Been awhile since I wrote a new story and this will be my first in the Dragon Ball fandom. I have been working on this project off and on for almost a year, and I think it is ready for prime time. Hope you all enjoy and don't be afraid to tell me if you think this story sucks, although tell me in a way in which I can improve, please.

Chapter 1: Settling the Score

He felt him. His presence woke him from his sleep. Even in the darkness of space he knew that power all too well. He could never forget it no matter how hard he tried.


Somehow, he wasn't surprise. A part of him suspected that he survived. Someone that evil wouldn't die from a planet exploding on them. Not after he gave some of his energy to keep the bastard alive.

He sneered to himself.

He held back too much. If he'd blasted Frieza with all of his power, he was certain that he would be dead. But he hesitated. Even in the midst of his rage, he held back just enough for Frieza to survive. To the bitter end, he had shown Frieza mercy.

As all good deeds, it has come back to haunt him. Frieza only had one reason to be here. He was heading towards Earth.

He felt his rage grow as he thought of Frieza's intentions for his adopted planet. He was undoubtedly going to kill everyone. Murder everything he loved and cared for out of petty vengeance. And Frieza wasn't alone. He felt a second power, one almost equally to Frieza. It was little weaker, but just as threatening.

Under normal conditions, he would be thrilled to face such tremulous power. It was a rare chance to test out his power since Namek. If he were ignorance, he would be excited. However, he had an idea who that second power was.

While he healed and trained on Yardrat, he heard about the empire Frieza ran across the galaxy. While Frieza was the face, the one who controlled Frieza and ran the planet trade was some guy named King Cold. Frieza's father.

He didn't know or really care about the details, but only one related to Frieza could carry such power. So, this King Cold must be the one with Frieza. It made sense. He was certain that daddy wasn't too happy about his little boy being beating closed to death by some upstart primate. He would do the same if it were Gohan.

In any case, none of that mattered now. If he didn't act soon, the Earth would suffer for his foolish act of mercy. This time, he would end Frieza and all those who were with him. Not one would be spared.

Until that time, he had to wait. He didn't want to make his assault until Frieza landed on Earth. Fighting Frieza on his ship could get messy given that he could accidentally destroy it and, unlike Frieza, he couldn't survive in space. No, it was best to wait until they were out into the open and strike. Some bits of the planet would be damage, but it was a risk he had to take.

He checked the clock on the computer and saw that he would arrived home in about four hours. Too long. Frieza's ship was faster and he would reached Earth hours before him. By the time he landed...

There was no choice. He would have to use Instant Transmission. He never used it before from this distance, but there was little else he could do. No matter what, he wouldn't let Frieza harm his world.

After closed to an hour, he felt Frieza's presence on Earth. There were several others in Frieza's area who didn't hold dirty energy. He couldn't be completely sure given how far away he still was, but he could easily guess that those other powers were those of his friends. They must have sensed Frieza's arrival and went to stop him.

Foolish. They were strong, but they stood no chance against that monster. Only the power of Super Saiyan could end Frieza.

Then again, it wasn't like they had much choice. It wasn't like they knew he was coming and he has been away for a long time. A year, almost two. He should be thankful that Frieza chose to come upon his return, otherwise he would be returning to nothingness.

He shook his head. When did his thoughts become so dark?

From what he could sense, the others were doing battle with some weaker opponents, most likely Frieza's men. He wasn't worried about the small fries. His friends were more than enough for them. He wanted to make sure Frieza or King Cold didn't suddenly jump in. So far, they seemed content staying idle. That arrogance would cost them.

Soon, the battle stopped and there was an eerie silence. He wondered what was happening since everything went so calm.

A huge surge of energy told him that the real battle was about to start. Now was the time to act.

He put his fingers to his forehead and concreted on Frieza's energy. When he got a locked, he instantly disappeared from his space pod. He had to thank the Yardratians for teaching him how to teleport. Without it, he would have arrived too late, yet again.

Within a blink of an eye, he was touching earth and was almost blinded by the sun. He gotten too used to the darkness of his space pod. Despite the minor discomfort the soft wind and the warmth of the sun told him that he had finally home. He forgot how much he missed Earth. For a while, he feared that he might never come home.


He looked up at to the group in front of him. They were all there. Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotzu. Friends who were dead, all standing before him alive. He knew that they were brought back, thanks to the power of the Namekians Dragon Balls, but he felt warmth spread through his chest upon seeing them with his own eyes. Especially Krillin, whose brutal murder had pushed him over the edge. He thought for certain that he was lost forever.

"Go...Goku...? Is that really you?" Krillin stuttered as tears ran down his eyes. He looked ready to jump up and hug him.

Instead of answering, he smiled to confirm that it was him.

"Daddy!" Gohan cheered, like Krillin, his eyes were sparkling with tears.

Goku quietly observed his son.

He had gotten taller. Since the last time he saw him, Gohan had grown several inches. His hair was longer and wilder, much like how it was when he came back from the dead. His boy had grown so much without him.

A small pang of guilt hit him. He knew staying away was for the best, but he missed so much of his son's life. Well, that would change. As soon as he finished taking care of the trash, he would make sure to make up for lost time.

Goku turned his eyes away from Gohan to look at Piccolo and Vegeta. One was trying to hide his smile while the other scowled at him. They haven't change at all. Well, except for Vegeta's taste in clothes. He didn't strike him as a person who wore pink.

He suppressed a chuckle. He could tease Vegeta about that later.

"You just had to make a grand entrance, didn't you, Goku?" a voice lightly scowled.

Goku turned to see Bulma, who was standing not far from the group along with Puar. The floating cat was all but jumping in joy.

Why were they here? Didn't they have any idea how dangerous it was? Then again, this was Bulma, who never had any common sense when it came to trouble, and Puar would follow Yamcha to the end of the Earth. Still, it just wasn't safe here.

"Where have you been all this time? Did you just decide to randomly show up out of nowhere when Frieza came?" Bulma continued to scowl. "Did you plan this or something?"

Goku's eyes narrowed at the mentioned of Frieza. He turned around to face the tyrant. His eyes were shining with hatred and a glint of fear.

"So, the monkey finally arrives home," Frieza sneered before he began to smirk. "Well then, welcome home, Son Goku. It is ashamed you've arrived early. I wanted to give you a lovely homecoming gift. You see, I was going to kill every living thing on this worthless rock to honor your return."

"Yeah, I figured as much," Goku said in a low voice as he scanned over Frieza's body.

He was very different. Most of his body was covered in metal with scarring and artificial limbs replaced the ones he lost on Namek. His voice even sounded mechanical. From what he could see Frieza was more machine than organic. He felt a tinge of satisfaction at the pain Frieza much have been through.

"I see you got yourself...repaired," he mockingly observed.

Frieza growled, losing his previous smugness and false politeness.

"So, this is the Super Saiyan who beat you?" a soft, dignified asked. "He looks like any other Saiyan, except he lacks a tail."

From the side of his eye, Goku could see a big fellow that looked similar, yet different from Frieza. Instead of being small and pale, he was huge and purple with horns like a bull. His energy was much calmer than Frieza's, but just as filthy. He could feel where Frieza's malice came from.

"You must be King Cold," Goku regarded coldly.

King Cold smiled. "Aye, I see you have heard of me, Mister Super Saiyan."

"You know this guy?" Yamcha asked.

Goku gave a short nod. "He's Frieza's father."

He heard several gasps behind him. All were surprise, except Vegeta.

"His...his dad!?" Krillin stuttered. "Frieza has a father!"

Gohan also gasped. " way!"

Piccolo sneered. "So, that explains why he looks so similar to one of Frieza's forms."

"So, you know what we're dealing with, Kakarot," Vegeta said. It didn't take a genius to know that he was upset. "Because you didn't finish the job on Namek, not only do we have Frieza to deal with, but also his father. Your soft heartedness have damned up all."

Goku didn't bother to address Vegeta. Despite the proud prince's attempt to hide it, he could hear the fear in his voice. Vegeta was terrified of them. Not surprising since Frieza did kill him in a very brutal fashion. Although Vegeta has grown in strength, he was still no match for his former boss. To the Saiyan Prince, this must be reliving a nightmare.

Frieza chuckled. "Indeed. You should have killed me when you had the chance, stupid monkey. Now, it's too late." He smirked, glaring right into Goku. "I won't kill you quickly. I'll beat you within an inch of your life and then, I will go after all of your little friends. I'll kill them one-by-one before your very eyes before I move on to the rest of the planet." His icy, crimson eyes fell onto Krillin and Gohan, causing them both to shake. "I'll go especially slow on those two. I did kill the bald one too quickly last time."

Krillin stepped back, nearly falling over himself. No doubt he was reliving how Frieza murdered him.

"The only one dying here today is you," Goku growled. He could feel himself ready to transform, but he held back. "You used up all your chances. Now, this planet will be your grave."

Frieza laughed at the vow. "My grave? No, monkey, this mud ball will be your burial place before I've blown it to smithereens."

King Cold chuckled in good humor. "This Saiyan is quite amusing."

Goku glanced at his friends from the side of his eye. "Move back! I'll handle this."

"Huh, you can't be serious!?" Krillin yelled. "Frieza by himself will be too much for you and his father... It's impossible even for you!"

"Yeah, we should fight together," Yamcha said. "I mean, if we attack all at once we should be able to take them down."

He didn't address them as he turned his attention back towards Frieza.

"Goku?" Krillin asked in concern.

It was Piccolo who got the message first. "Let's move back."

The others, saved for Gohan and Vegeta, looked at Piccolo in stun betrayal.

"You're just going to leave him to fight Frieza alone?" Tien asked.

"There's nothing we can do here. We would just get in his way," Piccolo said in a cold voice.

Goku could sense that it took a lot out of Piccolo to admit that he was helpless in this.

"But..." Krillin wanted to argue, but his protest fell flat. He knew he couldn't do anything. If he stayed, Frieza would just kill him again.

Everyone was silent for a moment as they felt the weight of their helplessness.

"Let's go!" Piccolo yelled as he shoots off, heading towards a nearby cliff.

The others reluctantly followed until only Gohan remained.

"Dad..." Gohan spoke softly.

Goku chose not to answer his son. His sights remained focused on Frieza and King Cold.

"Beat them, dad! I know that you can do it!" Gohan encouraged. "I know you can, because you're a Super Saiyan!" With that, he flew to join the others.

Frieza snickered. "Such misplaced fate. How I will enjoy crushing his spirit as I break your body into pieces."

Goku glared at the tyrant. "I hope you've gotten stronger. It would be disappointing if those implants weakened you."

Frieza smirked. "Oh no, monkey. The awesome power I had before pales in comparison of what I have now."

Goku returned the smirk. "Really?"

Frieza gave an arrogant chuckled. "Allow me to show you the supremacy of the one who wields the greatest power in the universe!"

He hunched over and Goku could feel his energy surging. Sparks flew over his body and the earth under his foot trembled and cracked. Debris floating in the air by the sheer force of the power Frieza was generating.

Yes, Frieza's power has increased since Namek. Greatly so. He couldn't help feeling excited. It was the same rush that nearly overtook him on Namek.

"Are you impressed?" Frieza asked mockingly as energy rushed over him. "I'm on a completely different level from before. And thanks to these cybernetic enhancements, my stamina has also greatly increased."

"In other words, you won't get tire after only a few minutes like before," Goku summarized.

"Precisely," Frieza answered. "Not even your powers as a Super Saiyan stands a chance against me and, on the slim off-chance that you somehow overpower me, papa will be right by my side."

Goku folded his arms and closed his eyes. He had an amused look on his face. "You really thought this through. Too bad after all that planning and all you went through to get stronger, you still have no chance against me." He opened eyes and stared coldly at the tyrant.

Frieza lost his smirk and glared at Goku. "Hmm, that's a pretty big bluff."

"Just stating a fact," Goku said nonchalantly.

"Really, then let's see what you can do," Frieza challenged.

Without any further prompt, Goku reached within himself and summoned the power he's been trying to master for nearly two years. A rush of energy flowed through his body and his muscles expanded as he transformed. Hate and anger filled his heart and within seconds, he was surrounded by a golden aura.

As he stared at Frieza, he took satisfaction in seeing the pure terror on Frieza's face. Despite all of Frieza's boasts and confidence, he feared the power of the Super Saiyan. As it should be. It was a fear he made sure to drill into him on Namek. Now, he could take that fear to Hell.

"Hmm, so this is a Super Saiyan," King Cold mused in almost a bored voice. "It's basically a golden monkey."

"I suggest you both come at me at once," Goku said in a deceitfully calm voice. He could barely control his bloodlust. "Although the outcome will be the same, you'll stand a better chance fighting together."

"As conceited as ever. Well, it's time I put you back in your place!" Frieza yelled as he charged Goku.

Goku nearly rolled his eyes. Frieza was as careless as ever. His power increased, but his battle skills were just as lacking. He hardly moved to sidestep the sloppy charge.

Frieza attempted to backhand him, but Goku easily parried and knocked Frieza back with a small burst of energy that sent the tyrant crashing into the ground. This really pissed Frieza off and he threw a series of punches and kicks at Goku, which he effortlessly dodged.

Frieza's speed increased with his power, but he was too predictable. Goku had all but memorized Frieza's movements on Namek. Once he got around his raw speed, Frieza is super easy to predict. He wasn't like Piccolo or even Vegeta who changed their technique or stance once their moves proved to be ineffective. He supposed this was the effect of one who never had an equal.

Goku eventually grew tired of dodging and caught both of Frieza's fists in mid-punch. "Is that all you got? I'm not impressed."

Frieza sneered before he gave a loud battle cry.

He ripped one of his hands out of Goku's grip and pointed his finger, attempting to shoot Goku in the head with his Death Beam. Even at close-blank ranged, Goku evaded the beam by leaning back and kicked Frieza in the stomach, sending him tumbling back.

Frieza screamed in frustration as he shoots several more beams, all which Goku evaded.

King Cold watched the battle with both annoyance and awe. He couldn't understand why Frieza was having such a hard time hitting a mere monkey. After all the enhancements he had given his son, surely this Saiyan couldn't have surpassed him, Super Saiyan or not. This was an embarrassment to his family.

Perhaps it was time for him to personally step in. If this goes on any longer, their family's name would be ruined.

He smiled to himself. It has been years since he last done battle. This Super Saiyan should proved to be an interesting challenge.

Goku was quickly becoming bored. He had hoped that Frieza would give him a better challenged. He was barely warming-up and Frieza was already getting desperate. His attacks were getting sloppier and sluggish. This was definitely not the same person he fought on Namek.

No, this was the shell of the person he fought over a year ago. He's grown in strength, but his mental ability has been shoot to hell. It would appear that the mental damage he did to Frieza had a wider effect than he expected. He was barely using his power correctly.

He was almost tempted to let him live in such a state, but quickly decided against it. A crazy Frieza was far more dangerous than a stable one. As he was now, he would destroy the planet and take himself with if it meant beating him.

Finally, Frieza stopped shooting as he attempted to catch his breath.

Goku stood perfectly still as he coldly regarded the tyrant. "The strongest in the universe, huh? Surely, that can't be the best you can do."

Frieza sneered in both frustration and anger.

"You're just as boring as you were on Namek." He casually moved towards the tyrant. "What a disappointment. I thought you could keep me amuse longer than this."

Frieza growled. "You damn, monkey!"

Goku stopped walking. "Oh yes, I'm a monkey. And you, Mister Strongest in the Universe, got bested by a mere monkey twice. How humiliating for you."

Frieza was now shaking in rage.

"Perhaps it's best to say that you are the former strongest in the universe. Since I can easily beat you, I would now be the strongest, wouldn't I?" Goku went on, rubbing the salt deeper.

" dare you!" Frieza yelled as sparks of his energy flew.

"Don't be so upset. Take pride in being a distance second to me. After all, that's all you'll have left once I kill you," Goku stated before he became dead serious. "I'm done playing with you. You're no fun and no challenge. Let's end this mockery of a fight, shall we." He smirked when he saw Frieza tremble in terror.

Before Goku could make good on his promise, movement from the edge of his eye caught his attention. He barely had time to dodge a heavy punch from King Cold.

Goku smirked at this new challenge. Now things were getting interesting. "So, you decided to join in after all."

"You're quite the conceited little monkey. I don't know how a mere Saiyan gained access to such power, but I can't allow this to go on," King Cold said as he cracked his knuckles. "On my family's honor, you, along with the remaining Saiyans, will die here."

"You can try," Goku dared, never losing his smirk. "But even with both of you together, you can't hope to match me. You seeā€¦.I'm stronger than both of you combine."

King Cold smirked. "Quite the bluff. Let's see if you can back it up."

He attempted to punch Goku again, but he evaded. Soon, Goku was locked in battle with the galactic tyrant. He was slower than Frieza, but his attacks were more calculated and he wasn't as predictable. It was clear that he had some former training, unlike Frieza who relied heavily on brute force. Shame he wasn't stronger.

Goku put so much attention on King Cold that he was taking off-guard when Frieza suddenly rushed him from behind and slammed his fist into his cheek.

"Gotcha!" Frieza laughed in triumph. "How was that!?"

He punched Goku in the gut and elbowed him on the head. King Cold joined in and within seconds, Goku was being beating on all sides. Goku got the wind knocked out of him as he was pushed around and just as he regained his bearings, a huge energy blast sent him airborne and crashing into the ground.

"Fire! Kill him!" Frieza screamed.

Both Frieza and King Cold opened fire and Goku was covered in a rain of energy.

The blasts stung, but nothing was causing him too much damage. He should be thankful that neither Frieza or Cold King could sense energy; otherwise they would know that their attacks were having no real effect.

"And for good measure!" Frieza shouted as he created huge ball of raw power.

"Frieza stop!" King Cold shouted in panic. "You'll destroy the whole planet!"

Frieza obviously didn't care and he released the energy ball. "DIE MONKEY! DIE! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DEFY THE STRONGEST BEING IN THE UNIVERSE!

Goku slowly stood up as the Death Ball approached him. He glared at sphere of death with determine eyes. He allowed Frieza's madness to destroy one planet. He wasn't about to let him do it again.

He cupped his hands and concerted his power. "Ka-Me-Ha-Me-HA!" he screamed.

A giant blue wave of energy shoot out of his hands and blasted towards the Death Ball. It hit and without much effort began to push the planet killer back.

"WHAT!? THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!" Frieza shrieked in disbelief as his strongest attack was repelled.

Goku pushed more of his energy into the Kamehameha until the Death Ball went flying into the sky and harmlessly exploded. The entire sky turned pink for a several seconds and the ground rumbled from the impact.

" NO GOOD MONKEY!" Frieza screeched in rage.

Goku put his fingers to his forehead and locked onto Frieza's energy. It was time to end this.

With barely a thought he teleported and appeared behind the craze tyrant. Frieza didn't have the chance to turn around before Goku focused his power into his hand and buried his fist into Frieza's back. The force of the punch was so great that it went clean through Frieza.

Frieza stood frozen in shock and horror as he looked down at his abnormal. He stared in numb disbelief as his blood poured onto Goku's fist. He could also feel the blood flowing out of his mouth as his father gasped in shock. Time itself seemed to still.

Goku slowly straightened up, lifted the tyrant with him. Soon, Frieza was dangling several feet off the ground.

"This...this can't be..." Frieza wheezed as he choked on his own blood. "I...I can't be beating again... Not by a...monkey..."

Goku glared coldly at the tyrant. There would be no mercy this time. "Goodbye, Frieza. You chose this path of death yourself."

"You..." Frieza gurgled, his bloodshot eyes glaring hatefully at Goku.

Goku concentrated his energy and in a burst of golden light, he evaporated Frieza off his arm. There was literately nothing left of him except dust. There would be no coming back for him.

With Frieza gone, Goku turned his attention towards King Cold, who was staring at him in both anger and horror. Within seconds, however, that anger was replaced with a strange calm.

"I see, so this is the power of a Super Saiyan. I can now see why Frieza lost to you," King Cold said with a hint of admiration. "How about you work for me? I am not like my son. I do not allow my pride to blind me to such talent such as yours."

Goku didn't answer. He just continued to stare at King Cold.

"Think about, all the riches of the universe can be yours. This planet and countless others will be your playthings," King Cold continued to offer. "As a Saiyan, you must be tempted. Your kind lives to fight and destroy."

"I have no desire to join you," Goku answered bluntly.

King Cold narrowed his eyes. "You Saiyans are so stubborn. You don't know a good offer when it is given to you. I am offering you the universe."

"And you can keep it," Goku said.

King Cold stared at Goku for several seconds. "If you won't join me, I have no choice but to kill you. You see, I can't allow anyone outside of my family or organization to be stronger than us."

Goku rolled his eyes. King Cold was weaker than his son and he's threatening to kill him. He had skills, but not enough to win this fight.

But then, he remembered something that the Yardratians warned him about. They told him that Frieza's species were a race who could transform. Unlike his Super Saiyan form, they create these transformations to make themselves weaker to conserve energy and in some cases their sanity. That would explain why Frieza had several huge power jumps as he recovered on the spaceship.

So it was possible that King Cold's current form wasn't his real self. That would explain why he looked dissimilar to his son. Which also meant that he could be much, much stronger than he's letting on.

King Cold seemed to support that theory given how calm and confidence he remained despite his son's death. There wasn't even an ouch of fear or anxiety coming from him. Then again, it could be just arrogance, which was one of Frieza's major flaws. But, he had a hard time believing King Cold was completely arrogant given he had no problem with Frieza proclaiming himself to be the strongest and staying in the background of his own empire. Everything about King Cold stuck him as being a pragmatist.

The prospect that he could be facing a foe far greater than Frieza excited him. A true challenge that would test his limits. He may never have a chance like this again if King Cold was truly the pinnacle of power in the universe. He could feel his energy rising at the mere thought. He wanted to battle all out.

Then, something brought him back to reality. What if King Cold was stronger than him? If he was, it wouldn't be just his life in danger, but everyone on the planet. This wasn't like Namek, which was all but a dead world by the time he fought Frieza. He also wouldn't be protecting anyone. If he provoked King Cold to transform and go all out, it would all be for the sake of his ego.

A part of him, which he was certain was his Super Saiyan's side, told him that he could handle King Cold, transformations or not. That he was the strongest. Still, the possibility that King Cold could beat him remained. Was he willing to risk the Earth, his friends, his family all for the sake of a good match? If he had an idea what King Cold's reserves were, he may chance it. But it was impossible to tell how much strongest King Cold would become if he had a transformation. If he was anything like his son, the jump between forms could be mind-boggling.

After several seconds of thought, he made his decision. It wasn't worth it. His friends have been through enough traumatic events and almost all of them couldn't be brought back if they were somehow killed. There was also the possibility that even if he did overpower King Cold he could destroy the Earth in desperation. As much as he hated it, it was just safer for everyone.

With his mind made up, he was going to end this quickly.

Before King Cold could blink, Goku was right in his face. He didn't even have the chance to scream as Goku buried his fist into his face and plummeted him with several powerful punches across his body. He then sent King Cold trembling to the ground with a well-placed kick.

King Cold attempted to roll away, but Goku followed him and slammed his knee into his back, shattering his armor along with his spine.

King Cold screamed in agony as he hit the ground face first. He groaned as he struggled to sit up. When he was able to lift his head, he quaked in terror as Goku slowly approached him.

Now he truly saw what his son feared. What terrorized him those nights as he healed from his injures. It was those eyes. Those cold steely, bluish green eyes that peered into his very soul, promising death. What he was seeing was a monster.

"Wait..." King Cold struggled to speak. "Wait...spare me. Please, I promise not to harm anyone again. Please, spare my life..."

Goku stopped walking and listened to King Cold's broken pleas for mercy. He stood silent for several seconds as King Cold continued to beg for his life. He couldn't help but wonder how many people begged for their lives before him only to be sadistically cut down. For people who wrought so much death and misery, they quivered when death comes to them. He supposed that was the nature of cowards.

"I would let you go. As you are, you're no threat to me or my friends," Goku said before he narrowed his eyes, ridden himself of any compassion. "But, I've seen what giving mercy to your kind have done." He raised his hand.

King Cold's eyes widened in horror. "No please! That was my son! I'm not evil like him! Please, spare me! I give you my word to never harm you or anyone else on this planet! PLEASE!"

Before King Cold could speak another word, Goku blasted him, completely vaporizing his body. It was a quick death. Goku doubted he even felt pain. It was the only mercy he could afford to give him.

With the deed done, Goku turned his eyes toward the spaceship that Frieza and his father used to fly here. With another energy blast, he destroyed that too, completely erasing all evidence that Frieza had even came to this planet.

It was finished.

Frieza and his kind would never come to bother him or his friends again. Still, he wished he didn't have to come to their deaths.

It was strange, despite all Frieza had done a part of him still pitied him. Perhaps it was his Saiyan nature mourning the lost of such talented fighter who wasted his gift. Or maybe it was the guilt of killing someone so much weaker than him in such a brutal fashion and then murdering a man who was defenseless and pleading for his life.

At the same time, it did feel good killing them. He almost wished that he kept Frieza alive longer just so he could torment and humiliate him more. He knew it was the Super Saiyan talking, but he couldn't control those feelings. Not yet anyway.

In any case, killing Frieza and King Cold was the right thing to do. If he allowed either of them to live, this would just happened again. It was best to end their terror here and not allow any more lives to be lost. Who knows, maybe the universe would be little more peaceful with them gone.

Still, he wished he knew if Cold King had a transformation. Maybe he should have asked before killing him.

"Goku...?" a timid voice asked, interrupting his musings.

Goku turned his eyes towards his friends, who were all given him various degrees of concern looks.

Well that was an eventful first chapter. Can't lie, I enjoyed writing Frieza. All his dialog came so easily to me and his over-the-top hamminess at the end was just fun. Then again, he is one of my favorite villains in anime.

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