Chapter One

Selena Kamiya, a nine year old with sepia colored hair and deep chocolate eyes, wearing a black t-shirt edged with purple at the end of the sleeves and around the bottom of the shirt, purple fingerless gloves edged with dark gray at her wrists, black cargo shorts also edged with gray, a purple belt that held several pouches, and black, purple and gray sneakers, looks around herself and her little yellow friend with cat like ears, and a purple and yellow striped tail, known as Nyaromon. The other kids whom had received the strange devices like she and her brother did were probably freaking out.

Selena just shrugs, " Nyaromon, do you know what plants are safe to eat around here? "

" Sure thing, Selena. " Nyaromon says and leads her partner off. Selena follows her new friend and grins when she sees the fruit in the branches of a tree. Selena was also wearing a Hell Girl backpack that she had bought at a demon hunting store. This meant the backpack held a helluva lot more than someone would expect.

Selena was quick to climb up and fill her backpack while also munching away herself and tossing a fruit down to her partner. " Nyaromon, let's make sure we stock up on plenty of food, okay. "

Nyaromon can see the sense in this and Selena decided that since the fruits were juicy that would cut back on the amount of water needed to stay hydrated as well. Selena knew she should find her nii-chan but, she couldn't quite bring herself to care. Sure, Tai was the only one in the family that even acknowledged her existence. Still, she had spent the majority of her time out of the apartment and learning how to street fight, pickpocket, and how to slit someone's throat without getting blood on herself or leaving any evidence behind. She never let Tai see her darkness, she loved him too much for that.

If she had her way he would never know how much blood she had spilled already. Selena didn't necessarily like killing but, she wouldn't let rapists live either. The girl and her partner walk on, never realizing that they were getting further away from the rest of the children. It also didn't hurt that unlike most people she remembered her last incarnations. Tsukino Usagi had allowed herself to be walked all over and so had Serenity. No way in hell was she going to be a doormat again.

She generally disregarded those memories and then there was the fact that sweet little Hikari got all the attention and way too much coddling. Maybe if their parents let her play like a normal child her immune system might go up. She loved her little sister but, Hikari, Kari as she was called was too damn naïve for words. She actually reminded Selena of Usagi, always believing in the best of people while failing to realize that some people couldn't be saved. That some people chose to be cruel.

Three weeks later Selena and her now champion level partner BlackGatomon reach Infinity Mountain and see a huge flaming bird fly up the mountain. Over the past three weeks they'd had to deal with several attacks causing the digivolutions. Selena had also learned about the Black Gears and that her digivice could drive them out. That was when the other children arrived and Matt pulls her up on to his partner. BlackGatomon climbing up as well, " Where have you been? "

" Wandering around, I just got to the base of the mountain with BlackGatomon. " Selena says succinctly. She didn't like talking to anyone other than Tai, Motomiya Daisuke, and BlackGatomon was now on that short list. She could barely tolerate her sweet and innocent little sister. She did love Kari she just happened to be a realist.

They meet up with Tai and the others and Selena slides off of Garurumon, BlackGatomon had told her. " Imooto, you're here? " Tai asks.

Selena rolls her eyes at him, " Nii-chan eight digivices fell from the sky, remember. "

Tai winces as she makes him feel like an idiot. Only Selena could make him feel like this too. Sora chuckles at his misfortune while the digimon with Selena, a black cat walking on two feet with purple tufts on her ears, a black and purple striped tail, purple gloves that had a slight red band on them, partially wrapping around the wrists, and wickedly sharp claws stuck close to the middle Kamiya child. " Guys, this is Kamiya Selena. Selena, the girl in pink is Tachikawa Mimi, the boy with the round wire frame glasses and blue hair is Kido Joe, the red headed male is Izumi Koushiro but we all call him Izzy, the smaller blonde haired boy is Takaishi Takeru, he prefers to be called TK, and the older blonde male is his brother, Ishida Yamato, we call him Matt. "

Selena makes a note of this as the partners introduce themselves as well. Selena and BlackGatomon were the first ones to react to the incoming danger and Selena already has her digivice in hand and shoves it forward just as Leomon arrives. This action forces the black gears in him out of him before he could even attack. The other kids are shocked by this revelation while Selena just whips around, " BlackGatomon, if you'd be so kind. "

The virus nightmare soldier champion uses her Lightning Kick on the Ogremon that had just showed up and follows that up with a Lightning Punch. The other digimon just watch stunned as BlackGatomon wastes no time in dealing with Ogremon and kicking him off the mountain. Leomon was slightly stunned by the brutal efficiency until he saw that Selena wasn't Light aligned like the other children. Lord Fanglongmon must have summoned her to show the children that not all Darkness was evil.

Devimon observes this new player on the field, she wasn't nearly as naïve as the other children, she'd see though his ploys easily enough. Plus, her partner was at Champion level, a very real threat to him and she knew how to destroy the black gears, most likely from sheer instinct. This child would be much more difficult to deal with. Then she started handing out food to the others as well and he curses. Damned child would be a very serious threat, more so than the kid with the gravity defying brown hair and his partner Agumon.

Selena suddenly looks up and snarls, " The puppet master of File Island I presume. "

Devimon curses again, she had far more situational awareness than the other children. Devimon flies down, " You're different from the other children, girl. "

Selena snorts, " That's because I'm a realist and don't believe in fairy tales. Make no mistake, I will help them kick your pathetic fallen angel ass. Too bad my partner and I can't access Ultimate right now, I believe my partner's ultimate form is LadyDevimon. "

Devimon winces at this, he was rather grateful Ultimate was out of their grasp for the moment, LadyDevimon would so own his ass in a fight. " You think I'm scared of a mere child like you? "

Selena cocks an eyebrow, arms crossed over her chest, the pure picture of badass. If serial killers couldn't elicit a fear response out of her did this emo angel really think he could. The only thing she truly feared was her damnable traitorous senshi finding her before she was ready to deal with them. Surprisingly enough Mars had remained loyal to her as had Saturn, the others had turned on her. Mars had died protecting her, the pair had, had a heart to heart after Usagi had been revealed as the princess and had gotten closer, only keeping up the arguments for appearances sake.

She idly wondered whom Rei-chan had been reincarnated as before she returns to her glare down with Devimon. The emo angel almost balks from the fact that a mere child was glaring him down as if it were nothing to her. After Beryl, Doom Phantom, Kisenian Blossom, Pharaoh Ninety, Snow Queen Kaguya, Nehelania, Badiyanu, Nehelania again, and then Chaos some punk emo angel was not going to scare her. Of course, there was also the fact that she was a blooded killer, she only killed in self-defense or in the defense of others but it was still such a rush for her.

Tai was just staring at his little sister as she glares down Devimon without one drop of fear showing. How could she just be so fearless like that. Of course, he had no way of knowing she had been Sailor Moon or about her extracurriculars. He just thought of her like Kari, sweet and innocent. Oh, if he only knew that she was far from innocent. Sure, she could be sweet in the right circumstances but, her personality was far from sweet. Devimon unleashes his Touch of Evil and Selena curses as she and BlackGatomon land on one of the broken up pieces of File Island.

The sepia haired girl snarls angrily, oh that bastard was going to SUFFER for where she'd ended up. The girl was dodging attacks from Shawjamon, several of them while her partner works to take them down. That emo angel would wish for deletion by the time she was done with him. She'd learned a few tricks from a dominatrix and she was working on making a whip out of the vines here after she got out of this Kami damned situation.

Susanoo, what the hell did she do to deserve this? Selena thinks three hours later as she and her partner find food and inhale it. They'd managed to deal with all the damn Shawjamon and had found an easily defensible camp. She would fucking make Devimon pay for this, she'd damn near been skewered way too many times to count!