- - - Slight unawareness

North Carolina, USA

Liberator Sports Bar and Grill

July 4th, 2026, 7.30pm

The place were crowded with visitors (mostly military servicemen from Bragg) indulged with drinks, burgers, hot dogs as well News in the TV. Peoples celebrating the Independence day together with friends either civics or military personnel, the chattering voices filled the whole bar with faint voices of the WNM Newscast on the LED TV, "...demonstrating the P-8A Poseidon at Komatsu Airshow, the anti-submarine warfare aircraft bought by japan is also...". One man though...sat alone in table near the exit with head down, elbows sustained his non-energetic body while holding with his right hand a glass of Scotch trying to fend-off the fear he had, he wearing a wool shirt, cargo pants and sneakers all in black. A man in blue formal air force uniform eating a chicken burger just sit on the other side of the table trying to open conversation, "what's the matter, Commander Bishop?", he, Commander William Bishop, recognize the voice and looked to him showing an expression of worry, "General Crenshaw?...are the intel were true?", he paused for seconds thought both of them won't like it but there it is happening "Yeah. Megiddo were behind the Rebel forces in colombia and...I don't know if its true or not, it's also speculated that Blatnoi were involved in this one too". Bishop blowed breath by this, realize the threat were true, present, clear and nearby, all he can do were nodded and then asked "What are you going to do?", "We'll called for that", he just nodded to the HAWX pilot. "Well, "Ace"...for now...enjoy your drinks. You still got the bottle enough for more six glasses to celebrate what visitors here celebrate"

Downtown Bogota, Colombia


"Okay, on position"

An assassin hired by the rebel were lay down on top of a three story building with a PKS-7 attached SV-98 sniper rifle with silencer aimed at an entrance to the hotel, he could clearly see the lobby and the receptionist desk occupied by two (quite pretty) females from his position. 500 feet above his AO (Area of Operation) were a Russian drone Tu-3 Vulture armed with four Kh-25P missiles and two Rocket pods each containing twenty HE Munitions, its accompanied by another Tu-3 armed with two rockets, two guided bombs and two 30mm Gun pods, both drones had their camera focused on the hotel and its surrounding where it could spotted several agencies SUVs patrolling the streets as well bodies of soldiers and secret services lay down at closed positions with no signs of life thanks to the assassin. "The clown and eight merchants were just out from the zoo, stand by for 30 seconds" it was the informant undercover as a visitor sitting in a bar eating a steak. Less than a half minute later..."have a visual. Standing by until the doors slide open". The assassin who just reported readied his finger on the trigger, he'll to kill the president of Colombia right when the door opened which he'll know that the chance of misses were usually severe if he do so when the president just an inch away from his limo that has its back door opened for him. As the hotel doors start to slide open the assassin pulled the trigger, sending the russian 7.62 bullet right to the forehead of the legitimate president of colombia, his bodyguards surprised by it and getting confused with what's going on. The shooter crawled away backward slowly until he can't see the limo which then he crawled hurriedly into downstairs.

2 minutes later

"Engage the drones"

By that, 15 seconds later...the limo exploded, killing ten secret service agents and panicking everyone in the hotel, followed by one SUV exploded in a street, it was the drone that dropped the guided bombs to the limo and the patrol car. The drones pushed down to altitude 7 feet above buildings level and attacking the scattering SUVs around the hotel which ease the shooters escape.

Manaus, Brazil

July 5th 2026, 9.00am

The morning blue skies blanketed the city of Manaus. Streets filled with cars and peoples streaming the walk paths almost everypart of the city, smells of peace were still retained since the Las trinidad attack at 2021. Just then, an explosion occurred above the Amazon river at altitude 6.000 feet, a SAM struck a light airplane that looked to be a recon drone from unknown origin, with this..."Air patrols this is Radar Emmerald, you were to scrambled in yellow condition, launch immediately".

A flight of four Mirage 2000D take-off from the newly built small base six miles south of Manaus. "Jaguar 2-0 to Scion tower, we're heading 3-6-0 angles 3 to first Waypoint, ETA one minute", "affirmative, proceed your mission". their first waypoint were above the city of Manaus which then proceed to Guyana border, venezuela border and then to colombia-peru border before back to scion, they were armed with six R-550 Magic IR missiles and three fuel tanks.


Skies went grayish blue with clouds at 12.000 feet.

Sooner it will be rainy.

"Emmerald to all 1st Air Defense Group, hostile fighters inbound from...wait, Colombia?"

"What? You can't be serious!"

"Radar doesn't lie, I'll transmit the IFF data to you and see it for yourself. Anyway, where's your current position?"

"This is Quox, we're right above Manaus angles 3"

Manaus, Brazil

Angles 3 (Altitude 3.000 Feet)

Three separate formation of bluish and greenish fighters flown northwest at half Mach, there are three Mirage 2000-5Fs in the frontier of these formations armed with six Magic IR missiles and six MICA Active radar guided missiles plus a central Fuel tank.

The Jaguar squadron leader were callsigned Quox, two of his subordinates were called Fenix and Crow Zero. Not far behind it on the left were five F-5Es and another one on the right close to the Mirages were additional two F-5Es that like the other five armed with ten AIM-9Xs, noticeable upgrade is that its use cockpit of F-20 with medium range radar upgrade. "Ground radar Emerald to Quox...twelve heavily armed Kfirs are escorting five separate Tu-95 Bombers towards the city of manaus, the patrol squadrons were shot down by them so you're allowed to engage, ETA to contact is 30 seconds in current speed", "Copy that, Emerald. Fighters...IFF confirmed hostile, ready your weapons". The Mirages thrust to full but non-afterburner power pacing up to contact the trespassers followed by the F-5s, "Pampa 6, Pampa 7, stay close to me and ready to accept any orders at all times" Quox ordered the two F-5 pilots on his right, which by replied the trailing Pampa 7 "Gotcha".

Another seconds later..."There they are, Quox. The escort planes" Fenix saw three Kfirs a miles ahead of a bomber with another three kfirs a mile behind it, the enemies assuming column pattern formation which oddly aren't effective at all with just twelve fighters, nevertheless though..."Roger, Fenix, Crow Zero. Fire Fox Three on the frontier escort". By that the three Mirages make an opening attack by each launching one MICA missiles to their locked-on Kfir, the missiles traveled for fifteen seconds to the frontier escort planes, all three missiles streak into the Kfirs intake and impact the turbine inside which then entirely destroyed the aircraft. The three Jaguars then break formation and widen the gap from each other, the seven Tiger IIs engage full afterburner after the Bombers, "Pampa team, go after the bombers. All Jaguar planes, provide Long range attack", "Long range attack?", "Well, I admit you got huge guts and experience, but you need to let them gain combat experience as well. We're one force, okay?" Quox reassured Fenix who is happened to be his 2IC (2nd in Command).

The Pampas engage the enemies head on, all of them launch one Sidewinders to whatever they're locked-on, Tiger no. 6 and no. 7 were concentrating on targeting the Bear bombers while the others concentrating on the Kfirs that armed with four Python IR Missiles. No. 6 destroyed the Lead bomber by intentionally launched his Sidewinder right onto the bombers cockpit, the avionics in both the seven F-5s (including the Mirages) and the missiles allowed the shooter to steer the missile manually to the desired direction if certain adjustment were conducted at anytime needed, which prove to be effective as he witnessed his missile penetrate the armored windshield, exploded inside the cockpit as it smashed the door to the cabin and shattered the fuselage onto two parts before he and 7 passed the falling wreckages head on. The rest who handling the Kfirs didn't switch to the same mode to 6 and 7s plane as they would having a hard time steering the missile in the midst of the battle, they using the normal heatseeking mode to let the missile went to its prey even if the shooter don't looked or steered his plane to the intended target, also thanks to its computerized automatic thrust and control system, it also had a good maneuverability and could keep chasing its prey until its run out of fuel (approx. 2 minutes). The mission wrapped fast as the escort chasers takedown the 8th Kfir and Pampa 7 shot down the 2nd bomber at the same time his upper subordinate take out the 3rd using the same tactic he just done, just then "Emerald radar to all fighters be heads up, second wave of enemy fighters inbound from the same vector"

Quox sighed by this "Okay. Fenix, you got what you want. Crow Zero, assist my friend here, got me?", the two mirages who circled at 3 miles northwest from the city limit break away from their flight lead, the two heading to 11 o'clock in Mach 1 to intercept the newcoming enemies, "Radar, what's the count on the enemies?" Crow Zero asked, "You got eight Kfirs with two more Tu-95s", Crow Zero then remembered Fenixes disappointment about to provide long range covers, he then checked his armament list to found two more MICA Active radar missiles with six Magic missiles not yet used before intentionally said "Okay, I'm going for the bombers", he looked to Fenix plane on his left to found same six Magics and three MICAs left at his disposal, the arrogant ace just looked forward waiting for his prey to get within visual range. Crow switch to his MICAs and scanned the airspace ahead which with no time at all he got a lock-on on one Kfir. He switched target two time until he got a Tu-95 locked on, "Here I go, Fox Three!" Crow pressed the trigger which then sent one MICA to travel about 13 seconds to the trailing Bear bombers, Fenix fired Fox Three sequentially twice to the front escorting Kfirs, "Pampa 7 here, Bombers has been decimated as well as the twelve Kfirs. Pampa 6 got three bombers and one Kfir while I got two bombers only".

A seconds later after the comms were one of the incoming bombers got its entire left wing and half of the fuselage ripped apart by a MICA missile, a stray fireball from the missile went to the three escort fighters behind the bombers but all were evaded the fireball, followed by the two Kfirs in the front row tumbled down. Three escorts break formation went after the two Brazilian Mirages leaving the other three guarding the bombers, this tempted Fenix, he always wanted a challenge everytime he went for a mission, he never thinking about share some targets for the others, all he ever think was to shot down as many fighters as he could, an attitude recognized by Quox for very long time. "I'm breaking formation" Crow Zero said before he maneuvered his plane rightside away from Fenix, suddenly Zero got his cockpit blared with tone indicating he's being painted by hostile radar which turns out to be from one Kfir approaching him, he thought it might better to avoid engagement with his pursuer and let his arrogant 2IC handled all fighters despite suddenly he's warned by Quox to engage one who engaged him, he just silent, Quox know what really behind his silence but he just quite and keep this cold atmosphered team work going. "Crow Zero, fire Fox Three!" He fired the last MICA within the Sidewinder firing range, it reach its prey in 3 seconds smashed the bomb bay doors and shattered the Soviet built turboprop bomber to four parts ie. Front section fuselage where cabin connected to the cockpit, rear section where cabin to the rear gunner cockpit is connected and two main wings with each have two Engines still attached to it.

Crow circled around the falling wreckages confirming kills regardless the three remaining bandits scattered after him, just then..an alarm indicating he's locked by hostile missile, he checked his radar to found who tracked him which much to his surprise..."Fenix, what are you doing?", instead get a respond from Fenix he saw four trailing white smokes from his 11 o'clock getting to him and the three remaining Kfirs above Zero, the alarm stop ringing in his cockpit but he can still see the missile still coming to him which forced him to Push the throttle to full AB (Afterburner) straightward (south) avoiding the Magic IR Missile which luckily as he wished it missed him, the three Kfirs though...they're entirely destroyed. Then the warning blared again, still coming from Fenixes radar lock, "Blue on Blue! Repeat, Cease fire, Its your friend here you're after!" Zero yelled to no avail, the alarm still ringed which in this circumstances angered Crow Zero "Fine, you fired your missile again to me..you got your fight!", "That's what I'm after" the only reply Quoxes 2IC give, a cold voiced reply. Skies getting grayish and faint sound of thunder can be heard, when Zero steered his plane left towards his 2IC jets, he got feelings like time getting slowed down since Fenix finally replied his Comms, "Fenix, Crow Zero, Knock it off! Knock it off!" Quox tries to stop the personal fights were no avail at all, "Dammit, Fenix, Zero. I said Knock It Off! That's an Order!" Still no avail, instead Fenix launched his fifth Magic to Crow Zeros aircraft which thankfully for Crow its missed when he pitch up his plane 60 degrees with afterburner lit up. He then rolled his plane 180 degrees rightside, and readied his Magic missile. "Pampa 7 here, we're approaching Fenixs position" Pampa 7 and Pampa 6 and the other five trailed Quox aircraft trying to cease the fight, no. 6 got six Sidewinders left while 7 still had eight, Quox has used five MICAs against the first wave attack with six Magics still unused. "Seems messy up there Quox, I'll dispatch another two Mirages from Scion to Fenix and Crows location just in case" Ground radar Emerald appraised him.

Rain finally fallen lightly

"I'm too good for you to up against, it's never been a fortunate for you at all since we first meet during Las Trinidad attack back then" Fenix said trying to demoralize his (ex) subordinate which to no avail Crow replied playfully "aww...how cute!"

The battle has rapidly intensified between Crow Zero and Fenix with both shooting each other with Guns head on, Quox and the others has near the battle, they could see bullet tracers shoot from nowhere in the skies, yet the clouds spilled the land with rain has appeared at angles 7 which 3 angles above the altitude of the two fighting airmen. As they getting closer to the battle they can see visually Fenix chased Crow Zero that unexpectedly just dead head three miles at high speed, Fenix intentionally fired his last Magic to his flight lead before quickly switch to fired his Guns to Zero, "Break! Break!" Quox yelled to his trailers, he jink left in reflex and luckily missed the missile that unfortunately instead ripped no. 6s rear part of the fuselage, "Pampa 6 is Down!" 7 exclaimed, the engines tumbled out from its place, the plane slowly going down to the jungle of amazon where surely life taking animals filled almost every part of the jungle, 6 ejected from his downed plane when right at angles 3 "we need SAR for Pampa 6 here!" Yelled Crow Zero in the midst of the pursuit, he looked behind and he saw Fenix just take down 7s aircraft as it climbed up 80 degrees trying initially get a better view of what's going on, "Pampa 7 here, I can't control it" he said before ejected away from his plane, Crow banked his plane left to see that the ejected seat almost rammed by the Mirages nose, "Whoa...this is too much for make up dream to be a fearsome fighter pilot" Crow getting more angered by this fighting, Quox know it too so he informed the Junior Ace "Yeah I understand your feeling, but you're not to chase him if it ends up outside Brazil", "Of course, sir" Zero replied the casual confirmation of ally turned hostile. The battle ensuing again, Fenix inverted his plane and pitch it 20 degrees downward and went towards Zero again at full speed head on, Zero pitch up 20 degrees head on levelling around. Both were gaped six miles ready their guns for total ablaze, everyone else including Quox circled three miles south from the clash to see what will happened next, Quox have sent a coded message to the remaining F-5s that if Zero lost they're to shot down Fenix.

Zero climbed 5 feet when he reached miles three thinking like he could give little more percentage of survival from the strike although its totally unsure, two miles were quite quick for what everyone can see from distant but not for the clashing duo, typically the adrenaline were intensely felt in this case evidenced by their feeling of time being slowed down, reaching miles two from three felt take about two minutes even at near top speed, so as the now mile one which seconds later when both have their gun piper appeared in Mirages looking glass both set ablaze their machine guns each other, but not for Zero though. He pressed the trigger for about two seconds and climbed up performing Immelman, two bullets went through the two intakes and damaged the engine of Fenixes Mirage 5000-5F whose has none of every bullets spited to Zero hit him, Zero watched Fenix flee north toward Venezuela at high speed in trailing black smoke, "Crow Zero to Quox, what are we going to do with him?" Asked as the junior member form up to his captain, "Urghh..." Everybody looked to his plane still in good shape but the pilot groaned, Zero know the meaning of that Groan...basically he Groaning in stress with what he just saw, "umm...sir...request permission to RTB" again Zero asked to the point, he wished to go rest after what he had done to his upper (ex) subordinate, he wouldn't mind about being thrown out from the force as long as he could avoid doing it again for 2nd time, but..."My God, n-n-negative. You got eight Flankers inbound from Colombia at Mach 2, angles 5", this surprised everyone still airborne there, "Flankers? VZs Su-30 Flankers?" Quox asked, "No...more worse...Black reddish Su-35S Super Flankers with Red stripes and Red star on each wing", this more shocked the brazilian airmen there, they know what the radar operator referring to.

"Russia" Zero said.

17 miles northwest of Manaus

Like what Radar Emerald has reported, the wing formation of eight planes in reddish black, red stripes and red star emblazoned on each main wings dubbed by many people as 'Super Flanker' approached manaus at twice the speed of sound, all were armed with two R-73Es on each wingtips, six R-74EMs placed in Pylon 2 to 4, the rest four pylons were canted with R-77VV-AEs, the lead Flanker had it's wingtips placed with Jammer tube instead two R-73s.

The Flankers getting closer and closer rapidly to where Quox and the rest eight (two just arrived right when Pampas downed) planes flying circle. "Bogeys closing on Manaus twelve Miles and more closing in rapidly", right after the radar control said that...again Zero report he's tracked by hostile radar, this time so as the other eight planes telling what had happened inside. "All planes descend to above tree level, Move it!" Ordered Quox, then an alert indicating an active radar missile were after them mixed with the alarm indicating they're tracked by hostile radar "All planes, switch off your radar!" Again Quox said to the others, they were already flying above the tree level with their radars deactivated, trailing their Lead plane at high speed towards the direction where the enemy attack them. "Such a Bold move you made, Quox" said a man with distinct Russian accent, "You must be that Blatnoi vatos" said Zero, the lead russian plane were right, the brazilian is attempted to attack them from below which in reflex he readied his R-74 aimed to Quox and fired the missile followed by the other seven fired one on the left wingtip to whatever they're locked-on to, Quox and the other Jaguar Mirages fired their Magic missile before break formation avoiding the R-74s which is no avail for the two Jaguars that coming lately, one Mirage have its left wing hit at high speed and ripped it entirely causing the plane to rolled uncontrollable but still had the occupant jettisoned unlike the other two that hit right below the canopy which killed the occupant and obliterate partial of the jet.

None of the missile fired back to the russian planes hit its prey, the green/blue western fighter jets and the reddish black russian jets sprawled the skies above the Negro river with one suddenly and easily F-5 tumbled, this doesn't feared Crow Zero though, he went after any Flankers close to him which suddenly passed him fast from behind at angles 4 which 1 angle above him. He readied his Magic in Normal heatseeking mode and fired it, the french made IR Missile went like a blitz towards its prey that climbed up and deployed the flares which to no avail the missile hit the rear sting of the Flanker which housed the Rear-looking Radar, two Adders tumbled away from the plane which nearly hit the shooters wings, the pilot take the damaged plane to fled northward. Zero doesn't have anytime to celebrate, he then concentrate on looking onto another hostile nearby which without he knowing it...the Flanker with Jamming tubes is right behind him fired the Vympel R-74 to Zero who in reflex pitch down and dropped the centerline fuel tank which miraculously and accidentally struck the incoming missile four inches away behind, he found out when he turned his plane right hard that his plane heavily damaged by the shrapnel from the explosion evidenced by the engine releasing a black smoke trail, more worse is that he saw the remaining four missiles were gone, however he could still fired his gun although almost impossible against these Flankers.

The Flanker with Jamming tubes still chased him everywhere he go, he make a sudden hard left and it still behind him start to firing it's 30mm gun, fortunately from nowhere..."Zero, Hang in there!" Quox tailed and fired the gun to Zeros pursuer, the russian banked still following Crow Zero maneuvering rightside trying make a horizontal loop, the flanker leveled idle for some seconds until suddenly it pulled Cobra maneuver by lift up the nose at low speed and try keep it pointed upward until the intended time while still flown forward, this forced the Super-agile Super-fighter to slowed down and lifted up some feet. Quox overshot his target which then it leveled back turning the table, it then fired its R-74EM intended for Quox which it hits the left Delta wing and tumbled the french made fighter uncontrollable, Quox managed to eject right at angles 2 which 3 seconds later the chute come out from the seat and let the occupant descent into the jungle in the midst of air battle.

Before Crow had a chance to close in to one who shot down his flight lead, it make a sharp 90 degrees right turn upward towards Colombia, it climbed to Angles 7 followed by the remaining six Flankers forming a wing formation and fled at approximately Mach 1, Crow zero was unbelievable to him the only survivor of the battle but fortunately when he head southeast towards base he saw three CH-47 Chinook helicopters escorted by four MH-6 Little birds with Rockets and Mini-guns to pick up the downed airmen in the jungle, "Jaguar 3, return to Base for debriefing" Radar Emerald told him which he comply, he thrust his black smoke trailed Mirage to full non-afterburner power output, most of the electronics were inoperable due to combat damage but fortunately not for the looking glass, it still show the compass topside of the glass in alphabet format, "Radar, where's my 20 with the city?", "Maintain your current course, you're heading directly towards the base. ETA three minutes", Three minutes by that felt like a half hour for him, he concerned about his heavily damaged aircraft worried of being downed in the midst of rain poured perilous jungle below.

Scion Air Base, 20 miles south of Manaus


Rain intensified to moderate

Heavy breathing constantly comes up.

"Jaguar 3, you're cleared for emergency landing. Emergency Response Team, stand by"

The smoke trailed mirage approached from northwest at very slow speed, "Jaguar 3, can you closing in faster?" The controler asked, "Negative, I'm worried about the engines...it pretty hot here inside which I'm sure coming from the engine and electronics"

Two firetrucks and one ambulance readied on first taxiway to the Runway 31 (south), other two firetrucks also on standby on the edge of Runway 15 (north) where Zero would land. A minute passed, the smoke trailed plane getting lower in altitude with its landing gear extended as it a half mile from the airstrip, it managed to landed smoothly on the wet runway, the firetrucks tailed the plane ready with its sprayer aimed to the fuselage that suddenly spited small fires on its wings, immediately sprayed by the fireteams for a minute until the fire is gone. The plane were dead stopped and the team from the R15 approached at high speed for the pilot whose get out of the aircraft himself, the ambulance has come to him with crews set the stretcher for him, "Sir, lay down here" one man urged him which he decline, but the man urged him again when he with the name 'Lt. Diego Rojas' written on the back of his helmet tumbled to knee on the ground which he then comply, he laid on the stretcher and taken to the ambulance where his helmet and mask taken off from him.

"Romeo? Hey, Romeo..wake up, stay with me"

Sao Paulo General Hospital

Room 12

July 7th, 7.12pm

the man had totally awoken after two days passed out, due to the ejection seat so early shoot off its parachute plus the effect of the venomous animal bites to his ankle that fortunately been cured properly. On the edge of the bed were a paper card written 'Arman Romeo', 'DOB : 3-28-1998', "How you doing, Major?" Someone on his right asked, it was Diego 'Crow Zero' Rojas, "Ugh...I'm okay, Rojas. It just...I went faint...how long?", "Well...today is July 7th, now you're in Sao paulo general hospital", Romeo confused, he would thought of in either the base infirmary or Manaus hospital "Why?" He asked, "Hfff...we got a coup on both colombia and venezuela, those russians we face against two days ago were..yes, Blatnoi. Russian reference for...Labors if I'm not wrong. Manaus were now under the coup control including the scion base". "From now on, you're to rest here until you're totally recovered" said the female defense ministry of brazil Sofia Angel entering the room with two secret services guarding outside, "Madame.." The two pilot salute to her, "At ease you two, this is urgent. You're ready for go, Lieutenant Rojas?", "I always do, madam", "Then come" to that he comply "Sorry, Major", his flight leader just nod to him and said "Get back to me so I can kill you myself", Diego just chuckled by that, they both exchange smiles until Rojas disappeared from the room. Romeo wouldn't know what he would up to until he got fully A-OK, all he could do now was to rest.