Title: Even Humans Take a Break From War: A Christmas Story (1/1)

Author: Sandy S.

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Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: Set after "Never Leave Me." Completely AU after that!

Dedication: Happy Birthday, Aimee!!! This is your Spuffy Christmas birthday present! Hope you enjoy it! :o)

Summary: "The Powers that Be" grant the Scoobies a happy Christmas. . . despite the First Evil. 3rd person POV.

Even Humans Take a Break From War: A Christmas Story

A heavenly dimension where time has no meaning

"But even humans take a break from war during the holidays," insisted the most recent addition to the entities known as "The Powers that Be."

"That's true, but the only one that's really human is the one young man," countered the newcomer's supervisor. "You've got a vampire, a key to a hell dimension, a vampire slayer, a vengeance demon, and a witch."

"A vampire with a soul and a key, an *ex*-vengeance demon, a witch, and a slayer who all happen to be human."

The higher being sighed. "Still, we can't very well ask the most evil being in existence to take a break. Since when has evil ever listened to us?"

"I'll *make* the evil one listen! In fact, I already have!" The young one beamed.

"Oh really?" Ah, the enthusiasm of one new to heavenly duties!

He bobbed his head triumphantly. "Yes, and the response was that if we convince one of the group to go along with the plan that it will be allowed to go smoothly."

"And I suppose you've chosen who is to be convinced of your plan."

"Yes, I have!"

"Enlighten us, then!"

"The vampire." The answer was obvious.

"The vampire?" How utterly surprising!

"Yes," the fresh heavenly host explained, "he's the closest to any of us in his newly ensouled state."

Now he was making sense. "Like Angel when he was restored to Earth."

"Yes, and with the snow! That was your idea, wasn't it, sir?" Surely, they'll be convinced now!

Flattery would get him everywhere. "Yes, I believe it was." The supervisor paused. "All right."

"All right?"

"Bring the vampire here. So we can all witness your questioning of him."

"No need to ask twice!"

* * *

"Wake up, vampire!" The voice was commanding in Spike's head.

"Wh-what? I'm awake already! What do you want?" Spike blinked his eyes, slightly blinded by the brilliant light surrounding him. Last he remembered, he was. . . he shook his head. He didn't want to remember that. . .

"You have been granted a special gift!"

Whoever was speaking to Spike was decidedly too cheerful. "Special gift? I don't need any special gift. I've already got one. . . bloody fine gift it was, too!"

"You're talking about your soul?"

"Yeah. What did you think I was talking about?" Spike squinted up at the man before him. The man was so covered in light that he could hardly make out the youthful features. "Who are you?"

"Well, let's just say that you didn't get offered this gift because you were a soulless vampire. And who am I? I'm one of the Powers that guide you and your friends." The being resisted the urge to pat the vampire on the head in assurance. He had a feeling the vampire wouldn't appreciate that gesture.

"What friends?" Spike asked sarcastically.

"The slayer and her friends." At the urgings of the other Powers, the newcomer added, "And I'm here to offer you a holiday free of evil."

"Well, if you say they're my friends. . ." Spike trailed off when he realized what he was hearing. "Holiday free of evil?"

"Yes! But you have to agree to it!"

The interest shone on Spike's face now. Then, his eyes narrowed, "What's the catch?"

"There is no catch. You just have to agree."

"There's always a catch with the Powers."

Why was the vampire being so difficult? Didn't he know he'd soon be losing his chance for happiness amidst the coming chaos? "Do you know what's to come?"

Spike winced at the memory of what he knew was coming. "I know what's coming. I know what's here. . . well, on earth."

"Well, then, you know this may be your last chance for happiness. Why don't you seize it?" Now he was getting somewhere with the previously errant vampire.

"What does the evil-free holiday gift entail?" This could possibly be the best thing he could ever give Buffy and Dawn.

He was an inch from closing the deal with the vampire. Who said being a higher being and helping people wasn't exciting? "Two days completely free of evil: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day."

"And after those two days? Does the evil come back harder than ever?"

The vampire was good at ferreting out the details. "No. It just goes back to being the same."

"Let me guess. Everyone forgets what happened, right?" Spike sighed.

"No. Your memories of the time will remain intact. It is our hope that this will rally the slayer and her friends to defeat the evil," the new being assured Spike.

Always impulsive, Spike agreed, "It's a deal." He reached up and grasped the Power's hand in thanks. "For Buffy. I have a couple of requests though."

"Ask away."

TBC. . . This will be a short Christmas series. . . hope you enjoy! And Merry Christmas!

*hugs* Sandy