Chapter 9

Digital World, Continent of Server:

Manic and Tai both keep a watch on Selena even as she walks ahead with Nyaromon. The others were all still asking Sailor Stratus questions that the Princess of the Digital World was all too happy to answer. Unlike Gennai she knew they needed answers, sure Gennai didn't have many answers due to the fact that those idiot sovereigns had been sealed. Azulongmon wasn't that bad, he chose a good crop this time. The Child of Malice walks on to find a small outcropping of rocks almost a set of ruins really. That was when TK races ahead of everyone, his tag glowing. Once he has his crest they find a cave that they take shelter in to get out of the heat.

While Izzy investigates the writings on the wall, and a mysterious e-mail he had gotten Selena just curls up with her big brother. Stratus frowns briefly, saddened that her hime had been brought to this level. A soul that was once so light it was blinding to look at for those with Aura Sight to almost blacker than the deepest pitch. The light was still there, it was just smothered by all the negative things the hime had suffered through. She needed someone whom could help her see that there was still good in humanity. Unfortunately all the manipulations, and betrayals she had suffered had all, but made that a pipedream. Selena and Stratus both frown at the contents of that e-mail, " It's a trap. " they say together.

" No joke, this individual may have Sora's Crest but, there is no way in hell it will that easy to obtain said crest. " Manic says, " Let me go in and get her crest. I am a thief by profession anyhow. "

" Do it, Manic. I'd rather someone of your experience go in than one of us. We can distract the old blowhard. " Tai states, his brown eyes taking on a hard cast.

Once they've arrived at their destination Manic and Renamon slip off while Tai, Matt, and Mimi run the distraction since Sora still wasn't too sure about tossing aside her morals to win this war. Selena feeds her partner, and Nyaromon once more digivolves up to Salamon. While the others watch the fight in case they need to jump in Stratus sits beside her princess, " Suus diu Regis(It's been a long time, Princess). "

" Noli me tangere, quia non diu fuerunt in ea(Don't call me that, I haven't been her in a long time). " Selena replies.

" Ejus adhuc Regis(You still are her, Princess). " Stratus replies.

" Non iterum illa! Anima non potest lacus(Never again! My soul can't take the stress). "

Sailor Stratus sighs, " Sors immanis et tu nosti non effugiam manus vestras(You can't escape your destiny and you know it). "

Selena gets up and walks away from her, done with the conversation. She would never take up the mantle again. Why should she risk her life for people that didn't care one whit about her anyhow? Why should she be the one to make all the sacrifices? She'd fight to protect her brother, and only intervene if her little sister's idealism was about to get her killed. She'd also fight to protect Davis and that was about it. Sailor Stratus frowns as she watches her hime walk away. She was more damaged than she thought. The mere thought, mention, of her taking up her responsibilities as the Moon Princess, caused such hatred to arise. No wonder the hime was the Child of Malice.

Sora watches Selena walk away from Sailor Stratus, she was practically radiating her crest's attribute at the moment. The vice child was not happy so when Tai finally gets his partner up to Ultimate she intervenes and has LadyDevimon kick ass. Manic rejoins them with Sora's crest just as Etemon is defeated and Selena and her partner are sucked up into a portal. Tai rounds on the others even as he picks up Koromon, " We need to stick together, Selena will find her own way back. "

Earth, Odaiba/Digital World:

Selena Kamiya rolls her shoulders as she takes in the sights around her before acting like Nyaromon was a plush toy. Instead of going home she starts picking pockets, and acquires things that would be useful in Digiworld. Ice packs, sports creams that heated and cooled, ace bandages of varying lengths, in short she stocked up on all sorts of supplies. Ended up slitting a few throats of idiots that wouldn't take no for an answer, watches one of her street friends get it on with a john, and then heads to the park. She might as well enjoy the rest of her time on Earth before she had to go back to Digiworld. She places Nyaromon in her backpack before she goes across the monkey bars, then climbs up the jungle gym.

This was the most fun she had ever had, and she wasn't about to let that be ruined by anyone, especially her little sister. Though right before she finds Ogremon she goes to the apartment, and curses under her breath when she finds the digivice. Great, her naively idealistic little sister was meant to join them. She pockets the digivice meant for Kari, slips back out, and goes to deal with Ogremon. She lets herself be sucked back up into the sky, and stumbles when she, and Salamon land in the Digital World.

She had no idea where the others were for the moment, though she does check her digivice, activating the tracking function, frowning when she sees a signal closer to her, but none of the others. She goes to check that out first, and finds a kid with short raven colored hair that looked like it had violet tints in the right light. He was wearing a light purple shirt, olive green shorts, and had what Salamon identified as a Wormmon for a partner. She goes over to him, and introduces herself. She doesn't react when she feels the maliciousness that had been planted inside of him, instead she takes it into her crest, giving her more power to work with.

Ken was so happy to have found someone after Ryo had disappeared right after they defeated Millenniummon. Selena lets him talk about how he always felt overshadowed by his older brother Sam while she tells him about how she, and her older brother Tai were basically after thoughts for their parents while the youngest child got all the positive attention for the most part. Ken understood how she felt, he also understood why she got so annoyed with her little sister for being so idealistic as well. Ken had been forced to mature quickly since his parents focused all their attention on Sam. He knew they loved him, they just rarely remembered to show him that. Sam always got the cooler toys, he had the computer as well. At least Selena did make sure to tell him that since the digivice reacted to him it was his, not his older brother's.

His blue gray eyes were sparkling with happiness as he follows her to the rest of her group. Having someone to talk to whom understood was so nice, it helped that he was finally allowed to vent as well. They did find Ken's tag and crest on the way to the others though. Tai and Manic recognized the fact that Ken was emotionally neglected at the least, understanding how he bonded with Selena of all people so quickly. They both took the younger boy under their wings, manic teaching him how to read body language, pick pockets, and pick locks as well. Tai was the one to give him the older brother he craved, he got positive attention, and tips for playing soccer as well. He could also vent to Manic, and Tai about his home life as well, since they too understood. Manic grew up on the streets, and it was really hard for him to get along with his triplet sister, whilst he could get along with Sonic a helluva lot better.

Sonic may have had a decent foster family, but he'd been a part of the resistance for years. He knew how hard things were for those that didn't have money, unlike Sonia whom still bitched about how things were when she couldn't get a manicure whenever she wanted to. Couldn't buy the top of the line beauty products she wanted, and for some unfathomable reason actually liked Bartleby. Matt could see why the four of them were actually getting along, then Selena dropped the bombshell, she pulls out Kari's digivice, showing it to the others, " Tai-nii, I found this at our apartment when I dropped by just before coming back to the Digital World, it's Kari's. "

Tai curses under his breath at this revelation, " Why the fuck is Kari being called as a Digidestined? "

Stratus sighs, " To balance Selena's darkness out, Tai. You're neutral with light leanings while Selena is a dark aligned light. Sadly you need a child whom represents light with you. You have Courage, Hope, Friendship, Love, Sincerity, Knowledge, Reliability, and Kindness for light aligned attributes in this dimension. Fanglongmon called Selena to teach you all that not all darkness is evil. This is a lesson your youngest sister will really need, Tai. Most children of Light do not understand you can't have light without darkness, there must always be a balance. "

Tai just gives her a deadpanned look, " Kari, as Selena puts it, is too gods be damned naïve. "

Stratus winces, if the hime were the one to say that about someone then you knew it had to be bad. She had noticed how Selena was flat out avoiding her ever since their one conversation before she'd been sent back to the human world. Ken also notices his new friend refuses to go anywhere near the Digital World's Senshi protector. He wondered what Sailor Stratus had done to get Selena to outright avoid her. Tai suspected what Stratus had done, reminded her that she couldn't escape her destiny. That would piss her off to the point of avoiding Stratus. Tai couldn't blame his little sister either, and he suspected that by the time she hit twelve or thirteen she'd be playing adult games. Considering she'd lived to sixteen in two previous lives, plus another nine for her current age that was forty-one cumulative years she had lived.

Tai also knew that their parents wouldn't give a damn what she did as long as she didn't come up pregnant. Hell, he was already turning tricks occasionally to make ends meet for him, and Selena when picking pockets was out of the question. There were a lot of women into Shotacon, and he capitalized on it. He had two college fund accounts created for himself, and Selena, along with an ' Oh shit, I have to get the hell out of here' accounts for both of them, and Daisuke as well. At this point he might as well create those accounts for Ken too.

Sure, Tai would prefer it if he wouldn't have to pimp himself out, but for survival's sake he would. Sora would never understand this, never understand doing whatever the hell it took to survive. Humans were capable of doing anything if it meant they could survive. Tai and Selena had been forced to learn this entirely too young thanks to their parents' irresponsibility. What adults would leave a seven year old in charge of a five year old, and a four year old? Their dad had finally owned up to the fact that they had screwed up that day four years ago, and apologized for not stopping their mother from slapping Tai. He'd make deposits in the accounts he knew about, make sure they got their immunizations, all the medical things they needed done…Tai was just grateful he only took on female clients, made it harder to find out about his unique job to bring money in.

It disappointed him that he had to go this far in order to put food on the table for himself, and Selena, to secure their futures', including making it so they had enough money to run if necessary. One thing they had both learned from their sensei, and Manic was the value of bolt holes, and back-up plans. Tai knew damn well Selena would rob anyone whose throat she slit, before removing all evidence she had been there. His clients always took him to cheap motel rooms where they played together. It was actually quite pleasant to have positive adult female attention in his life. Attention that society frowned upon, but Tai didn't give a damn about that. Thanks to Selena letting him know basically no time had passed since upon entering the Digital World he was actually not nearly as sexually frustrated.

Sadly sneaking off to get that problem taken care of once they got back home would be all too easy since their mother honestly didn't care what they did. Manic knew what Tai had been forced to do, and realizes there was very little innocence left in Tai. Selena basically had none as well. Ken's innocence had taken a rather large hit as well thanks to his older brother being such a prodigy child.

Divine Realms:

Hachimon is laughing his ass off at the fact that the reincarnated Tsuki no Hime had met the child of Kindness. She had used her crest to absorb the dark spore within him as well. This would set several things on their axis, and piss off whomever decided Ken should be with Inoue Yolei. Selena would accept a triangle relationship with Ken and Daisuke before she let Inoue get her hooks into Ichijouji Ken. Then again she'd slowly work on corrupting Ken into a dark aligned defender of the light child. The war god of the Japanese pantheon really couldn't blame her for this. Ken was practically dark aligned as it was. She was letting him vent, and between her, and Manic they would have him slitting throats soon enough.

They teach him how to never leave a trace behind, how to never get blood on himself, what scents to wear to stifle tracking dogs. They'd train him up to be a proper killer, only when it was necessary though. Already the changes were rippling outwards, the bitch at the Time Gates had to screaming about that.

Time Gates:

Hachiman had no idea how right he was with the fact that Sailor Pluto was screaming at the moment. Ichijouji Ken should not be happily slitting throats, picking pockets, and hacking everything he could, leaving back doors into every governmental agency out there. He should not be dating Kamiya Selena at the age of twelve, instead he should be in the process of becoming the Digimon Emperor. That wasn't happening, and she couldn't understand why. It was pissing her off that someone had screwed with the way things were supposed to go!

The viridian haired, and garnet eyed temporal/spatial senshi snarls every obscenity she can think of as time shifts, and ripples, refusing to stay still. Matt doesn't start up the Teenaged Wolves, doesn't date Sora, or later on marry her. Joe is nowhere near as anal retentive, Mimi doesn't end up moving to America, and worst of all Inoue Yolei, the inheritor of Love and Sincerity, ends up dead. She couldn't see whom killed the girl before she could even be called by the Digital World. She died in the incursion of Myotismon to the Real World. She had no idea whom would take Yolei's place either. Ken was supposed to marry Inoue Yolei, dammit!

Hidden in the shadows at the Time Gates a figure smirks evilly, hopefully this would show the jumped up time bitch to not mess with the course of things. Naturally there were going to be even more ripples when Selena found another crest and tag, for the Child of Destruction, the reincarnated Sailor Saturn. No one would ever suspect her to be a multidimensional travelling Troll. She was quite happy to be making the temporal/spatial senshi have fits. Then there was the fact that she fully intended to make even more chaotic ripples in the time stream for this dimension. Oh yes, she was going to give Sailor Pluto headaches simply because she could. It was because of Sailor Pluto's machinations that her husband had lost his little sister figure. He still managed the arcade she spent most of her free time at as well.

No one had even begun to suspect that she had abilities like this, that she could manipulate things so subtly that by the time the manipulations became known it was essentially the Ranma effect. Too damned late to do anything about it, ensuring the hime was reincarnated as the middle Kamiya child had been the first step, the second had been making damned sure Tai had a damned spine, and wasn't afraid to use it. The third had been tweaking things at just the right time so Saturn's reincarnation would get the call, that the hime would be the one sent home, and therefore meet Ichijouji-san as well. Fourth, well that one was still in play. Fifth, she had ensured that Saotome Ranma, and Manic Hedgehog would both teach the oldest Kamiya siblings. Sixth, was having Ken trained as a thief, and assassin. Fourth, oh yes, that one would be absolutely delicious, as Pluto had seen Inoue Yolei would die, be murdered actually, by a serial pedophile rapist. That nudge had been especially fun since Inoue Yolei had no business being a Digidestined.

In her place would be someone that actually was loving and sincere. She hadn't quite worked out the logistics just yet of whom would be taking Inoue's place, only that Inoue would not be a part of it. She'd seen that play out one too many times, Inoue treated Motomiya Daisuke like shit, completely dominated Ken, and respected very few. Oh yes, arranging Inoue's death had been a complete stroke of genius. She happened to be the daughter of the Primordial God of Time Chronos, not to be mistaken with the Titan of Time Kronos. This was what was allowing her to make these changes in such a way that Pluto could not change them back either. Takenouchi Sora, that girl needed to get her head in the game, the real world was not all pretty, her damned rose tinted glasses needed to get removed, and soon.

Ishida 'Matt' Yamato deserved so much better than her as a wife, his little brother should never have married Kari. Kari, oh dear Chaos, she needed to be slapped upside the head with reality. She was too damned naïve, for now that was okay, Tai and Selena protected her innocence because theirs was practically non-existent. They'd slowly chip away at that innocence when the time was right. Izumi Koushiro, or Izzy as everyone called him was growing into his own thanks to Tai and Selena, so was Joe. Even TK was learning that the world was not black and white. This group would be forced to make harder decisions. Their time in the human world fighting Myotismon would be much different than most dimensions.

Takeru especially would grow and change. The little blonde was her best work in this dimension, once the shit started up he'd ditch his mother, slip into dark gray clothing, take a knife from the kitchen with him, along with all the supplies he could carry. Any human under Myotismon's thrall he wouldn't hesitate to end. This battle would be bloody, there would be casualties, there would be suffering, all so the children could handle the next threat that would come their way.

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