A/N So sorry it's been so long. Life happened. I'm also sorry you were promised a long chapter five, and this is really short.

With her dragon picture finished and the clock reading almost 8 o'clock, Alex went back downstairs. She had the words of the conversation she had eavesdropped on circling around her head.

In the kitchen she found Mr. and Mrs. Weasely, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and John tending to a skillet of bacon on the stove top.

She didn't make her presence known. She just lingered for a bit listening to the boys.

Ron was saying, "Leave it to you, Hermione, to have the day off because you worked too much."

Hermione countered, "You're just jealous because I'm staying all day at the Burrow."

Harry added, "No, I'm jealous because of that. Ron is jealous because he thinks he works too hard." He was grinning widely.

Alex had to stifle a laugh. Obviously these three were good friends, why else would they fight like school children?

And Alex knew without anyone saying so that Ron and Hermione were a couple. Alex suspected that Harry and Ginny were a couple too, but she wasn't yet sure and wasn't going to ask.

She joined the table, hoping to join in their conversation. "Good morning."

The three of them, Mrs. Weasely, John and Mrs. Weasely all replied in turn and they all sounded legitimately happy to see her.

That eased Alex's anxiety a great deal.

Alex sat at the table, and as soon as she looked down a plate of sunny side eggs, buttered toast and hash browns appeared.

Her eyes widened and she took a fork and broke the egg so the yellow oak ran onto her plate.

"I'm glad breakfast isn't different in England." Alex took a slice of toast and dipped it in the yolk. Before she took a bite she asked, "This is England right?"

The boys had to hide their faces in order to avoid embarrassing Alex. Hermione answered, "Yes it is."

Mrs. Weasely had been listening but making a point to not join in the trio's conversation. She enjoyed it as much as Alex.

"Ottery St. Catchpole of Devon, England to be exact."

Alex studied Molly quickly, praying she had forgiven her for earlier this morning. It looked like she had, because her face showed only kindness.

Alex took another slice of toast and dipped it in what was left of the yolk from her first egg. "There must be a lot of Sorcerers around here."

Having realized by now that Sorcerer was a gender neutral term for both witch and wizard Ron asked curiously, "How can you tell?"

Suddenly everyone was paying attention to Alex, even Arthur who had shielded himself from the world by reading a newspaper and ignoring everything.

"I can sense the magic. It's everywhere."

The room went uncomfortably quiet. Alex took her attention off of herself and focused on her hash browns.

Wanting the moment to end Harry spoke, "Dumbledore could do that too."

Hermione was now fascinated. "Can you do anything else?"

In an instant, Alex disappeared before their eyes. She didn't use a wand, or make any motions or say any incantations. Just disappeared.

Jaws dropped. Mr. Weasely had to hold out his hand as he nearly spit tea all over the table.

Molly was as impressed as everyone else but didn't show it. "Alex dear. Please do not do that again."

"Sorry, Mrs. Weasely."