Author's Note

Before you choose to further read this chapter or the story that will follow, please take a moment to read the warning labels first.

Throughout this story there will be explicit mentions and descriptions of abuse and violence and some of the scenes will be graphic. (These topics will be shown as aspects of a relationship between Damon and Caroline and NOT between Klaus and Caroline.)

If you find sensitive topics such as emotional torture, rape, bdsm mentions or any sort of general abuse triggering, you should be advised before reading any further.


He had stared at her from across the room all night, from the second that he arrived to the cocktail party that his blue eyes had been fixated on the tall girl with long golden satin hair, she was wearing a slick long green gown that left her shoulders bare, he hadn't quite seen a complexion as white as hers and although he was thoroughly fascinated by the rosy cheeks and the red lips what really had Klaus intrigued was the lack of light in her stunning blue eyes.

Yes, she was remarkably beautiful but for whatever reason he found her beauty tamed, similar to her behaviour all through the night, she would smile politely and hold a conversation whenever engaged to do so but her smile didn't reach her eyes and her words were controlled.

That's what he saw when he looked at her, how incredibly controlled this woman was, just as if breathing was a luxury and she was keeping that at bay as well, she had been alone most of the night and that was the real sin for Klaus, such a woman was born to be the focus of every party.

When she discretely wandered to the balcony he wasted no time and went after her decided on introducing himself.

She was looking at the city covered in bright lights and startled a bit when he arrived to her side.

"My apologies, for disquieting your private moment." he made the first introduction smoothly.

"I should have been more attentive." she immediately apologized for him.

"I'm Klaus." he offered his hand to her.

Although she hesitated, she rested her delicate hand over his big palm. "I know who you are."

Her touch was cautious, like she was afraid that he would close his hand with too much force around hers. "I tried all night to discover your name but it appears that you have the gift of blending in too perfectly." he gently brought her hand to his lips and respectfully kissed the back of it.

She retrieved her hand before he had the decent chance to brush her skin for long. "I'm not important." She quietly said.

He reacted with a frown for her choice of words and hasty motion. "I rarely agree with anyone and this is not an exception." he sauntered a big smile.

"May I suggest politely that you go back to the party?" she asked him with prudence.

"Only if you tell me your name." he easily answered while hiding his hands inside of the pockets of his suit pants.

"Please." she asked him in a low whispered voice.

"That is an unlikely name…" he pretended to be confused.

Her lips twitched and after a second she slightly curved them, it wasn't properly a smile but it was a commendable effort. "My name is Caroline." she said without much force.

His smile grew and while he repeated it to himself, his tongue curled around such a sweet name that really suited her. "I'm truly enchanted to meet you, Caroline."

Her hint of a smile faded and she looked away from him. "You should go back inside and return to the party now."

"And if I chose to stay here with you instead?"

She looked at him at once, pleading with her eyes and then with her body as she physically recoiled upon the arrival of another man.

"I left you in the ballroom…" the man in a dark tuxedo addressed her coldly.

She didn't look at the man with black hair and blue eyes when she answered him. "I felt a little overwhelmed, the party is very crowded tonight."

Caroline answered in the same controlled way that she had been handling herself at the party and Klaus grasped it all in with a swift eye, just like he noticed the way that she made sure that her eyes were on the ground the entire time while she spoke.

"My little delicate flower." The newly arrived man answered with a scorning spat before he reached out his hand in Klaus' way. "I'm Damon Salvatore."

Klaus kept his hands inside of his pants. "Your father spoke briefly of you earlier."

Damon closed his hand offended. "It's funny, your brother also said that I didn't particularly stand out in the crowd."

Klaus smiled, first because Kol was right and second because despite the smug attitude, the reserved girl out-shined Damon in spades. "It's only natural that we focus on the owner of the house." he neutrally said but steered a glance at Caroline, just to make sure that she was still here with them, she was motionless and still keeping her eyes on the ground.

"My father was really keyed up about hosting a party for the Ash Dagger Brotherhood but it's a shame that not everyone was able to come…" Damon smiled dreamily. "I was really excited to meet Rebekah, I heard that she's really hot."

Klaus squinted at him, everything about Caroline's body expression demonstrated that they were together yet she didn't react to Damon's words and he certainly didn't hold back on being a disrespectful prick in front of her.

"But whatever…" Damon sighed. "I guess some of you had more important affairs tonight."

"It's a relentless war against the vampire slayers." Klaus decided quickly that he didn't like Damon.

"And we need the money, that's why my father has the weapons and sells them to you. It's a win-win." Damon widened his eyes with a tick and took Caroline's elbow to usher away with him. "You should enjoy the champagne, you're paying for it after all." he bid Klaus goodbye.

"You should extend the same amiability to the rest of the guests." Klaus called him out on the tactless way that he was handling his date.

Caroline froze while Damon looked back at Klaus.

"I'll get on it at once." Damon winked at him.

Klaus merely held a serious stare with him.

As Damon turned away Caroline caught a look that she knew and feared well. "Damon, please…" she murmured practically inaudible.

He closed his hand forcefully around her elbow. "Let's finish this conversation elsewhere." he whispered threateningly at her.

Caroline grabbed the side of her dress inside of a fist and tried to keep up with his fast pace as he glided them across the big ballroom, as expected everyone was busy laughing and drinking and she was nothing but invisible.

Damon didn't stop until they reached the staircase and then he moved his hand from her elbow to her arm, she felt like a worthless feeble pack of bones being dragged by him and she offered no resistance because making Damon mad was worse for her.

She kept quiet as they crossed the small hallway to the house den and she tried to prepare for what was coming.

The huge slap that she received across the face was horrible but she was used to it, just like she anticipated the way that he pinned her hard against the wall with a hand crushing her throat.

"What have I told you about flirting with other men?" Damon hissed on her face.

"I didn't do anything Damon." she simply said.

"Don't answer back to me." he demanded harshly.

She nodded trying to ignore how much her cheek was hurting.

Damon sighed calming down and drifted his hand lower to her collarbone. "I'm sorry, you know how jealous I am of you." he smiled at her.

"I know, it's ok." she tried to keep him calm and smiled as well.

"It's just that…" he leaned over. "You are so beautiful Caroline." he kissed her while his hand started roaming down her body.

Caroline didn't answer entirely but he didn't linger his lips on hers either way, as usual he started kissing her neck and pressed her against the wall with his body, when he started lifting her dress Caroline gently touched his hand. "Damon… the house is full of people, anyone could come in." she pleaded him to stop.

"It only makes it more exciting." he touched the skin of her neck with his tongue.

"Someone could hear us." she closed her eyes wishing that he would stop.

He grabbed her neck hard. "Then don't make a sound." he warned her before biting her roughly.

Caroline held back the scream but not the tears, he was still pushing her dress up while he was feeding from her and he only stopped because his hand came in touch with her bare legs.

Damon pulled away from her neck with an angry expression. "Why aren't you wearing garters?"

Caroline swallowed her tears but her panic showed in her eyes, she was afraid to tell him that she didn't wear the garter belt and stockings because the cuts he made on her legs before they left the house were still open when she was getting dressed.

Damon punched the wall inches away from her face. "Damn it Caroline, I swear that you do this only to piss me off."

She shook her head silently.

Damon hauled away from her and took his jacket off, then he undid the knot of his tie and yanked the fabric from around his neck furious. "Give me your hands."

"Why am I being punished Damon?" she knew that it wasn't just sex that he was about to force out of her now.

He neared Caroline with an astounding shift in his mood and brushed his knuckles against her chin. "I left everything on the bed ready for you… is that hard for you to make me happy and to just put on the stuff that I chose for you?"

"Don't hurt me anymore today Damon…" she begged with a tired voice.

"Give me your hands Caroline." he demanded again with a sexy smirk. "You know that you are going to like it anyway."

"I don't." she finally spoke up. "You just make me think that I do."

"Then be a good obedient pet." He laced his tie around one of the iron wall chandeliers while he looked for one of her wrists.

"Damon please stop." She pulled her hand quickly away from him.

He tilted his head. "We can always do this while you face the wall." He warned her of her only options.

"No, Damon stop." She asked weakly as he captured her wrist hard and ready to have his way.

However Damon's actions came to halt when someone else came inside of the room.

"I understand that you might be a bit dense but I believe that the lady said that she doesn't want this." Klaus closed the door behind him.

Damon narrowed his eyes at him. "She's my girlfriend so I think that I know what she wants."

Klaus stood a few feet away from him. "I deal daily with quite the amount of atrocity, most of it caused by me…" he took the white handkerchief from his suit pocket. "But I have a special low level of temperance for men who batter women."

"That's swell of you." Damon sniggered with a vile chuckle as he watched Klaus give Caroline the handkerchief. "She's a vampire for Christ sake, she can take it. And you can spare me all of this drama."

Caroline briefly looked at Klaus before accepting the hanky and pressing it against her bleeding cheek.

"How long have you been together?" he asked her.

Naturally the reply was stolen by Damon who looked for a Scotch bottle to calm his prickling hand. "Caroline has been mine since I met her as a human, she's pretty isn't she?"

Klaus chose to keep his back on Damon and his eyes on Caroline who looked mortified.

"She vaguely tried to resist me until I persuaded her…" Damon smiled while looking at Caroline. "Blondie over there never had much willpower or strength to say no."

Klaus noticed the way that she clenched her jaw and the shadow of a fire in her eyes as she lifted them to glare at Damon. "Let me offer you some champagne, I think that you could use a drink as well." he suggested that she followed him outside.

Caroline slowly turned away to leave with him.

"Did I say that you could go?" Damon held her back instantly.

She also knew that he was about to explode. "I'll be right back Damon, I just need some air." she didn't dare to look at him.

Which really enraged him and Damon broke the bottle on the table's edge. "Stay where you are, pet."

"It's all right if you want to go sweetheart, I think that I would like to have a word with Damon alone." Klaus appeased her.

"Why are you calling her a sweetheart?" Damon waved what was left of the bottle at Klaus.

"Damon, calm down." Caroline asked him to stop making a fool of himself.

It was undeniably a hard task and he made sure his strike was painful. "I'm the definition of calm, so much that I'm considering tying you up and putting you inside of a box. Maybe I can sell you to the chivalrous gentleman by your side along with a few vervain bullets and make some money out of you."

Caroline never felt so humiliated in her existence and Damon had really placed her in horrible scenarios in the past, but tonight was a monumental new low for her.

"I can't even pin the drinking label on your personality mate…" Klaus said with disdain. "You're just sadly pathetic on your own natural glory."

"And you are a stupid ass if you think that I'm scared of you. My father is a dick for treating you like royalty when you are the one who needs us."

Klaus disregarded the insult and faced Caroline with a smile. "I think that it's time to leave Caroline."

She nodded with a small look at Damon. "Yes... I think that I finally had enough."

Reacting to what she was really saying Damon yelled and flashed with the broken bottle in his hand, he would kill her before he allowed her to leave him.

Caroline gasped when she sensed the blur on her back but faster than her was Klaus who turned and grabbed Damon's hand, he used the weapon against Damon's throat and slit it open with one clean strike.

Damon gagged on blood and dropped to his knees while Caroline silently screamed, the yells would be resonating through the big manor hadn't she been instructed not to scream loud.

Klaus took Damon's heart ruthlessly and then used his foot to push the body back, as the vampire fell dead he watched unaffected at all and dropped the heart on top of the lifeless carcass.

Caroline pushed herself against the wall terrified and shaken and the smallest cry left her when someone else barged into the room.

"I was looking all over…" Kol halted as soon as he saw the set-up. "What's with the private party?" he sprinted his eyes to Klaus. "Bloody hell Nik, did you just kill the son of the Mayor?"

"Close the door." he ordered his younger brother calmly.

"Elijah is going to lecture us for the next 100 years, he specifically said do not murder anyone." Kol hissed at him when he came back to help with the carpet.

Klaus wrapped the big rug around Damon's body and then poured a bottle of alcohol on top of it. "The fire will distract everyone and give us time to leave unaccounted for."

"We can exit by the glass door." Kol pointed to a small balcony that they could easily jump to reach the garden, then it was an easier escape to where their car was.

Klaus set the body on fire and nodded at Kol. "Finn by now has the weapons secured so Elijah won't be too upset." he partially smiled, at least that was his hope.

"What do we do with her?" Kol motioned his head towards Caroline.

Klaus looked at her, she was melted against the wall shaking and with a glass gaze at the burning body.

"Nik, do I kill her or do I compel her?" Kol insisted.

With a faint response she lifted her eyes until she found his, the blonde appeared beaten and cold, she had a long cut on her cheek and a big bruise on her bloodied neck but her eyes… Klaus had never looked into such despaired and hopeless eyes. "We're taking her with us." he simply said and walked straight to her.

Caroline held her breath expecting any sort of violence but all he did was offer her his hand like it happened before in the balcony, overtaken by an uncontrollable tremor and a complete block of her thoughts, she did the inconceivable and took his hand.

"What was in your champagne?" Kol asked Klaus with a cocked eyebrow.

Caroline glanced out of her window, the only time she ever left the house was with Damon and he rarely took her anywhere but some party where he could show her off as a trophy.

Back when she was still a newborn, Damon took her once to this awful club where he forced her to watch a couple having sex, when she refused to go there the next night he broke her arm during the fight.

Caroline had another glance at a city that she didn't recognize anymore, many things had changed since that night, the morning after he gave her a pair of expensive earrings and promised that he would never hurt her again like that, truthfully he never used a bat again but she never went out of the house again either.

And the nights he used the whip the hardest, were the nights she knew he had been at the club.

"Get ready for it." Kol said at the wheel.

Klaus grunted next to him and from the back seat Caroline spotted a man waiting for them just at the side of the road.

"I swear… whenever the two of you go out together." A man with strong features and caramel hair neared Kol's window.

"Finn, I had nothing to do with this." Kol promptly said.

"I find that so hard to believe." he lowered his head so that he could look at Klaus. "Elijah is raging like a wolf so be prepared for that."

"The Mayor is not the only man in the world selling guns." he dropped with zero patience for the admonish.

"Accurate… but he is an ally and Elijah really loves those." Finn guided his eyes to the girl in the back seat. "I do hope Helen of Troy over there was worth it."

Klaus looked at the wing mirror briefly seizing her eyes before she focused on her lap. "We will meet back at the house." he ended the talk with his older brother.

Kol drove away and it wasn't long before they reached a lavish road sided by big trees, the big property was equally fascinating and Caroline wasn't even considering the expensive cars parked in the biggest driveway she ever saw.

Klaus left the car before Kol did and he opened the back seat door for Caroline, he waited for her to exit but she didn't budge, it wasn't just fear for the unknown and Klaus knew that, he took his jacket off and held it for her when she gradually made a move out of the car.

For some reason his jacket hurt her bones but she held on to the strongly scented piece and inaudibly followed him, the Salvatore family was wealthy and their property was luxurious but it didn't match the opulence that she encountered when she went inside of his house and she would have floundered about it if it wasn't for that one detail, no matter how luxurious a golden cage was, it was still a cage.

A man wearing a dark-blue suit came down a big staircase visibly upset and his speech was directed at the two men standing in front of her.

"Do not behead anyone, do not poison anyone, do not stab or shoot anyone…" he sighed loudly. "Which part of, do not engage in murder in any way or form, was I not clear about?"

Klaus nodded at Kol asking him to take Caroline away and he waited until her weakened body disappeared from his sight to speak. "I found Damon Salvatore a waste of space and I acted stoically on it. I expect many songs to be written about me now."

The other participant in this conversation lightly lifted his eyebrows while judging him.

"I hadn't killed anyone today Elijah and I missed it." Klaus roguishly grinned.

"I'm under the ghastly impression that you did it to save the girl you brought home with you and I am deeply sorry if I sound perplexed but at the moment I find myself going through a list of people you have ever saved and I'm afraid that that list is startling blank."

"I'm the bloody leader of this Brotherhood and if I choose to bring someone home with me, I bloody will." Klaus shouted but in reality it sounded a lot like the whining kid answering back to his father and he left the room before Elijah voiced a reply.

Klaus reached the office in a bad mood but it was all an undertone disposition that he chose to keep to himself, the woman waiting for him had quite the night already and he wasn't impervious to it, there was a mini bar harbouring a few bottles and Klaus prepared whiskey for her, he left out the ice and the etiquette, she needed a strong drink so he filled the big glass to the top.

Caroline was standing in the middle of his office like a stray cat just out of a brawl with dogs, she wasn't shaking as much but that was only because his jacket was now covering her shoulders, the shock however was still causing her to shiver and the beverage spilled a bit as she took it into her hand.

"That will make you feel better." he assured her.

Caroline's teeth clicked against the glass when she started sipping the strong malt.

"Do you know where you are?" he asked her unclear of the extension of her knowledge about him and his family.

"I'm in the house of the Ash Dagger Brotherhood." she managed to stutter out.

"That's the calendar name." he tried to joke. "We're actually just the only pureblood vampire family existent in the world and since we are all siblings we decided on a pompous name. My sister Rebekah hates us for it by the way." he expected a smile from her but far from it Caroline remained serious.

"You fight the vampire slayers and no other takes more pleasure in a killing than you…" she looked straight into his eyes as she said his name. "Klaus Mikaelson."

Two little holes carved in his cheeks as his dimples appeared. "You've heard of me."

She looked at him unfeelingly. "Why did you bring me here?"

"I don't know…" he clasped his lips before facing away from her.

"You saved my life." she watched him prepare a drink for himself uncertain of her future.

"I suppose I did." he wasn't sure what to do with her now and he turned to her looking for an answer, clearly it was all fogged out of his mind as he found her wearing only her black underwear. "Caroline..." he frowned at her.

She had the rest of the drink for strength, then she left the glass on the floor and unhooked her bra when she straightened up.

Before she removed the strapless piece away from her body he whooshed to stop her. "What are you doing?" he asked her while covering her with his jacket again, when she replied there was absolutely no life in her eyes, at all.

"You don't make prisoners and if you brought me here it's because you want something from me."

Never in his life did words cause him this kind of disquiet. "I most certainly don't want to have sex with you like this Caroline."

Her expression fell, a bit like her heart and she nodded like she was instructed to do. "I understand… you have other preferences." she licked her dry lips seeking for the last straw of force left in her. "Do you have a special chamber… like a dungeon or…" she stopped herself from asking if he kept bondage stuff in his bedroom.

He closed his eyes almost to a full. "Love…" he fell easily into a smile. "I enjoy my sex very much consensual and with vivid participation from both parties equally involved."

"What could you possible want with me, if not sex?" she slumped a little in her place. "If it's blood, I was only allowed to drink half of a blood bag every day so I'm not that strong to be your personal food provider."

Klaus removed the jacket away from her shoulders and circled his arms around her but to her surprise he hooked her bra back into place, then he crouched to pick up the dress at her feet and covered her body with it.

Caroline closed her eyes as his fingers brushed her back while he was zipping up her dress, when he was done he covered her shoulders again with the jacket, she was confused and opened her eyes revealing exactly that, she witnessed as his eyes changed into this scary yellow shade but he buried his fangs into his own wrist and then dropped the blood into the glass that she had been holding before.

"I don't understand why you are being nice to me." she explained when he handed her the blood.

Klaus swept her bruised cheek with his thumb, perhaps neither did he.

After she had the blood, she finally stopped shaking and the smallest sparkle of life finally ignited in her eyes. "There has to be something that I can do for you, to thank you for this."

"I would like to see you smile." Klaus easily said noticing with joy how there was a new blue in her eyes that was intoxicating to look at.

Caroline was driven back to her apathy, she couldn't remember anymore how it was to smile with will.

"And I would like to know more about you."

That she could answer based on her sired training. "I care about what you care."

"What do you enjoy in life Caroline?"

"Whatever you would want me to enjoy." she objectively answered.

Klaus released a small tiny humming growl and cradled her face. "You are not sired to me, your abhorrent sire died tonight so that means that you are free."

There was a jolting twitch that made her move her head a bit and she fought with her first words. "What do you mean?"

"I haven't brought you here to be my slave, I don't exactly know why I'm sheltering you at the moment except for the reason that I see something in you. Behind all that massive emotional and physical abuse, I see a sparkle of something grand."

Her eyes filled with tears. "I don't remember… who I was before." she mumbled unable to even specify how many years she spent with Damon.

"I'm sure that you had hopes and dreams of your own, goals that you wanted to achieve in life and things that defined you. Not what others dictated that you had to be."

Caroline covered her mouth powerless to stop the big flow of tears, she had all this pain that she needed to let out but as much as the tears came forward her control devices took over and her body without ado shut down, just that instead of having a big outlet of tears and screams she felt herself plummet to the floor fatigued, she anticipated the cold from the floor to cross over from the dress into her bones but not to feel something solid and warm instead.

It wasn't until she saw the floor moving that she realized that she was in Klaus' arms and that he was carrying her somewhere.

Surely he would change his mind now that he broke her down to have her as he wanted, so she really made peace with herself, he couldn't be worse than Damon, that's what she had to keep in mind until she found out exactly what he was going to do with her.

They arrived to a wide corridor and then he went inside of the second door on the right, the room was huge and the bed was old-fashioned like with a big wooden headboard while the walls were white, that's all she got from her point of view because Klaus was massive and really well-built.

She landed softly on an yielding mattress and was covered with a warm blanket before she even blinked at him.

Klaus twiddled with a lock of her straight hair before he started pulling away. "You can stay here for as long as you need and I promise that no one will bother you." he finished already by the door and turned off the lights for her.

Caroline curled up into a tight protective ball and brought the blanket closer to her face, she kept her eyes on the door waiting for him to come back and claim the spurs of his dispute with Damon.

She kept waiting hour after hour for the leader of a squad of assassins to come in while he thought that she was too weak to fight him and to have what he wanted until he was tired of her body, she didn't sleep waiting for that door to open but morning came and that door remained closed.


A strange kind of love – Peter Murphy

Personal note:

For those who are still reading at this point, I want to explain that although I've chosen to explore these topics I will however not be romanticizing or sugarcoating any of this behavior in any way, ever.

I will explore things that might make you uncomfortable but I wouldn't see myself as a writer if I didn't use the power that words have to express myself about this new tendency to glorify abuse and rape.

Having said this, I should probably also tell you that I strongly believe that sex in any scenario without consent is not bdsm, it's poorly researched writing and it is without a doubt, rape.

No, is not a maybe I want this but I'm just scared to say yes, it's a no and a full sentence.

Now before you accuse me and my sour speech of being obtuse and a purist, I want to make clear that everyone has the right to express themselves sexually as they well please, I also like experiencing new sensations and I'm not ashamed of it but while I'm doing it with someone I trust and in a safe environment, others are being thrown into a confusing world where lines are being crossed without their consent.

And it is that blurred world that I will explore in this story, I want to approach the things that are usually brushed off under the rug because the hero has as sexy body and money.

I want to address the shocking lack of comprehension of how bdsm works (like neglecting her after care and constantly breaking the rule of a safe word for example), I know that these aren't easy things to read and believe me that they aren't easy to write either but despite the fact that I love to be fun and sexy and write KC smut and fluff and different settings for their love, I would like to think that as a writer my words can have a weight that I can't just shake off because it's comfortable for me.

Life isn't a big glamorous three minute preview backed up by a Beyonce song.

Domestic violence and abusive behavior in a relationship is serious and it exists in every form and appearance.

I am not doing this for the shock factor but because I feel that it's wrong to mask this kind of behavior as erotica romance or to pretend that it doesn't exist because it's just fiction.

There are prevailing consequences when someone feels inferior, abused and humiliated in a relationship and these are things that should and need to be spoken about.

I'm not conceited to think that I have all the truth and that others should agree with my vision on this subject entirely, this is just my two cents on the theme and my words are my way of helping those who have been victims of something that they couldn't fully understand before they were in too deep and for those who survived it.

This story is for those who have repeatedly tried to make someone happy, only to end up crying and wondering, what did I do wrong this time?

It's about hope when all is lost and about a love that validates you as a person and not as an object of satisfaction for someone else regardless of how you feel.

This is for all the girls and boys who find themselves in painful and manipulative relationships, it's always in the darkest of moments that an unexpected light will appear.

Stay strong and beautiful.

Love, Addrianna.