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Spencer sighed as he continued to sooth his sister into a deeper sleep. She needed the rest and he knew that if she were awake he wouldn't get the chance to address his team until much later. He knew that they would have questions that only he could answer. Even if Garcia could find a lot of the information his team deserved to have those answers come from him. They would have questions about why he had kept someone that was clearly so important to him a secret. After that would be the inevitable questions concerning the current situation. Spencer knew that Morgan had seen at least a small part of the cuts on Hermione's arm and had told Hotch, if not the team, of the crude indication of torture. He needed to figure out what he could safely tell the team without alerting them to Hermione's biggest secrets.

Roughly ten minutes later a sigh once again escaped him as he carefully lifted himself from the couch without waking Hermione. Seeing that she was still asleep he moved to leave Morgan's office. He couldn't stay in there much longer. Hermione had arrived more than an hour ago and it was time that he gave his team, his family, some answers.

~20 minutes previously~

After leaving Reid and Hermione in his office, Morgan had indeed gone straight to Hotch's office. He knew that pretty boy had talked to the man while on the jet and Morgan hoped he had a few more answers than the rest of them. After knocking and hearing a clear "Enter." Morgan opened the door to the sight of Hotch replacing his office phone in its cradle. Upon seeing the question in Morgan's gaze he quickly explained.

"Jessica." He answered. "I needed to let her know I wouldn't be by to pick up Jack tonight. I'm fairly certain we'll all be staying for quite some time now."

Morgan gave a quick nod as he entered and took a seat before Hotch's desk. As soon as he was sitting Hotch cut straight to the reason Morgan was here.

"How are they?" he asked.

"I'm really not sure. I can't honestly tell you how I would react if that was one of my sisters that came in. We don't know anything about their relationship so I can't really tell you how Reid is handling it. As for Hermione…" Morgan took a deep breath before letting out the small detail he had discovered. "She was tortured. I went in to give Reid the first aid kit while she happened to be removing her jacket so that he could treat her arm. I got enough of a view to see some rather vicious cuts on her arm. I could make out that they were letters but I couldn't tell you what it said. They looked to be made with a knife of some kind. Hotch, what's going on man? We've got someone calling us in a panic only to then end up being a sister that no one knew existed. Said sister who is clearly wounded, in shock, and worried about her brother. Not to mention a clear yet unknown threat against one of our own."

"Reid really didn't tell me much of anything. HE said he hadn't heard from Hermione in a while but had assumed that the stress of her final school year was taking up most of her free time and that she just hadn't had the chance to write. She doesn't have a cell and the school still has her adoptive parents listed as guardians." Hotch stopped here as it was clear that Morgan had something to say.

"Hold up man. What do you mean adopted?"

"Apparently their neighbors back in Vegas adopted Hermione when they were young. Reid said it was shortly after he graduated high school. She looks quite a bit younger than him and if you add what we know of his childhood it makes sense. Dad left, Mom is sick, and you can't be home to watch a toddler and go to college at the same time. Reid probably thought it was a better choice than risking CPS and potentially losing his sister all together. I'm not sure how long things stayed that way though. Reid said the Granger's, including Hermione, packed up and moved to London when she was seven. Her last name was changed at that point. Reid had pulled me aside on the jet to let me know that he couldn't reach them at all. Their numbers have been disconnected and he hasn't heard from any of them in a couple months. Hermione goes to some boarding school in Scotland. He honestly didn't reveal much. We were both thinking that there wasn't much of a possibility of it being connected to this." Hotch finished telling what he knew of the situation.

"So….." Morgan began, "This could have been going on for months?"

The weight of Morgan's words hung in the office as both agents considered all that could have happened and feared some of the worst.