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"Isabella Swan. Age nineteen."

"Twenty next month," the young lady said.

Edward Cullen's lip twitched, and he returned his eyes to the resume in front of him. "Twenty next month. Student at Chapman University. Full time or part time?"

Isabella shifted in her seat, sitting up straighter. "Full time."

"And you work in the admissions office."

"Yes. Three mornings a week."

"A part time job, full time school, and now you want another job."

"I've been looking for an evening job, sir. I'd have tried you two years ago if I'd known you can serve alcohol at eighteen in California."

Edward pursed his lips, bemused. "Honey, when do you plan to sleep?"

Her smile was wry, but a light pink blush tinted her cheeks. "I go to a pretentious and expensive private university I can't afford. I'll sleep when I'm dead." She tilted her head. "If I can afford it by then."

He chuckled, putting her resume down on the desk. "I remember those days. It's not easy. It's a lot of responsibility when most of your peers are out partying every night."

Now it was her turn to look bemused. "Yeah, as much fun as hangovers on a Tuesday morning look, I think I'll survive without them somehow." She looked straight at him, squaring her shoulders. "I know it's a lot of responsibility, but I think I'm up for the challenge. I'm not afraid of, or allergic to, hard work."

Edward hummed and sat back in his chair, considering her. He wondered if she knew what she was signing up for. Not that the patrons who frequented his pub were the nasty sort. He liked most of his regulars, and they were harmless enough. Still, she was awfully young and very pretty. She would make his uniform look good, which was something to consider when you wanted your patrons to buy more drinks. He wondered if she understood what a bar setting was like, and that she'd probably get more than her fair share of advances.

Then again, it was rude of him to assume just because she was young that she couldn't handle herself.

"Okay, Isabella. If you have your schedule, I'll see where I can fit you in."

Her grin broadened. "Bella," she said.


"Call me Bella. What's your title, by the way? Are you the manager?"

He offered her his hand. "I'm Edward Cullen. Owner and operator of this little pub. But manager works. I guess I'm that too."

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