Prelude: To The Order

A/N: Thoughts are in italics

Ginny? Harry asked.

Yea? Ginny replied.

Me, Ron, and Hermione are going on a mission. I see you later. Harry answered. At this harry could feel anger coming from Ginny.

I'm coming too harry! she screamed.

Harry grimaced. Fine! he said.


Two minutes later Ron was arguing that Ginny couldn't come.

"She's not coming with us! What if she dies?" He exclaimed.

"Ron," Hermione started, "what if YOU die?" Hermione looked at him questioningly.

Ron seemed unable to answer. "Well, erm, I guess, uh, I die?" He stammered.

Hermione nodded. "Exactly. Any of us can die," she said.

She let that sink in. Finally Ron nodded.

"Okay. Ginny can come."


"This way," Harry whispered. Ron, Hermione, and Ginny followed close behind Harry.

"Wildfire and Lightning to the left path. Raven and Lion to the right. Stay close to the path," Harry whispered. Everyone nodded.

"Guys, this is it. The war ends tonight," Ron said.

Ginny nodded. "Expecto Patronum! Tell the Order this: To the Order. Wildfire, Raven, Lion, and Lightning in Forbidden Forrest. Do not come. The last message. The last night." Her doe patronus galloped off into the sky and before long was a dot in the sky.

"Ginny what did you mean by the last message the last night?" Hermione asked.

Harry answered, "The war ends tonight like Ron said."


Harry and Ginny crept along the left path of the forest.

"I don't have a good feeling about this, Gin," Harry said.

Ginny nodded. Suddenly they were surrounded by death eaters.

Ginny shrieked. "Raven! Lion! Help!"

One of the death eaters pressed his finger to his dark mark. Then Harry's scar exploded with pain.


Ron and Hermione were walking along the path to the right.

"Hey, I remember this path! Harry and I went along this path when Hagrid showed us Grawp," Hermione said.

Ron shuddered. "I still can't believe you and harry actually listened to Hagrid an took care of the giant."

Hermione hit him. "Ron that's rude!"

Just then the worst thing happened. Ginny's voice rang throughout the woods.

"Raven! Lion! Help!"

That was all it took for Ron to charge in Ginny's direction.

"Ron wait!" Hermione called.

But it was no use. Ron was already halfway to ginny. Hermione had no choice but to run after him.


Harry and Ginny were tied and bound up tight and our wands were taken away.

"Harry Potter. Come to die. And you've brought your little girlfriend too," Voldemort whispered.

"It ends tonight tom!" Yelled harry.

"Got an attitude, Potter?" Voldemort asked softly. "How do you feel about this then? AVADA KEDAVERA!"

Harry froze when he saw where the curse was heading.

"Ginny!" He cried.


Ginny saw it coming. The green light of the killing curse. You know how you always hear people say they saw there life flash before their eyes, well so did Ginny. Everything, everything, everything she ever did or saw. Harry, Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived. Harry saving her from Tom. Tom Marvalo Riddle, the person responsible for that was now the mad, mass killer about to kill Ginny, had started the whole thing. Her entire involvement in the war started because of him. She saw Harry walk into the common room. Her rush up and kiss him. Her thinking it was all a dream. Harry asking her out. They had dated for a few years and Harry was a bit anxious this morning at the Burrow. Ginny had no idea why. Why hadn't she asked?

Just then someone flung themselves straight towards the killing curse. Ginny screamed as the persons dead body fell to the ground, dead. It was Ron. Her brother who couldn't stand her, who called her his baby sister, was now dead in her place. Ginny saw Harry sitting motionless, staring at the dead body of his first best friend.



Hermione ran faster. Her heart beating. What if Ginny? Harry? Or even Ron? No, she could not think about that now.

She drew closer to the bushes, the barrier between her and the death eaters that had gotten harry and ginny.


Something fell to the ground.

Poor Harry or Ginny she thought.

But something wasn't right. Ginny's scream had pierced the silent night and Harry's ragged breath was coming from an area in front of her. So that left...

"Ron!" She whispered, tears in her eyes.

Without thinking she ran out into the open and quickly located Ron's body.

Hermione ran over to it and hugged it tight.

"Oh Ron," she whispered softly.

"CRUCIO," Voldemort said.

Hermione braced herself, expecting pain, but none came!

"AVADA KEDAVERA!" Voldemort shrieked.

"Until death do we part," Hermione whispered to Ron's dead form.

Then the curse hit and Hermione collapsed on Ron's body. Except she was dead before she hit the ground.


After Voldemort killed Hermione, Voldemort showed us his memories of all of our friends who were caught and killed.

Harry and Ginny were forced to watch all our friends or people we cared for die. Luna; Neville, who took a Death Eater with him; Parvati and Padama; Cho went and Harry's face tense up; Dean and Seamus put up a good fight and took down three Death Eaters; Hannah Abbott; Ginny's family, well the rest of it as Fred and Ron went down; Harry's family, he looked away; and finally Andromeda Tonks.

Harry shook. Teddy was there. Teddy and Andie finally were caught.

"Now I'll have the pleasure of killing you both. But first let's duel," said Voldemort. Ginny and Harry were untied and given they're wands.

"Now say good bye to each other and prepare to die." Ginny turned to Harry. They looked at each other.

"I'll always love you," Harry said softly. Ginny smiled and said, "Me too." "Always and always," they said together. Then Voldemort shot the killing curse at them and everything went black.