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Hey everyone, sorry to keep you waiting for the next update and I have some bad news for this story. I'm going to be cancelling it as of now.

Due to work and other important things going on in my life I forgot about my own story. So I had to re-read everything from the beginning and honestly, if I were a reader flipping through stories and I read the first couple of chapters this. I would have lost interest. Granted this is my first fan-fiction and as the chapters progressed I could see where I failed and succeded as a writer.

The problem I think I'm having with this story, is that I'm trying to create a story on 'canon material', but the 'canon material' is currently growing and evolving. I started this story when Monty Oum died, before the start of season 3. At the end of season 3, this story was way off in Alternate Universe land. In the beginning I was like, "I'll let the reader make assumptions on how things turned out before the start of this story." As I went on it became harder and harder for me to ignore what had happened at the end of Season 3 and all of Season 4 in the show.

In short I lost confidence in my own story and plot. Maybe if I had planned better, I wouldn't have lost my mojo for this story. Also, I'm not a 'linear writer' when it comes to the story timeline. I jump all over the place when ideas start a popping. So on my side of things I need to learn on to focus on the 'linear timeline' and not get excited about something 6 chapters away.

As of now I'm canceling this story. I'm putting back on the drawing board and if I think I can come up with a better story outline that can withstand the events going on in the 'canon material'... you may see a Redux down the road.

I started this story on an impulse with no planning and just a rough idea. Lets see if I can do it right next time.

To plead your mercy and forgiveness, I've polished up one of those 'non-linear future chapters' I mentioned. I hope you enjoy and be see you folk around.


PS. WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! MATURE CONTENT AHEAD! Have a good day guys and gals; Peace.

Chapter XX: Pyrrha alone in Vacuo

It had been a long day on the tournament circuit. Pyrrha gave an exhausted sigh as she entered her hotel room closing the door. She leaned back against the door in the dark, the noise from her entry faded to silence. She let out a louder exhausted sigh.

Her matches had gone great. In fact she would most likely win her division in the finals at the end of the week. She had a couple of really close calls, but the near defeats only invigorated her. Her defeat in Mistral to Jaune had proven to the world that she could be beaten. That she wasn't invincible.

Her opponents were no longer discouraged having to face 'The Pyrrha Nikos'. Right out of the gate they were determined, fighting harder, never giving up and definitely not accepting defeat before the match had even started. She was no longer 'the invincible girl'. To actually have her opponents fighting her with everything they had, it back brought back the feeling of excitement she hadn't felt since the first years of her competitive career. Those times seem like ages ago.

Today, after leaving the Vacuo stadium, that energy quickly evaporated.

The relentless media leeches, ticks and bloodsuckers had drained her. They were so bad she had to change hotels from the one she had stayed at last night to shake them off her tail. Luckily while she was making the reservation change she had the foresight to order some takeout. Which her stomach reminded her loudly that it smelled really good and hadn't been eaten yet.

Turning on the room light with her elbow she headed over to the small kitchenette. The room was a duplicate of every other hotel room she usually stayed in. Two queen beds, kitchenette and a modest bathroom in the back. Opening up her bag of takeout she eagerly began consuming the high carb and protein meal. Glancing over at the television on top of the dresser she decided that she might as well watch the news or something. Picking up the remote she turned it on going to the menu and started scrolling through the channels.

She absentmindedly looked at the program names as the list went by. Taking a bite of her food she closed her eyes to enjoy the flavor. Just as she cracked her eyes open again one of the channels caught her attention. Going back a few pages Pyrrha saw what caught her attention, 'Victorious Goddess vs. ...'.

Pyrrha had trained her eyes to look for her 'persona name' to keep track of possible news articles or media bits by sportscasters talking about her.

She gave a groan at remembering the horde reporter-stalkers currently running around Vacuo with their noses to the ground trying to sniff out her location. Looking at the schedule it looked like the program was on continuous replay every half hour. If this was tournament reruns or something, it might be interesting; educational even. Clicking on the info button she started to read the details.

'Victorious Goddess vs. White Knight'...Jaune? Pyrrha was suddenly very interested...'The crimson hair goddess has been defeated in the Vytal Festivial Tournament by her own teammate the White Knight. After leaving the arena, the fight continues in the locker room for sexual dominance. In this epic duel of lust, love and passion there can two winners. But in the final round of the Vytal tournament will the White Knight be stolen away by the Golden Queen? 30min. Pay to View 5.50 Lien.'


"WHAT!?" Pyrrha read the description one more time to make sure.


There was no doubt in her mind now. She had just stumbled upon a pornographic video parody of not just herself, but herself, Jaune and Stephanie.

"Monty damned, perverts," Pyrrha grumbled turning away from the screen chewing her food angrily. After taking a few more bites ignoring the television she gave it a side glance. The screen had turned to the next page showing the box art for the porno. The title was written at the top in a very strong block type text you'd see advertising a fighting event. In the center the likenesses of Jaune and Pyrrha held their respective weapons at each other's necks. The actor's costumes were reasonable reproductions. It was a porno so 'Victorious Goddess' of course had a little more thigh and cleavage showing. Shadowed in the background was a woman's torso with huge breasts wearing a leather jacket similar to what Stephane had worn in her match with Jaune. At the bottom it gave the names of the actors, none of which Pyrrha recognized.

And she shouldn't have recognized any of those names anyways! She didn't watch this kind of thing ever! Just once when she was curious… Maybe once every couple of blue moons… Maybe she snuck a few peeks when she was alone in the bathroom late at night…

Okay she had seen enough that she no longer considered herself innocent. Giving another huff of 'righteousness' she turned away to focus on eating her meal.

However, she couldn't ignore the question growing in the back of her mind. What would sex with Jaune be like?

She knew and respected Jaune's choice of abstinence. In today's culture it was refreshing to see someone still practicing 'traditional values', contradicting the stereotype of men being just dumb-insensitive-sex-addicted-brutes. The long talks Jaune and she had about love, marriage, sex and the future were the most intimate and sincere conversations she had ever had. His revelation that he wasn't a virgin and the secret he shared with her later told her what kind of man he was. The private talk she had with Jaune's sisters showed what kind of family man he was. Ever new little piece of Jaune she discovered made her trust him even more. Want him even more. The memory of Jaune telling her that he loved her enough to wait till there was a ring on her finger made a familiar warmth spread from her heart and stomach.

Pyrrha's eyes glanced back at the television screen.

It had been a long day. She was definitely still a little stressed after being chased around by the horde of paparazzi. She could use a little stress relief.

***30 minutes later***

"That was disappointing," Pyrrha said grabbing her nightwear heading for the shower. She had watched the full thirty minute prono movie. She didn't know what expectations she had when she hit the purchase button, but whatever they were the video did not deliver. She guessed she was expecting to see a true impersonation of herself and Jaune.

It had started out alright. The 'replicas' reenacted the last few minutes of their match from the Vytal Tournament adding in a few innuendos to their banter that Yang would have probably used. After taking a bow to the audience in the arena the 'replicas' headed back to the locker rooms, where everything went wrong. It was just...meaningless sex. 'White Knight' ended up behaving like a muscle bound ape that domineered over 'Victorious Goddess', who behaved like a desperate nymphomaniac. It was categorized as hardcore, emphasis on the hard. Pyrrha knew people liked it rough, but how could sex that 'brutal' even be pleasurable?

In the next scene 'White Knight' and 'Golden Queen' play out the last few moves of the final match and headed to the locker room. This time 'White Knight' is the one on bottom with 'Golden Queen' practically raping him. 'Victorious Goddess' shows up half way through. Applying porn logic, it evolves into a threesome. 'White Knight' ends up on top of the two women; somehow. Then it ended with 'White Knight' giving a facial to both 'Golden Queen' and 'Victorious Goddess'; no, just no.

It wasn't tender, it wasn't realistic, it wasn't 'them'. Pyrrha didn't have implants, all natural. She was also pretty sure Jaune was bigger too.

Stripping naked in the bathroom she grabs her hair products, soaps and steps underneath the hot jet of water. Turning her face to the stream she tries to erase the images she had just watched in hypnotized shock. Cupping water in her hands her starts to wash away the dead skin and dirt she had accumulated over the day. Despite her aura healing her sore muscles the hot water felt heavenly as she moved her hands over her skin, massaging her arms and shoulders as she hummed under the waterfall.

She picks up her bottle of shampoo squirting a large glob into her palm then working her fingers into her red hair. Muscle memory takes over she massages her scalp, gentle bring her hair into a lather. She rinses the shampoo out and reaches for the bottle of conditioner. The climate in Vacou was so dry thinking a double application would probably help. Combing the conditioner through her locks she pulled her hair in front of her stepping away from the water jet to lean her back against the tile wall. She subconsciously stroked her hair as she stared blankly ahead.

She notices her blurry reflection in the fogged over mirror. Bring her hands way from her hair she slides her palms down her sides. Feeling her waist narrow then widen to her hips. She slowly brings them up feeling her taught stomach before cupping a breast in each hand. She's beautiful, an obvious fact of the universe by this point. Jaune never hesitates to remind her.


It was amazing now how much her world now revolved around that name, that man. No matter how many people saw her as a strong independent woman proving to the world she could stand up against its challenges. She knew that if it wasn't for Jaune she would have crumbled during the aftermath of the Battle of Beacon. Jaune became the foundation for her happiness. Her life would have been full of fake smiles and masks.

Her mind returns to the time she laid waiting on his bed wearing that red lace lingerie. How happy she felt when she saw his eyes light up. What would have happened if he relented to temptation?

They had both admitted that they weren't virgins, but they were hardly experienced in the act of love. They would started slow, a long string of kisses starting on her lips then trailing down her neck to her collar bone. Jaune's hand would glide over her body as she gripped his head with both her hand. Pulling and tugging the blond locks in the direction she wanted his mouth to go.

He would ask if she was alright, continuing to pay attention to her. He would be excessively caring, afraid to break her. Hands wandering, testing as the sensation would being to make her impatient. She would guild his fingers downward, brushing past patch of red hair. He would hesitate, looking at her uncertain. She would smile to him and slowly guide one of his fingers inside. Once he understood that he had permission he would move on his own. His confidence building every time she felt his finger push her a little higher.

Pyrrha bites her lower lip as she as a low moan rumbles deep inside her. She readjusts her feet against the slippery floor of the shower, her shoulder blades against the tile walls. Her own fingers continued to work as she imagines Jaune in front of her.

She closes her eyes seeing Jaune's throat and shoulder in front of her. His chest pressing hers, the warm tiled wall against her back.

It's torturous because she wants Jaune. She had forgotten when she decided that he was the one, maybe she had chosen him before they had even met.

And right now, in the shower alone, doing all the hard work herself; she definitely wanted him now. Pyrrha wished he was here. So she could wrap her legs around his waist. So she could feel him nibble against her neck. So she could run her fingers through his hair.

Lost in her imagination her hips rotated back and thighs pressed together. Her slow rhythm now a racing tempo. Her toes curl, her eyes squeeze tighter and her moans are louder as she calls for Jaune.

Her knees twitch and buckle a she lets out a whimper. She slides down the wall to sit on the floor of the shower.

***A Little Later***

Pyrrha exited the shower walking back to the main room much happier than when she entered. Picking up the television remote she turned to point it at the screen to turn it off.

However, she paused.

Regarded the screen.

The heading of the screen read: "If you liked this, we think you might like:..."