"Light Yagami, Get up!"

I groaned, "What L? Why must you wake me up? I was having a pleasant dream about… uh… stuff." I sat up in bed as he started going off about being low on sweets and how we absolutely needed to go replenish his stock at 8 am.

"We need gummy bears, chocolate bars, cookies, and lots and lots of cake mix cause Light makes the best cake EVER!", he said, shouting the last bit. I thought through my options, and then punched him in the face, having him fall off the bed we are sharing, at my parents house, for the time being. Then successfully buried my head in my pillow… until he then grabbed me and flipped me on my back pinning my wrists to the headboard with both hands.

He looked me in the eye trying to look demanding, and it probably would have worked if I wasn't so sore and sleep deprived, "Light Yagami, we need to go get my sweets."

"No L, you want us to get you some sweets. But you won't die of sweet deprivation if you let me sleep another hour, why don't you go make some real food like eggs or something before you wake my parents up with your incessant antics." I tried to pull my arms out of his grip, but I was taken by surprise when his lips found mine. He pushed his tongue into my mouth, exploring it like he hasn't a million times. He put my wrists in one hand and used the other to hold my chin and tip it back.

I stopped struggling and kissed back lightly, gently peeling my hands away and sliding them in his hair. He gently pulled away, looking in my sleepy, soft eyes, then groaned. "Now even I don't want to leave bed you adorable sleepy bastard, ruining my plans." I had to laugh softly at that.

"So will you wait? I'm still sore from last night, mister."

He laughed, a little bit smugly, "Sure. Go to sleep, beautiful"