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Emma chuckled as she glanced sidelong at the man sitting beside her, the man once thought of as one of the most fearsome pirates in literature, the great and powerful Captain Hook, otherwise known as Killian Jones, struggling to hold in his sobs as the screen of the television turned black, signaling the last scene of the musical they had been enjoying.

She couldn't believe that her tough, roguish, charming Pirate, was brought to tears merely by the tragic ending. Grant it, the ending itself was sad, Christine and the Phantom finally admit their love for one another, and actually get to end up together, and then she gets shot, by her childhood best friend no less!

It was just, to Emma, the sight of her boyfriend, the scourge of the Neverland sea, in tears and sniffling while clutching a pillow to his chest was an amusing sight. It also warmed her heart, knowing that he had a softer side to him. She was honored that he felt comfortable enough around her to let that side of him show without having to worry about looking weak.

She couldn't help it as she pulled him into a hug, his head resting right above where her heart beat within her chest. She stroked his hair with a quiet laugh, reaching down with one hand to wipe his tears away.

"I didn't know you were this sensitive when it came to sad endings like that." She joked, kissing the crown of his head sweetly as his arms wrapped around her middle and he moved his head to his chin rested against her chest, giving him the ability to look into her eyes,

"And I didn't know that all it took would be a few tears to make you nestle my head against your lovely bosom, darling~" Hook teased with a breathy laugh, a shit-eating grin on his face as she gave him a mix of a glare and a grin, flicking his forehead gently.

"Hey, don't get used to it. I just wanted you to stop crying like a baby. You're not as attractive when you cry you know, something to do with that normal charming spark in your eyes turning all watery with all the tears." She teased back with a grin of her own, sticking her tongue out at him childishly.

"Take that back, Swan! I'm always attractive, no matter what my mood! I am ruggedly handsome, after all~" Hook exclaimed, waggling his eyebrows at her suggestively, which caused her to snort, and shove him away by the shoulders playfully. This son erupted into a friendly wrestling match of sorts, which in turn let to...other, more enjoyable things.

But strangely, her first thought after waking up the next morning, was about what had happened the day before, that meeting had been among the most bizarre she had ever had with characters of any kind, which she only just noticed AFTER she had watched the musicals based on the characters she would now be trying to reunite.

Everyone had gathered in Emma's kitchen, with Emma, her mother, and her father sitting at one side of the table, with Hook standing behind Emma, like a silent guardian. He reminded Christine very much of her Erik, it almost hurt to look at him, so she mostly averted her eyes. Christine and Raoul sat on the other side. They had sent Henry with Gustave into the other room while they talked. After they were situated, Emma started off the conversation.

"Alright, so whats going on here? All I know is that Gold is behind this." She asked, more like demanded, looking over at the couple that sat across from her. Christine sighed and looked down at her hands, one grasped in the other while both rested on top of the table, briefly before she lifted her gaze to Emma's and began to speak.

"Well, I shall give the short version of why Raoul and I have come. Mr. Gold came to Erik long ago, as I've been told, regarding a deal. He had kidnapped Gustave, in order to force Erik into going with him, to this other land, in order to compose and perform music for him. Fearing for the safety of our son and not wanting any harm to come to him, Erik wholeheartedly agreed. It was only suppose to be just one song, for a young woman, I think, and then they would be free to go. did not end that way..." She explained, her eyes downcast once again before Raoul's hands moved to cover hers in a show of comfort.

She lifted her gaze to his, and he gave a slight nod and a small encouraging smile, "Erik tried to leave when he was finished, but then Mr. Gold came for me, holding me hostage as well as my son, and Erik sacrificed himself so that our son and I would be able to leave that place, with the promise that he would never try to escape, otherwise Mr. Gold threatened to kill us for Erik's insolence..."

As she finished her story, the room grew quiet, everyone looking at a wall, or the table as they processed this new information. Christine's crystal blue eyes swam with tears, yet she did not let them fall. As if he could sense his mothers unease, Gustave appeared at her side, his hand slding into hers in silent comfort. Henry had followed, standing next to his own mother, his shoulder lightly resting on Emma's. The heavy sadness in the air was palpable, and Emma let out a sigh.

"Alright, I think thats enough for the night. I suggest we all get some sleep, since its late enough as it is," She spoke, indicating the clock on the wall that read 9 pm, "and we can reconvene tomorrow afternoon where we can discuss plans."

Everyone seemed to agree, as they stood from the table and grabbed their coats, heading for the door. Mary Margret looped her arm through Davids as they exited, Christine wrapping an arm around Gustave's shoulders, giving them a slight squeeze as she smiled at him lightly, comfortingly, "Don't worry darling, we'll find him, and then us and your father will be together, as a family."

Authors Note- Again, I am so sorry that this is so short, I've had a bit of writers block as well as being busy, but I'm getting my excitement for this story back, so you will be seeing another chapter soon! :D