The first fic that I thought was actually good enough to post ^_^. Warning: This is a DAIKARI fic. Understand? If you're a Takari or Yakari or whatever fan, don't read and then flame me for using the "wrong" coupling. And if you seriously don't like it, and not because of the coupling, you can tell me how to improve, okay? Anyway, this is only the prologue. So it's VERY short.

Daisuke's POV

There is only one reason to envy Takeru Takaishi. It's not because he's the captain of the basketball team, or because he's popular. That reason isn't even the fact that girls wait in line to say "hi" to him, even though that's probably the reason why every guy at my school other than me wants to be him.

It's because of Hikari.

It's pretty obvious those two are in love. They've known each other since they were eight. They've been through so much. I never got a chance.

I was lucky, however, that Hikari got Mr. Yamamoto for History, Period 1, same as me. Hikari has long light brown hair, but today she had put it up at the back of her head. Even though it was still pretty early in the morning, the sun was already shining so the lights were turned off. A sort of halo formed around Hikari's head.

It fits her perfectly, since she's a perfect angel. What she was wearing wasn't totally angelic, however. Today was a free dress day, and Hikari was wearing a light blue tank top, and flared black jeans. She looked much better than she did in the uniform.

Around her neck was her beloved camera. Hikari still liked taking pictures, even though it had been five years since our 5th grade adventures in the digi-world. Five years. I can't believe it was so long ago. It still seems like yesterday.

"Mr. Motomiya!"

A few kids started laughing at me. Oh, well.

"Pay attention!"
"Oh. Sorry."
"This is only a warning. Next time I catch you daydreaming in my class, I'll have to give you a detention."

Like that would stop me from daydreaming.


Hikari's POV

The note just seemed normal. Takeru constantly slipped messages into my locker since we had only Period 7, Science, together.

I had opened it, unaware of what it said. I had read it, thinking it was a joke. I had reread it, shocked. And when I tore it into pieces and tossed the shreds into a trash can, I was angry.

Takeru apparently didn't love me anymore. He felt that he couldn't tell me in person, so he had written a note. Everything had seemed normal on our date last night. Or maybe we had been dating so long, that I didn't notice anything wrong?

I had a window seat in History, and the sun was shining as if the entire world was happy. How ironic.

I turned around, bored. Daisuke sits behind me, and right now he was pretending to be writing something down, when he was really doodling on his paper. It was Veemon. He must have felt the power of my gaze, for he looked up at me.

Then his neutral expression turned into a wistful smile of loneliness, or regret. I looked away, and took out a book. The bookmark, a photo, fell out. It was one of the many pictures of Takeru and I. We were a carnival when it was taken, and he was smiling, as usual.

I scowled. The smile had lost all the charm it once had. Now, it seemed like a taunting sort of smile. An annoying, irritating smile. Disgusted, I took out a pair of scissors and cut it into tiny pieces. Soon I had a nice pile of what could be used as confetti. Or maybe I could dump it into his annoying hat.

I realized what I had just planned to do. Was I really that set on revenge? Takeru wasn't my whole world, was he? I hadn't lost much, just a boyfriend. I could easily find someone else to take his place, right?