The New Sense

Matt Murdock crept into a dark alley, on a dark evening. There he makes the quick into.Daredevil, the man without fear! His suit is red and so is the sky. Nobody knew what was causes this strange phenommenom, but Daredevil intended to find out. He leapt over the roof tops, his destination, Coliformi Labs. Murdock suspected that recent experiments there may be causing this "red sky." He jumped from building to building, watching the occasional passersby that would point and gawk at him. The though of it made him smile. Of course, he couldn't really watch them. Matt was blind, but had heightened senses, which allowed him to, in a sense, watch people. But Matt didn't care about that now, he had bigger fish to fry. Daredevil came to a halt once he reached Coliformi. He strode into the building, and as he suspected, the alarms went off. "That means something must be going on here," he thought. Ten heavily armed guards burst through the doors, and took aim. Daredevil threw his baton, which hit one guard, whose fell knocked over another. The guards fired at Daredevil as he leapt into the air. He landed two kicks on two guards, who went down. Six more to go. Daredevil retrieved his baton, but before he could throw it he was shot in the hand. "Agggggghhhhh!" Daredevil cried out in sudden and painful surprise. Luckily, he kept a little something else up his sleeve, just in case of an emergency like this one. He slid out a long knife, one that looked like something from a ninja movie. He threw it, and it struck one of the guards gun. A light explosion rocked the building. As the smoke cleared, Daredevil strode away from the previous battle scene. He moved towards an elevator. He rung the button, and listened as it came down. "I bet that thing is booby trapped," muttered Daredevil to himself. Sure enough, the doors slid open, and a pink gas shot out. Daredevil coughed, but apparently the gas wasn't poisoned. He quickly stepped into the elevator. As it moved up, Daredevil suddenly closed his eyes. "God damn it! It hurts!" Daredevil fell to the floor. When he opened his eyes, he could see. "Holy shi-" Daredevil was cut off when the elevator doors opened, and a man grabbed him. "Well, Mr. Murdock, it seems our little experiment worked." All Daredevil could do was stare. "You see, we tried to make another blind man see again, but the result caused an accident that has momentarily turned the sky red. You on the other hand, you're a superhero." Daredevil continued to stare. "I hope you'll forgive me for having my men attack you back there, it's just that we needed to test your abilities. But think off what you can do now that you can see." Daredevil simply stared on. "You work for us now, Mr. Murdock." And then, Daredevil was dragged into a room, and he would emerge, a new hero.

THE END.or is it?