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Chapter 1:

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"Mikasa!" the name shot through the air in a panicked, shrill voice as the squadron advanced onwards in pursuit of the metamorphic Titans across the vast openess, the ground cracked as the hooved riding group passed quickly by. Mikasa quickly jolted her head toward the voice's owner - it was Armin, his eyes filled will sheer horror, his petite mouth slightly agape but changed into a thin line as his teeth clenched. The raven haired girl's eyes darted towards the path of her friend's gaze; behind them in the not so far distance, to the East, two groups of 15-25m class Titans were hurtling directly toward them at an alarming pace.

Moments following, the rest of the group turned their attention to the Titans, following Armin's panicked and alerting voice.

"What do we do?!" Armin's piercing voice broke through the air once again, his childlike blue eyes locking onto Mikasa's black ones in a sheer panic and need for reassurance.

"Shit! Commander, your orders?" Jean hastily questioned in response to the panic from Armin and situation currently unfolding. The Titan's speed surely meant they'd soon be closing in on the group if they didn't act quickly.

Erwin altered his strong, determined gaze quickly from the nearing Titans toward the boy, Jean; furrowing his thick blonde eyebrows slightly in thought, he turned his head and glanced at Mikasa, momentarily after, he issued his orders.

"Ackerman!" Erwin shouted at the girl, gaining her attention - her gaze left Armin's as she turned to face her Commander, "We will continue on into the trees, once there, you take out the two to the right of us, Kirschtein, Zermusky, Springer and Arlert will aid you! The rest of us will handle the four to the right!" Erwin instructed. "Don't do anything hasty and be on your guard! Once they've been dealt with, join back with the main group immediately! Understood?"

All were in compliance with their set orders, an syncronised 'Yes, Commander!' was sounded from the group. Mikasa nodded in acknowledgment and looked forward to the mass grouping of trees.

Nearing the Giant Trees, the group split into their assigned groups, each going either to the left or right, and into the thick mass of mountainous trees. The perpetual beat of hooves hitting cracked earth echoed through the atmosphere, and a soft shaking to the ground threw the beat off, getting louder and more erratic. The Titan's were getting closer. Mikasa exhaled through her slender nose softly. After quickly adjusting her 3D Maneuver Gear, she grasped a hold of her reins and threw her left leg over the horse to join her right, readying herself, she took in her surroundings and glanced over to the closing in enemy and then to rest of her group. They all nodded in unison at her, signaling they were too, ready. Their eye's were filled with determination and trust toward Mikasa, and she called out to them.

"I'll handle this one alone," head motioning to the closest Titan, just entering the tree line, "you take out the other one." she stated, Armin nodded vigorously, lips clenched together tightly, eyes wide and ready. Mikasa gripped a hold of the red scarf that she religiously wore and adjusted it so it covered her mouth and nose, she glanced back towards their enemy, eyes narrowing. As her targeted Titan got closer, she leapt from her horse into the air and shot out a metallic wire which zipped through the wind and connected with the Titan's left waist, embedding itself within it's hard flesh - activating the Maneuver Gear, Mikasa swung across the expanse toward the doomed Titan.

Once close enough, she de-connected the wire and swung upwards and to the left, re-shooting a wire into a piece of flesh closer to its back, she took a sharp intake of breath and arched away as she felt the slight skim of the Titan's large, calloused right hand brush against her hair and cheek as it aimed to bat her away.

'Tch, it's fast...' she mentally cursed, she hadn't expected that. After composing herself, she curled her body together as the hand that had missed began to fly upwards to take another try at hitting her away. Mikasa gripped her swords tightly in her hands, the leather pressing against her soft skin and clenched her teeth; she would not be caught off again!

But the sudden grunt and harsh jerk from the Titan took her by surprise, what had just happened?

She shot her gaze slightly behind her; Jean. His Maneuver Gear's wires were embedded into the Titans left bicep and he had slashed its left ribcage open with his sword, denting and staining the once pristine metal slightly with the putrid blood. He sent Mikasa a cocky smirk, but was taken off-guard and barely dodged the attack from the Titan as it attempted to counter attack him. He acted quickly and was on the defensive as he hovered in the air, about to dodge at any moment. The Titan's attention was solely on him.

"Jean!" Mikasa yelled, she took this as an opportunity to utilise on and she shot her Gear into the Titan's bulking shoulder and threw herself up into the air.

"Got ya back, Ackerman!", his proud voice shouted back after composing himself as he dodged another hit form the Titan, he swung around and continued past it's left side, using it as leverage to boost himself forwards, he detached from the Titan and flew by a nearby tree and onwards towards the other Titan, where the rest of the members currently were.

Mikasa continued to shoot up into the harsh air and readied herself, but took a quick intake of breath as she suddenly felt the Maneuver Gear clunk unexpectedly and go stiff, the wire refusing to give her more length or retract.

'Shit, it's jammed...', she cursed and looked down; she still had an opportunity, with or without the Gear. The Titan still hadn't realised her position, the advantage was undoubtedly in her favour.

She continued upwards through the cool air, until gravity took action, the wind was whipping at her silky onyx hair as she began to descended towards her target below. She had it, she was sure; it was going to be over momentarily. A quick surge of strength shot through her as she sliced her swords accurately from both directions into the back of the Titan's neck. The Titan flailed its body from the attack and let out a disgruntled scream of pain. The putrid smell of blood hung heavily in the air, as the blood hit the bark of the trees and stained them with its crimson stench before burning into nothing, the large piece of disconnected flesh fell through the air and landed among the grass below. She acted quickly after, flipping her body around, and landing onto its shoulder, she braced herself. The Titan's lifeless body continued to descended forwards, impacting with the hard ground, sending dust into the air with a heavy thud.

She gracefully landed onto the ground with a soft thud, knees bent, Maneuver Gear clunking against her body and ground with the generous impact, straightening her legs casually, she stood up straight, glancing to the left of her, the dead body of the Titan began to burst into a hot heat of smoke, melting away into the ground until there was nothing but the smell. The wind was picking up and was harshly gushing through the trees and through her soft hair, causing her locks to begin batting into her face. She raised her hand to brush it from her eyes and lifted the red scarf up her face once again, she inhaled the ever present smell of the scarf, wanting to smell only it and not the rotting smell of dead Titan.

The heat from the melted Titan was still present against her skin, and the wind caused a shivering contrast against it. She took an intake of breath through her nose and exhaled softly through her open mouth, the hot air bouncing off the crimson fabric, heating her face more. The scarf made her think of Eren, sighing, she closed her eyes and buried her face deeper into the material; she needed to find him…

After an intake of breathe, and opening her eyes, she turned search for Armin, her gaze landed on him, he was a good distance away, inspecting him over best she could from the distance, the corner of her mouth raised slightly, he was unharmed too. She was relieved.

"Armin," she started to call, but unknowingly to her, three new 15m Titans had appeared from the South within the mountainous trees, and were progressively making their way toward her direct location through the tall trees at a quickening pace.

The slight tremors on the ground caught her attention before anything; she furrowed her eyebrows, and pursed her lips tightly together. What the hell was- Oh no, it couldn't be...

"Ackerman! Move, get out of there, now!" A distant voice called, it sounded like Commander Erwin...but, why was he-?

Turning instantly, she saw the reason for the command; there were more Titan's making their way over to her direct location at an increasing speed, Erwin's group not far behind, zipping through the trees, pursuing it.

'Dammit, they must have broken away from the group.' she concluded rationally, but glancing into mass grouping of trees in the far distance, she saw the burning remains of the dead bodies from the Abnormal Titan's from earlier which had begun to slowly melt away into smoke in a burst of molten heat. These Titans weren't from Erwin's to-kill list, these were new ones. Why were there so many in this one area, so close together? Her eyes narrowed dangerously, that didn't matter right now, and she needed to focus on the situation at hand.

Mikasa, keeping a calm façade attempted to shoot her 3D Maneuver Gear on a tall tree not too far away from her, to gain the advantage that she'd need, - sitting on the ground while even one Titan ran at you, was the most idiotic thing you could do in this situation, let alone three.

...But the gas tank clunked loudly. "Ha, of course." she murmured, "Still broken, isn't it." She muttered sardonically, she raised her gaze up at the scrambling Titan's, they were still some distance from her, she concluded she had around 30 seconds - maybe she could try running or even attempt to unjam it in time to move out of the way? Mikasa was not going to run, the idea repulsed her greatly. She was a fighter, she needed to be, she had to protect Eren and…

Settling for the latter, she gripped a hold of the malfunctioned Maneuver Gear with her petite, but capable hands.

Mikasa's squad had acted quickly, and was now quickly flying through the cool air towards the Titans. However, she'd estimated the distance between them, and the speed of the Titans incorrectly. The hulking Titan at the front of the pack was soon only a few hundred yards from her as it dived through the air at a horrific pace, dodging the group's attempts at halting its advance - it merely moved aside as Jean swooped in for a hit, batting him aside like a toy and knocking him into a nearby tree with a loud thunk.

"Mikasa! Move!" A young voice yelled in deep panic.

Mikasa turned to see Armin zipping through the air to her aid, coming closer towards her, reaching out his hand in a panicked attempt at saving her.

His attempt was soon quickly halted when the Titan craned its neck unnaturally to look at him with crazed eyes that seem to stare wildly into his soul. Armin clenched his teeth together and clamped his eyes shut in pure horror. While letting out a screech, the Titan spun around and extended its long arms out and they collided against Armin's small frame, sending him hurling into a thorned bush.

"Armi-" she was cut off as she dodged as the Titan hurled itself at her in an attempt to grab her; she quickly jumped away from the hands, and landed on the floor with a thud. The Titan swiped it's left hand, and then right, the second barely scraping against her leg as she jump from its deadly grasp.

Her breath was coming out heavy and fast, it was harder than she expected, the Titan was fast...very fast, and without the Gear and air as an advantage, she had to rely on her instincts and swiftness on the ground. But even then, this Titan was Abnormal...and a fast one at that. She took a split second to look over to Armin's still body half slumped in the bush, oh God, she hoped he was still alive, if he w- her thoughts were interrupted as the Titan swiped at her again, it grunted loudly as it missed the next attempt, losing it's balance and falling against the floor, face hitting the hard ground harshly.

Mikasa's breathing began to slow slightly, maybe it was tiring itself out and she could kill it quickly before it had chance to move, and at that she mused. Though that thought was short lived, as the Titan, with tremendous quickness, launched its arm up, homing in on her, colliding with her light frame and smacking her into the dry, cracked ground, a loud crunch was heard.

Mikasa screamed out in agony and looked up towards her enemy; it's eyes could be seen through the long black, wiry hair which was roused all over its face and head, the almost insane look made her heart skip a beat. Was this really the end? She couldn't even outwit a Titan without her Gear? She mentally scolded herself as she felt the Titan begin to clench its fist, fingers sliding under her body, picking her up off of the cold ground. The demented, empty eyes never leaving hers, and that smile… the crazed but almost happy smile was plastered across its face, almost as if to say: "I win."

"Ackerman!" she heard a voice call, "Status?!"

A shadowed silhouette passed over her from where the voice originated from, glancing up, the sun was glaring down through the trees in sharp, god ray lines that shone at her brightly, blurring her vision.

Erwin quickly zipped through the air, sliced at the Titan's exposed neck and back flipped away from it, landing expertly onto the ground and quickly turning to look toward her. A shriek of pain and what seemed to be anger rang through the air, and the Titan's empty eyes lulled into the back of its skull, head falling and colliding with the ground with an almighty crack.

Irvin gripped his swords in his hands then placed them back into his 3D Maneuver Gear slots with expert precision and glanced towards the silent Titan.

"Ackerman, if you're still alive, answer me, or I'll have you wh-"

"I'm fine! I-I can't move my right arm," her voice sounded loudly from within the Titans gripped, calloused hand. Steam slowly started evaporating from its body, fizzing in the cool air as is ascended. Erwin made his way across the dirt ground towards the dead Titan's closed hand. "Sir, Armin alive?" her voice was stiff, but mixed with abruptness - she expected the worst.

"Arlert is in safe hands, Ackerman, we need focus on your current situation first." He affirmed strongly.

The rest of the surviving group's members quickly began to appear from within the tree line. Jean was over at Armin's side - he was unconscious from the force of the hit but he was nonetheless still alive, the rest of the group that had landed were progressing towards the slowly melting Titan.

"You three, get Ackerman out of there, before it starts to burn her alive." Erwin's command whipped through the air

"Yes, sir!"

"We have to fall back for now. We cannot afford more casualties or injuries. You're no use to us in this condition either, Ackerman." Erwin said sternly, he glanced towards Armin who was being carried over to the small gathering of troops by the horses, and then to Mikasa.

"But, sir…" Mikasa tried, her eyes on the verge of pleading.

"I can understand, Ackerman. But this is an order; emotional attachments have no standing in this situation. Don't question my command." Erwin replied abruptly. "Back to base!" he commanded as he turned to the remaining squad members.

Mikasa's mouth thinned and she bit her tongue; there was no use in arguing, she knew it was best to keep quiet, even if it wasn't her nature or want. She slowly and reluctantly bowed her head down, lightly cradling her arm. Scouting Legion had to retreat from their pursuit and head back to Trost, as much as Mikasa hated to accept it, it was what needed to be done. Wincing in great pain as she was helped onto the back of her horse, she softly gripped a hold of her arm again; it hurt like a damn bitch, but she could bare it. She scowled and looked up into the distance past the trees, where the sun was now beginning to set; the orange and red tint to the sky cast a hazy glow on her pale face, warming it slightly, but she frowned.


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