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Harry was playing a dangerous game and he knew it. Skipping trains and riding in cabs just out in the open when there were - apparently - rampant Death Eaters on the loose. He'd spent his entire summer, traveling about England as a whole. Instead of going to the Dursley's, he skipped into Diagon Alley and went to Gringotts. And once he had a lot of gold converted into muggle money, he left for his 'trip'.

And boy did he travel. He placed some concealer on his scar, got his eyes fixed, purchased some contact lenses, and let his hair grow out to his shoulders in a mess of black ink. He was currently a pale skinned, blue-eyed, vampire look alike, having gotten into using eyeliner. Only eyeliner though.

He had a new wardrobe, of mostly black and green clothing. Seriously, he was like a gothic Slytherin. He wondered what people would think if they saw him now. The boy savior, not being what everyone expected him to be.

It wasn't like he changed much. He was just doing as he wanted for once and fuck the wizarding world if they didn't like it. It was his life to change, not their own. And with everything he'd been up to recently, things would definitely change. Hopefully for the better though.

And no, he wasn't using magic with his wand. He'd learned about the Trace and it only worked if he used his wand. If he performed wandless magic inside the Dursley's house, which was protected by some sort of magic or whatever, the wards and such would alert the Ministry to magic being used and they'd immediately assume it was him doing it. Idiots, the lot of them. That was why he was charged for what Dobby had done in the summer before second year.

Harry could do minimal wandless but actually purchased a second wand from a shop in Knockturn Alley a while back. Unregistered. Yew, fifteen inches, and Basilisk Fang core. It was a perfect fit like his Holly wand was. Funny, how both wands represented dark and light. A physical manifestation of his inward battle of Slytherin vs Gryffindor. Of his actions in life. His temperament. Both equal sides of him, meeting in the middle. Grey.

Harry - now going by his actual name, Hadrian - liked London. It was nice to wear good clothing. His first major shopping experience was a riot.

He walked into the first store and was not assisted by anyone. Reason being, he was dressed in his usual cast offs from the Dursleys and the store was high end. Something a Malfoy would go to if it wasn't muggle related.

Hadrian walked right up to the main desk and tried to get the woman's attention three times. She studiously ignored him and he shrugged. It was her and the store's loss, not his.

"Alright. I guess I'll go spend several thousand quid across the street."

The woman was suddenly all open and friendly then, asking if she could help him. Her simpering reminded him of Umbridge.

"Yes, actually, you can knock that chip off your shoulder."

She froze in place and Hadrian noticed nearly everyone in the store, turn in their direction.

"Let me tell you something. You are a worker. That is it. You work in a high end fashion boutique that isn't even in a chain of businesses. Just because you work here, does not mean that you are better than me. I was under the impression that the 'customer is always right' and by your attitude toward me when I asked for assistance, you don't agree with that assessment. And that is why this is the only Farfalle's to exist, because your less than stellar attitude drives business away."

The woman stared at him, blinking slowly as she processed his words.

"As for how I'm dressed, my parents paid for my secondary education before they passed when I was a baby. The only acceptable clothing I have is for my boarding school which are too heavy to thick and to wear around London. My relatives don't buy me anything and instead, foist my fat cousin's clothing on me. I have finally reached the age where I can remove money from my trust fund that my parents had set up for me and I need a new wardrobe. I have no problem searching for a worthy place to purchase said clothing. Since this place isn't looking up, I'll even fly myself to Paris or New York if I have to." Half of it was a lie, but it was still fun.

And then some woman appeared from the back of the store, dressed in powder blue and shooing the person Hadrian had been chewing out, away. She was much nicer and apologized for her employee. This was Madame Farfalle.

She led him around the large shop, asking what he liked and what he could possibly see himself in. All he said was, 'black and green' and she was off with several other workers. Someone came over and pulled him into the dressing room area and proceeded to measure him. The young woman suggested that he eat a bit more, but other than that he looked fine according to her.

And then came the clothing and the shoes and even the pants, which were nice and silky and just bloody amazing.

Hadrian wasted about three thousand quid and it was all worth it.

His traveling was easily done as he glamoured his trunk and used an undetectable extension charm on the inside to hold everything. He hopped from place to place and even stayed in the Leaky Cauldron toward the end of the summer, just because he could. His school letter went there, because he registered as himself for the room.

Business was conducted when needed.

Shopping for school wasn't hard. He just spent more money.

It was during a trip through Knockturn to get to Mr. Mulpepper's Apothecary, that he found it. Or rather, it found him.

He did not look like himself, with long hair and different colored eyes. He looked healthier too. No one knew who he was. Not even it.

Sicarius Tenebrae. The pet shop in Knockturn had an amazing snake displayed in the window and Hadrian couldn't help himself.

"What sort of serpent is that?" he asked the woman behind the counter.

'Sicarius Tenebrae', she had told him. The most dark of magical creatures. More than a Basilisk and more than a Dark Phoenix or even a Dementor. Venomous, lethal, and completely wild. Apparently, it was caught by luck a week previous. Somewhere in Scotland it had appeared and it took eleven wizards to stun it multiple times before putting it in a cage. One wizard died from the fatal bite.

Hadrian looked back to the resting serpent and realized that he wanted it, badly.

And he'd have it.

She warned him not to touch it or get too close, but he ignored her. He had an advantage when it came to serpents.

The black snake looked up at him suddenly, eyes a bright crimson, contrasting its dark scales smoothly. Impressively. He was nearly mesmerized.

And then it hissed.

"Foolish boy, attempting to 'befriend' me. He'll die like all the otherssss."

Hadrian's head tilted, "That'ssss not very kind. And here I thought you'd make a good companion. Apparently I wassss wrong." He turned to leave.

"Wait!" he heard the forced hiss. "You can sssspeak Parsssseltongue?!"

"Yessss. I'm doing it right now, aren't I?" he snarked, frowning at the creature.

And the snake just laid there, staring at him. "Point. Take me home with you!"

"It's actually to the inn and then to sssschool in a few dayssss, but thankssss for the permission."

And Hadrian purchased the snake. The amount he pent didn't really matter to him, he'd always have enough.

The snake had no name. Hadrian named him Felix. He felt lucky and all.

Felix didn't appreciate the name, so he added Maximus just to make it better. Felix Maximus, the Sicarius Tenebrae.

And then he asked for Hadrian's name.

"Hadrian Potter."

There was a hiss, a flick of the forked tongue, and then nothing else. Felix wrapped around his form and held on tightly. Harry didn't pay attention enough to see people staring.

When they were safely ensconced in his room at the Leaky Cauldron, he placed his new friend on the bed and went about setting his belongings in order. He'd have to ride the Express the next morning and preferred that everything was in order beforehand. Less work for him to do in the morning, which meant more time to sleep in.

The young wizard pulled his illegal wand from his pocket and waved it a few times, watching as his things moved about the room, placing themselves in order according to his desires.

"I wassss under the impresssssion that you couldn't usssse magic while in sssschool sssstill."

Harry turned to the serpent and smirked. "Yessss, with my own wand. But I got thissss in the alley that no one wantssss to be sssseen going into. It issssn't being traced by the Minisssstry and I can do whatever I want with it."

Harry sat on the bed and pulled his toiletry bag onto his lap. He then placed his fingers against the contacts and pulled them out. He blinked repeatedly and shook his head a bit, before placing them in the little case with the solution.

"You changed eye color," Felix observed.

Harry nodded, "Do you know what mugglessss are?"

"Sssserpentssss know everything worth knowing," Felix responded.

"Okay then, well, they have developed a way for people to change their eye color for temporary instancessss. I already had my eyessss fixed with the proper potion. I wassss trying to blend in and I ussssed blue to do it."

Felix did not say anything after that. He just stared at Harry for a moment, and then bobbed his head toward Harry's right arm. "What marking issss that?"

Harry looked down and sighed. "This is what spurred me on to doing my own thing this summer. It appeared a few days into the holiday and I decided to fix it a bit, so that people at Hogwarts don't get the wrong idea. It was originally the green eyed snake, but I had the wreath of Celtic knots, the lilies, and the Toujours Pur added on. In order, they represent my father, mother, and godfather. Apparently my father like Celtic traditions, my mother was named Lily, and my godfather made me heir to the House of Black - I'm actually a blood relative surprisingly, and my godfather did some odd blood ritual thing that I had to complete at Gringotts after he died - and the family motto is, Toujours Pur. I don't know where the snake came from, but I couldn't get rid of it since it's pretty cool. I fixed it a bit, that's all."

It was a large black snake with bright green eyes, very much like Harry's own. Wrapped around it, was a Celtic knot and sprouting out of the loops and holes were various colored lilies. Finally, in a fanciful script above the picture, was the Black Family Motto. He was honoring his fallen family. Remus hadn't passed, that was why he wasn't on Harry's arm yet. Hopefully it would be a long time before the man was added to his arm.

He stared, remembering how much he had worried over the snake. Though it was on the right arm and lacked the skull, it still reminded him of the Dark Mark. He knew he'd have to fix it so that people wouldn't get the wrong idea.

He shook his head and stood from the bed, stretching his hands high above his head, making his spine pop in several places. He groaned, not exactly in pain, but it wasn't like feeling your back shift felt good. He twisted a bit and moved his neck on circles until it too, popped.

"I have to go into the alley, do you want to come with me?" Harry asked the serpent.

Felix's head bobbed and Harry picked him up.

"Yacko and Wacko are expecting me for a meeting. I'm their partner and am lissssted assss a ssssilent invesssstor."

"Who are thesssse partnerssss you refer to?"

Harry smiled, "My friends, Fred and George Weasley. I gave them a jumpstart on their business and already they are overtaking Zonko's business like it is nothing. I don't want others to know that I take part in their business. I want them to get famous on their own and not just because people know I'm part of it. Instead, they just make merchandise that has to do with me. The only store I will let use my face for their creations. Also, I know how muggles work and what they've been able to create without magic. So I pass on ideas and they create them but with magic, making the quality much better."

Harry made sure that his room as protected, before venturing out into the alley.

Weasley's Wizard Wheezes was bright and filled with young people who were eagerly trying out the various things. Fred and George were always kind enough to let people try out the merchandise, which ensured them more sales. If people knew what it did, they were more likely to purchase said item. Harry actually made that suggestion and added some more funds to the monthly deposit in their shared account, to go toward it. A lot of muggle businesses lost would be patrons because they got snippy over testing the product before buying it. This way, revenue went up nine percent since opening the store.

Harry was soon face to face with the twins. Both were dressed in very expensive dress robes purchased from Twilfit and Tattings. Dark auburn in color, with orange/red pin stripes. Fred, who had a green ring around his left eyes, was wearing a blue cravat. George, who had a green ring around his right eyes, was wearing a red cravat. Both had their fiery hair spiked upward and smirked down at him from their near foot advantage. He briefly considered them, mentally remaking how unfair it was that they got to grow so tall, leaving Harry so far behind them. Then again, Harry was far behind everyone, so it wasn't like this was a new development. He had gotten used to it.

The three shared a look before nodding and saying simultaneously, "Non compos mentis." It was their way of identifying each other as who they claimed to be.

They grinned and lead Harry into the back room that was under wards placed by Bill Weasley himself. Already in the room, were Neville Longbottom, Ginny and Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, Parvati and Padma Patil, Hannah Abbott, Susan Bones, and Tracey Davis. The group was currently made up of eight Gryffindors, two Ravenclaws, two Hufflepuffs, and one Slytherin. Tracey's family was neutral and she held nothing against the other Houses at Hogwarts, so she was asked by Padma, to attend the meeting. Everyone had been sworn to an Unspeakable Oath for the meeting and the twins had ensured that everyone was properly situated, before allowing them entrance.

"We've got Lee manning the shop so we could be here," Fred told him as he sat at the large circular table. George followed suit and nodded, "Yeah, he's already told us his views so he wouldn't need to be here."

Harry nodded to each other them and drew his new wand. He waved it once and each person stood and announced themselves and their family motto. Harry did the same once it was his turn, using the Black Family Motto as his opening.

"Okay, we are here to discuss the upcoming war and the sides that are available to join. What they fight for and what we think as the Neutrals."

Harry pulled a small blue, beaded bag from his pocket and opened it. He then pulled out a large muggle chess set. He actually had two sets but only because he needed another queen piece. He wasn't going to use the magical pieces because they would assume that it was a real game and wouldn't shut up if that happened.

He placed the wooden board on the table and enlarged it with his wand. He then pulled out his pieces and set of the four queens.

"We have Voldemort," Harry said, holding up the black queen and ignoring the shivers some of the people visibly had. He then placed the piece on a black square and left it there. "He represents the Dark Side of the war."

He then held up the white queen, "This is the Ministry. Truly broken and full of lies on the inside, but pulling off an air of purity and perfection on the outside. They are white and will go over here." He then placed the piece on a white square, a good distance from the black queen.

"Finally, we have Dumbledore, whose queen I have decorated personally." He held up the piece, a former white queen that had been decorated with orange stripes and purple polka dots. As he set the piece down on a white square that was an equal distance to the other queens. He managed a smirk when the others snickered. It was indeed, very Dumbledore.

"Each has their own pawns," he said while putting the proper pawns beside each queen. "Each has their own agenda," he told them while placing the proper kings beside each queen.

"The queens protect and fight for their king, which in this case, are their ideals and what they hope to gain by winning this war."

Everyone was nodding, Ron was looking at Harry with an impressed gaze. Harry was getting better with strategy and understanding of chess it seemed.

"Now, everyone hears that Voldemort is just plain evil and bad and nothing he fights for its good. But since we aren't on the inside, we don't really know what he fights for. Obviously, the people who don't like him will not explain his views to us and will just twist it until it is wrong and sounds terrible. So," Harry looked at Tracey then. "we need to learn of what his motives truly are."

Tracey nodded and stood, drawing everyone's attention. No one sneered at her presence, which Harry was glad for.

"Lord V-Voldemort, has many followers in Slytherin. Many families that come from Slytherin, however, he has many from other Houses as well. My family is neutral and wants nothing to do with either side of the war and therefore my roommates, who are all purebloods and all plan to either support the cause or join it fully, have no issue with speaking about things in front of me, because I don't care."

She took a deep breath. "Muggleborns come into the magical world and change things they don't understand. The purebloods are very angry and the Dark Lord has capitalized on that, by promising to return things back to the Olde Ways. Rituals, books, certain types of magics in general, will be brought back. Things that had been cast aside due to muggleborns misconstruing what they truly meant."

Hermione raised her hand instantly and Tracey nodded to her.

"What do you mean by 'magics'?"

"There are three kinds of magical cores. Light, Neutral, and Dark. It doesn't matter what core you have, anyone is capable of murder or torturing someone. Unfortunately, the Ministry doesn't want to admit this, especially with how muggleborns over the centuries have reacted to it. These days, anyone with a Neutral or Dark core is frowned upon and are usually treated with no respect by those with Light cores. A Light core produces Light Magic, a Neutral core produces Grey Magic, and a Dark core produces Dark Magic.

Dark Magic is not to be mistaken for the Dark Arts. The Dark Arts can be utilized by Light and Grey Magic as well. I personally, have Grey Magic."

Hermione was nodding and Harry noticed that she had a notepad out and a quill that was writing things down for her. Beside her, Ginny raised her hand.

"Do you know where the term 'blood traitor' came from? We only ever hear it from Slytherins."

Tracey nodded again and winced a bit. "My family is considered to be traitors to the blood, because my father married a halfblood. The term came about when the House of Weasley, still a legitimate part of the Sacred Twenty-Eight, which are the twenty-eight families who were still fully pureblooded by the 1930s, protested against being labeled as such because they have always had an interest in muggles. When refusing to drop the interest and respect for muggles and those of muggle blood, they were labeled thenceforth as 'blood traitors'. The term soared after that and is everywhere these days in Britain."

The Weasleys who were in attendance all frowned, not liking the fact that their family was the one that such a vile term was based off of.

"Tracey, what are Voldemort's other plans?" Harry intervened, wanting to get everything back on course.

"Segregation of the muggles and the magicals. The reason there hasn't been any muggle attacks recently, is because he doesn't care for muggles in the least. He wants the magical world blocked off from the muggles and will have no qualms about killing anyone who gets in the way of his plans. The magicals are better and therefore shouldn't have to be subjected to muggles."

Hermione's hand was up again. "What about the muggleborns? Is he just going to let them go? Will he bind their magic? Will he kill them?"

Tracey sighed. "He has some idea about taking them from their parents as soon as they are born and wiping the parents' minds, but I can find so many loopholes in that plan. I'm not too sure how that would play out."

Hermione and many others were frowning. Harry could also see many loopholes in that plan. "What about laws?"

Tracey could only shrug. "Nothing about that has been mentioned in my presence, I'm sorry."

"Thank you, anyway."

Tracey took her seat and waited for something to happen.

Harry stood.

"The Ministry is fine with sitting back and making laws against creatures. I for one, do not agree with them. They also are easily being overrun by purebloods who hate muggles and muggleborns and are trying to wave their money around to get what they want. The Ministry is full of fools and liars and ninety-five percent cannot be trusted. Even with Voldemort back and everyone knowing it, they are doing nothing about it. We can count on the Ministry to continue on as it is. Doing absolutely nothing to better the magical world."

The others were all nodding. He knew he wasn't wrong, it was the simple truth. All facts pointed to laziness in regards to the Ministry.

"I don't know about any of you, but I will never side with the Ministry. I refuse to propagate any of their rubbish."

Everyone nodded to that. Harry placed a large red X on the mental image in his head. The Ministry was out completely.

"I personally, know most of Dumbledore's views," Harry continued, fixing his attention to the tri-colored queen.

"He thinks we should join with muggles and be one happy world, get rid of all Dark Arts and Dark Magic, stop using verbal segregation against the bloods, befriend all magical creatures and give them rights, and overall use love as a driving factor in our lives."

Luna stood then and Harry sat quickly, because Luna was a Seer and she was never wrong about anything.

The blonde looked at each of them equally, her light grey/blue eyes oddly focused. "If the old Bumblebee should win the war, the end would draw nearer than if the mighty Basilisk should be victorious."

She then sat and everyone turned to Harry, leaving him to explain. "The magical community is foolish in believing that muggles aren't a threat. If we do as Dumbles wants, they will destroy us easily and quickly. People hate that which they don't understand and Hermione and I personally know the kind of firepower muggles have developed. Killing whole civilizations in a few seconds, they'd wipe the magical world from existence, or enslave us somehow. If Voldemort should win, we'd have a lot longer before the muggles discovered us, but the end would still come eventually."

Hermione looked uncomfortable, but she did not deny anything he said.

Harry waved his wand against. Flagrate was used as a list of the goals each side of the war had, appeared above each queen piece. Each burning letter standing out in white hot flames.

"The Ministry is worthless, which leaves Dumbles and Voldy. Both have points that I agree with and then have points I disagree with. The question now is, do we," he said, waving his hand around the table, "just sit in the middle until times become too rough and we have to choose a side?"

He plopped all the remaining pieces, which had been colored grey to represent all neutrality, in the center of the three sides. The king piece was in the very center of the neutrals.

"Do we allow that to come to pass, or do we create a new side of the war?" he asked, pushing Dumbledore's queen over and then setting the grey queen and her king and forces, into a corner of its own. By now, the chess board was divided into four parts, each queen and king had their own corner, which was protected by their pawns, bishops, knights, and rooks. He then pulled a small golden globe he'd purchased a few days previous, out of his bag and set it in the center of the board. The mutual 'prize' for each of the factions.

Neville chose to speak then.

"If there is a fourth side to the war, how would we even go about spreading the word? What are we fighting for? What name would we go by? Would we even fight?"

Ron placed a hand on his shoulder, "If we do fight, I say we wait until the major battle ends and when the supposed winner is all that's left, we overpower them in their moment of weakness. They'd have the chance to either lose their magic or submit. I don't think any of us are keen on killing people who don't agree with our views on magical life, are we?"

Everyone's head shook in the negative. Harry thought that particular idea was good. Allowing the enemies to wear each other out and stepping in when at full power, in order to end it once and for all.

The Boy-Who-Lived nodded along with the idea. "That's rather good. I like that idea. I had one of my own that I've been considering, should it come to it."

Parvati and Padma chose to enter the conversation, "What is it, Harry?"

"You all know that this war is only taking place in Britain, right? This isn't going on anywhere else in the world. The British Ministry controls the other Ministries but the main fight is here. Once the changes are made, the others will most likely follow suit lest they be demoted or possibly killed or coerced. That is why it's all on British soil.

What if I were to find a large island out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and have it warded to the teeth, against muggles and magical beings who wish to do harm? The Goblins like me since I'm respectful and would most likely have no issue with creating a Gringotts Branch for that specific area. I'd have homes and shops built, almost like a tropical version of Diagon or Hogsmeade. All the people who want nothing to do with the war, or what will happen until the battle, could stay there," he suggested.

"That sounds lovely," Hannah Abbott smiled.

Susan Bones nodded but was frowning, "Though a bit cowardly. Just sit around and wait for all of the bad to happen and then just pop out of nowhere?"

Ron shook his head. "It a widely known battle tactic. It goes by many names but the one I learned was, 'Await the Exhausted Enemy at Your Ease'. It has to do with wit and cunning. A very Slytherin tactic actually."

"What are we fighting for, though?" Fred asked, wanting to get to the point.

Hermione held up her notepad. "I have a list written down and tell me if you approve or disapprove."

She cleared her throat.

-Equality for Purebloods, Halfbloods, and Muggleborns.

-Giving Magical Creatures the rights they deserve as living or non-living creatures.

-Properly note the different Magical Species as either being or non-being.

-Bring back the proper traditions and practices that have been thrown to the side by the Ministry.

-Make sure that all Magical cores are accepted and that no one is treated better or worse, than anyone else simply because of their Magic.

-Continue to keep our communities from the muggle world for as long as possible.

-Properly instruct the magical world on what true muggles are like, because the schools seem to be lacking in that area.

-Remain congenial to the muggles that must interact with our world due to their children being thrust into it.

-Possibly try to find a way to better locate magical children before they receive their Hogwarts letters, in order to ensure that their families, parents, or guardians do not ostracize them for what may seem to be 'freaky' behavior.

-Fix the education system especially in Hogwarts. A lot of old classes that weren't even considered Dark were binned due to Ministry interference.

-Work on the House Unity at Hogwarts and possibly change what the are going for. Not prestige, but maybe a party or something along those lines.

-Keep a close eyes on the Hogwarts students. Maybe come up with a way to determine that their home lives aren't filled with abuse. Too many children are being hurt right under our noses and nothing is being done about it.

-Possibly develop a Magical primary school so that the children who are muggle raised don't have to suffer losing the friends they've had all their lives. They'll be among their own kind and others who understand accidental magic.

-Find some way to create more jobs. The reason so many people leave for the muggle world after Hogwarts, is because there aren't enough jobs, or, the business owners are prejudiced against their blood.

-Get rid of Umbridge.

As she finished off, everyone was snickering into their hands. Some of those hands were scarred due to said insufferable pink toad that really needed to go.

George was looking at Hermione. "We might want to remove the blood equality thing. I think that just may be too big of a leap for some people. Just because they don't agree with all of Voldemort's plans, doesn't mean they don't agree with some of his views. We shouldn't jump ahead so quickly."

"Yeah," Fred murmured. "Some purebloods are very particular and will decide not to join us simply for that reason alone."

The muggleborn looked around and huffed when everyone else nodded along. "Fine."

Harry couldn't help but comment, "I never understood why Voldemort would bother propagating something that would consider him a second class citizen. He's a simple Halfblood like me, which proves that the purity of your blood doesn't mean a thing in the face of your power. Just look at Hermione."

The witch flushed and sent him a playful glare. "Hush, you. Is there anything on the list that should be nixed?"

"I liked it all," Ron said.

The Patils nodded their agreement. The Hufflepuffs seemed to agree too.

Tracey was staring at the table. "I think you should make it a point that we do not agree with Dumbledore, the Dark Lord, or the Ministry. That we intend to change a lot of things. It has to be clear, because Slytherins are used to searching for loopholes and possible lies. Getting the rest of the neutral Slytherins to join this cause, will be an uphill battle, you understand this, correct?"

"Yes," Harry answered. "But it's worth every life. Dumbledore and Voldemort are both so stupid, wasting lives for no reason. Dumbledore's stupidity comes from being so bloody naive. Voldemort was a foolish youth. According to Dumbles, he was fixated on immortality and that it has changed him. That's the reason why he's all snakey now. I mean, Tom Riddle is literally the most attractive person I have ever seen and apparently he was extremely intelligent and charismatic. He could have been Minister easily. He had the makings to be amazing and to do some good for the magical world and his fear of death completely fucked his mind up. I'd be surprised if he was actually sane in the mind. He's so lost and I highly doubt that Dumbledore's whole plan of offering him a chance to repent before being killed, is going to work."

"Dumbledore wants to give the Dark Lord a chance?" Tracey asked in bewilderment, looking horrified.

Harry nodded, "I told you, he's naive."

"Harry, there's nothing wrong with wanting to believe that there is still an amount of good even in someone like Voldemort," Hermione chastised, though she didn't look like she was believing in what she was saying.

"In most cases, yes. But Dumbledore is purely under the impression that love can do anything and I don't want to be rude, but no. He thinks it was purely love that let me survive that night fifteen years ago and that's a load of codswallop. My mother enacted Blood Magic, through her sacrifice. Blood Magic is illegal by the way. Voldemort himself said that it was Olde Magic that he hadn't anticipated. That got me curious. I had my mother's protection so long as I lived under the roof of someone who shared blood with her. Voldemort would never be able to touch me while her protection was in place. Once he used my blood to get himself a body, we were suddenly both filled with the blood of Lily Evans, completely negating the protection. Though her actions were spurred on by love, the protection doesn't inherently come from it."

"Why is Blood Magic illegal?" Ginny asked.

"It is only illegal in Britain," Luna supplied, looking off into the distance. "The other countries couldn't be swayed."

"I thought the British Ministry was the Head," Harry pointed out.

Luna nodded, "But the other Ministries have different ways of passing laws. Such things can be voted for by the public in most other countries."

"Is Britain really so far behind the times?" Susan asked.

"Yes," the Seer nodded.

"It's sort of sad, when you think about it," Hannah sighed.

"Especially when they try to sell us on the whole, Hogwarts being the best school there is and yet I can list a bunch of others that are much better."

"Which ones?" the Weasleys all asked simultaneously.

Harry grinned, "Mahoutokoro in Japan, Beauxbatons in France, and Salem Witches' Institute in America, just to name a few."

"So are we going to try to gather people during the terms at school?" Ginny asked, posing the question that was on everyone's minds.

"Be discreet," Harry ordered. "Don't just outright blab. Be Slytherin. Real Slytherins, meaning those who aren't Malfoy, are smart enough to get information without people realizing. Malfoy is pathetic and it embarrasses me that when people think of Slytherins today, they think of him. And I was supposed to be in Slytherin and if that means being like Malfoy, I'd slit my own throat."

Ron snorted and Hermione elbowed him in the stomach.

"So, Operation: Locate the Neutrals is in effect?" Neville proposed.

The Weasley twins grinned at the name and nodded. "What is the name of our side?" Fred asked. "Can it be something actually cool?" George asked immediately after his brother.

"There is the Ministry, the Death Eaters and the Order of the Phoenix. We need a name that doesn't sound like it can be plucked and beheaded, nor like it could really use a diet," Tracey stated, much to the humor of everyone else.

Luna snapped to attention and simply said, "Neuts."

"Huh?" Everyone asked at once.

"We will go by Neuts, short for Neutrals. And we'd be able to discuss the faction in public, because people would assume that we are talking about the N.E.W.T. testing in seventh year. It'll all be fine."

Harry stared at everyone and nodded slowly, "Okay then. We are the Neuts. Can we add anything to that or do you just want it to remain as it is?"

"Whatever tickles your fancy."

"Fred, George, can you come up with a name involving the new words Neuts, that doesn't sound ridiculous?"


The two turned toward one another and began conferring. They faced the room again and announced as one, "The Neut Union. Neuts for short."

"I like it," Tracey smiled.

The others nodded.

"Alright then," Harry started. "Each of us must very calmly gather a list of the families and people that want to remain neutral. Then, we shall decide if the island idea, or the Exhausting the Enemy idea, will be used. I may have to bring back the D.A., but of course name it differently."

Everyone nodded and stood. As one body they all raised their right hands and stated. "Mischief Managed." The Oaths sprung up from each other them, different colors that wrapped around each individual. The lights receded.

As Harry waited for his chess pieces to return to his bag, he smiled at he twins, who wanted to show him some of their new merchandise.

Ron and Hermione joined him a moment later.

"You two finally an item?" the teen asked after a minutes of staring.

They flushed. "Yeah."

"Good. Now, come on. The twins have stuff to show us."

"Mate, when did you get a Sicarius Tenebrae?"

The Dark Lord known as Voldemort, was not happy. In fact he was very irate and was longing for someone to torture.

How this had happened, he'd never know. But there was no conceivable way out of it and he had tried. Oh, Merlin had he tried. No matter what he did though, his bloody magic would not awaken, and he was stuck in the form of a very much sought after serpent, with no way of returning to his humanoid form.

And then he was captured and was sitting in that rotten pet shop in Knockturn for days.

But then a young wizard with strange blue/green eyes entered the shop. He was dressed in very expensive looking clothing and had shoulder length silky black hair. The boy perused the animals for several moments, before his gaze landed on the Dark Lord.

The old wizard wasn't expecting a Parselmouth. He'd insulted the boy, but changed his tune when realizing that he could possibly be his only way out of the shop.

The boy bought him, spending a ridiculous amount of Galleons like it was nothing. He then returned to the Leaky Cauldron of all places while informing the Dark Lord of how he truly was, after naming him. Harry bloody Potter.

The Dark Snake Lord was half tempted to bite the boy right there, but he had questions that he wanted answered. How was the boy a Parselmouth? What was wrong with his eyes? Why was he suddenly dressing as if he wasn't a vagabond? Why wasn't he being chaperoned by the Order of Flaming Flamingos? Why did he suddenly look incredibly attractive? So attractive, that he managed to raise the Dark Lord's interest a bit?

And then the boy pulled out a white wand, which was definitely not the wand he'd used in all the other times they'd crossed each other's paths. He wordlessly did magic like it was nothing. And then he removed small thin objects from his eyes, returning them to their original Avada color. Apparently they were muggle objects used to change the color of ones eyes.

And then the boy brought him into the Alley and he was an unknown witness to the oddest meeting of his life.

The children had decided to take matters into their own hands and discuss the war. Seventy percent of the wizarding population weren't doing anything but putting their hopes on a teenage boy, but here these children were, discussing their own side of the war.

He was silent the entire time, questions just building and building in his mind.

The boy was so willing to protect all the neutral people in the war. It was astonishing.

When he insulted the Dark Lord's intelligence, he nearly hissed at that. What would he know?

But he knew. He knew what the Dark Lord used to look like before he made his Horcruxes. How, unless he came across a Horcrux in his young life.

The children created their own agenda, which in truth, he could not find any fault with. Everything on that list was something he personally felt should be made the law. Everything but the equality of the bloods. Though he did have to hand the Potter brat the flag on supporting a notion that would name both of them second class and unworthy. And truly, blood status did not matter in the least. Voldemort just wanted more followers to do his bidding.

Why weren't these children not following Dumbledore? Without the Slytherin girl, the rest were of supposedly light Houses. What made them doubt Dumbledore and decide to make their own faction within the war? When did they grow minds of their own? And why was he feeling more interested in their agenda than his own agenda? Why did he seem to feel that they made a better point to what needed to be done, than he did?

And they called him insane. He did not appreciate it, but he had to think about all that he had done in the name of immortality. He'd wasted a long amount of his youth, though he knew that wizards could live up to two centuries. Maybe he was a bit too excited.

The children weren't under Dumbledore's thumb, nor the Ministry. Unfortunately, they didn't agree with the way he went about things, otherwise, they may have been capable of being good followers.

The end of the meeting was rather interesting. Potter spent time with his friends, before doing some business with the red headed twins.

At the end of the evening, the boy transfigured him a bed out of the chair in his room. He then placed a warming charm on it. He didn't miss how the boy set up various wards and protections on his bed, then the doors in the room. Finally, he turned the light out and hissed a wish for a good night to the serpent lord.

"Ssssleep well," the Dark Lord hissed back.

The boy left him in the darkness of the room, where he had an entire night to review everything in his mind.

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