"Hey, what do you think of these?"

A pair of dark blue eyes looked up from a book to meet the gaze of a pair of light blue eyes. Crystal got up leaving her book behind to walk over to her best friend's side, Alice. She looked over her should looking at a book full of small sketches of male characters.

"I think they look great . . ."

Alice slammed her book shut.

"No they're not! How can I become a successful author if I can't even create the right characters for my stories!" Alice left her seat holding her head in desperation.

Crystal followed Alice with her gaze to look back at the book, she took it and re-opened it as she sat in Alice's chair. Alice turned to see Crystal working at her desk, she approached her to see what she was doing.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

Crystal did not reply. Alice looked to see Crystal's eyes in complete focus and determination. Crystal's hand, equipped with Alice's quill moved fast over Alice's original sketches. After she was done Alice stood back with a gasp. Crystal raised the book up to the candle light in order for Alice to see clearly what she had done.

"You shut yourself down too easy Alice. These are mere sketches, you just need to add darker and finer detail." Alice stared at Crystal's fine art of the male faces that Alice has previously drawn. "Come here and still down."

Alice did as she was instructed and sat back down. Crystal handed the quill to Alice as she turned to a fresh page.

"Draw one of the faces you did before, pick one that you like most."

Alice thought for a moment, before she blinked and began sketching. Crystal watched on as a male face of a man with long-ish hair and sharp eyes appeared onto the page like a ghost. Alice stopped as she looked up at Crystal with question.


Crystal cupped her hand over Alice's as Crystal began filling in finer details and shading in the needed spots of the face, using Alice's hand. Alice the drawing began to come to life, Crystal slyly removed her hand as Alice took over. Watching on Alice gasped as she had finished the art work before her. A man with dark, sharp eyes and dark hair stared back at Alice.

"Wow . . . "

"See? You can do it."

Alice got up and hugged Crystal.

"Thanks sis." she smiled.

"Your welcome."

The pair broke apart as they heard banging coming from outside the door to Alice's bedroom.

"Look's like your step dad's home . . ." Crystal growled.

Alice's face turned from joy to fear, she hid behind Crystal as they faced the on coming threat from beyond the door. A moment later, the door burst open to reveal a old, scruffy, dirty looking drunkard. Crystal turned her nose away for she could smell the hard liquor even from a few feet away. The drunkard stumbled forward, his eyes full of drunken rage. Alice gripped Crystal's arm as she moved away from his approach.

"Whaaat rrr youu doin' 'ereee girley" he slurred.

Crystal frowned deeply, she knew what happened every night Alice's step father went out to get drunk. A fresh bruise from last night was still visualable on Alice's left eye.

"Back off William." Crystal said sternly.

The drunken man merely laughed while taking a swig of liquor her had tucked away in his trench coat. He stumbled closer to the pair.

"Crystal . . !" Alice whispered in fear.

William moved til he was at arms reach of them both.

"Get out . . nooow." he ordered.

Alice gripped Crystal's arm tighter. Crystal stood her ground, she was not going to walk out on her best friend knowing that she was going to get beaten by the drunken bastard.

"No." Crystal said coldly.

She saw the patience snap in his eyes and before he lunged himself at them, Crystal shoved Alice back making her fall to the floor in order for her to avoid William's attack. William landed aggressively on Crystal as she pushed him making him stumble into the junk that he kept in Alice's room. He lay there for a moment before rising and charged at Alice again yelling like a maniac. Crystal ran into him as they collided and crashed into Alice's wardrobe sending splinters of wood across the room. Alice screamed as she crawled into the corner shielding herself as she watched on in horror. William was the first to recover from the ordeal, he turned looking at Alice savagely. Alice's eyes began to water as she saw his hand gripped around a sharp piece of wood. He raised it above his head as he charged at Alice. Alice screamed shielding her eyes awaiting for the pain to come. Soon, an impaling sound was heard. Although, Alice felt no pain, she opened her eyes and moved her arms to see Crystal leaning over her. Crystal had her hands pressed against the wall on her knees in front of Alice. Her hair was covering her face, but Alice could hear her gasping breath. Alice whimpered as she feared the worst, she glanced down to see a crimson piece of sharp of woof protruding from Crystal's chest. Crystal looked up looking Alice in the eye.

"I - I'm sorry Alice . . ." she breathed as blood spilled down her chin.

Alice watched in horror as Crystal's body was lifted and thrown to the side to reveal the unsteady William.

"Crystal!" Alice screamed watching her lifeless body collide with the floor, a pool of blood started to pool around her.

Alice cried hysterically as William approached her with his fists tensed. William roared as he beat Alice in the corner of her room, the whole time Alice stared at Crystal's broken body laying on her floor, watching her blood seep into the floorboards. Alice's senses became blurred and black as she lost consciousness, escaping the torture William was inflicting upon her.

"Please . . ."

She called out for help, she heard her voice in her head.

"Please . . . someone . . . help me."

Alice felt her body being broken, pain radiated through her consciousness.


Alice was snapped back into reality as she saw the horrified face of William before her. She gasped as both of them looked down to see a hand covered in blood sticking out of Williams chest. Alice covered her mouth as the hand held a heart, the fingers tensed and the heart disappeared as blood exploded from its fingers. Williams blooded yells were soon ceased as his body was thrown out the window of Alice's bedroom. Alice cowered in fear as a tall dark figure stood before her, red eyes burned into hers.

"You called?" the figure purred.

Shivers were sent down Alice's spine, she trembled taking in the sight before her. She could barely make out her room due to all the black aura. Her attention was snapped back to Crystal who lay lifeless on the floor, Alice crawled over to her body. She turned her body over laying her head on her lap. Tears streamed down her cheeks as rocked on her heels.

"This is all my fault. . ." Alice whispered to herself.

'If I hadn't asked her to stay she'd still be alive. . .'

The black figure was soon within her view in front of her.

"Do you really think she would have left regardless if you had asked her or not?"

Alice gasped looking up, her tears staining her cheeks. The figure's eyes relaxed a little, a hand reached out touching Crystal on her forehead. Alice looked down at her friend's expressionless face, her eyes closed as if she was sleeping. Alice closed her eyes, she balled her hands into fists. The figure took notice of this.

"What do you desire?"

"I want . . ."

Alice choked back her tears, even though rage was boiling up in her heart, William was dead and she couldn't inflict her rage upon him.

"I want vengeance." she hissed.

The figure bent down on one knee as a hand reached out to her. The hand gently took hold of Alice's hand, she gasped as she felt a burning sensation on her palm. She looked to see a mark appear on her palm, the same mark appeared on the back of the hand that held hers. Soon a star pentagram appeared on both of their hands.

"With this contract, you have agreed to give me your soul once your vengeance has been fulfilled." The figure echoed.


"Until that day, I am your servant."


"What shall we do about your friend?" The figure asked.

Alice glanced down at her friend, then remembered of a nearby funeral parlor. She knew the owner well.

"Bring her body with us, we're leaving." Alice ordered.

The figure returned to one knee and held his hand on his heart.

"Yes, My Lady."

Alice stood up as Crystal's body was lifted by the figure. Alice was about to leave when her attention turned to her desk. She walked over picking up her sketch book, and clutched it to her chest. Tears welled up in her eyes. She turned her back on her room as she and her newly-found servant left the house. At they stepped out onto the cobblestone street, Alice glanced over at her stepfather's blooded body covered in glass.

"Shall we leave him there, My Lady?"

Alice's fists tensed once again.

"Burn him. Burn him with the house all together."

She heard the devilish chuckle from beside her. In an instant, William's body was set aflame as his body was thrown back into the house with a shatter of glass. Flames burst from the house as Alice watched on. She felt all her tortured childhood memories burn amongst the house's belongings. She would only keep her memories of Crystal, Alice looked down opening her sketch book. On the first page was a picture of a bridge opening that someone important that she didn't know had newly opened to the public. When the picture was snapped, Crystal managed to perfectly time it as she quickly pulled Alice into the camera's line of sight. The picture was a happy, smiling face of Crystal and a shocked look on Alice's face. She could see the horrified look on the man's face for getting in the way. The photographer happily gave her the photograph to keep for free.

'This is all I have left of you Crystal. . .'

As she turned the page, her drawing of the man earlier appeared. What she didn't notice, was her servant peering over her shoulder, still carrying Crystal's body. Alice felt a wind behind her, she turned and was stunned. Her servant was now the perfect profile of the man that she had drawn. Long-ish hair with sharp, piercing blue eyes. He was also dressed in a butler attire.


Alice was interrupted by a loud bang behind her, the flames were really started to tear up the place. She began to hear the commotion of her neighbours nearby.

"Let's go, My Lady."

Alice nodded as she turned her back and strolled down the cobblestone street, her servant close behind. As the commotion stirred behind the pair, Alice stopped as she peered up at the funeral parlor's name.

"Ah, The Undertaker." Her servant chuckled.

"You know this place?" Alice questioned.

"I know the man who owns it." He winked.

Alice stepped into the shop, the place was dark and filled with coffins. Alice still couldn't believe she was her on behalf of her best friend's death. Soon she heard a small giggle.

"So if finally happened. . ." ?

Alice closed her eyes holding her tears back, her heart was still raw from the ordeal.

"Yes. . ." She choked.

A figure appeared in front of the pair, dressed in black and grey. A devilish grin appeared from amongst the long grey hair. A scar also appeared from behind the grey fringe. Her stalked over to Crystal's body in the servants arms.

"I warned you dear Alice. . ."

"It wasn't like that. It was my step father. . ."

"Even so, you both are still so young." The man moaned.

"Can you take care of her, Undertaker?"

"Of course my dear! You two were my favourite customers after all!"

The Undertakers attention was soon turned to the servant.

"A demon ah? Bound by a contract? Another one? Dear me. . ." Undertaker moaned.

The demon servant sneered as The Undertaker chuckled.

"Another one? Demon?" Alice questioned.

"Oh never mind my dear Alice, you'll know sometime in the future. But alas, you have your very own pet demon."

She saw her 'butler's' head hang at the word 'pet'.

"Have you given him a name yet ah?"

"No. . .what is your name?" she questioned the demon.

He frowned slightly, "I am no pet-" he bit at the Undertaker, "but it is your choice what you call me."

"Really. . .hmm." Alice thought for a moment. "Dante. You name will be Dante." Alice declared.

"A perfect name my dear." Undertaker cooed.

"Yes, my Lady." Dante accepted.

To be continued~