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Warnings: Squall X Seifer fluff!!! or at least my desperate attempt at it...Yay!


I'm falling in again.

I'm falling for him... but what am I suppose to do? He'd fuckin' laugh in my face if I ever told him... but, it hurts to keep it inside.

This, I think, as I watch him walk across the cafeteria. His messy brown locks pulled away from his beautiful, pale face, tucked behind his ear. He has a thoroughly annoyed display plastered over his face. Always. I've never seen him smile, but I'm going to change that. I watch him sexily saunter towards an empty table, his tight leather pants clinging to his shapely, tiny hips, his dark red school bag slung over his right shoulder. His clothing fits his somber mood; dark and depressing, but, he'll be happy again. Sitting down, he brandishes from his school bag a book. He's always been one in favor of solitude, but it won't come easily.

I can hardly stop my legs from gathering my weight, but now I stand, almost regretfully. Making my way over to my auburn-haired prince, I try desperately to ignore the world around me, of rushing students and their loud footsteps, and focus on my one true wonder.

"Hey, Squall..." I say before I think. He only stares at me, all signs of annoyance gone. After a minute, he smiles at me. He smiles......

"Hey, Seifer..." he says, still smiling his own true, genuine smile. He gestures towards an empty seat and then goes back to his book.

"So... what are you reading?" I'm a lame conversationalist when it comes to Squall. He looks up at me and then down to his book.

"The Grapes of Wrath," he says while setting the book onto his lap. "Is there something you wanted, Seifer?" he asks politely, watch my face grow scarlet.

"Um yeah," I sigh, rubbing the back of my neck. "Well, uh, Squall. What I wanted to say to you was that I, uh--"

"That you're attracted to me..." He smiles again when my blush deepens. So, he knows, huh?... Almasy, brace yourself for prodigious ridicule. "I wasn't sure of it 'til now, but You've confirmed it, and--"

Oh, fuck. Here it comes.

"I just want you to know--"

Shit. shit. shit. shit. shit. shit.

"That I like you too." He finishes with a shy smile and a slight tilt of his head.

"What?" Are my ears clogged up?

"I said, I like you too, Seifer..." Holy shit....

Wow..."Uh..um...I....I don't know what to say..." I stumble stupidly for the right words, yet I find none.

"Say you'll come to dinner with me tonight, please?" How is it that he can look me directly in the eye WITHOUT blushing?... O, how I envy him...

"Yes, Of Course..." I answer, afraid of sounding too eager. "Um, what time do you wanna go?"

"Umm.... 7:00? Is that okay?"

"Sure," I say standing up and walking around the table to stand next him. I bend down to whisper in his ear, "I'm falling in again." He looked at me with a confused frown. I only smiled, blew a kiss to him, and headed up to my room.

O, how I fell.....


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