Blood Moon

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Chapter one-Origins

The Blood Moon, it has always drawn much mythical attention, some have said that it is showing the wrath of a vengeful God or goddess depending on the mythology. Modern science has attempted to define it as just a lunar eclipse, the ancient celtics believed it was the time which the barrier between the mortal world and the realm of the dead was at its thinnest. They are all correct in a way, there is a lunar eclipse but that is just the mortal explanation of the moon goddess Artemis trying to hide something dark and secret from her annoying but lovable brother, Apollo. Now what could be so dark and dangerous that no one was allowed, not even Zeus to know about it. Well the first part is the forbidden romance that the goddess has with that ever so dark son of Poseidon who whispers sweet, sweet promises in her ears, promises of power, of eternal love and of vengance over all who mocked her, especially that slut of a goddess Aphrodite. They would all beg for forgiveness after she destroyed all there petty palaces and would all cry out in pain after she destroyed thier thrones or scream in agony as she forced them to swear a new oath to her and her lover, the new rulers of Olympus. The other thing she was hiding was her new symbol of power, while still being a bow (she was and will forever be the Goddess of archery) it would be formed using her own powers, her lover's new found powers, the only time she would be able to harness these in order to make the weapon would be during the blood moon. She also understood the consequences of making this weapon because after all, all things must be balanced for after this weapon her and Percy would be consumed by eternal darkness and have their souls corrupted by the dark. "As she started chanting power started flowing from her and into the mold, and if a mortal were to happen to gaze at the moon they would notice the moon becoming dark red, the color of blood.

"The sins of the fathers shall now be exhibited upon the sons.. All evils shall now be struck null and void as this night of damnation comes to pass.. For only the Unholy are worthy to walk this path that we are walking upon now... Take heed all you do-gooders for tonight is the night of sacrilege and evil.. One must not turn back for the the End-times are here.. Prepare yourselfs for the eternal damnation that is upon us but take heart that you lived your life to the fullest even if you have lived a life of good or evil.. For the highest one judges all not by their deeds.. But by their souls."

After she finished she fell over completely drained and Percy caught her they just stared at the magnificent weapon in front of them. It was a silver recurve bow with streaks of black running up and down the bow, and for the string it was a mesmerizing blood red. But what they didn't realize was as they were staring at the bow the dark was slowly enveloping their bodies until It fully encapsulated them. When they came out of the shadow they had some cosmetic changes to there faces, Artemis now had Black streaks in her hair and Percy had silver streaks in her hair, but the one major difference was their eyes. Artemis still had her blinding silver outer eye but her iris was a spectacular red and Percy had the same color iris and a blue outside. Now they had their first part of their plan they had finally realized that they had almost ran out of time and risked Apollo seeing what they were doing. " well my lady, shall we abscond from here for tonight and do something more... Productive?" Percy slyly asked Artemis. "Why of course! It would be so rude for me not to... Entertain you after all you've done for me" snickered Artemis as they teleported to her palace in order to engage in more carnal pleasures as they signified the bond that held them even closer together as they started to take over the Earth. But even as they left they failed to notice a faint glimmer of sunlight upon the chariot, giving Apollo all the space he needed in order to ease drop on almost the whole conversation and while he was shocked at what he saw he was mostly belligerent at the fact that Perseus was defiling his sister as they speak. Well he for one was not gonna stand that, teleporting to his palace and grabbing his bow he started marching over to the other side of Olympus due to for some reason being disallowed to teleport directly to her palace.

30 minutes later

As Apollo finally made his way to the front door of his sisters home he stopped and observed some of the new changes in the color scheme, instead of being completely coated in silver now there were huge streaks of red with black lining and they were starting to grow even more. Concerned even more for his sister who would never in her right mind change anything about herself, especially if a man told her anything that she needed to change. Super alarmed he rushed into the foyer of the palace and noticed that all the black and red seemed to come form the west wing of the house. Right as he came to the last door of the side that was completety covered. Holding his bow tightly as he opened the door he saw something he never thought he would see in all his eternal life, the view he was watching was his "maiden" sister straddling a young black haired male he quickly identified as Perseus. "Get Away from my sister you Defiler! You Filth!" He screamed as he tried to shoot three arrows into Percy's Head but watched in shock as darkness absorbed them and didn't notice a naked silver hair goddess jumped up in anger and charged Apollo into the wall, then after that she went back and layed down in bed frustrated that she was so close to orgasming before her brother rudely interrupted her. "Percy will take care of him for me, and then we can go back to what we doing, I really really need this! I'm tired of being the goody-two shoes hunter that no one cares about! I want to be famous, I want to be worshipped and adored by everyone! And what better way than with the "hero" of Olympus and then finding out about us being more powerful than they can imagine. Oh how they beg and plead for mercy and for most i will ignore their cries and end their miserable lives, and as the blood starts pouring from the skies above us we will take our rightful place as rulers of the heavens." She ranted as she got back under the covers unaware of the evil slowly "corrupting the already grey heart.

Percy P.O.V

"And we were just getting to the good part before you had to ruin it, now I'm going to force you to watch something you never thought you would." I said as I walked through the destroyed wall towards Apollo, "get away from my sister and stop defiling her!" He screamed out pinned to the opposite wall by a piece of rubble. "Defiling? She is already "Defiled", I am just allowing her to enjoy pleasures that she has never been able to enjoy, well until now that is." I sneered at him as he stop struggling for a second till he tried to assume his godly form to try to incinerate me, as he stood up in his form he noticed that I was still staring with a smirk at him. "How... How are you still able to look at me?" He spluttered as I walked closer to him. "That is for me and Artemis to know and for you to never find out, now just hold still while you enjoy the show." I said as he just noticed himself restrained by shadows, "and now, back to what I was "doing" before you so rudely interrupted me." And with that I went back to Artemis and left Apollo screaming as he was forced to watch me take Artemis as mine and listen to him getting angry as she moaned in ecstasy. All I knew was thank the gods for the Blood Moon.

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