Beautiful Disaster

Written By: Caladhiel Alcarin

Chapter 1

Her Assignment

The day Tuestie gave me the assignment it was just orders. I never dreamed it would become something personal. So for three years I did my job, I stayed close to my target but not too far. Keep him safe, keep him out of trouble. For three years it was easy, but then they came.

Vincent's POV

I sat there thinking about her again. I looked upon her in the crystal.

So, we meet again. Lucrecia.

She still looked the way she did 30 years ago. Before everything had happened. I heard whispers and then….

"I'm so sorry!"

I opened my eyes and found myself back in my room. The celebration still underway in the streets below, and Lucrecia still gone.

Why? I'm the one who should apologize.

After all I could've saved her. I could've stopped her and she'd still be alive. The news was talking about some sort of disappearance in Midgar when it happened. An explosion drew my attention outside. People started to scream and run around. A chopper flew in front of my window and I jumped as it fired. I fired back at it until I brought it down. Then I saw her. It wasn't the first time I'd seen her. Over the past three years she'd be there but when I blinked she was gone. This time she came towards me.

"Vincent Valentine. Pleasure to meet you properly." she said.

I didn't talk, I just looked at her. She was pleasing to the eye, but I knew looks weren't everything to some women. She held out her hand but then thought better of it.

"Reeve Tuestie wants to meet with you. Actually now he probably needs to meet with you." she said.

I looked around.

"What's going on here?" I asked.

"I can't really say. But if we stay here for much longer we're both dead. Now can we go?" She asked.

I nodded and we ran off. We took out several of the soldiers on the way.

"This way." she said.

I had to admit, she handled herself pretty well, and was good with her guns. We walked into a room with nothing but wooden crates. She stopped and then part of the wall blew away. A large man with blue hair, big arms and strange eyes came out. Then a little girl followed.

"The Proto Materia. Tell us where it is." she said.

The woman aimed her gun at her. I didn't say anything.

"Hail Wiess." said the man.

The other soldiers copied him and the woman looked annoyed. He started to walk forward and I pushed the woman behind me. The girl fell to the ground.

"This way!" someone said.

The man looked at me.

"Luck is on your side."

He walked over and picked up the girl.

"I'm….sorry." she said.

Before he left the man looked at me again.

"I am Azul, we will meet again." with those words he left.

The woman attempted to follow but I grabbed her arm.


Someone came smashing through a door.

"What happened here?"

I knew that voice well, and sure enough Reeve came running in.

"Vincent Valentine. Are you alright?"

I nodded.

"Reeve….nice to see you again. Not a very interesting outfit though."

The woman chuckled and I looked at her.

"It took me a while to decide which costume I would put on for today. I see you've already met Miss Fireheart. Are you alright?"

I looked at the woman and she nodded.

"You said my job would be simple Tuestie. And for three years I did my part. We're done here."

She made to walk away but Reeve stopped her.

"But we still need your help. Please Eve."

Eve? Eve Fireheart? Interesting name.