Part 2:

Why didn't they just go to black tor mine instead of waiting for a comet?

What's with the old guy?

Hollies baby was born at the right time and probably turns out to be a sensitive. What a coincidence?

Why did Ernesto and Serena take off the helmets in front of the guards?

Holly's inconsistent baby bump.

They like to use any excuse to show that holly is having a baby

Cannibalism on a children's show.

Why are they wasting food on food fights?

Magic braces. They come on and come off with no dentists.

They could have called on the two sensitives in the last series: Huen and mystery girl (don't know her name).

Repetitive dialogue.

The person who plays Kylie is the only good actor.

Orion's leyline chart – what a coincidence

Kylies outfits…


Where is Reese's teen mum?

Exact same escape route. Surely they would have blocked it off.

Reese's extreme arrogance.

Swords and baseball bats but no guns.

Ernesto's hair! Why did he have to cut it?

Holly: There are no such thing as ghosts. 10 minutes later. Holly: rule number 1 in a haunted house…