Hey! Look at that. Another chapter. Whoo. Anyway, I'm having fun with this one, and I wanted to clarify a few things: 1) There's no romantic BillDip in this. They're going to have a relationship, possibly a creepy one, but it won't be romantic in nature. 2) Playing loosely with things like what Stan's machine does, Bill's rules, etc. I'm trying to stick close to the show, but i'm not going to be 100% canon with everything. Alright? Alright!

Chapter 2

Dipper blinked awake, his face still buried into the side of his pillow. Still fuzzy from sleep, Dipper's eyes focused on the empty bed across from him.


Dipper shot up in his bed, nearly tripping over himself to get over to his Sister's bed and-Dipper exhaled, holding his chest in the middle of the room. Mabel was curled up on the other end, wrapped around Waddles in the sweater she had been making last night before bed. She snored lightly, nuzzling her pig and resting soundly. Dipper rubbed his face and sat on the edge of his mattress.

Shoving his hand under his pillow he pulled out his Journal, flipping through the pages until he fell on Bill Cipher's entry. The drawing of the triangle and the warnings to avoid summoning at all cost glared up at him like they were lined in bright red. Dipper closed the book and huffed.

Bill wanted something, but Dipper couldn't just pinpoint what.

Everything they'd talked about the night before had been seemingly random:

"How was your day Pine Tree? Sure you don't want that head that's always screaming? I thought it was a good gift, myself. But no one likes my gifts. Should have seen Gideon when I tried to give him deer teeth. Hey, I'm talking to you! Get back here!"

And on and on. Dipper fell back onto his bed, hugging his journal to his chest. Aside from the one joke, Bill hadn't attempted to make any deals either. Dipper squeezed the book tighter to his chest. He bit the edge of his thumb and turned his head to watch Mabel sleeping on the other side of the room.

That worried him most of all.

Bill wasn't watching the kid for a change. Didn't need to. Pine Tree was going to wake up, tell his sister all about his dreams with the Big Bad Triangle and then come downstairs to eat. Kid was easy to pinpoint, and Bill had more concerning issues. He was shadowing an important target at the moment: Stan Pines.

He returned to his natural yellow color after the burst of red and flames at that name, and Bill calmed. He couldn't get angry. He had work to do.

Stan was being uncooperative, however, and doing nothing but eating his breakfast at the table. No need to check his project downstairs this morning it seemed! Nope, no. Just boring old man breakfast. Bill sighed, crossing his legs above the man's head.

Contrary to what Bill wanted people to believe, he didn't know everything.

He just had a fantastic memory, and had nothing better to do but spy on people all day. In a way, he was a little like Gideon-all if his infinite knowledge and alleged mind reading was all parlor tricks. Bill snorted, playing with a little blue flame on the end of his finger tip. When it came to information gathering anyway. The rest of his powers were very, very real.

Just restricted more often than he'd like.

And like how Bill did not know the combination to Stan's safe, he also did not know the combo to opening the stupid Vending machine.

Which he would need.

Bill could float through walls and floors easy-peasy. Human bodies could not, and he doubted it'd be easy to trick the kid into breaking the floorboards.

At least Bill was patient. He really was a true saint of saints when it came down to it. He floated down and sat at the edge of the table as Stan shoved gobs of cereal in his mouth. Bill could wait.

He just had to wait.

"You've got that look on your face again, Bro," Mabel said, popping into Dipper's frame of vision. Her hair was ruffled, un-brushed, and smacked him in the face when she leaned over him. "The one that tells me you stayed up all night thinking instead of sleeping."

"No," Dipper argued, rolling over and sitting up. He crossed his legs on the bed and set the journal in his lap. "I got plenty of sleep, and that's the problem."

"Problem?" Mabel asked, hopping up and down on the far side of his mattress. "How is getting your recommended amount of sleep a problem?"

"Bill was there."

Mabel stopped bouncing and frowned. "The evil triangle is back?"

Dipper bit the edge of his thumb. "Yeah, he was in my dream talking to me."

"He say what he want?" Mabel asked. She dropped down and shook Dipper's shoulder with all her might. "You didn't make a deal did you!?"

"Of course not, Mabel!" Dipper shouted, setting his book aside and grabbing Mabel's arms. He huffed and shook his head. "I'm not that stupid."

"I'm not worried about you being stupid to do it," Mabel said, poking her brother in the forehead. "I'm worried about you thinking you're too smart and doing it."

"Same thing," Dipper said, rolling his eyes. He got off the bed and shook out his shirt. "He didn't ask for a deal. He said he just wanted to talk...and that's all he did."

"Maybe he was lonely?" Mabel asked, hopping off the bed. She wandered to the other side and started digging through her things for a clean shirt. "What are you going to do if he shows up again?"

"I don't know. I'm not even sure if he is going to show up again," Dipper said, rubbing his arm. He shifted and stared. "What am I supposed to do about this, Mabel? That guy is dangerous! What if he starts bothering you next?"

"I'm not sure, I guess we'll just have to wait and see if he shows up again," Mabel said. She walked over and punched Dipper lightly in the arm. "And no worries, 'cause whatever that triangle guy is planning, we'll be able to handle it."

"Thanks Mabel," Dipper said, smiling. He stretched his hands over his head and headed for the door. "Come on, let's see if there's anything left for breakfast."

"Right on, Bro-Bro," Mabel said following him. She tackled him mid stairs and hugged him around the neck. "And maybe for once you'll take me up on my offer of Mabel-Juice!"

"Ew, No!" Dipper laughed, pushing her off. He rounded the corner and passed into the kitchen, happy to remember his sister always had his back.

But at the same time, Dipper paused in the kitchen only stopping to wave at Grunkle Stan's greeting grunt. At the same time, Dipper wished the feeling that he was being watched wasn't sending so many chills down his back.