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(Percy's POV)

We appear on the beach same as last time and surprise, Ares was waiting for us.

"I was hoping Hades would've killed you kids. But now matter, just another death by my hands." Ares said as he pulled out a sword from behind him.

"So kid how do you want to die, classic or modern?" Ares questioned menacingly while switching between a bronze battleaxe and a black rifle.

All I did in response was uncap Riptide and brandish it, as an unspoken threat.

"Classic it is kid. I'm gonna pummel you into the ground." He practically growled at me.

All I did was look at him with absolute boredom, as if he isn't a threat to me at all, which he is not. Plus it was funny when his face turned a few shades redder from anger. I actually started to chuckle out loud.

"What's so funny kid, is death such a welcoming embrace that you would challenge me, the God of War."

I just continued laughing. Just as I got control of my laughter, I took one look at him then busted out laughing and rolling on the ground.

I guess that was his breaking point as he charged me with both hands on his battleaxe. Arms up and was about to swing down and chop me in half but before he could I punched him adding a little energy behind the punch causing him to fly ten feet back.

He got up rushed at me once again, this guy does not learn guess I have to teach him and the rest of the Olympians not to mess with me. I know that my dad went and threatened them with eternal punishment in the Void if they attacked me, however I know he would not act on those actions as that would cause disruption throughout the cosmos. My guess is that that was a safety precaution, a sort of warning that if gone against will lead to pain by my hand.

But back to the fight, Ares was still coming at me, swing the axe like a madman trying to finish me in one hit. Though his eyes did look a but glazed over. Hmm.

Just as he swung to take out my legs, I jumped up onto the axe and delivered a midair roundhouse kick to his thick-headed skull. He was slammed into a sand dune and when he looked up, I was already swinging my sword and gave him a nice, big gash across his chest.

He looked down at his chest in shock before giving out a massive roar that shook the very ground.

He began glowing golden and I yelled for everyone around me to close their eyes.

The minute I closed my eyes I was thrown back by a massive force that disappeared after a few seconds.

I opened my eyes and gave them a minute to adjust from the many spasms they were having. god I hate when immortals enter their godly form just to teleport away.

I looked at my companions and then back to where Ares was noticing he left behind the Helm of Darkness.

I walked over, picked it up before scanning it, I shrugged and threw it to the the nearby furies who caught it and shadow-travelled away.

I looked over and stared at Clarisse with a blank expression on my face.

"Hey punk, why you staring?" She yelled.

"Your dad is a douche and a dick. You know that right?" I straight up told her.

She merely looked at me, then busted out laughing while nodding.

"So anyone know how to get to Olympus from here, we are still on a deadline." Micheal said ruining the mood.

I opened my mouth to reply, but was stopped by a bright flash that revealed an awesome looking motorcycle that looked suspiciously like the one Ares was riding.

As I walked up to it a note appeared on the seat. I grabbed it and read it.

Thanks for that hit to the head, it really cleared my head, though it hurt like hell, what are in those shoes, steel?

Well the dick knows how to tone it down a bit doesn't he.

"You guys find a way back to camp, ima go give this to Zeus." I told them while grabbing the Master Bolt.

I got on the motorcycle and it took off into the air without me doing anything, giving me a free ride to Olympus.

Time to show Zeus who's boss.

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