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This is the beginning of the Chamber of Secrets Fiasco

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Chapter 14: Back in Black

Time Skip to August of 1992

Harry's neck snapped up from his book as Iris's scream tore its way down the hall and the manor wards flared in alarm. On instinct, Harry pressed his magic in a twist and appararted directly into his sister's bedroom.

The moment his feet landed on carpeted floors, his wand snapped into his hand and he immediately locked his eyes onto the frame of his younger sister. Sitting up in bed with the covers pulled to her chin, Iris's was gaping in open shock and horror. Harry quickly followed her gaze with both wand and eyes, only to pause and tilt his head in utter confusion.

Two small cracks behind him alerted him to his parents' appearance but, quite frankly, he was too transfixed with the spectacle before him.

His mother's terrified voice drifted from behind him, "Iris, what's wron-"

"What the fuck!?"

"James!" Lily exclaimed but quickly cut herself off as the sound of grunting and muffled thudding filled the room.

All four Potters watched in silent bewilderment, not knowing how to react to the scene of sheer insanity playing out in front of them.

Effectively trashing Iris's room, while concurrently clobbering each other with diminutive appendages, two house-elves wrestled across the floor.

It was such a bizarre sight that, even Harry's inner Daedric Prince paused in order to take moment to make sense of what was occurring. Fortunately, or unfortunately on some point, before he could do anything, the rest of the family house-elves appeared and managed to subdue both of the combatants…if they could even be called that.

"And just what," Harry's voice a cold whip that immobilized the struggling little creatures. "Is going on here."

One of the fighting house-elves, which he recognized as the family elf Mansy, turned towards him with wide, fearful eyes.

"Master, Master!" It hopped on one foot to another. "Mansy be coming to wakey-wakey Missy Iris when this strange elf be popping in!"

Before another word could be said, two beams of red light slammed into the accused elf's frame, sending it flying out of the hold of the other two elves and crashing into the wall. The elf fell to the floor in a slump.

Harry cast a glance at his father and realized that they both had acted on the same thought. His father sent him a proud smile and said, "Nice reflexes, son."

Then, the lord of the manor straightened out as his wife quickly made her way to their daughter's side.

"Are you okay, sweetie?" Lily put a hand on Iris's shoulder.

Iris nodded absently, still in slight daze from the shock.

"Right," James said, his voice harder than what he normally used at home and more akin to the one he used in the office. "Will someone please tell me just what the hell happened here?"

Immediately the three family house-elves lined up in front of his father but, it was Iris who answered instead.

"Mansy woke me up like he always does," Iris began as she slipped out of bed and out of their mother's embrace. "But then suddenly that other elf just pops in and Mansy began shouting at it. I, uh, was kinda still out of it so I don't remember exactly what he said. But next thing I knew was that the weird elf tackled poor Mansy to the floor!"

Harry turned away from Iris and looked at the intruder elf's unconscious form. It was dressed in rags and appeared to be slightly emaciated. Harry initially deduced that the family the elf was bound to must have been a poor one but then, he observed the bandages on the elf's fingers and the various bruises across its sickly grey skin.

His mouth set in a cruel line and his eyes narrowed slightly.

The state of the elf was easily attributed to abuse from the bonded family. Most wizarding households treated house-elves with some sense of decorum. Those that kept them in circumstances hardly better than slavery were aligned with the more bigoted and ignorant of the nobility.

A dark family attempting to assassinate the Girl-Who-Live, perhaps? Yet, how could the elf penetrate centuries of Potter family wards? It was no simple feat.

He returned the majority of his attention to the room as his father cast Mansy an expectant look.

The elf looked up at his father with indignation. "Mansy be telling the bad house-elf that he be not allowed in home! But he attacked Mansy when Mansy alerted ward magic!"

James cast a look at the downed elf before pinching the bridge of his nose and sighing wearily. "Did he say or try to do anything before he threw himself at you Mansy?"

"No Master, sir." Mansy shook his head rather rapidly. "He being a very rude elf!"

The other two house-elves seemed to agree if the vigorous shaking of their head, or the way they kept throwing the intruder nasty glares, was of any indication.

"What are we going to do, James?" His mother moved towards Iris once more. "Are you going to call the office? The Department of Magical Creatures?"

The man shook his head in the negative. "It's a house-elf, Lils. They'll put in the minimum amount of effort before chalking it up to the elf being insane then throwing the poor thing as an appetizer for the dementors."

His father ran a hand through his hair while letting out a huff. "If we're going to find out who's behind this, we're going to have to do this on our own."

Lily's expression turned incredulous. "We can't keep the house-elf prisoner James. Even if we did, where would we keep it?"

"Well," Harry mused out loud. "The dungeons are still functional, albeit I don't think they've been used in over a hundred-fifty years."

"Harry!" His mother whispered furiously.

"Besides," He continued, ignoring his mother. "I'm more concerned with how the elf managed to get past the wards."

That shut his mother up.

His father nodded. "Same. I don't like the idea of someone slipping past the wards undetected. Especially right into my daughter's room."

"Oh!" They all turned as Iris's exclamation.

"Maybe it has something to do with that!" She pointed out to an amulet lying slightly under her bed. She bent down to grab it but Harry grabbed the neck of her night shirt and pulled her back.

"Idiot," He admonished. "You do not randomly pick up magical artifacts."

Iris stuck her tongue out at him but quickly wrapped her arms around the very same one he used to pull her back.

The amulet floated from under Iris's bed and over to the tip of James's outstretched wand. He peered at it from behind his glasses, slowly examining from all angles.

"Do you know what it is, James," Lily asked anxiously as she came and wrapped her daughter from behind. Said daughter, for her part, looked quite pleased at being pressed between her brother and mother.

Harry had to suppress a quirk of the lips as Iris's thoughts drifted to the forefront of her mind. His younger sister always did enjoy being showered with attention by her family.

"I think…" James used his wand to turn it in the air, surprise being etched all across his face. "I think it's a Kekeway Amulet."

"A kii-kii what?" Iris asked, her nose wrinkling in confusion.

"Keh-keh-way, princess." James said with an indulgent smile.

"That still doesn't explain what it is, James." Mother and daughter looked at him keenly but it was Harry who answered.

"It's blood magic developed in Ancient Egypt. It completely occludes a person from magic."

"It hides a person from magic entirely?" Lily's mouth fell open in amazement.

"Ignoring that you somehow managed to get into your grandfather's books on blood magic, Harry" James cast him a wry look. "Yes, it hides a person from any form of scrying, detecting or locating. Though only for a very brief and short period of time. Ten seconds at best, fifteen if the enchantment is strong enough."

"James," Lily gained a heavily perturbed look. "That means anyone can simply come and do as they please! Fifteen seconds is plenty of time to accomplish something! The wards are meaningless!"

"Hardly," Harry stated flatly. "Kekeway amulets are a product of a lost age. The knowledge necessary to create them has been long lost to the sands of Ancient Egypt. Those amulets are incredibly rare. They're also a one-time use creation"


"Sorry," This time his voice nearing boredom. "Did I say incredibly rare? I meant to say exactly seven of the amulets have been recovered in the last two thousand years of excavation. Two of those of seven were stolen during transportation…well…we know where one is now."

"That still leaves six, Harry." Iris stated from his side.

He resisted the urge to roll his eyes. "One of which no one knows of its location and the other five securely held by the ruling families of Egypt."

"Yeah, but you said that that two were already stolen. What's stopping someone from stealing those?" She gave him an annoyed glare as if he were missing some obvious fact.

"Trust me sweetheart," They both turned towards their father. "No one in their right mind would try and steal from those families. Voldemort, with all his Death Eaters, Werewolves, Giants and whatnot, wouldn't have dreamt of trying it."

"Why not," She challenged, taking her arms off his and firmly placing them on her hips.

"Ancient Egypt is the birth place of the dark arts," Harry took over from his father. His words immediately dashing Iris's ire and replacing it with rapt fascination.

"Really?" She asked in excitement. Harry gave a barely perceivable shake of his head. Iris' love for romance and fantasy were quite ridiculous. Throw in her insatiable curiosity and Harry was left marveling that she did not end up as a Gryffindor.

Harry nodded. "Edifices of magic have been found there that are more than six thousand years old. And from these ancient wizards and witches do their modern descendants still rule. Millennia upon millennia of knowledge hoarded and most of it is not the good kind."

The Dark Masters of Egypt were of no trifling matter. Even Harry wouldn't dare to challenge them. Nothing short of him being a Lord of Misrule in full would guarantee his survival. Those families had long since forfeited the right to call themselves human; drowning themselves in the deepest folds of the arcane.

"So they're bad?"

A sudden stem of fondness grew in Harry in the face of Iris's childish naivety. "The world isn't black or white, Iris." He said in a marginally softer voice. "There are people with very different morals out there and, by their standards, it is a very normal thing."

Iris seemed to contemplate his words for a solemn moment before asking, "People are weird?"

Harry confirmed. "People are weird."

The adults let out a chuckle as they witnessed the byplay between their children. "Well," Lily said with a smile. "How bout we get you freshened up and some breakfast while your brother and dad take care of…this."

"I'm not a baby, mum!" Iris huffed with a roll of her eyes. "I can take care of myself! I did fine in Hogwarts without you."

"I know love." Lily reached out and pulled Iris into a hug. One that his sister did not resist. "But let your mommy enjoy taking care of her babies while she can."

Utilizing the moment of overt sentimentality, Harry discreetly pointed his wand at the unconscious elf and dove into its mind. A few moments later, Harry retreated back into the confines of his own mind and was fighting not to let his amusement show.

'Well,' Harry ruminated on the irony of his discovery. 'Well this makes things more interesting indeed.'

As Iris and Lily walked away, leaving the Potter men to deal with their odd captive, Harry called out to Iris.

She peaked over the frame of the door.

"Yes, Harry?"

"Happy Birthday."

Iris walked away beaming.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Iris jumped up and down as she hugged Harry.

Having begun to grow used to Iris accosting him and invading his personal space, Harry idly stared off into the crowd, doing his best not to pay attention to bobbing red head.. "That's nice, now let go."

The family had decided on going to Diagon Alley to shop for the children's school supplies, as the Hogwarts list had come through, along with buying Iris her birthday presents. Birthday presents had come first, evident by Iris's lively outburst on the presentation of Harry's gift.

Said birthday girl, was currently fawning over her new present.

"Have you thought up of a name, sweetheart," Lily said as she joined Iris in running a finger down soft and prim feathers. The white owl preened under the attention it was receiving from the two Potter witches. Its yellow eyes shimmering with a smugness that portrayed the unusual animal intelligence which had proved to be the reason Harry purchased it in the first place.

A firm hand deposited itself on Harry's shoulder, causing him to crane his neck to side just a tad bit. His father was looking at the mother and daughter duo with a somber expression.

"That was a nice thing you did for your sister, Harry," His father's grip tightening though not in an intimidating manner. "Although I can't say that I'm not worried. Owls are not cheap you know."

Like his father, Harry's sight was locked on the two female members of the family. Iris was chatting animatedly while his mother smiled down at her every so often.

"Not like I can't afford it." Harry gave the mental equivalent of a shrug.

"I wanna call her…" Iris turned away from the owl and gave Harry a questioning look. "It is a her, right?"

Harry gave an affirmatory nod and Iris beamed. "Her name is Hedwig! You like that name, right girl?"

The owl gave a curious look towards his sister before it lifted its wings and bobbed its head down with a definite hoot. Iris clapped like a toddler with a new rattle before petting her new avian once more.

'Unusually intelligent indeed,' Harry reflected with light amusement.

Seconds later, Harry once again found his person being assaulted by Iris in the form of a bone crushing hug. "You're the best Harry," she said quietly against him.

He looked away from her but settled a touch on her neck, pressing her head against his chest. As she let go, Iris motioned for him to come down to her level. Harry simply raised an eyebrow in question. Iris rolled her eyes, having become used to holding silent conversations with him.

She motioned him down with one finger once more and, out of utter interest, he bent down to her eye level. His eyes enlarged slightly as Iris pressed a lingering kiss to the side of his mouth. "You really are the best," She said, though with extra conviction and a slight color to her face.

Harry drew back and locked eyes with his sister.

"Hmph," he poked her in the forehead only to have her roll her eyes at him once more.

'Cheeky little thing…'

Harry could feel the approval and satisfaction radiating off his parents as his mother wrapped her arms around him from his side and gave a kiss of her own to his temple. "That really was sweet of you, Harry."

Alright, the sentimentality was beginning to become a tad too much for his comfort.

He cast a glance at his father who gave his trademark mischievous smirk and held up his hands. "Don't expect me to kiss you."

Harry stayed silent for a moment before responding in a perfectly smooth nonchalance. "No need, I'm sure you get up to that with Sirius enough as it is."

There was an arbitrary instant of silence before his mother howled with laughter and Iris bent over in a mad fit of giggles. His father gaped at him before sputtering at him. "You ballsy little brat! I'm so grounding your arse when we get home!"

Even though his father's words were shaped in ire, a small smile never left his lips.

"James," his mother admonished as she clenched a hand over her laughter. "Behave yourself."

"Hmph," his father huffed as he put on an over exaggerated pout. "Let's be off, shall we?"

As Lily helped Iris put Hedwig back in her cage, James stopped and spoke out once more. "Actually, why don't you kids go over to Fortescue's while we get your potions' ingredients? Merlin knows how picky your mother is with them."

Lily sent her husband a mild glare while Harry nodded in agreement with his father. "Sure," Iris chirped and instantly grabbed Harry's hand. "Let's go Harry."

"Wait a second," James called out and reached into his robes. "Give me a minuuuute…ah! Here you go Harry."

Harry reached out with an open hand as his father dropped several sickles. The chinking of silver momentarily drew his attention but his father spoke once more. "Buy something for yourself and your sister, eh?"

Harry nodded and watched the two adult Potters walk away with all of the shopping bags. Iris kept her grip on his hand and shifted next to him as Harry found himself looking at the pieces of silver in his hand once more.

Fact: James and Lily Potter were very good parents who dearly loved their children.

His fingers closed around the metal coins in a tight grasp.

Fact: He had no need for them.


"Come Iris. Let's get some ice cream." Harry turned and led his sister through the crowd and in the opposite direction of his parents.

As always, Fortescue's shop was filled with patrons and a near ten minute wait in line was necessary before they could even order. A ten minutes filled with Iris's incessant chatter and prodding.

His sister was the single most inquisitive creature he had ever come across. Not that it was a bad thing. He considered it a prime virtue for one to satisfy their innate palate for curiosity.

He just didn't understand the importance of why she was so insistent on obtaining his opinion of what color matched her eyes best.

Of course, once they had obtained their respective frozen dessert, they found themselves a place to sit and eat. Harry had hummed in agreement when Iris had commented on how they were lucky that the previous occupants of their seats had left just as they had received their order. The place was rather full due to the shop's incredible popularity.

It went without saying that Harry held his silence on his blatant abuse of mental magic when he ordered an elderly couple to vacate the premises and return home.

A few more minutes passed where Harry finished his ice cream and passed the time picking the minds of the various shoppers. Every now and then, he'd glean something useful or mildly entertaining. Iris, for her part, was scooping up the remnants of her melted treat.

"Well isn't this a surprise," A voice called out as a third party pulled up a chair and sat down at their table.

Harry having sensed the person's arrival, did not react in the slightest but, Iris looked momentarily stunned. Right before her lips split into an exited grin. "Tonks!"

The young girl stood up and swiftly wrapped her arms around the older girl's neck. Tonks responded by returning the embrace in full vigor. "Oooh," Tonks's voice dripping with affection. "Happy birthday little cousin."

Nymphadora Tonks. His second cousin once removed on his father side and one of the few people he actually managed to get along with. Despite her singular and disturbing ability to trip over open air.

Though Harry never held that against her.

Nymphadora had the singular unique blessing of being a metamorphmagus. A being who could change their shape and size down to minutest detail. To a reasonable extent of course. Unfortunately, because Nymphadora was consistently changing her body dimensions, she was miserably coordinated and tended to be the single clumsiest person within a hundred mile radius.

The young witch turned towards him and winked. "Wotcher, Harry."

He gave a cool dip of his chin. "Nymphadora, how've you been?"

She gave a grimace as her hair turned a light shade of lavender, attracting several people's attention. Metamorphs were exceptionally rare after all. Harry was certain that Nymphadora was the only one within the nation currently.

"I was feeling good until you opened your big mouth, you prat." She stuck her tongue out at him.

Harry gave a slight shrug. "I like your name. Pardon me for actually using it."

The eldest of the three grabbed Iris in a hug once more and began to dramatically bemoan. "Oh Iris! Look how cruel your big brother is to me. Bless your little head for dealing with this depraved monster day in and day out."

"There, there." Iris patted Nymphadora on the head, pity filling in her eyes. "It'll be alright…maybe."

Nymphadora pushed Iris away and groaned. "You're evil. Both of you."

She then gave a glance around. "Where are Uncle James and Aunt Lily?"

"Out shopping," the siblings simultaneously replied.

"So what're you doing here? I thought you were busy studying for the Auror entrance exams." Iris asked as she sat back down.

"I was picking up mum's robes for your party tonight." Nymphadora's eyes went wide. "Whoops."

Harry's own eyes closed in a silent sigh as Iris began to practically glow in exuberance. "Party!? For me?"

"Yes," Annoyance creeping into Harry's tone. "Your surprise party."

Nymphadora gave a weak chuckle. "Err…sorry there Harry."

He resisted the urge to roll his eyes. "Well, now that that's been thoroughly ruined, let's move on to a different subject."

"What?" Iris sulked. "I wanna know about my party!"

"You'll find out in a few hours," Then, turning away from Iris, Harry gave his attention to his cousin. "How were the NEWT's?"

"Urrghhh." She dropped her head onto the table. "Don't remind me."

"Has anyone ever told you that you have a flair for the dramatics?" Harry said dryly.

"Piss off, you donkey."

"Not in front of Iris," Harry chided.

"Stop treating me like a baby, Harry!"

Ignoring his sister, Harry asked, "Well?"

"They were miserable." Though Nymphadora picked up her head from the table and gave a smug smirk. "Though I cinched them."

"Oh?" A single brow rose.

"Yeah," She stretched her arms over head. "I got O's on everything except Charms. Professor Sprout sent me a congratulatory letter. So did McGonagall and Dumbledore. Dumbledore even hinted that Snape was impressed with my grades. Though that was probably because the greasy bat thought I'd fail."

"You know," Iris said with a tilt of her head and a finger to her chin. "I don't understand why everyone says Professor Snape is super mean. I mean, I don't think he's that bad."

Nymphadora gave her a flat look before returning her gaze to Harry. "You know I barely saw you last year Harry. You weren't avoiding me were you?" She finished with a coy smile.

Harry gave a well-timed yawn much to her annoyance. "Hardly. I wasn't the one walking around with enough stress to make Dumbledore look young."

Her mouth twisted sour. "I said don't remind me but still; I saw enough of the munchkin here-"


"In the Hufflepuff common room but you almost never showed up. It would have been useful picking that massive brain of yours."

A few minutes passed where Iris and Nymphadora amused themselves as the older witch used her wand to turn Iris' hair different colors.

Harry broke into their fun and asked. "How's Andromeda doing?"

Nymphadora gave him a calculating look. "You know, it's really weird how casually you address my mum. Even weirder is how she acts around you. You'd think you two were the same age and grew up together."

Harry gave no outward reaction to her words but said, "Technically speaking, we belong to the same generation of Blacks."

"Yeah, yeah, I know." Nymphadora gave a dismissive wave. "I know all that wonderful family crap. Just saying it's weird. Mind you, I think your family are the only cousins mum stays in touch with."

"It's a two way street," Harry said. "You and Andromeda are the only two cousins I get along with."

"Really?" She looked incredibly interested at that.

Harry nodded and began to list off on his fingers. "Sirius is an idiot, Regulus is dead, dear Bella is insane, Narcissa is a trophy wife and Frank is catatonic. In your generation, there's only you, Neville and Draco."

"Not exactly the best pickings," Nymphadora muttered.

However Iris's face was set in confusion. "Frank? You mean Neville's dad? I didn't know he was a Black."

"He's as much Black as we are." Harry said. "His grandmother was Callidora Black. Grandmother Dorea's cousin."

"If you're going to include the Longbottoms you might as well include the Weaselys." Nymphadora said shrewdly.

"They were disowned," Harry waved off.

"Do we have to talk about all this pure-blood stuff," Iris moaned. "We sound like Malfoy."

Nymphadora blinked before gaining a wicked gleam in her eyes. "Ah, my baby cousin. How is little Draco? I haven't had the pleasure of meeting him yet. Is he as slimy as his daddy?"

"I don't know about his dad but, he's super annoying!" Irritation clearly flashed through Iris's eyes. "He's always following me around in Hogwarts trying to be my friend. It's only when Harry's around that he leaves me alone."

Nymphadora chuckled softly. "Yes, well, we all know big brother Harry is downright scary when he wants to be."

But then her expression turned serious. "But be careful around him Iris. He may be a snot nosed brat but the Malfoys are dangerous. Especially for you."

"I know, I know." Iris said with a pout.

Nymphadora looked at her for a full second before turning her eyes on Harry. Her face still set in stone. "I should warn you two…actually, tell Uncle James the moment you see him."

Harry and Iris both looked at her curiously. "I saw old Arcturus down at Gringotts earlier. I don't think I need to tell you but stay away from that old codger if you can help it."

Harry nodded grimly.

Arcturus Black was the current head of the Black family and his great-uncle. The man was also the single most dangerous wizard in Britain. Despite his advanced age, the old wizard was still a formidable foe and he wielded political clout that was unsurpassed in the Wizengamot.

"Well, I need to get going." Nymphadora said standing up.

The Potter siblings stood up politely as well. "We'll see you later tonight, Nymphadora."

She smacked his arm playfully but gave him a smile. "Stay outta trouble kid."

The two girls embraced one more time. "Bye, Tonks."

"Goodbye and happy birthday, love."

"This crowd is ridiculous." Their father complained from the line in Flourish and Blott's.

It had been ten minutes after Nymphadora had left that their haggard looking father and frustrated mother appeared. Apparently Lily Potter wasn't impressed with the ingredients stocked at the local apothecary and after half an hour of arguing with the sales clerk, she left empty handed with the promise she would have her children's potion ingredients bought from a quality private supplier.

After which, the family had crusaded through every other shop, buying up all the necessary school supplies. All that was left, were the books for the upcoming year. However, the entire store was jam-packed with customers for namely one, Gilderoy Lockhart.

The store was absolutely crowded with middle-aged witches pushing to gain the man's autograph. It made it very difficult for the numerous students to get any of their purchases done as all of the required books for Defense Against the Dark Arts were sitting up by the author and only accessible after they had been personally signed. Hence the long line.

"I still can't believe that idiot is a published author." Lily muttered under her breath. "He barely passed through Hogwarts."

"Easy love," James slipped an arm around his wife's waist and pressed his lips to her shoulder. "I'm sure the new teacher has his reason for putting every single Lockhart book on the required list."

Harry was watching his parents from the side and was decidedly amused by the whole ordeal. He had drifted through the stores selection with Iris while their parents stood in the agonizingly slow line. Though his enhanced hearing picked up his parents conversation with ease.

"Ladies and gentlemen," A loud boisterous voice filled the air. "I, Gilderoy Lockhart, five time winner of Witch Weekly's Most Charming Smile Award." There was a slight pause here for the high pitched screams. "Have a magnificent announcement to make!"

Harry would have generally ignored the man but Iris had tripped over a book on the floor and into the cameraman. "Oi, watch where you…bless my soul! It's Iris Potter!"

Harry suddenly felt a massive headache begin to creep onto the forefront of his head.

There were several excited murmurs of 'the Girl-Who-Lived' and his sister had gone beat-red at all the attention lapped on her so abruptly. Iris's face quickly fell into panic as an ostentatious robed arm pulled her to the front.

"Ladies and gentlemen, when young Iris here walked into this respectable establishment, she had no idea that she'd be getting signed copies of all of my works for free!"

There was uproarious applause as Harry's annoyance quickly churned into anger.

"Yes, indeed, and an even greater surprise to the Girl-Who-Lived is that I, will be the new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts!"


Harry had made his decision.

He was going to kill Gilderoy Lockhart and he was going to enjoy it.

He saw his parents move through the crowd with both fury and trepidation on their features. Harry drew his wand and pointed it at Lockhart.

Suddenly there was a cold wave of magic that chilled the temperature in the room significantly. It had stopped Lockhart's smile, it had frozen his parents in place and it had caused Harry's eyes to widen. It was the feel of magic seeped in the dark arts.

There was the sharp rap of wood on wood as Harry perceived a long cane hit the floorboards.

Black robes under a white jacket and a silver scarf was wrapped his neck. His face was lined with age yet remained possessed a regal austerity and ashen grey hair tightly combed back adorned his head.

"I would appreciate it if you unhanded my niece, Mister Lockhart." His gravelly voice dripping with contempt he didn't even bother to hide.

Lockhart swallowed hard. "Of-of course my Lord."

The man's eyes fell onto Iris and the girl actually stepped towards Lockhart for protection. "Over to your brother now, child." The elderly gentleman's mouth moved in a flat line.

Iris threw a glance at him than back towards the man emanating the cold magic before she quickly scurried over to Harry who offered her his hand. He locked gazes with the nobleman and felt a slight pressure on his mind. Harry easily brushed aside the mental assault but did not retaliate. The man's lips quirked in the briefest of smiles.

Harry pulled Iris along as he made his way towards the man, an act which caused Iris to glance at her brother questioningly. However, it was the sight of their parents moving in their direction as well that calmed her down. Harry, never taking his eyes off the dark wizard, pushed Iris in the direction of their mother.

Lily quickly wrapped her arms around Iris before giving her undivided attention to the gentlemen who had rescued her daughter from Lockhart's grasp, however she said nothing. Fully comfortable letting her husband to deal with this man.

"Uncle," James said, with a polite nod of his head.

Arcturus Black the Third did not deign to return the nod. "James," he said slowly. "You are remiss to allow your children to be so easily handled by others."

Notwithstanding his intense lack of pure-blood customs, his father was not one to back down from a verbal bout with a fellow lord of a Noble and Most Ancient House. Especially when the other lord was his own uncle.

"Her brother is more than capable of taking care of her in our absence." He replied stiffly.

Arcturus looked at Harry from the corners of his eyes. "Indeed?"

Harry fingered his wand in his hand and there was an unexpected crash from behind him followed by several screams. Arcturus's gaze flicked over Harry's shoulder and Harry didn't have to turn around to know what the scene behind him was.

"Indeed," He repeated, drawing Arcturus's eyes back toward him. Harry slipped his wand up his sleeve, a movement, which he noted, the old man caught.

"It has been a long time Hadrian."

"It has." Harry replied evenly.

Arcturus smiled thinly.

"Good riddance," He heard his mother whisper harshly from behind him. "I don't know what Dumbledore was thinking hiring that man. He's most certainly gone senile."

The Black Lord looked at his mother, surprise fliting across his face momentarily before he schooled it back into his neutral expression. "Albus rarely does anything without a deeper purpose. He has been that way since our Hogwarts days."

His mother's face was briefly one of minor astonishment at having been directly addressed by the pure-blood lord. However, she quickly scowled and said, "That man has too many secrets."

Harry carefully watched his great-uncle's face as something akin to satisfaction wore itself through his grey eyes.

"Perhaps we best move to the front of the store?" Arcturus said as he observed the people beginning to rush around.

As the adults walked in front, Iris fell next to Harry and asked, "I wonder if that Lockhart guy will be okay?"

"An acceptable loss for our society." Harry drawled.

Apparently they were loud enough to be heard by the adults because his father gave a light snort and both his mother and great-uncle had small smiles.

"Still, I didn't think the chandelier would fall on him like that. How weird, right?"

Harry merely smiled in response.

Iris looked around the store curiously as her parents talked with her scary looking great-uncle. Well, he wasn't really scary looking, he just gave a really creepy vibe. Kind of like how Professor Quirrel did before he disappeared after the last winter break.

There were all sorts of rumors about how that happened.

The most common one was that those vampires he was always going on about finally managed to get their fangs into him.

Still, her great-uncle wasn't all that bad. He had bullied the sales clerk into quickly getting all of her and Harry's books and even paid for them. Okay, so intimidating the poor sixth year Ravenclaw who worked the store as a summer part-timer wasn't exactly nice. But still, it was a lot better than what the rest of her Black relatives got up to normally.

Besides, Great-Uncle Arcturus considered her daddy his favorite nephew. Mainly because all his other nephews were dead but, that's neither here nor there. Daddy was a pure-blood lord with a lot of money and power. Not to mention he was no slouch in the smarts department too. It also helped that he was easy on the eyes too.


There's nothing wrong with saying her daddy was an attractive man! The entire Potter family was attractive! Women always trailed their eyes on daddy when her mum wasn't around. The cashiers always flirted with mum when daddy was outside waiting to grab all the bags. And every slag in Hogwarts drooled after Harry! She even once caught Professor Sinestra looking at her brother's backside.

All of the Potters were super-hot!

Iris knew she was also a good looking witch for her age. And if her mum was anything to go by, she'd fill out nicely too! Iris knew she'd turn heads when she became older. The only complaint she had was the ugly lightning shaped scar on her forehead.

Iris had been forced from a young age to cover her brow with her bangs to hide the mar of her face. No matter where she went, people would gawk at her. Muggles would give her that infuriating pitying look mixed with curiosity and magicals would ogle her like she was something out of the zoo.

Stupid scar…stupid Voldemort…what she wouldn't do for the chance to use those self-defense lessons daddy thought her on the former dark lord. She'd gouge his eyes with pepper spray before nailing him in his Slytherin jewels! The jerk…

"Well, well," A smooth, oily voice caught her attention. "If it isn't Iris Potter, the Girl-Who-Lived."

Iris realized that in her musings, she had wandered away from her family again and was now being approached by three blondes. Platinum blonde hair covered in copious amounts of gel could only mean one thing, Malfoys.

This could be trouble.

Right…what was the first thing to do when in trouble…find Harry!

She swept the immediate vicinity only to be disappointed.

Okay…no Harry in sight.

Iris's eyes fixed on the woman. Narcissa Malfoy was her second cousin on her father's side. Maybe she could appeal to familial bonds…?

Oh who was she kidding? Narcissa was raised a hardcore Black. Every witch for herself.

"Lucius Malfoy, Miss Potter. My son Draco has told me much about you and-ah!" Iris flinched as the man grabbed her chin and brushed back her bangs. "Forgive me Miss Potter but I can't help but look at the mark left upon you by the Dark Lord."

Suddenly, Iris found herself being yanked back and Lucius Malfoy found himself being knocked to the floor.

A figure stepped out in front of Iris and she didn't need to see his face to see who it was. Or to tell that he was angry. Waves of rage rolled off of Harry and Iris could actually feel his magic searing against her face. "If you wanted to look at his mark then you only need have looked toward your own arm."

Her brother's voice was that one that sent chills up her spine. The one that generally came with the expression, 'I'm about to turn you into minced meat.'

'Go big brother,' Iris cheered.

Lucius Malfoy rose promptly to his feet as his face contorted in anger. "You'd do well not to involve yourself in matters that do not concern you, you miserable wretch of a child!"

Harry's actions had gathered a crowd, including her parents who immediately rushed over to them. Though not before Harry retorted coldly. "Bold words from a branded slave."

There was a collective gasp from the growing audience as Lucius Malfoy's face contorted in rage and he drew his wand.

"Malfoy!" Iris heard her daddy yell. "Get away from my children!"

Her father was pointing his wand at Malfoy while simultaneously shielding Harry with his body. Her mother was at her side, pulling her back towards the crowd.

"Potter," Lucius sneered. "I should have seen the resemblance. Of course the little shite would be your filthy half-blood."

"Lucius that's enough!" Narcissa hissed from the sides. "You're embarrassing yourself!"

"Best listen to dear Cissy, Lucius." Her father taunted. "Wouldn't do to have to arrest you for assault on a minor now would we?"

However, that's when Harry moved from his position and bent down to pick up a small book that was lying on the floor and the moment he did, Lucius Malfoy's eyes went wide and he lunged forward. Her father immediately reacted and met the man halfway.

They struggled against each other momentarily and that's when all hell broke loose as the wizards let loose spell fire. People began running and screaming and Iris was pushed to the floor in the mad rush. She saw brief flashes of spells and the resulting furniture being blasted into rubble.

Iris pushed herself up as she heard barely made out her mother's voice screaming her name amidst the chaos. Nearly being knocked down again, Iris put all her strength into her legs and ran towards the wall. Nevertheless, she ended up running into someone and together they fell into a pile limbs. "Sorry, sorry," she muttered as both she and the person she ran into clutched at each for support as they made to stood up.

It was with great surprise that Iris stared up into, the equally astonished, Narcissa Malfoy's face. Talk about awkward moments. There was another spout of spell fire, and Iris had the sneaking suspicion that the combatants were more than just her father and Lucius now, that sailed upwards and through the ceiling.

It was with a fascinated horror that Iris watched a support beam torn in two and groan as it swung down in a wide arc towards her and the older witch. The two witches clinging to each in the heat of the moment, both had the surreal realization that neither of them would be able to reach their wands before the massive pillar of wood smashed into them.

They couldn't even manage a scream as it came hurtling towards them and…stopped mere inches away from their faces. Iris stared at the debris which had been all too ready to smash her into pulp with confusion. Narcissa, seemed just as confused and scared judging by how the woman was shaking. It was only then that Iris realized that she was trembling as well.

"Oh don't stand there looking like idiots," Harry's voice layered with annoyance came to her. "Move!"

Iris spied Harry standing not too far from them with his wand pointing at the beam of wood. She immediately ran to his side and, startlingly, so did Narcissa.

"Harry, where are mum and dad?" Iris asked, concern marring her face.

"Your mother is safely on the other side of the store while your father is effectively making a fool of himself with Lucius." A gruff voice said from behind her.

As her great-uncle came to beside her brother, she saw Narcissa stiffen from next to her. "Grandfather?" The woman exclaimed in shock.

"Indeed my dear," The man said as normally as possible. As if there wasn't a full-fledged battle going on. "Allow me to express how utterly embarrassed I am by your husband's actions. I always told Castor that Abarax's son was no good."

Narcissa Malfoy stammered momentarily before she went deathly pale. A remarkable feat considering how fair she was to begin with. "Where is Draco? Where is my son!?"

"He ran with the rest of the cowards. Don't worry," He added at her look. "You know of my gift. He is safely outside."

"This has gone on long enough." Harry's voice had that edge to it that warned Iris of an impending lashing on his part.

"Agreed nephew," Though Arcturus sounded more amused if anything. "Though what will you do?"

Harry answered by raising a hand and pressing the tip of his wand into his other palm. "Immobulus."

Iris's eyes were consumed in a flash of blue light.

Author's Note: The biggest thing is probably how bi-polar Harry seems right? Well in a manner he is.

As I've made the comparison that Jyggalag and Akatosh are twins I've also made their situations the same.

The Alduin/Akatosh dichotomy: Akatosh is invincibity, immortality and endurance personified. In that sense he is the ultimate Aedra, who embody preservation and, to an extent, stasis. Strangely, Alduin, who is both Akatosh's son as well as an aspect of Akatosh himself, embodies all the other qualities of Time. Death, Destruction, Change as well as renewal. Which is strange because by nature, Alduin is nearly identical to the Daedra who embody change.

Jyggalag is the Prince of Order. Order in the sense that there is no originality and everything fits perfectly into a system of mathematical formulas and logical categorization. In this regard, Jyggalag is practically an Aedra. Jyggalag's alter ego is Sheogorath. Madness manifest. Random with out any order and utterly illogical.

This is why I portrayed Akatosh and Jyggalag as the first two to come out of the Primordial conflict.

Give this some thought as you ponder Harry's strange behavior.