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Once coming to this realization, I snap my head back around to look at Draco. "W-wait! Wh-what?" I ask, cursing the stutter as I'm unable to speak as quickly as I would like without it being unintelligible. I lower my voice again when Draco turns to look at me, leaning in to speak only to him. "V-Voldemort was h-here..? And n-no one kn-knew?" My eyes were wide in disbelief as I question him.

"Later." He whispers back and I try to pry my mind from this news.

"Sh-should we-e talk t-to Herm-mione about this?" I ask, not bothering to mention Ron as he would likely hear it from Hermione or tag along.

"But Ron can't know." The blond speaks firmly, not willing to budge on this one. I simply nod, writing out a quick note on a small piece of parchment, sending it to Hermione. Telling her to meet us at the usual spot.

Once we've all gathered in Myrtle's restroom, I explode. "Wh-what do y-you mean V-Voldem-mort w-was here? H-how c-could n-no one kn-know? Wh-what h-happened? Why w-was he h-here?" My stutter making it much longer than it should have. Hermione's eyes widen as we both turn to Draco. By this time Myrtle had floated over, staying near me as we talk. She stayed a part our conversations, helping when she could.

"I-I'm sorry Harry, I don't know. I only know he was here because I heard Mum and Father talking about it." He holds up his hands as a shield. "They were saying he was looking for something but they didn't say what. So I really don't know. But I'm sure Dumbledore knew, he just didn't do anything about it. I'm sorry I didn't say anything earlier Harry," he says with a sheepish expression. "I didn't want to ruin your break and I was going to tell you tonight."

"O-okay..." I say as I calm down a bit.

"What does this mean though? That the Dark Lord is back?" Hermione inserts. Draco only shrugs.

"I-is he g-going to try r-raising back t-to p-power? Wh-what does h-he w-want?" I throw in my own questions. We stay there in silence for a bit as we think, contemplating what's happening. After a few minutes, Hermione stands brushing herself off.

"Well, we best get to bed. We don't want to be caught out of our dorms after dark."

"Wait, Mione!" Draco holds out a hand to stop her momentarily. "I know you already figured this out, but… Don't tell Ron?" He says, standing as well. As the blond brushes himself off and Hermione nods before walking out, I stand as well.

After the bushy haired Gryffindor is out of of the room, I link my arm through Draco's. "S-so. Mione?" I say looking at the boy with a grin while wiggling my eyebrows at him. His cheeks flush a delicate pink and he yanks his arm away.

"Stop it Harry!" He protests, shoving my lightly as we walk into the corridor, I pause to turn and wave to Myrtle.

"I'll c-come v-visit with y-you t-tomorrow Myrtle!" I call out before the door shuts. I walk to the dungeons with Draco, giggling as he continues to protest. "Just admit it. You like her." I point a finger at him as we reach the corridor before the Slytherin common room entrance.

"I don't think this is the time to be focused on that Harry..." He grumbles as we enter the main area, the giant squid just swimming past one of the window that opens into the lake. I huff a little but give it up as we make our way to the dormitory.

"Fine. But we will discuss this after everything's been sorted out." I say as I remove the robes from my body. I was raised modestly by the Potters, but they still paid more than necessary for various things, my supplies for school being one of them. They had invested a few hundred galleons on this robe alone, leaving the excess fabric so that it could be lengthened as I grew.

"Fine." Draco says, also changing out of his school robes. I change into sleepwear and slip under the deep green silken sheets, turning to face the blond's bed as he does the same.

"Good night Draco."

"Good night Harry." I close my eyes, trying to sleep but failing instead. I lay there for at least an hour, listening to the sounds of Draco's steady breathing and water gently splashing against the wall and window but it does nothing to lull me into sleep. When I can no longer stand simply laying there in silence, I move to sit by one of the windows. The water is dark green, illuminated only by the moonlight, in the inky darkness I can make out the shapes of some creatures swimming nearby every so often, but nothing more. I let my thoughts drift again, my mind settling on the idea of Voldemort. Wandering around these halls as a professor.

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