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I wake up later, bright light filtering through the window I was seated beside and shining brightly into my eyes, blinding me as I lurch forward, gasping for breath and covered in sweat. The common are was empty, whether that was because it was late and everyone else was already in the dining hall or because it was early and everyone was still asleep was unclear. I shove my glasses up my face, out of the way so I can rub at my eyes, clearing them of sleep as I stretch out my legs, swiveling around to get up from my seat beside the window, moving toward my dorm, my feet shuffling, skidding across the ground in a showcase of how much I truly wanted to be awake at this moment. Pushing open the door, I look around, finding Draco still asleep in bed meant that it was, indeed too early to be awake. Sighing, I ultimately choose to be awake early and begin getting ready for the day. I was too tired to want to do anything other than sleep some more, but I find myself easily getting changed into robes. I was just about completely dressed when I could cloth rustling and from the corner of my eye I could see Draco pulling himself up into a sitting position. "M-morning..." I mumble, my voice still basically a croak from the sleepy haze I could still feel settled over me.

"Mmm..." The blond hums in response, clearly too tired to think about words as he slowly moves off the bed, stumbling a bit as he begins to get himself ready for the day. "Morning, Harry." He finally responds verbally as he pulls his night shirt over his head.

"B-bathroom." I say under my breath, though still loud enough for the other boy to hear, as an explanation as I walk out of the room, going to the bathroom to brush my teeth before going back to the dorm where Draco already looked much better put together, school robes on and he was working on getting his hair combed into place. "I'm g-going to the D-dining H-hall." I say, pushing my fingers through my hair in my own version of styling as I head to the door. The young Malfoy nods, but doesn't say anything and I roll my eyes at him.

I begin making my way to the Dining Hall by myself, a few of the other Slytherins had already done the same and were a few feet ahead from me. I didn't bother catching up, they looked like upperclassmen, probably none that I knew. I make my way to the large room a bit slower than usual and I still get there before most other people, the Head Table was only half full as it was. Dumbledore was there and so were Professor Quirrell and Professor Snape, the later of the two were seat next to each other, speaking quietly.

I take a seat at the Slytherin table, placing some food onto my plate and eating slowly as I wait for the room to become a bit more full. I wasn't sitting alone for long, Hermione had come in and sat herself across from me. "Good morning, Harry." She says pleasantly, she was too much of an early riser, able to function this early in the day.

"M-morning, 'M-mione." I reply, definitely mumbling, I was grateful that Hermione was actually lenient in the mornings, knowing that I couldn't really focus on anything until an hour that was actually into the double digits.

"You're up rather early." She remarks casually, filling her own plate with food as I take a sip from my cup, filled with pumpkin juice.

"N-nightmare." I respond, answering her unasked question of why.

"You should really think about asking Madame Pomfrey for a Sleeping Draught, you know. You'll be able to sleep easier and it will ease your night terrors." She says, voice tinged with that 'I know everything about this' tone, but I knew she wasn't being snotty about it, there was more concern than anything in her words.

"I d-don't want to. I c-can ha-andle a f-few nightm-mares, 'Mione." I answer her just as quickly as she had me. We had already had this conversation a few times over the course of the last year and I wasn't changing that decision now. "B-besides, th-there are m-more imp-portant things w-worry about right n-now..." I remind her in a pointed voice while glancing over to the Head Table meaningfully.

"I suppose you're right… But I still think you shouldn't just deal with those nightmares." She concedes, lips pursed as she follows my gaze, her own eyes roaming over the line of professors seated and eating their breakfast. "Who do you think it is..? There aren't any new professors. And there isn't anyone missing, either." She asks, voice lowering as she leans in a bit to lessen the risk of anyone else hearing her.

"I d-don't know 'M-mione. I g-guess that's k-kinda the p-point, though..." I say, shrugging a bit while rolling my eyes at her question. If even the teachers here didn't know about Voldemort walking around in the castle, how were a couple of second years supposed to pinpoint who it was? I wasn't able to say anything else because Draco seated himself beside Hermione, greeting her much more animatedly than he had me. I roll my eyes at them and let my mind wonder.