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The rain bit into the ground, pounding into it and making grooves as if someone was using a shovel upon the soft ground.

Above the sky rumbled, as if laughing at the pitiful ground, after all, everything that was airborne was superior to the ground.

Those were the thoughts of Stormgrey as she flew through the waves of water pouring out of angry looking clouds. Her wings stretched joyously, trying to gain as much speed she could.

Stormgrey was a dragon, her body made out of armour scale of a deep grey silver, her wings metallic glinting blue and green. Her head held a powerful maw with a crest of beautiful blue green horns. They curved like elephant tusks. She was the size of a school bus, her tail twice that.

Her golden blue eyes scanned the ground, searching for signs of life, anything to make her night even more exciting. But out here; a large valley surrounded by plunging cliffs, one holding a beautiful waterfall that fell gracefully into a small lake, there was no sign of anything. Off the lake a creek split off and ran towards the other side, eventually meeting a large hole in the ground, it fell deep into the earth and had many rock hangings and was littered with caves. It was Stormgrey's home, and where the rest of her clan took shelter from Talon.

Talon, the thought sent a rush of anger through Stormgrey, her lips falling away to reveal razor sharp teeth as she snarled. They were the opposite of her clan, controlling, wanting to destroy everything, and using the young to achieve their goals after brainwashing them. Talon was who Stormgrey had run away from when she was young. When they were trying to assimilate her into human society, then train her to be a Komodo, one of the elite warrior's of their species. But she had rebelled when they had told her to burn a town to cinders.

She had flown away, being followed by Elite Vipers, until Justice had found her. He had led her to this hidden valley. Justice was what they called an Old Soul. A young dragon with the soul of a Great Wyrm within, and because of that he was extremely powerful.

Stormgrey snorted, flying to the outskirts of the valley, where she felt eyes on her, dragons in human forms, watching. She nodded to them.

Flapping her wings in a powerful beat she ascended up the drenched cliff, spiralling gracefully. Scrapping her claws against the stone. A slap of lightning hit down near where she was flying, she snapped at it, feeling the power course through her body. There was a reason she was called Stormgrey. She roared back at the thunder, relishing in the flight, as she rose above the cliffs and hung there, suspended by spread wings, she watched the world around her, sensitive eye's taking in every detail. They were all familiar to her, as she had spent years of storms flying over the cliff, but never once leaving it's shelter in this form.

The yearning beat of excitement coursed through her veins, egging her to go. But she resisted, instead she let her wings fold to her body, and she fell. Plummeting down at high speed she almost stuck out her tongue from the thrill. But then someone got in her way.

A dark blue dragon flew across her path, and Stormgrey didn't expect it, she had done this for every storm, over many many years, every dragon here knew to move or get hurt.

This one was obviously dumb. Stormgrey gave a roar of annoyance, igniting her lungs she gushed silver blue fire at the intruder. Fire was of no use against each other, but Stormgrey's was filled with lightning energy, and it gave the blue dragon quite the shock. His wings bunched up and he tumbled out of the sky, wings twisting and turning.

Stormgrey gave a huff of annoyance, following the dragon down she hovered above where he had fell to.

The wet muddy ground had a huge grove where the blue dragon had fallen into, and Stormgrey could barely perceive his colour any more. She fluttered her wings, giving a snort of annoyance when she noticed that a tree had been destroyed.

The blue muddy dragon rose groggily from the mud, "Attackers!" He tried valiantly to call out, he was a mere hatchling and Stormgrey almost felt bad about hitting him out of the sky, almost.

"Hmm? Attackers, where?" She asked, still hovering, her tail tip touching the ground lightly.

The blue dragon blinked, finally recognised her and started to try and charge her.

Stormgrey beat her wings in a different motion, flying backwards, "Not going to work, your wings are bunched up, you wont be able to take flight for an hour or so." She said merrily.

"Talon Scum!" The blue dragon roared, then he shot a pillar of fire into the air, it only reached as high at Stormgrey. He started calling out for help.

They was the rustle of wings and another blue dragon appeared, this one was sky blue and had golden horns on it's crest, "What's the matter Stormgrey?"

"Skyblu! She's an attacker!" The little dragon cried out desperately, "Wait... Stormgrey?"

"False alarm I take it." Skyblu murmured quietly to Stormgrey, who nodded.

"He got in my way as I was doing my dive, so I shot him down." Stormgrey answered loudly.

"Who shoots down someone for getting in the way of their dive." The blue dragon asked.

"Stormgrey does." "Me."

The two older dragons looked at each other and laughed.

"Who are you anyway?" Stormgrey asked.

"Cliff. I'm new." The young one answered, puffing out his chest.

Skyblu and Stormgrey beat their wings at the same time, and silence followed.

Then Stormgrey glanced to Skyblu, "I will be off, need to re-do that dive." Then she shot upwards, towards the cliff again.

Stormgrey chuckled at the mockery of the situation, she was flying up a cliff, to get away from a Cliff.

Then she pushed all thoughts aside and flew with the wind.

"You shot him out of the sky." Was what Justice had to say when she got back to the huge hole that was their home.

Stormgrey gave him a withering look, but the golden scaled elder ignored it.

"He's new. You probably could sense that, yet you shot him down." He grinded out, wise green eyes not impressed.

Stormgrey shrugged, "I just taught him a lesson, now he will never, ever fly across me again."

Another strained look, "Stormgrey."

"Yes?" She asked, cocking her head.

"What is the Motto of the Saphiriz?" Justice asked, turning away and walking towards the main hall, which was built inside of the hole and could even fit a huge dragon like him. Justice was massive, the size of a house, and dwarfed Stormgrey, his tail slid across the ground, twitching in annoyance. He was her age, seventy six, yet was so big, and powerful.

"We Are One." Stormgrey stated.

"Yet you decided to shoot down a youngling, is that not being selfish?" Justice asked, not even glancing back at her.

Stormgrey glanced at the ground, "I guess I acted before thinking."

"You do that very often." He stated, then he sighed stopping in the middle of the hall. It spanned twice as high as he was, and almost four times as wide, and six times as long. It was just a dug out space, but was where most meetings among the clan were held, "Do you know why I brought you here?"

"We need more supplies?" Stormgrey answered.

He didn't seem surprised that she had guessed correctly, "Your the best at fitting in with the humans."

"I'll head out in a minute, the storm should be able to give me enough cover to leave, but I will need to come back at night. As usual. You have the list ready?"

"Of course." He nodded to a piece of parchment lying on a small stone table that seemed to be made into the ground. Stormgrey closed her eyes, wincing as pain flashed through her as she shifted into her human form. She disliked the feeling, the loss of the dragon that dominated her so much. When she finished the shift she was just an ordinary beautiful girl, with long flowing golden brown hair and golden blue eyes. Stormgrey wore the garment Talon had given her when she was in training, a black suit that stretched when she shifted. She walked over to the paper, examining it she tucked it into her backpack, which she always carried. Then she shifted back giving a snort she glanced at Justice, "I won't be long."

He nodded, already moving away. Stormgrey took off heading to the side of the cliff with the waterfall. There she met an annoying dragon.

"Hill." She stated simply, landing beside the young dragon.

He bristled, "It's Cliff!"

"What are you doing here?" She asked, ignoring him.

"Justice sent me to come with you. I know how to shift." Cliff said.

"That annoying-" Stormgrey broke off, sighing, "You have to follow my orders, no matter what. You never go back to your dragon form when outside of this valley. Ok? Also my name is Asha."

"My name is-" Cliff started but Stormgrey interrupted.

"Bob." She said, "It's Bob."

"No, it's Ren." He exclaimed angrily.

But Stormgrey ignored him, walking up to the waterfall she stepped through the beautiful crystal clear liquid and into a large tunnel. There, waiting for them, was an old beat up Jeep. It had two seats that were fraying at the edges, and the body was covered in dust. Stormgrey shifted yet again, stretching her human form she grabbed the set of clothes awaiting her and pulled them on over her suit, glancing over to Cliff she gestured to the Jeep, "Well you coming or not Bob?"

"I... I don't have a special suit." He murmured, his blue scales radiating heat.

"If your so embarrassed I will turn away. I had an extra set of boy's clothes in here anyway." Stormgrey nodded, grabbing said attire, jeans and a t-shirt and flung them at Cliff.

He caught them and started to shift, Stormgrey turned away, jumping into the driver's seat and checked the gas. Grabbing the key from her backpack she put it into the ignition and stepped on the clutch, the car started up with a roar. A scrawny boy with mousey brown hair walked over to the passenger side, the clothes she had thrown at him were much too big.

"No wonder you left." Stormgrey stated, shifting the car into gear and revving, she accelerated out of the tunnel, through another waterfall and into the pouring rain.

"What do you mean?" Cliff asked, glancing at Stormgrey.

"They would have sent you to the labs. Your not of good bloodline. Talon, that is." Stormgrey stated, forcing the car up a small hill and onto the bitumen road, no cars were on it and Stormgrey settled back, comfortable. She felt the glare from the young hatchling.

"And I bet you were the perfect prodigy." He replied acidly.

"Yup. Destined to be a Komodo." Stormgrey shrugged, looking over to Cliff she gave him a lopsided grin, "All that training, and here I am, using it against them."

"Komodo. Elite Warrior." Cliff murmured, his stiff shoulder's relaxing somewhat, "And you left that behind. You can't be all bad then."

"Oh, no, I am bad. I dislike humans immensely, but I hate Talon more. Once Talon is gone I might try and destroy the human race." Stormgrey glared at the windscreen.

Cliff didn't say anything, instead she could feel his gaze on her.

"Stop staring at me. We are almost at the town." She gestured to the sign they flew by which indicated that the town was only ten kilometre's away and called, 'Wellington', "Like a pie."

Cliff nodded, "What's it like?"

"A small town, full of small insignificant people."

"Will there be other dragons? Or St. George?"He asked, nervousness tingeing his tone.

"Oh, I bet you there will be some of Talon, if so I get to track them and then kill them." Stormgrey said cheerfully, "But I have never seen a St. George there."

"That's good." Cliff said.

Stormgrey didn't truly believe that he was telling the truth. She smiled slightly, it was nice having a hatchling around. Maybe that's why Justice got him.

The town appeared in front of them the same time the rain stopped, and the clouds started to disperse to reveal stunning blue skies. America was truly beautiful at times, but Stormgrey missed her home country, Australia deeply. She was sick of living in the wilderness and longed to be near the ocean, where the huge storms swelled and where she would dive into the ocean and surf the waves. She had stated this to Justice on many an occasion. By now he just ignored her.

The little town had one main road, a small church, a school and a shopping centre. A pub shone welcoming with bright lights and an open sign, Stormgrey gestured to it, "I need to grab some booze. Stay in the car."

One thing adult dragons loved was alcohol, she didn't fancy it herself, but knew if she brought some back she would be given some nice treasures.

Parking the car she glanced over to a strange black sedan parked outside the church. She had been to this town many times before, but had never seen that car before. She passed it off as traveller's and walked into the bar. The barman instantly recognised her, "Asha! Here to grab some more?"

"Of course. Only place that sells this stuff." Stormgrey ground out, annoyed at the friendliness of the barman, she had forgotten his name again.

He nodded, reaching into his store room he grabbed a whole carton of wine and beer, and a bottle of whiskey, "Anything else?"

"Yes. Whose black sedan is that?" Stormgrey asked, pointing outside.

"Just a bunch of buffed up dudes, all dressed nicely too. They arrived as the storm rolled in." The barman explained.

Buffed up dudes usually equated to St. George. Though Stormgrey had never encounted any in this town before, "Thanks-" She paused, racking her brain hard, "Alfred."

"A pleasure as always Asha." He tipped his head. But she didn't see that as she walked outside, lugging the booze into the Jeep.

"The black sedan owners are heading to the supermarket." Cliff stated.

Stormgrey glanced up, watching two young men walk over the road and to where she was going to go, sighing she jumped into the car, "Can't be helped. Wait. How do you know that they are the owners?"

"I overheard you with Alfred." Cliff shrugged, "I have good hearing."

"That's all? Good hearing. Pfft." She started the car, quelling his retort and driving over to the car-park for the market, "Stay here again."

"What use am I here?"

"A lookout." Stormgrey replied dryly, "I mean a listen-out."

"Ha ha. Your hilarious." Cliff mocked but then gave out a sigh because Stormgrey was already gone.

As she walked inside the cool store Stormgrey felt three sets of eyes on her, two were the young men, and the other was a dragon. A Viper. Stormgrey almost gave out a huff of annoyance. If she was right and the men were St. George, then she was in a bit of a pickle since this dragon was older then her.

She browsed the aisles, grabbing her usual food items and packing them into the trolley. Several times she brushed shoulders with the Viper. She felt the hostility in the males gaze, emerald green eyes glaring holes into her. Stormgrey started to whistle cheerfully as she reached the checkout.

"Ah Asha! How have you been?" An old lady asked as she scanned Stormgrey's items.

"Good. The folks sent me to do the shopping again." She replied, using a twang in her voice to cover her accent, she rolled her eyes, "Do my brothers go through food or what?"

"If they eat as much as you did at the carnival of course they would." The lady said sweetly, laughing.

Stormgrey chuckled, "They eat as if they were to die the next day."

The old lady laughed, scanning the last item she asked for the money then wished Stormgrey a safe journey back to her home.

"You have a nice day Ma'am." Stormgrey tipped her head regally, walking outside to find the wind picking up and another storm rolling in. She sighed, walking to the Jeep and loading it up, she walked up to where Cliff sat with a bored expression on his face.

"Viper." She murmured in his ear, "And maybe some St. George."

He tried to stay composed but his face was terrified, "What are we going to do?"

"I will have to lead them on a merry goose chase, I won't be able to lose the Viper, but I can take him out, easy." Stormgrey cracked her knuckles, gripping the steering wheel she turned the car on and slowly back out, heading in the opposite direction of the valley. She watched as the black sedan followed behind them discretely, "Yup definitely St. George. What the hell are they doing here for?"

Cliff didn't answer instead his hands were white and he was shaking, "What if they catch us. Oh no! I don't know how to fight!"

"But I do. So stop fussing. Remember, perfect one here." Stormgrey grinned at Cliff, who gave her a worried look.

"Are you sure you didn't drink anything."

She gave him an annoyed look, then swung the wheel to the side, cutting into the bushes and leaving the St. George behind. Branches snapped and broke and the car screamed from scratches as they brushed against old pine tree's.

Stormgrey wove through the tree's at speed, looking up at the sky and finding the Viper, "Grab the steering wheel!" She shouted to Cliff, then leaped out of the car, almost slamming into a tree, but she kicked off of it doing a flip she landed on her feet. Instantly Stormgrey started to shift form, snapping tree's in half with her iron strong wings she leapt into the air, flying high into the sky and into the dark clouds of the storm. She found the Viper following Cliff, who had given up on the forest and driven onto the dirt road. Glancing back she found the St. George hot on his toes.

Giving a defiant roar she glared at the Viper, "Fight me! The Storm!"

And the green dragon veered off course to fly towards her.

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