwease, darling, pwease?"

"Fine. However, I don't know any human songs so you will have to deal with whatever I desire to sing. Understood?"


"And it counts as a favour."


Satan smirked, singing a short song was well worth being one step closer to killing his favourite human. He wondered what song to sing, but eventually decided that he would just sing Japanese version of the first song from the musical he wrote as a teen. He sang quietly to not disturb the other patients.

"O Despair,

Please, don't follow me there,

Let me breathe freely for once in this life.

In this dark and never ending sea,

I have found a light.

My lover, she waits for me.

O Despair,

Can we not be spared?

Let me breathe freely for once in this life.

In this dark and never ending sea,

My light turned to night.

My lover, she's left without me.

O Despair,

Please accompany me,

Take the wind out of me-

Take the breath out of me-

Take the life out of me.

In this dark and never ending sea,

I will find my light

My lover she waves to me."

Yuri clapped quietly, so as to not disturb the other patients, "That was depressing, but really good! Is the song some old folk song or something?"

"No… I wrote it when I was much younger."

"Really? Why don't you write music anymore?"

"I… don't have time," He said gloomily. If his life were in his hands, he'd write music for millennia.

"Oh…" Yuri seemed to notice his unwillingness to talk about the subject.


Attempting to change the subject, the human asked, "So, how was your childhood?"

"…Okay, I guess."


"I had a mother and siblings. I wasn't poor. I never got any serious illnesses, although I was prone to catching the stomach flu once a year. I had an education," He said. Unhidden sorrow was in his tone and his human noticed it.

"You don't seem too happy."

"My mother died, leaving me to become ruler of Gehenna and crushing all my dreams. Then my younger sister joined a cult because I didn't pay enough attention to her. Then my older sister blamed me for her life going wrong and the family fell apart."

The black haired demon would never admit it, but it felt good to vent about things. Throughout his life, he'd always buried his problems and regrets in shallow graves and they always came back to haunt him. He wondered if he'd have been happier, more satisfied, with his life if he had someone like his human, someone who he could actually talk to, someone besides his only "friend" Ifrit, all those years ago. Speaking of Ifrit…


The blue-flamed demon's phone rang.

"Hello, Ifrit. Open the Gehenna gate? Now?"

"Satan… I'm hungry."

"Hold on, Yuri, I have to do something for Ifrit." Satan said as he walked out of the hospital room.

Part 6: Fair-weather Friend

The Aladdin, pal dine, paladin or whatever stood across from the drug dealer. They were the only ones in the room, but Ifrit probably couldn't take the top exorcist in a fight. Not to mention he was tied to a chair, surrounded by holy demon slaying weapons.

"What do ya want now, exorcist?" Ifrit asked.

"Tell me what you're doing here," the human said as he inhaled cigarette smoke.

"Nothing illegal. Nope," lying was his passion.

"Look," glared the exorcist, "I can kill you if you want, but don't say I didn't give you a chance."

"Ehh, fine. I'll tell you whatever. Just… don't do that killing thing. I've been shot toooo many times this year," Ifrit gave in. He inwardly apologised to all the other Assio-Gehenna drug dealers. And Satan.

"…That was easy," Shiro sighed, "So you were sellin' drugs, why?"

"I dunno, Habit, Money, someone has to amiright?" Ifrit shrugged, the chains scraping his skin.

"Okay… why Assiah? Why not Gehenna?"

"One: it's safer since human police can't do shit to demons. Two: It's easier to smuggle drugs here. Three: I deal in Gehenna too."

"Who are you possessing?"

"Some guy named Edward from the 17th century."

"Who is your 'bud?' The one you said would kill me."

"Satan," Ifrit said.

Fijimizu's eyes widened as he reached for his sword, "…That Satan?"

"Yep, I'm his best friend. Well, only friend. We're both pretty unlikable dudes."

Suddenly Ifrit found the paladin's holy sword against his neck, "Where is she?"


"Yuri Egin. My best friend."

"Doesn't ring a bell."

"Brown hair. Covered in moles."

"Oh, that bitch? Hah, it would be your type."

"Where is she?" He pressed the blade closer to the demon's neck.


"How do I get to her?"

"Whoah? Are ya crazy? It's Satan's human now. You can't have it."

"What do you mean she's his human?" Fijimizu said as he sheathed the sword.

"I mean, it's his. Satan has a human fetish or watched too many rom coms and decided bestiality was a good idea."

Shiro frowned. Undeterred, he asked, "I see… Now tell me how do I get there?"

"What? Really?... Alright. Just let me get my cell phone and call Satan to get him to open the Gehenna Gate."

The paladin released the demon and handed him the demon's flip phone.

Extra Scene: Lynne's Secret

With permission from the Earth Father, Lynne had entered the capital city. She looked around, making sure no one was watching as she slipped into an arcade. Every time she was allowed to leave, she would come to this arcade and play video games. She quickly spent all her coins. The Earth Father only gave her a few blank one-dollar coins for food, as the paper currency depicted the sinful rulers of the past and false Goddess. Lynne found that she could use her feminine charm to bewitch others. They'd give her anything if she flirted a bit. She saw a beautiful purple haired woman and decided to start a conversation. See if she'd buy the princess dinner. Lynne preferred women over men; she found she could be more genuine. Women just inspired a raw feeling inside of her.

Lynne strutted over to the booth with the woman and asked in a sultry voice, "Would you mind a little company?"

The purple haired woman stared at the 'Angel' in silence, her gaze seeming to linger on her plump breasts and shapely hips.

"A-alright," She blushed.

"I'm Lynne, what's your name, gorgeous?"

"Monday… Umm, Can I get you something to eat?"

"Oh no, I couldn't…" Lynne insisted, finger against her pink parted lips.

"It's okay; I'll buy you whatever you want…" Monday licked her lips, clearly aroused.

"Okay, but…" Lynne stammered. She leaned against Monday's body and stroked her arm, "Maybe we could…hang out after dinner?"

Bingo. Lynne had just scored dinner and desert.

That was her last reason for not attaining salvation. She just couldn't resist the temptation of getting into another woman's panties.

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