I apologise for the very late chapter I had to put all my stories on hold when my laptop broke in January and I had to wait for a new one. I hope this chapter was worth the wait

Guest- Unfortunately this is poorly written with an insane amount of spelling errors. It's impossible to get into the story.

However, the biggest issue here is your chapter formatting. It's a mess. Three of them alone are short author's notes, and readers are not going to wade through multiple ANs to get to the actual story. Instead, place them either at the end or beginning of a chapter.

Also, if you're going to rewrite your story, just delete everything and start over from scratch. It makes no sense to have Chapter 1 and then "New Chapter 1". It all just screams "I don't care," which I doubt is actually the case with you at all.

Dear Guest- Who do you think you are. Unfortunately, this is poorly written with and an Insane amount of spelling errors. It's impossible to get into the story. You made a grammar mistake in your comment you didn't put a comma after unfortunately. The way I have formatted my chapters is a mess there formatted neatly with Notes clearly labelled so readers can skip passed them if needed be. Deleting everything and starting from scratch do you even know the hassle of deleting a story on this site and then having to sort everything out so you can write a new story in the same name you have to go into rules & Guidelines and click Yes, I have read and agree to the content Guidelines then go into new story create new story and then set up the story with the same details as before. It makes sense Just post the new chapters under New Chapter as it allows readers to review the new chapters were as if deleting all the previous chapters prevents anyone who has read the story on the site from Reviewing each chapter if they would like to as they have already reviewed. If that screams I don't care then I won't change your mind on me or this story. Thank you for the Horrid review of someone who is only known as a guest.

To all those who love reading my story I would like to hear improvements. I know my grammar sucks a little I am trying to work on it but I will still slip up. thank you for pointing out the mistakes. Do any of you have a problem with the way things have been written?

I enjoy reading the Reviews from those who ain't been judgemental on human error. I am doing the best I can. For any Twilight Fans, my new story will be posted once I have worked out some kinks with my other stories I have up.

Thank you


Sebina prov

I was fully healed now and I found out who I really am. Learning to speak properly was difficult and learning to walk was too but as I healed I relent everything the way I was supposed to. I also know that I was born of both genders and could have when I was older chosen how I lived my life. Even though to be a girl wasn't my choice I will make the most of it. After all, it is the Malfoy way to come out fighting. I also learnt I have two godfathers Sirius and Tom or the dark lord. Odd at it seems it was a good thing I suppose as that would mean I was well taken care of. Now to make people pay for what they have done.

Draco hadn't left my side since I was found and put through what I had. Mum and dad ain't too far either. Everything will be better now and I am healing and things will work. I still have nightmares but either Dad, mum or Draco come running. even snape shows up sometimes he's nicer to me now. In fact, he's more than a little bit nice. He seems sorry for the things he has done. That old fool did play us all for fools.

"Drak I am hungry can you ask daddy to ask an elf to make me something light to eat." Though I was recovering I was still very ill and some days were worse than others. Draco ran out of the room as fast as he could. It funny but right now the entire family is looking for any infomation on the real harry potter. the poor boy must have been really ill.

a house elf dobby i think hes called popped up with some soup.

"Thank you Dobby That will be all." Though it is tought to never thank the house elves in public it is common to do so in privet. I ate the soup and began to think. what if harry potter was burried with his mother and father in godrics hollow and we know what hopital it would have been. I fell into a light sleep having only eaten half of the soup.