The sequel to Lucky Jade: Book 1 - Water is FINALLY UPLOADED
It's called Lucky Jade: Book 2 - Earth (yeah i know so original *rolls eyes*)

Anyways if you're all interested you can look it up on my profile. So far its only the prologue but hopefully i can get a couple of chapters up soon and i mean hopefully, because (warning) uploads might be slow around this holiday season/new years.

Here's the short summary.

Lucky Jade: Book 2 - Earth

After betraying her nation to help save the world, Jade must travel with the Avatar to find her grandmother and begin her Earthbending training. There's just one hitch. She's got the Fire Nation, deadly assassins, a mad princess, an angry ex-boyfriend and some secret police on her tail. Will Jade pull through again, or will her luck finally run out? (Rated T) (Zuko/OC)

Anyways hope you guys had a great time reading book one and i look forward to hearing from you guys in Book 2
Cheers and happy holidays,