A/N I do not own the rights to Halo, yet, they currently belong to 343 Industries and Microsoft.

What if. It's such a broad question, what if I didn't do my homework, or date that girl in college, what if I joined the military, or chose a different career. These are all examples of 'what if's", but what if humanity never encountered the flood for the first time, eventually leading them to war with the Forerunners, and even if they had fought the Forerunners, what if they won. What if, humanity went through this, keeping their strength and power, what if they encountered the Covenant then? What if?

This is just a little tease of what I've started working on, something a little different. For those of you who are confused, in the Halo universe, Humanity used to be on the same technological level as the Forerunners, but they ran into the Flood which ended up sending them into a war with the Forerunners. They eventually lost the war, and had all their tech stripped from them and were reduced to the tribal level. This story is about if that did NOT happen.