A familiar blonde was walking about the training grounds at night. However, this wasn't Annie were talking about. This was Krista, the "Goddess" of the Camp. She had thought she saw something outside. She thought it was a stray animal, maybe a kitty. If it was, she was planning to feed it. She searched through the night, calling, "Kitty? Kiiitty...come out please!" However, there wasn't an animal anywhere in sight. Perhaps she had been seeing things...? No...Something had been moving near the shed at the edge of the grounds. She moved towards it. No one ever sent in there...so it was likely an animal was nesting in it. She knocked on the door. "Kitty..?" Now, it may be naive to expect to see a cat in this shed. However, it was also reasonable, as stray pets were common in such places. And it was FAR more likely than seeing a tiny boy sleeping on a pile of hay. She put a hand over her mouth at the sight. A homeless child had sneaked in? Unheard of...but this needed to be dealt with accordingly. Krista approached him, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Goodness...Little boy...How in the world did you get in here...?"

The boy stirred, and rolled over to look at her...then his eyes widened and he flinched away, looking as though he had to escape at any moment. Krista tilted her head at him. His eyes were so Green...

A shadow filled the doorway behind her. Annie stepped into the shed she had left Harry in, some bread tucked away under her uniform. Her blood ran cold when she heard someone else talking to him. '...Sh*t!' She thought.

Annie quickly assessed the situation. Krista from her unit had discovered Harry, and now she had to explain...or punch her and knock her out. Oh what to do... Annie entered the room and cleared her throat. Krista jumped up with a squeak and turned to see Annie looking at her blankly. "H-Hi..."


"Annie...? Is that you?" She asked

"Miss A-Annie!" The boy exclaimed.

Annie dashed forward and snatched Harry up, hiding him in her chest with wide eyes. "K-Krista...What are you doing...?" 'Oh God, please don't let Ymir be nearby...'

"I-I thought I saw something move around! I thought it was a kitten s-so I thought I'd feed it!" Krista explained, worried.

Annie frowned and held Harry tighter. "Harry, did you leave the shed?" She asked, trying her hardest to convey that she was NOT angry with him.

He flinched and slammed his eyes shut. He nodded, wanting to be truthful. "I-I-I was hot, a-and it was cool outside..."

Annie sighed and petted his head gently. "Okay...Thank you for being honest." She said calmly.

"A-Are you gonna hit me...?" Harry asked, worriedly. Annie shook her head.

"No. I won't. Ever."

This was unheard of...but...it was obviously happening. "Annie..? Are you taking care of an orphan..?" Krista asked.

Annie blushed and looked down. "Um...Well, I..." She looked down. "Y-Yes..."

Krista blushed. "T-That's so...Nice of you!" Krista giggled.

Annie's entire face turned as red as a tomato. "I...I...Uh...Thanks..." She replied shyly, holding Harry closer.

"Um...I won't tell anyone you're keeping him. He's too cute to go away...a-and without your career, what would you do?" Krista promised.

Annie stared at her blankly for a few moments before nodding. "...Thank you. I appreciate it."

Krista nodded. She sat down Indian Style. Then gained a questioning look. "Annie...may I hold him?"

Annie blinked, then looked down at Harry. He looked back at her with wide, innocent eyes. "Harry, are you okay with it...?"

He looked uneasy...he asked in his meek voice, "I-Is she nice like you...?" Annie nodded.

"In fact, people say she is like a goddess."

"A...A goddess...?" Harry asked softly. Krista let out a soft 'EEP' and covered her face to hide her blush. Annie smirked and nodded at Harry. "Um...s-she can...uh...hold me." He agreed. Annie handed him gently over to Krista who took him and rocked him back and forth.

"Awww...He's sooooo little..." Krista cooed, rocking him back and forth. Harry blushed and covered his face with his hands while Krista gushed over him. Annie watched happily, before checking the time...it was close to lights out. She frowned. Oh, what was she going to do? How could she leave Harry in here alone? It was wrong! She had to do something...she had to report for lights out and bed making in the morning. How could she do this?! Growling, she beat her hands against the sides of her head. Krista frowned. "You don't want to leave him."

Annie pulled them away. "No...I can't. He wouldn't survive a night without me." She insisted. Harry nodded in agreement.

"I wanna be with Miss Annie..." He squeaked out softly. He hugged her neck to enforce his point.

Krista put a hand to her cheek. "Hmmm...I suppose I could speak to the Females in the barracks...and we could hide him..." She mused. She smiled warmly. "I know Ymir will agree." She said, giggling softly.

Annie looked uneasy. But...it was the best she had. So she nodded. "All right..." She conceded. "It's our best bet, I guess."

Krista stood up and lead Annie out of the shed. They used the Cover of darkness to keep Harry hidden, and it remained that way until they arrived at the Barracks. "I'll go in first." Krista whispered. "If I explain the situation, they'll probably be okay with it." Annie nodded, and Krista entered. "E-Everyone! Could you all gather around please? I...Have something to took to you about."

"Weeeell, what've you got to say?" Came the clearly flirtatious voice of Ymir. Annie rolled her eyes. Ymir was so obviously a lesbian it wasn't even funny.

"I was out looking for a kitty..,but when I got to the shed...I found a small homeless boy...Annie's been taking Care of him..." Annie couldn't quite hear the other girls reactions. They were being very quiet. Suddenly, Mikasa stepped outside, and looked down at her blankly.

Annie stared right back at her...while Harry whimpered and hid in Annie's chest. Krista continued, "H-He needs a place to stay!"

Mikasa just stared blankly at Annie and Harry. "...What are you waiting for? Get in here already."

Annie stepped in and felt all eyes on her. Harry felt extremely uncomfortable. The girls were dumbfounded. "Woooooow..." Sasha said in surprise. "Annie's a mom? Weird..."

Annie felt the faintest of blushes arrive on her cheeks. "M-Mom..?" Harry asked, confused. Krista Awwed.

"He's soooo cute!" She exclaimed, delighted. The other girls all smirked at Annie's red face.

"It's lights out in a few moments." Annie cut in, moving to her bunk.

"What's his name? Sasha asked, intrigued.

Annie blinked, then looked down at the boy. "Harry. His name is Harry." She said simply. Harry nodded, then Annie pointed out, "Sasha, Mikasa, Krista, Ymir," end she continued introducing him.

Harry was sure to say a soft 'hi' to each girl. After introductions, he yawned softly. Annie climbed into her bed and tucked them both in, making sure Harry was out of sight to anyone who would step in through the door. "Good night everyone!" Krista waved, stepping into bed. The captain came through and everyone held their breath...but he didn't see Harry, and he left the room.

Annie sighed in relief and stroked the little boy's hair. He was safe for one night...She just had to wake up early, before bed making, to put him back in the shed... She could do that. She was strong. Her Harry? He wasn't strong...he was fragile. So she had to be strong for him. She took a deep breath and looked down at his sleeping face. He snuggled closer to her and closed his eyes. His soft snoring followed soon after. Oh goodness...Annie Leonhardt, felled by a mere child. It was pathetic.. She sighed deeply, praying she would never have to reveal her terrible secret to him. He was so sensitive. It would TERRIFY him... With that sad thought in mind, she curled up and fell asleep. But not before pecking Harry's cheek and forehead. It was a must. And so, Annie's eyes slowly closed. Sleep overtook her entirely. Subconsciously, she tightened her hold on him.