So, here's a new story, my first Harry Potter Fanfiction, complete and total AU and more likely than not OOC. This one should go by fairly smoothly and quickly, I already know exactly what I'm doing with the whole thing!

By the way… Did any of you catch what I did with the title? If anyone can point out the reference, I'll give you a special prize.~

Anyways… So, here you go:

Walking through the people filled corridors of the magic castle, young Severus is alone, just as always. He was a shy sixteen year old boy who had no friends and no romantic (or sexual) inclinations what-so-ever. There was one person he almost dared to say he had a crush on. James Potter, with his black silk hair, creamy white skin, and almost golden eyes, Severus had found him intelligent, kind, brave, a good person. Though the young loner didn't have any friends, Lily Evans and James Potter were the closest thing he had to the special bond we call friendship. The halls cleared out quickly, everyone eager to be out of classes for the day. Severus had taken his time, walking at a slow pace to the library. He paused, hearing a shuffling noise and some moaning. He didn't recognize the sounds for what they were and thought someone was in trouble. Rushing into the door from where the groans originated, he had an almost fierce face and his wand in hand. His eyes swept the room looking for a threat, or at least the injured person, but instead found James Potter.

Brave, strong James Potter blushing and moaning, his pants down, lower half exposed, and one hand behind his back, moving jerkily but out of sight, unlike his left hand which was stroking his hardened length. His eyes were closed and the smooth skin of his cheeks red and face dampened with sweat. Severus paused, confused, putting his wand away. He was about to turn and walk out when the heavy door to the potions room had finally completed its arching path and had slammed into the wall, creating a loud bang and startling the golden eyed beauty into yanking his second hand in front of himself to make sure he was fully covered, pulling his trousers and robes over his erection. He looked up through his raven black, messed up hair to see the confused boy with an awkward boner he didn't understand.

"S-Severus… I…" He trails off not knowing what to do, he glances down at the ground, noticing the younger boy's hardened length; he looks up at Severus again, taking a few steps closer. Standing right in front of the sixth year, he places his hands on the taller boy's chest, looking up at him through his long, thick eyelashes. He knew the pale-skinned Slytherin had a crush on him and was about to use it to his advantage. "Please Severus… Help me. It hurts…" He spoke softly, pleadingly, as he moved his hand down Snape's body, gently caressing his arm before taking hold of his hand, tangling their fingers together. He squeezes Sev's fingers, begging with his eyes brimmed with tears and ringed in red. Reciprocating the hand squeeze, Severus nods his head almost furiously.

"Of course I'll help you James! How could I say no? You're the closest thing I have to a friend; I want to take all your pain away!" James had, of course, known this would be the answer. He perked up; face almost joyous as his face lit up with a large grin.

"Really?" Upon the more naïve boy's affirmative, his smile grows and he jumps up, throwing his arms around the taller man and kissing him. "Thank you Severus! I knew I could count on you! I love you!" The Slytherin froze once James' lips had touched upon his own, but his long arms had wound around his waist, making sure the Gryffindor didn't fall. His pale cheeks turned almost pink as the blood raced to his face and he blushed.

"I… I…" He cleared his throat. "What can I do James? How can I help you?"

James moves his head from Severus' shoulder and looks up into his eyes. "I… I know you're innocent, but… How much do you know about sex?"

Severus was startled by his question and images of having a naked James beneath him, squirming and mewling went through his mind and sent blood rushing to his face and further south, adding to his discomfort. "Ah… Enough I suppose, though none of it is from firsthand experience…" James nodded and pressed his soft, pink lips against Severus' again and whispered against his mouth.

"Well Sev… You're about to attain some firsthand experience." As he was speaking the older man had begun to unbutton the virgin's robe and pushed it off before shifting his attention to the boy's pants. As James had been pulling off his robes, Severus had stepped out of his shoes and eagerly, yet unsurely, commenced disrobing James as well. Fairly soon, they were both naked, Severus standing there awkwardly, not knowing what to do in this situation he had never been in before. "Now what do we do James?" He had researched sex before, but none of it had been homosexual, only between a man and woman. James gives a gentle, understanding smile and grasped his hand. Pulling Severus closer to him, James ran the boy's hand down his chest, showing him how to move himself for a few moments before letting go of the Slytherin's wrist and stroking his hand down Sev's chest.

After a bit of innocent exploring, James leaned in and kissed Severus. Gently, sweetly, completely chaste at first, before deepening the contact, his tongue darting out to taste Severus' bottom lip. The wet, pink appendage moves slowly to the groove between the younger boy's lips, prying them apart slightly, asking, actually demanding, permission to infiltrate his mouth. He silently complies, parting his lips for his friend and allowing his own tongue to flick out to trace James' lips, shapely as Cupid's bow. The older man takes this opportunity to shove his tongue into Sev's mouth, intertwining their tongues as he does so. The young virgin moans and pulls James flush against him, their penises colliding together and creating a delicious friction that's made better by the Gryffindor reaching down and caressing them both. Wrapping his hand around both their lengths at once and stroking them up and down, moans erupt from both wizards as their shafts slip against each other, lubricated by the pre-cum dripping from their heads and down their shafts, spread by James' hand. "S-Severus…" James pauses in a gasp then continues. "I… I want to feel you- aah!" A needy moan slips out from his throat. "Filling me…" He breathes hard as his hips begin to push his manhood into his hand and against his lover's dick better. Severus' hands trail from James' hips backward, squeezing the Gryffindor's nicely shaped derrière, his grip pulls apart the firm ass cheeks and a muffled, muted buzzing can be heard as Snape kneads Potter's rear, James turns and bends over an unoccupied desk that had previously gone unnoticed, giving the onyx eyed boy a very good view of his butt as well as a glimpse of something that appeared at least part plastic shoved deeply inside him. Snape reaches forward and tugs on the plastic cylinder. As it comes out, the earlier buzzing grows louder and the shape seems to be a slightly curved cylindrical piece of silicone, about nine inches in length and to in width, with some vein like textures scattered over it, attached to a plastic base. He pulls it all the way out as James gasps and whimpers, mewling at the sudden emptiness.

"I… I've never done this before James…" He sounds worried as he inspects the detailed, 3D penis fashioned out of silicone and plastic, still vibrating. He eventually finds the button to turn it off and promptly does so then sets it on the desk beside the slim body beneath him. He sees a pale hand reach back, fist clutched around a small bottle.

"Just cover your penis in this, then enter me. Easy." Severus squeezes out some of the slicky stuff and, upon feeling how cool it was, he warms it in his palm for a time before stroking his member into wetness. Once satisfied with his lubrication job, he places the bottle of lube next to the sex toy before sliding slowly, gently, unsurely into his lover.

Once his hardened length was encased entirely by the ring of muscle, he waited a moment before pulling out a bit, gasping and moaning at how hot and tight James was, and his instincts kick in. He stays still for a moment, allowing the man receiving the pounding to adjust to the cock now inside him. Sev begins to pull out slowly, almost all the way, before pushing in all the way again. He keeps the pace slow at first, gradually picking up speed and force to slam into James, gasping, moaning, and mewling beneath Severus. Because this was the Slytherin's first sexual encounter, he releases fairly quickly, exhausted, panting, and gasping James' name. At the feeling of warm, almost hot liquid splashing inside him, coating his walls, and the faltering stutter of Snape's hips, James comes as well, clenching his hands into fists and almost screaming in his release.

After a few moments, they cast a cleaning spell upon themselves and dressed in their robes again. They share a couple sweet kisses and plan on meeting up again in the future. Even though he knows the seventh year is in a relationship with Lily Evans, Severus can't help but agree when the man he had a crush on made puppy eyes at him and begged. They decided to keep it a secret from everyone, including Lily. Especially Lily.

Severus and James had been in this hidden, sorry excuse of a sex-ship for around seven months, meeting at least three times a week, sometimes multiple times in a day, when at one of their secret trysts, James had told Severus that they had to cut all ties to each other.

"Severus. This needs to end. I'm in a relationship with Lily, we're to be married after graduation, and she is expecting to have my child." He speaks in a logical voice, but Severus was caught off guard, not expecting this and clearly was upset.

"But… James..? You said we'd be together forever. You said you were going to break up with Lily." He was confused and in denial, not wanting to lose the man who had made his feelings develop from a small crush and admiration, to love, he had fallen in love with James in the last few months and hadn't ever thought of one day never having him near.

James shakes his head and chuckles. "Merlin Severus. You're so gullible. I knew I couldn't talk you into being my fuck buddy if you didn't think I cared. You're too innocent. So I pretended to reciprocate your feelings in exchange for your body. But now Lily's putting out, and pregnant, so now I don't need you. You're so easy, practically a slut." He sneers and walks out of the classroom that had become their meeting spot, the potions room, leaving Severus to himself, crying, without even looking back, feeling not even a shred of guilt or remorse. Falling to his knees sobbing, not only for the loss of his lover or his only friends, but also because of the fresh sting of a deep, cutting betrayal.

So that's it for this chapter! In case you're curious, during their 'relationship', James had pretended to turn against Severus for reasons unknown and began to badly bully him. He had been friends with Remus, Sirius, and Peter already. Lily continued to stand up to James when he was being a dick to Severus and continued being on his side of every argument between them, never suspecting she was being cheated on. And so, the story will continue, this was just a prologue and the next chapter will be the official first chapter starting with Harry at five. Lily still knows nothing about the affair, and I don't think she'll find out. It'll be a secret to the grave.