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"Hey Mom, I'm home! I brought a new friend, from school! Can we have a snack?" Henry yelled out as he entered the apartment that he and his mother lived in. His grandparents, Mary Margret and David, moved out a few days before, so it was still something to get used to, just Henry and his Mother. It was nice though, they got to spend loads of time together, which they both enjoyed. Emma Swan stuck her head out of the bathroom, her hair obviously wet from the shower, a curious expression on her face. "I'll be out in a sec, Henry! Help yourselves to whatever." She replied, toweling off her hair quickly before hanging the towel on the bar and walking out into the kitchen.

There Henry sat, a small plate of cookies before him that he was currently devouring. Emma cracked a smile at his enthusiastic eating. Looking next to him, Emma noticed a young boy she had never met before who was barely picking at his snack. He looked around Henry's age though, and she was glad Henry was finally getting more friends around his age. His hair was a muss of dark, inky black, and his eyes were an dull amber color she had never seen on a person before. "You guys need some milk?" She asked quickly, moving to get out a couple glasses as the boys both nod in the affirmative. After getting them their drinks, she leaned against the counter, arms crossed over her chest as she appraises the boy her son had brought home. Seeing his mothers questioning look, Henry spoke quickly with a sheepish smile, "Oh! Sorry mom, um, this is Gustave Daae."

Emma nodded slightly, though the kids last name caught her attention. She knew she had heard it somewhere before...maybe she knew of his Parents from a book or something in this world? Figuring she wouldn't get an answer without asking, she spoke up.

"Daae, huh? Who're your parents, kid? Sounds familiar, maybe I know them or something." She asked, and almost regretted it at the sight of the kids pained grimace, which caused her to wince, "Oh, sorry, is that a sore spot for you? I know how that is, don't worry about it."

Noticing Emma's worry, Gustave shook his head with a comforting smile that almost seemed to entrance her with its beauty. She hadn't noticed just how beautiful a child Gustave was. It was almost like he commanded the room with his presence. His dull amber eyes seemed to brighten to an almost shining yellow as she met his gaze, she couldn't look away.

"Not to worry, Mademoiselle, my mother is Christine Daae." Came his kind and slightly British accented response before he broke their gaze to glance at Henry. The broken eye contact seemed to also break Emma out of her trance. He noticed her shake her head as if to clear it of cobwebs, and grinned sheepishly, "I am sorry, I apparently inherited my fathers ability to 'hypnotize' people with nothing but a look and a few words." Something about his statement struck a cord in Emma's mind, it reminded her of the Phantom from the book, deciding to ask about his Father at some point.

"I know about your mother, she's a soprano Opera singer, right? I read about her in The Phantom of the Opera when I was in school. They've even made a movie, and a Musical or two about it, and even a Sequel." Emma spoke with sudden recognition, and it didn't get passed her, the way Gustave became distracted when he nodded, his eyes darting around the apartment at her mention of the name of the book. Now she was very curious, indeed. What was he looking for, the Phantom himself maybe?

"So, if Christine is your Mom, does that make Raoul your Dad? Because I have to say, you certainly don't match any description of him that I've ever heard or seen...Your eyes though...they seem familiar, their color that is..." She finally asked, trailing off and squinting as she looked closer at the kid in front of her. Gustave didn't have to say anything, however, Emma got the answer right away as she racked her brain for her Phantom knowledge. It was right in front of her!

"Holy cow, you are the spitting image of a younger Erik!" She exclaimed, her eyes widening as she leaned forward even more. Christine and Erik had a kid? That was never in the book...What else happened that was never really told? Maybe she should watch that sequel she had read about, it could possibly explain it. That was definitely going on her to do list, that was for sure. Mentally adding it to her Amazon Instant watchlist, she returned her attention to the kids sitting at her counter.

Gustave looked a bit alarmed by her outburst, almost falling off the stool he sat on as he leaned back and away from her. His eyes were wide as saucers as he blinked up at her. Noticing that she had leaned over the counter, practically climbing on it, she leaned back with an embarrassed clearing of her throat and an apologetic look sent to Gustave. Seeing her move, he scooted back onto his chair all the way, and nodded.

"Yes, he's my father. My real father that is. Actually...I was hoping that you could help me and my mother with something, regarding him..." Gustave asked quietly, he sure sounded older, the way he spoke. Maybe it was just because of the time period that he was from, but she had noticed that he seemed to speak in a very formal way. Interested, she leaned back on the counter a little bit, bracing herself with one arm, and propping her chin up with her other hand.

"Alright, spill it kid, what do you need help with? Any friend of Henry's is a friend of mine." She replied, reaching over and ruffling his hair gently, smiling at the laugh he emitted at the gesture. His nervousness seemed to drain away as he became more comfortable around her, but she could tell that there was a hint of sadness about him now.

"Well, you see Ms. Swan...I need to find him, my father that is. He's missing. My mother has been an absolute wreck since we all got our memories back. We know who has him, or at least we think he still has him, or knows where he is, but I am afraid we can't do anything about it...he is just too powerful..." Gustave explained, his eyes almost pleading as they met Emma's. She felt her heart clench, he obviously cared very much for his mother, and his father. She knew almost immediately who was the suspect as soon as Gustave spoke of power. Gold. He was the only person that had the power Gustave was speaking of.

"I told him you were good at finding people Mom, I hope you don't mind." Henry spoke up with a grin, a proud gleam in his eyes. Emma shook her head with a half smile before meeting Gustave's gaze.

"It's my job to help, I am the Sheriff after all!" She replied with a wink, "It's Mr. Gold, isn't it?" She asked, just for clarification. Really, there was no one else it could be. Gustave nodded slowly, a pained expression coming over his face. Emma nodded too, straightening and moving around, obviously getting ready to leave. Grabbing her black high waist leather jacket, she pulled it on and grabbed her keys, before turning back toward the boys at the counter.

"Don't worry, I'll find your Dad for you. How about we start by speaking with your mother." Emma asked with a determined look, before she was interrupted by a knock at the door. With a confused head tilt, Emma walked to the door and opened it. Standing there in the door, was her mother and father, Mary Margret and David, with another, a woman, behind them. The woman had her hands clasped together in front of her, held right above her waist with her eyes diverted to the floor in a demure fashion.

"Hey Mom, hey Dad. What's up, and who is she?" She asked, confused as she leaned against the doorjamb, indicating the lone woman behind them with a tilt of her head. As she moved, Gustave caught sight of the woman in the back.

"Mother!" He gasped, running up to her and hugging her around the torso. So that must be Christine, Emma thought as she watched the woman lay a hand on top of Gustave's head gently before speaking quietly to him.

"Gustave, Dear, what are you doing here?" Christine asked, slightly bewildered at her son's sudden appearance. Her accent was crisp as she spoke, with a slight British lilt, and her reddish brown hair curled slightly down to just below her shoulders. Her face was delicately shaped, with crystal blue eyes, high cheekbones and full pouting lips. Emma could see why two men had been in love with the same woman. She supposed Christine was considered attractive to most. She could see the toll Erik's MIA status was having on Christine though, the dark circles under her eyes, and the fact that her eyes were slightly red as if she hadn't slept in days, and red rimmed from crying too.

"My friend Henry told me that his mother was good at finding people, that she had been a detective of sorts and she is a Sheriff here, so I thought she might be able to help us find Father..." He explained quietly, almost begging, as if he was afraid his mother would be angry. Christine just smiled gently, stroking his hair, positively exuding the warm, caring vibes that only a mother could. Emma still hadn't gotten that down, that she knew of, and she was slightly jealous, but she abandoned that thought and turned her mind back to the matter at hand. Looking up at her parents, she met their gazes and spoke,

"So I guess its safe to assume that she came to you for the same reason that Gustave came to me?" She asked with an raised eyebrow. Receiving a nod in return, Emma nodded too before turning to address the woman behind her parents. As she opened her mouth to speak however, another voice began talking before she could get a chance.

"Emma, love, what is going out here? Sounds like you're very popular today!" Hook spoke, walking into the kitchen after having obviously left Emma's bedroom. With his usual swagger he approached the group, his trademark charming pirate grin on his face as he came to a stop next to Emma, pecking her cheek gently with a smile before turning his roaming eyes to the group before them. The first thing Christine seemed to notice was Killian's hook, her eyes zeroing in on it almost instantly before looking up at him and smiling like it was the most normal thing in the world. Noticing her stare before she smiled, Hook lifted his left arm to show it off, the metal glinting in the light.

"Don't let this fool you, I'm really very nice, and charming as well." He said with a roguish grin and a wink. Emma sighed exasperatedly and shook her head at Hook's antics, before taking a step back.

"Well, since everyone is here we can't very well stay in the doorway, you might as well come inside." She said, ushering everyone in before closing the door again.

"Now, lets get down to business."

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