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Approaching Gulf of Oman

USS Bainbridge, Infirmary

December 14th, 2026, 10.24am

"How do you do now, Yoko?"

"I will be fine, ma'am!"

Amy Pitt, one of Foster's team member, stood in looking to a typical asian looking woman with curly blonde hair laid on the mattress, behind her were a clank of opened door hatch by three men that was previously monitored the blonde asian's extraction, "Foster!" Yoko looked behind Amy, it was David Foster with Alan and Wesley, the woman he look after were riddled with bruises and hit marks over her hands, face and her body wrapped in patients clothing, nevertheless, doctors confirmed her immense strength and willingness that she may combat capable sooner instead later, then again she's been working since 2024 non-stop on and off the field and she's getting captured instead taking her happy hour from her office, he's not concerning wether she keep herself unbreakable by her snatcher or not, she's good at that and aggressive when it comes to something only them should know, he just wouldn't let anybody to reunite Martha Yoko with two NSA agents Alice Madison and William Blaustein, both were reportedly dead on T'blisi during the georgian war in 2004. "I know you want an explanation of how come I'm suck at my job", "Well...they're good, no wonder you falling for them, the damn brass need to rethink with what they would do by this" the former 5th Special Force Group grumbled in slight frustration to whoever handled her back then as he rubbing his nose bone down to cover his mouth and chin with his hand, "Still remember on what's hit you last year?" Yoko dismissed her eyes from him for a moment recollecting the event at Utah.

Salt lake City, Utah

O'Hara Salt lake Mall

December 12th, 2025, 6.00pm

The particular day for stone exhibition on floor 3 with participants from thirteen countries mostly southeast and eastern asia, locals and tourist gathered there make up of more than 2.000 visitors in the temporarily used clothes outlet, polices patrolled the convention in and around taking chances of looking stones like Topaz, Onyx and more, attracting even chief of the local police.

Somewhere of the convention on different floor were a white suit black leather pants curly blonde woman carrying beige bag walking to a room in hallway rarely people crossed, inside were nothing but a table clean of stuffs, she put the bag there and grab a Tablet from it and a bundle of tissue wrapping an SD card which she put it, other thing she pull out from the bag were a transmitter of typical CIA/NSA specs which prevent interception from other transmission, plugged it to the USB port and quickly the tabled boot up a program that takes about one and half minute to complete. Then she has her tablet run a video call with a man around 48 with contact lenses, "Agent India!" He started, "Chief...I have with me the documents from Boise, five files" she fiddle her tablet to sending the intelligence she gathered, the total of 72.0MB file size were transferred in a minute dead, "Okay, good job...I'm worried things would escalate more here, especially on the south side", she aware of things happening since the nuclear attack on Saudi arabia which cripples world oil supply, then things escalated since the bombing at Haneda which also led to World War III, now with rebellions in central and south america on hot with US things would get complicated and more complicated for the White House,if its get worse while diplomatic relationship with EU still worn out it will led to another rebellion at El-Paso and Ciudad Juarez like the old days, "What should I do now, sir?", "For now on, Return to Langley for debrief, that means now. Good luck", with that the call is off, app shutting down back to normal app tiles, she unplug everything from the tablet and put all things to her bag and going out again. In case there were somebody looking for her the chance will low, the place she now strolled were far from the exhibition, but that doesn't mean things gone smoothly, especially with Megido, a secret entity that nearly killed president Patricia Caldwell on that night in 2010, in any case she need to change her attire sooner, and changing the attire is what she'll do next, firstly is to find clothes shop stock anything hooded, and new pants to further disguise herself.

Back to the crowds, instinct had taken over her legs rightway take her to stroll the second floor looking forward to the floor five of six which just right ahead of her on her left, there is closest outlet just right by the end of the alley she went by but the changing room were exposed to outside, the instinct and memory help her take to known outlet with the criteria she sought : sells hooded clothes, crowded and has the changing room hidden from outside regardless of price, one half minute of calm walks takes her to outlet named Rolling Thunder, typically casual clothes for youth, Rocker type youth, the owner blared the entire shop with a techno pop rock that although unfamiliar worldwide it does even catch interest to customers there, including Agent India herself. Somewhere on the sixth floor were a guy in sea blue squared T-shirt fiddling his smartphone, he sent an encrypted message read 'Target is entering a shop' before look back to where she gone into, few sweat shone his forehead, initially he thought she'd going for the exhibition but she never come there, she tricked them, nearly, both place is crowded that isn't really problem, problem now is the changing room, the place she pick is unexpected, no surveillance inside, yes they've confirmed she's going to a changing room with new clothes but the problem is nobody catch a glimpse what she bring inside, make it worse for them is she's not the only one gone there, there were other two peoples get there too, two women, visible with them were concealed new threads nobody able to catch glimpse on what they would wore, this will complicated he thought himself. Two minutes passed by, one by one the three women came out to the cashier, pay and leave, three women, hooded jacket, concealing their face going away to multiple directions, three women with all identical heights and posture, this screw him up, he sent message again, 'Follow the three girls, get ahead ID 'em", he put his smartphone to his chest pocket and gone off.

Outside the mall were a quite vast parking spots already filled with cars, two billboards were present on the main entrance from west advertising fashion brands, on the billboards were two guys prone with a suppressed SG550 sniper rifle aimed to the main entry, two sliding glass door slid opened three hours already by the sea of visitor come in and come out, "What's the situation, guys?" Asked other sniper on the south part by a the rooftop of an electronic market overwatch the left wing door with a 16.5in 416 fitted with silencer and 10x scope, "Still PID them, stand by". India in her new gray jacket has her way back to the second floor, on her way there she come to another fashion outlet with bags sold there, a typical expensive clothes and accessory for rich people or moneyed women, come across her mind to replace her bag she emptied and left in the changing room, and getting the bag is what she do next before made her way out, she got a strong feeling that if there were stalkers, they know she's avoiding their net, it take no time for her to get the bag suits both her style and function in accordance to her affiliation, a black bag enough for tablets and kits, its expensive but she has lot more than the price, combine her pays from langley and additional more every time she goes out for blending missions, easy for her, "Rock and roller with High end style, eh ma'am?!" The guy on the cashier teased her, "Uu...yeah, you know it, can't get older yet", with that done she come inside again looking for a bathroom putting all things she hid in her hooded jacket, something stopped her as she stood out from the room, the thing of the stalkers caught her in her current appearance couldn't be shaken, "Need more changes" she said herself, again still in the outlet she just find what she look for, a maroon red leather coat enough for cold air, today is cold on the city she's at now and getting the coat is again like a luck, both physical and mission, unfortunately, "Stop there!".

Darn! She thought herself, she can clearly feel it, something tube shaped touched her spine right when the man told her to stop, "Hey! You, red sweater! Put the Goddamn gun now!" Shout occurred from her right where a police officer caught what's happening with her, but the man in the said red sweater quickly duck down and shoot the suppressed P226 to the policeman, killed him and panic the whole outlet which starts loud and confusing screams of fear, she spin herself leftward and hit the man on his head with the bag, and kicked his chest and head until he's not move again, pick the suppressed pistol and shoot the radio on his chest pocket with velocity enough to break through the skin and plant the round in his lung, then she make up with the coat she sought as fast as she could while again trying to blend in with the scared visitors, but just as she grab the hanger, tracers nearly struck her from the main entry, they already anticipate the changes with the blazing MP7A1, she lay down in typical fashion like she got shot and aim the suppressed sidearm to the shooters and shoot some rounds to them, "Code 3! Code 3! Bad guys...shooting a woman...she's...a DEA or something like...tha...", she found the downed police officer, right behind the blood splattered cashier unable to finish his report, she notice the officer has on his hand the same P226 which as she inspect she found no bullets fired, she take it along with two more only mags on his waist, the shootout filled nearly the entire mall up to five with police officers overwhelmed with tactics and weapons like the 416s and AKs, the P226 were again used against incoming goons ahead with no chance of fighting in the midst of the chaotic sprawl, and more by the stairs.

Hurriedly she went there thought of jumping in midway down, cannot blend anymore, peoples were not crowded anymore so they can see clearly where she is, she jump off the ledge of the stair away from others still strolled there but again encounter another guy trying to catch her, he grabbed and brought her down trying to hold her there, fatally she shoot rounds to his stomach and chest and push him off just to have another one right in front of her pointing pistol to her, then some shots killed him, on her left were police officers killed the holder still had no idea what's going on, he can clearly see a pistol on her right hand, in fact he saw she killed what he thought an armed kidnapper, "Drop the gun down, lady!" He shout her, shout same phrase until she comply, she throw the gun ahead to him, if possible she'll knock him down and grab his pistol which again and luckily are the same 226, however he were gunned down by an assault rifle from the stairs she jump off, then a violent shock hit her, immobilize and sap her energy, the world seems to blur and tilt sideways 90 degrees, she could do nothing but groaned pain until its less violent, huffed exhaustion breath and violent surge on her body that subdued slowly, everything she saw were total blur, voices she heard were echoing, Crap she cursed before her visions went black totally.

January 8th, 2026

Foster were frustrated.

His hand hold the simple old school prepaid cell phone to his ear expecting someone to get his call, this been hours his associate didn't able get called, been four weeks didn't contact the former Ghost Recon, now all he got were another call missed, a mix of anger and worry, he looked to the cell phone in disbelieve before thrown it to whiteboard with photographs and notes before he grabbed his Satellite phone from his working desk containing a laptop, a tablet, UHF military radio and three LED computer with just one keyboard, its all placed inside the 8x8 room with wooden floor with just him there.

"Its been hours Yoko didn't answer my calls and FOUR WEEKS the chumps at the Pentagon didn't update me on her, SO..." He sighed after some of his a bit heighten and emotional tone as he take a seat, "Alright, speak up, Lambert..." He said as he take and sip the coffee in the mug with Airborne logo emblazoned, "Well, our recent raid back at La Paz has confirmed lots of it, I mean LOTS of it. The local cartel working with certain colombian group had ties with european Mafia syndicate, but its lot broader than we thought and they didn't even knowing it! Uuhh...", Lambert were skimming through the laptop before he continued, "They seems payed by whoever these loose cannons are to set up things, like they spreading...what they called it, influences? I mean...they seems got agenda already running since we even took out Treskayev four years ago, russian weapons were delivered by black market to latina, middle east, eastern europe, china and north korea, they planned war", "Yeah I know already they want war. How about Yoko? What's up with her? And is there something about to happened? How powerless we are to anticipate it?" The former Ghost demanded, "We interogated Miguel, the mexican cartel leader, Dunways team also asked the colombian contact nearby Caracas but...they were stupid and uneducated that they didn't even know if there were another Russian Coup D'etat foiled, only another small time and vague contact at middle east and eastern europe..which I'm sure its the DGSEs turf", "Shit!" Foster cursed, "No, No! wait...let me finish. The Laptop and the Blackberry is two underground bank vaults full of cash, golds and bearer bonds, contents of both items were varying of payment accounts and video taped things of many bad guys, one of it were...you won't gonna believe this!" Lambert chuckled, "Believe in what?" Foster asked, no answer.

Instead, a video tape sent to him from Lambert showing two men walking on woods talking business, "I hand her to you. I want you to hand her over to Khaleed, payment would come when she get to him. His location is same as yesterday we met Kilik" said a latin accented men to a person Foster and Lambert knows, the former Italian COMSUBIN, Giorgio Zott, the video were blank, end. "So the rumors were true, heh? After he retire due to the incident at Kandahar, which were similar case to Douglas Shetland", David sighed recalling the outcome of what's happened, he left his career, family and country and found himself being a gun runner with base at Bosnia, "Yeah, we also checked other stuffs here and we found list of contacts he closes with at Manila, Bangkok, Yemen, Somalia and Baku. I'd say we talk to him first and sort out things about her and others bfore we would work out for her. You know he met Yoko at Helmand nine years ago", another memory of him and Yoko when they were part of Army ISA (Intelligence Support Activity) working outdoor alongside the Italian SEAL in hunting down Al-Qaeda lieutenants tied with NRF, "Oh...nearly forgot. If we're to get to him, he's at Hac but not for long, we can grab him within a week with the help of a Russian forces. An Alpha Group under the command of Major General Alexei Tatarev", Great he thought, ita not on bad terms. Its thought to be impossible for him how an american fighter sided up with russian, especially meddling things of moscow matters, Foster sipped his coffe again before he continued, "Alright, I'm gonna shut things down first, then we'll be going vacation there, oorah?", "Hooyah!" Lamber replied lastly and end the call.

Hac, Bosnia & Herzegovina

April 6th, 2026, 1.24pm

It was empty, nobody crisscrossed the road, no cars pass by, just littered town with debris, some fires and damaged buildings with bullet marks around it, this place is clearly used to be a hotspot during Kosovo things in 2002, and the memory is still there by the marks. "Torrie?" One guy called David by the window overlooking an abandoned square between the United Nation Plaza and Technology office of Bosnia & Herzegovina, the guy called him having red beret, beige jacket strapped with russian Tactical Vest and Partisan pants, on his back were an AK-12 with Gp-25, with him were two former SEAL Team 6 Alan Dunway and Wesley Lambert in rather trendy casual clothing strapped with Black Army SPCS, they got SCAR-L and Pecheneg PKP on their hands, "General Tatarev..." Foster come to him shaken his hand, "So you've been briefed, sir?" Foster started, "I've even collected additional intel about it, says your girlfriend were also MIA in your very country, how that happened is I don't know, they not taken her to Sarajevo, its a ruse but my team got an intel of the man who knows where she is, he is also our primary objective hiding in the mall", "Okay, sir, we start now?", "Of course, amerikanski. Let's get started!".

With Foster and his other three friends were Major General Alexei Tatarev, he lead seven Gruppa Alfa operators which with him made up Task Force Zenith, comprised of multiple elite special operators formerly loyal to Ravens Rock now fighting for their new president Nikanor, they work in conjunction with Spetsnaz Guard Brigade conventional special units to maintain operational of russian Tier 1 units even during todays repeated events in 2008, civil war nearly across the russian federation, their president is some said were ousted, others said he's dead somewhere, either of that has led to the new regime to take over the Kremlin, rumors seeped out from the russian agencies that the current ruler would mastermind global events which would eventually cripple the United States of America as well the European Federation. "Torrie, I will be taking care of objective Alpha and Charlie, you can handle Bravo, right?" Alexei noted to the former Ghost, "No problem at all, sir! Wesley you go with Pitt right side, weapons hot!" Foster ordered as his hand held the V-grip and scan the UN plaza square with the MARSOC issued rifle, split away with Dunway from lambert with behind him Amy Pitt with slim handguard G3A3 equipped with 6x ACOG+RDS, she and the blonde Ex-Team 6 disperse away to the part of the square to the office, pops were heard ahead followed by inches away tracers around them.

Serbs rebels going out to fend off the joint american-russian forces,

"Tangos all over the square!" Pitt said as she fired her marksman rifle to enemies over one of the four crossing bridges, Wesley get behind a dusty never been used Photobox as the cover with her hitting the concrete below the bench setting down the Harris bipod picking up slacks, Lambert kneeled one leg sustaining the russian light machine gun, firing rapid pops that muting other sounds around, so loud anybody inside the plaza and the office building could heard it like a fireworks, Foster and Dunway pushed forward onto stands to get closer to the enemy,"Frag out!" The auburn OGA noted as he thrown an M67 to the fighters concentrated around a large pond with a large female priest statue, the cokedgrenade were exploded just before it impact the ground around the enemy fighters, it killed three men and pushed them to their cover messing their stature, one has his arm laid exposed to the two SAD men, the blast isn't enough to rupture the beautifully carved concrete pond of the ancient time, "Wesley, we got the square, you take care positions from above, copy?" Ordered Foster, the two were simply nod, going upstairs through the office court with some serbs fighters on the way to confront the russian Alfa Group, three enemy fighters by the bridge were gunned down by P90 of Amy and Glock 18 of Lambert, Dunway shooting some rounds occasionally to another insurgents from the hotel that part of the Plaza, "Zenith 1, we're pinned down by enemy fires from the hotel, do we have indirect support, over!" Foster asked still calm but his voice clear amidst the tracers and bullet impacts around, "Have your target, hang in there!" Replied Tatarev, soon there's white tracers on the sky coming down as its about to smash the earth, and it did.

Major General Tatarev just survived the large attacks of the Kosovo fighters, their bodies laid over the two way rounding stairways, trembled as the effect of the artillery rounds on the square to the hotel fired from the KV-20 mobile artillery gun of the Spetsnaz Guard Brigade, about ten seconds later became quiet again, silence in where he and his three men stood by and raging noises outside, his AK-12 were emitting a fog from the muzzle, he was just come out from a lacquer store on the second floor, the content of the shop were dusty and completely ransacked of long untreated added with gunshots, across the lacquer were a shop for sports equipments and accessories as there were some ski boards, soccer balls and some tennis rackets shattered in combat, there were faint footsteps inside, "Surrender on the spot, Now!" One of the Zenith operative shouted, his Kalashnikov along with others were pointed inside, Tatarev already switched to the PP-2000 letting the AK barrel cool down for a while. "Sir?" One of them looked to their team commandef, he swung his hand to have them back off, another 40mm HE grenade round into the underbarrel grenade launcher, it fired into the ransacked racks, heavy puff of dust from the greased wall and floor by the blast, the wooden cashier desk heavily damaged and tumbled, splats of blood over the shop. AK were fired again inside, a plain clothes fighter were dropped down, fingers twitched the trigger of the old AK-47 as it pointed to the floor, "This is Zenith 5, Contact! Main objective!".

The double door were exploded, five kosovo rebels stormed inside the laboratory of the Bosnian tech office, placed with plastic covered computers and machineries where the spetsnaz forces come out fast from the cover and rain the raiders with bullets, ridden the enemies with holes and bath them in the dark red fluids from their body, two of them evaded the bullets sprung from three special force troops but the couple were gunned down by one trooper just by the corner to their right, add another horrific grim already litered some parts of the lab, "Clear!" One of the Alfa man shouted, The second team leader pressed the microphone by the throath, "Area cleared, continuing after the target, relay, over!", "Zenith 1 prepared for the first wave of incoming enemy fighters", "This is Torrie, its a bit awful!"

A hard to get MD500 armed with panels carrying four NRF spetsnaz men giving hard time to Pitt and Wesley took cover by a garden between the crossover bridge, Foster and Dunway sit behind the fountain before the onslaught of the enemy, the shooter onboard fired from the AK-12 attached M320 an Airburst round to wires sustaining the southwestern bridge to the plaza front area, another round were blasted the bridge to the plaza and hotel, the blonde man and the redhead were just laid behind cover by the violent quakes on where they are, cracks were heard from the blast, and sonner instead later, the bridge were tilted down, "Holy...!" Amy gasped as she slid down, her hand grabbed Wesley's hang over by the torn ceramic bench, "Hang on!" He shouted, a faint pop were heard from the plaza which then the light helicopter were exploded fully, leaving the mostly intanct tail section flown to the plaza courtyard, the body itself were scattered around the destroyed bridge. On the plaza were a sniper with KSVK chambering the russian built 12mm explosive sniper round that destroyed the Chopper by the engine bay. "Alright, before we slide our way down to your position, skipper...requesting equipments check" Wesley pant, his hand still grabbed to the bench and the other grabbed the redhead OGA, "All good! Come here!". With that he release her as she slid to the rubble and guard the surrounding waiting for the blonde brooklyn to come down to her.

Four GRU commandos in the office come up from spiraling stairs led to a double-door, stack up around prepared for breach entry, the man on the rightside to the door pat his helmet twice, another behind him come up to the door putting a white plastic bag with an electronic control device, all four stay back a meter, the detonator were readied by the one setting the charge, he heards serbian chatters inside. "What's happened? Why's so quiet? Are they dead?", the man pressed the button on the detonator, explosion left a big hole to the forced opened door, around seven fighters were inside the storage, they were shocked, panic, they covered their ears and crouched, one of them were Zott, a man in old jungle clothes holding an AUG with Swavorski scope, the GRU men stormed in, time felt flow slower, their vision is narrower, their adrenaline were heightened as they move in and aim the muzzle to closest targets first before engaging the furthest, three men left cornered, Zott's henchmen gaining orientation but were killed before had a chance to shot their Kalashnikov, one round thrown away Zott's bullpup, a Saiga 12 were readied by the team leader, he aim the shotgun to their target and pull the trigger sending an electric slug to the italian with violent surge that he were powerless to rise up, two of them guard the door with other two restrain their objective. "This is Zenith 5, objective secured, repeat : objective secured! Over!"

One serbian peek out the garden overlooking the square from the mall, a bullet sprint through his head with a splash of blood flown all over his surrounding as he dropped down hitting the shoulder first to the floor. The GRU men with Tatarev holding back their position from the Mujahedeens siege, a blast killed two fighters attempted to go to the garden, Tatarev switched back to his SMG firing from his position under the escalator, his weapon klicked empty, he took cover right in time bullets nearly sprayed him, loud and ear pearcing noise of bullets passed by hitting the supersonic barrier. He load a fresh stick to his PP-2K and resort back to his AK-12 and went to the other side of his cover and fired to the enemies, other three were on the upper floor, another grenade round hit the wall above the window where the enemy stormed in, killing the last three, Alexei's men fired few more rounds outside, "That is all of them!". Alexei sighed, he come out from his safe spot and walk to the foot of the dead escalator stairs, his hand pressed the microphone to his throat, "This is Zenith 1, all clrear, how was Bravo?"

Wesley insert a fresh wooden box to the scavenged AK-47 and yanked the charging handle, his hands gripped the wooden trigger handle and the wooden heatshield parts, the wooden buttstock were pushed gently to his shoulder with the muzzle pointed away from other men, "Torrie here, we're clear, Zenith 5 got the objective, over?", "That's acknowledge, we'll regrouping outside with the HVT. Out!". From afar were two Mi-55s approaching the square, flying 300 feet on airspeed around 160 knots, "Zenith 1, this is Salamander 1, do you copy? Over!" The lead armored attack/transport helicopter, "This is Zenith 1, infra red strobe is activated!" Tatatrev replied already regrouped with his other squad members guarding the perimeter as well with the four CIAs, the Ex-5th SFG held a device on his hand, a black tube that looks like it was nothing, the helicopters approached, from the IRST shows a glowing glint, his hand is the source of the glint, "I got your position! We're beginning touchdown!" Replied the pilot as he slows down the approach and descend steadily.

Mt. Misiovich

Leaving Bosnia & Herzegovina

6 Minutes later

Foster and his team were inside the trail aircraft, with Major and the former italian commando unconscious, the man were to be interogated back at the hide out, the interogator not from russia, an outsider. "I nearly forgot..." Foster looked to the Major, "What is it, sir?", Alexei lift his hand up before he conveyed, "Our interogator too can collaborate more with what we just got now!"

Somewhere in the Baltic


Zott were tied to the chair in the dark room, a pitch dark in the night by the shattered room in a flooded house in the middle of swamp, there was no light inside but the italian were kept blindfolded. He wasn't alone, not with Torrie and Tatarev, but with General La Pointe just fresh from Paris attending business with President Perreau and De Bankole, he was claded in armor, protective panels on hands and legs, standard Kommando electronic equipments, and a night vision goggles like the other two. Outside the house were nothing but thick fog, no winds, just voices of small scale wildlifes all over the area, giving aura of horror for unexperienced adventurer.

"Well...how's it going?" Torrie started

"...Who are you?!" The captive demanded

"I'm Wo Pai Ling...and I'm here to talk with you" he replied softly, he squat in front of him with a file, "Says you were involved in an incident over the Kandahar on 2018, it wasn't your fault. Says here also you were...uu...the brightest in the military but...according to investigation on 2023, you were confronted by a far higher ranked officer and he along with some others blamed you and took you down from the military. A car bomb at Albania were occured two years later and toll about twelve lifes and more than sixty injured, which said it claims your life and...", "What do you want, american?" He demanded, torrie done reading, closed the file and looked to Giorgio, "You're going to tell me anything about Who you work with" La Pointe asked calm, he just shook his head, "Stupid! We're just buying and selling weapons! Businessmen!" Replied stern, "You know nothing do ya? You work with someone who might kill you and..." "I suppose you Yankees would just bash your satellites to your favourite locations and conclude yourself, I'm not gonna talk to you!" The captive argued with Torrie, "You were about to kill your old friend!" Pierre reminded softly but audible enough from downstairs guarded by Amy sitting by the chair with rifle jutted out through the hole of the house, "Who's that?" He scowled, "Remember Staff Sergeant Yoko Martha?" Pierre reminded.

Not again he muttered, he would openly and insistedly for himself reject the close connection with her but now he couldn't hide it "What did I do to her?" He now asked calmly full of concern, "Well, you just sold her to...whoever this Khaleed Guy". The former italian SEAL sighed, he inwardly cursed himself of how stupid he was, "I think I can help you untangle some strings...just you helped us save her for another of your friend" Foster referring to himself said it with false tone of his own, the italian sighed lacking what he know, "There's lots of things happened here and there, too fast, I can't catch up with things happening every now and then!", "What, you would help south american countries come up under one banner?" The general Pierre asked soft, the italian were just silent with that.