(Guards surround church. They hear a noise and see Lamiadramon and Megakabuterimon)

Lamiadramon: Oh, run! Run! I'm coming for you!

Guard 1: Shoot it down!

Lamiadramon: COIL CRUSHER! (Slams tail to ground. Makes impact as guards fly everywhere)

Megakabuterimon: HORN BUSTER! (Fires attack. Guards scatter. Titan gets off and runs to church doors)

Regina: (Dismounting Lamiadramon) Wait a minute! Not now!

Titan: What?

Megakabuterimon: Look, there's a bit where the priest says "If any of you object, speak now, or forever hold your peace". That's when you have to say "I object", and sweep her off her feet!

Titan: I don't have time for this!

Regina: Look, you love her?

Titan: Well, yes!

Hugh: You want to hold her?

Titan: Yes!

Megakabuterimon: Please her?

Titan: Yes!

Regina: Then, you've got to, got to try a little tenderness! Take it from me, women from all social standings love that!

Titan: All right! When does he say it?

Megakabuterimon: We better find out. (He dedigivolves into Tentomon. They make a tower. Titan's on bottom, Regina's on his shoulders, Hugh's on her shoulders, Tentomon's on his shoulders)

Regina: Titan, don't you dare look up.

Titan: My eyes are closed, and as an extra precaution, I'm looking down.

Hugh: What can you see?

Tentomon: I can see a lot of people.

Regina: What's going on at the altar?

Tentomon: It looks like they're just listening to...no, wait! They're about to say "I do"!

Titan: Oh, for the love of Mike! (Moves towards doors. Regina falls off and lands on the ground. Hugh and Tentomon follow after. Titan opens the doors and runs down aisle) I OBJECT! (Crowd rises. Everyone looks at Titan) Good afternoon, everyone! I do love weddings, don't you?

Lord Kaiser: Titan, what are you doing here? I gave you your forest back.

Titan: I'm not here to talk to you, Lord Kaiser, I'm here to talk to Aileen.

Aileen: Oh, now you want to talk? Well, it's a little late for that. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must marry my true love.

Titan: Look, Tentomon and the others have explained everything. I know you were talking about someone else last night, not me. Besides, he's not your true love!

Aileen: Oh? Then who is?

Titan:...I am.

Aileen: What?

Lord Kaiser: Oh, isn't that precious. Titan's fallen in love with the princess! (Audience laughs) Aileen, my love, pay no mind to that creature. He has no feelings as we've said. Now's our chance to have our happily ever after! Now, please, kiss me! (Puckers up. Aileen looks at the sunset)

Aileen: "By night one way, by day another. This shall be the norm, 'til you share true love's kiss and take true love's form." (Sighs) Titan, there's something I want to show you. (Shimmering golden light, then changes to Kairimon. Titan's eyes go wide)

Titan: You know, that actually explains a lot of things.

Lord Kaiser: A mere setback. Aileen, I shall save you from that dreadful curse! Come. Kiss me, and we shall rid the multiverse of those fictional creatures and rule over a perfect world.

Kairimon: My parents happen to be two of the people you want to kill off.

Lord Kaiser: 'Scuse me?

Kairimon: My parents are Sam Flynn and his wife, Quorra, the new rulers of the computer world. By day, I am Aileen Flynn. By night, I am Kairimon!

Lord Kaiser: ...Mon? As in the last part of every Digimon's name?

Kairimon: That's right.

Lord Kaiser: You're a fictional creature?!

Kairimon: Yep.

Lord Kaiser: ...GUARDS! I want Titan arrested and executed! As for you, my wife, I'll have you locked back up in that tower for the rest of your days! Saying "I do" is no longer important! Now, I am King Kaiser! I will have peace! I will have perfection! I will have that crown on my head! (Places crown on head. Lamiadramon and Tentomon attack. They've brought a whole mess of fictional characters)

Tentomon: (To Izzy's Tentomon) Excuse me, Tentomon, have you discovered your mega level?

Izzy's Tentomon: Er, no, can't say as I have.

Tentomon: Allow me to show you. Hugh, if you please.

Hugh: Got it! (Digivice turns purple)

Tentomon: Tentomon, warp digivolve to...(A stream of light fires from Tentomon's mouth and becomes a purple version of Kabuterimon, then it fires from Kabuterimon's mouth and becomes a purple version of Megakabuterimon, then fires from Megakabuterimon's mouth to give a purple insectoid form. It then turns into a very pale yellow and gains a Hercules beetle's and a Rhino beetle's set of horns. The mouth still has two sideways jaws in the mouth. The new form swings both its fists down and opens its carapace to extend its wings)

Herculeskabuterimon: HERCULESKABUTERIMON! (Digimon analyzer activates) See, Tentomon? This is what you can become. Right now, I'm a mega level, vaccine attribute, electric type, insectoid Digimon. My Mega Electro Shocker will annihilate anyone in its path and my Horn Buster Kai will punch a hole through anything. (Analyzer disappears) Let's get him! MEGA ELECTRO SHOCKER! (Fires attack. Lord Kaiser's crown is shot off. He gets ticked)

Lord Kaiser: I will not be defeated by the likes of fiction! Being a ruling Kaiser, I have abilities that surpass anyone.

Titan: That's what's bugging me, you gave us powers that you consider impossible.

Lord Kaiser: Only as a temporary measure. When I achieve perfection, I will take away our powers and rule over this planet as a savior. By the way, Digimon of all levels, here's my digivolution. (Mockingly) Lord Kaiser, digivolve to...(Grows in size and gains an extra set of arms) GIANT LORD KAISER! (Swings all of his hands to the ground. Everyone dodges. A point of light appears in the sky. It hovers in front of Titan and turns into a digivice. The screen shows a picture of Kairimon. Titan takes it)

Titan: Hey, Kairimon? Need a hand?

Kairimon: (Seeing digivice) Get to it! (Digivice shrieks and turns orange) Kairimon, warp digivolve to...(Warp digivolution process starts. The Champion level form looks like an older version of Kairimon. It has longer hair, pointy ears, and a spear. The bra is still metal, but takes a seashell shape. The tail is shark like. The Ultimate form has a more Disney mermaid tail shape. The metal seashell bra remains. The hair is curled. The eyes are lizard like. Her nails are long. The spear is double headed. The Mega level uses a serpentine mermaid tail. She gains a crown. The tail is blue and silver. She now has 16 tentacles on her back. Her double ended spear turns into a double ended trident. Her hair is off white, silver, and sea blue. Her ears turn into fin like appendages. She wears a gold circlet. Her metal bra is gold. Her skin turns pale. She twirls her trident over her head with both hands, slams one end to the ground, and summons a water stream)

Sirenmon: SIRENMON! (Digimon analyzer activates) Good grief! A Mega form already? Well then, being Sirenmon is totally worth it. Now I'm a Mega level, vaccine attribute, water type, mermaid Digimon. My Trident Crash will send my enemies flying literally while my Dark Water Wave will wash them away when they land. (Analyzer disappears) You're going down, Lord Kaiser! TRIDENT CRASH! (Swings one end of trident down and makes the earth shake. Lord Kaiser is disoriented) DARK WATER WAVE! (Raises trident and summons a large wave. It crashes against Lord Kaiser. He shrinks back to normal size. He shakes his head to shake off disorientation. Titan charges at him with the intent to punch him in the face. Lord Kaiser grabs his hand and swings him into a building)

Herculeskabuterimon: HORN BUSTER KAI! (Fires attack. Lord Kaiser projects a shield. He punches Herculeskabuterimon, forcing him to return to Tentomon. Lord Kaiser walks to Titan)

Lord Kaiser: Look at you, Titan. Always so damn proud, and now here you are, lying in the dirt like a dog. I once had respect for you, but now Aileen's made you soft. We're supposed to be above them.

Titan: (Weakly) Her name's Kairimon.

Lord Kaiser: Whatever. (Raises hand to strike)

Lamiadramon: PYRROW SHOT! (Fires attack. Because he wasn't paying attention, Lord Kaiser's set on fire. As he's writhing in pain, Titan activates his concealed sword and stabs him in the heart. Lord Kaiser gasps in pain, then falls. The body turns to ash. Sirenmon dedigivolves to Kairimon and runs to Titan)

Kairimon: Titan? Are you all right?

Titan: I'm fine. Just a little scratch. (They lean towards each other and kiss. Kairimon then floats and glows in golden light. Titan picks himself up. The glow dies down and Kairimon is on the floor) Kairimon? Are you okay?

Kairimon: (Sadly) I'm fine, I just thought that I'm going to be beautiful again.

Titan: (Putting his hand on her cheek) I think you're very beautiful.

Kairimon: Really?

Titan: Really really. (They lean in. Titan looks at screen and covers it. When he removes his hand, Kairimon and Titan have just kissed at the altar in Titan's forest home. They run down the aisle. They enter the carriage. Kairimon tosses the bouquet. Nagadramon catches it, then looks into Tentomon's eyes. Annika and Hugh look at each other as if they're planning a tender night later that night. The carriage drives off into the sunset)

The End